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They Form A Human Christmas Tree, But Their Next Move Took Everyone's Breath Away
Nov 27, 2015 Cool

From China, here comes Nanjing Youth Olympic opening performance in which more than 500 people danced in the sky. Watch how they form a human Christmas tree with their bodies! This is breathtaking!


Awe-Inspiring Recovery Of A Dog Turning To Stone From Mange
Nov 27, 2015 Animals

A street dog in India was suffering from severe mange. Her skin had become hard like stone from the mange and she was emaciated. Watch her amazing recovery with a help of good people!


Firefighter Saves Suicide Woman By Kicking Her In The Face
Nov 27, 2015 Cool

In this video from Brazil, one brave firefighter saves suicide woman trying to jump of her window by kicking her right in the face. This firefighter became a legend over the night with his brave act!


Driver Of Semi-truck Had Enough Of Migrants In France Trying To Get Inside Of His Trailer
Nov 27, 2015 News

This truck's driver made a video while driving on the highway in France where a big group of migrants was trying to enter his trailer. If you rewind on 5:00 you can see, he has everything enough!


One Of The Most Awesome Fight Scenes From An Indian Movie
Nov 27, 2015 Cool

Indians are known for their Bollywood movies that are filled with action and impossible movies. See this fight scene from movie titled "I" in which main actor fights bodybuilders! :D


He Didn't Believe His Friend He Has A Dog Shit So He Ate It
Nov 27, 2015 Stupid

Zane Maulden pranked his co-worker in really gross way when he gave him dog shit on a table, telling him it's a dog shit. He didn't believe so he simply took a bite of it. Gross!


This Bed Swallows You In Case Of Building Collapse
Nov 27, 2015 Other

Here comes a prototype emergency bad in case of building collapse. This mechanism simply swallows you while you're sleeping. It saves you from falling debris and it provides you enough food and water supplies.


Best Moments Of Undefeaten MMA Fighter Michael "Venom" Page
Nov 27, 2015 Sport

MMA Highlight of the welterweight Michael "Venom" Page which is one of the most exciting fighters to watch. All of his fights are in corresponding order in the video!


Russian Ex-Spetsnaz Throwing Two Knives At Once
Nov 27, 2015 Cool

In this another video from Russia we can see one Russian ex-spetsnaz showing his skills. Watch him throwing two knives at once. You don't want to mess with retired Russian spetsnazs!


This Turkey Dubstep Makes Everyone Laugh
Nov 27, 2015 Funny

Will Anderson got an idea by his friend that he could make some turkey dubstep video. He took it very serious and made this awesome 45 seconds long clip that made everyone laugh!


Hot Belly Dance With Karin Velikonja
Nov 26, 2015 Cool

Karin Velikonja from Slovenia really likes to dance. Watch her video of dancing Zumba fitness dance together with her team. This girl has some great moves!


Touching Video Of Sick Boy And His Good Friend Will Make You Burst In Tears
Nov 26, 2015 Cool

Jubilee Project is excited to share "11:11", the story about a man who learns how one small act of kindness can make a big difference. This video will definitely make you burst in tears!


When Dad Says "Hello" To His Dog The Family Can't Stop Laughing At The Dog's Response
Nov 26, 2015 Animals

Owner of this dog greeted him infront of the family and dog's response made them laughing with all the heart. Watch what dog does wonce his owner greets him with "Hello" word.


Adele's "Hello" Dance By The Kinjaz Is A Must See
Nov 26, 2015 Cool

The Kinjaz dance group of three guys performs their dance routine on the most popular song at this time - Adele's "Hello". Watch their incredible dance moves that will leave you without words!


This Is What Good Drivers In Poland Do
Nov 26, 2015 Cool

Here comes a dashcam video from Poland in which one driver helps another one ahead of him cleaing his rear windshield that was covered in snow. Good small things can always make stranger's day better!


Adele Singing "Hello" Accompanied By School Musical Instruments
Nov 26, 2015 Music

This time, Adele sang her "Hello" song accompanied by school musical instruments played by Jimmy Fallon and his team. This is why Adele is number one in music right now!


An Attempt At Creating The World's Largest Rubik's Cube Ends Really Bad
Nov 26, 2015 Funny

Guy in video livestreamed his attempt at creating the World's largest Rubik's cube with sizes of 22x22x22, but his attempt was not very successful! This is what happened at the end of video! :D


Shocking Dashcam From Taiwan Reveals A Moment When Tornado Strikes
Nov 26, 2015 Nature

Here comes a dashcam video from Taiwan in which white car disappears after its driver drives right in the eye of the tornado. This is a moment when your heart stops beating for sure!


10 Safest And Least Safe Countries If WW3 Breaks Out
Nov 26, 2015 News

If the end of the world comes, some countries are safer than others. We'll show you the best and the worst places to hide out in the event everything goes wrong!


Shocking Explosion At Chemical Plant In Zhejiang China
Nov 26, 2015 Shocking

From China province Zhejiang here comes a video taken by one of the workers at chemical plant while it was on fire. Watch series of big explosions errupting.