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Golden Buzzer For "BoyBand" Dance Crew On Britain's Got Talent
Apr 19, 2015 Cool

The Judges are sceptical at first, but this five-piece dance crew from London know how to work the dance floor! Can you guess who pressed a Golden Buzzer? ;)


Live Painting Video Pays Tribute To Victims Of South Korean Ferry Disaster
Apr 19, 2015 Cool

A year after the South Korean ferry disaster that left 304 passengers dead or missing, one artist is honoring the victims with a time-lapse tribute. This definitely deserves respect.


Magician Shocks Judges With His Unexplained Magic Act
Apr 19, 2015 Cool

We've no idea how he does it, but 31-year-old Jamie Raven has everyone mesmerised with his clever conjuring act. After presenting the Judges with special BGT £50 notes, it's time to see what other tricks ...


Judges On Britain's Got Talent Freezed When This Cute 9-Year-Old Girl Started Her Performance
Apr 19, 2015 Cool

She's cute as a button, but don't get on the wrong side of this fearsome nine-year-old from County Armagh! Jesse melts the Judges' hearts when she first appears on stage, but they're not expecting what ...


Dog Doing Fitness Exercise With His Owner
Apr 19, 2015 Animals

Summer is approaching. Are you ready for the sun and beach? Eric Ko and his dog definitely are because they are both preparing their bodies together with fitness exercise.


Special Surprise For Half-Millionth Passenger Of Polish Airline
Apr 19, 2015 Cool

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft in LOT's livery have already carried half a million travellers! For this occasion, they prepared something special at Warsaw Chopin Airport.


Smacking The Pretty Blonde's Head With A Pillow
Apr 19, 2015 Stupid

There was definitely a time when we fight with someone with a pillow. In this video a pretty blonde girl gets her head smashed really hard by her friend.


Lazy Dog Doesn't Care About Doggy Door Closing On Him
Apr 19, 2015 Animals

A dog lays with its head out of an automatic doggy door. The door repeatedly tries to close on the dog and opening back up when it hits the dogs head but dog doesn't really care.


Did Russian Girls Go To Far With "Winnie the Pooh" Dance For Children?
Apr 19, 2015 Other

Officials in the Russian town of Orenburg have closed down a dance school after a performance for childrens of teenage girls caused a sensation.


How To Make A Giant Icecream Snicker Bar
Apr 19, 2015 Cool

MyCupcakeAddiction's girl made a giant Snickers bar ice cream dessert using only 4 ingredients without any baking required. I definitely have to try this!


Gravity Didn't Come Standard On This Truck
Apr 19, 2015 Cool

This truck doesn't care about gravity laws because even biggest slopes are piece of cake. Watch how driver tries to fight over a giant rock.


Which Is The Guilty Dog?
Apr 18, 2015 Animals

Man's best friend seem to have no problem ratting out their friends. Can you point out who the guilty dog in this video is? You won't have problems at this for sure! :D


Stray Dog Gets Adopted, Refuses To Eat Alone Again
Apr 18, 2015 Animals

Sato rescue carries her dish across the kitchen to eat with Clyde after spending all her life without home and friends. This is so cute it may break your heart! :)


10 Things You Were Probably Doing Wrong
Apr 18, 2015 Cool

See this great video in which we can see 10 daily actions that you were doing incorrectly. Watch tha right ways that will save your time and simplify this actions.


Touching First Dance Of 8-Year-Old Alissa Sizemore Since The Accident
Apr 18, 2015 Cool

8-year-old Alissa Sizemore spent all her childhood dancing but at age 7 she ran into the path of an UPS truck in May 2014. Her right foot was crushed but this didn't stop her to make her dreams come true.


Magician Shocks Everyone On Australia's Got Talent With His Unexplained Act
Apr 18, 2015 Cool

A magician, known as Soul Mystique shocks everyone in the audience at Australia's Got Talent with his unexplained act together with his assistant. How is this even possible?


Sea Otter Orphan Gets Adopted
Apr 18, 2015 Animals

Can an orphan sea otter pup be accepted by a surrogate mother to learn how to survive and thrive back in the wild? This video will amaze you!


Red Sox Fan vs Yankees Fan Beer Fight
Apr 18, 2015 Other

The usual drunk altercations between fans at a rivalry game of Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees on April 11, 2015.


Fails Compilation Of April 2015 - Part 3
Apr 18, 2015 Funny

In this week's fails compilation tehre are some classic fails from near-misses and gun fails, to flaming cakes and angry customers. All in all one of the strongest weeks in a while.


Awesome Hockey Penalty Shot By Ben O'Connor
Apr 18, 2015 Sport

Ben O'Connor's Penalty Shot goal in 3rd period turns out to be a game-winner for Great Britain which wins with 3-2 over South Korea. This is one really amazing goal that he will remember it for a long time!