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Have You Peeled Garlic Strokes Wrong All Time! This is the Right Way!

Watch this awesome video and learn how to peel 20 cloves of garlic in 20 seconds! It's that easy you will nevr use your old way of peeling a garlic!

Date: 20.12.2014 Category: Cool User: mate
Don't Ever Ask a 2 Year Old to Get You Toilet Paper

An epic video in which girl asks a 2 year old boy to get her a toilet paper. It was worst idea ever. Just don't ask this kid for anything! :D

Date: 20.12.2014 Category: Funny User: kaja
Fails Compilation Of December 2014 - Part 3

From paragliding fails to dizzy bat faceplants, this week's fails of the week has some pretty funny fails!

Date: 20.12.2014 Category: Funny User: mate
Chiropractic Puts This Boy's Neck Back Into Original Position

Joshua came to this chiropractic doctors with his head completely stuck and in a lot of pain. After careful assessment and x-ray analysis Dr.Ian was able to specifically get his head in a safe position and adjust it. Joshua was immediately able to turn his head following this adjustment and has been great since.

Date: 20.12.2014 Category: Other User: admin
"Eye Of The Tiger" on Piano With Boxing Gloves

Watch a video of talented guy Gustav playing a "Eye of the Tiger" song on his Piano with boxing gloves. This is really awesome! :)

Date: 20.12.2014 Category: Music User: mate
How to Make Nutella Chocolate Star Bread

You can use a brioche recipe for the dough or try my simple short cut. Delicious and simple to make. Impress your friends and family with this fun baking recipe.

Date: 20.12.2014 Category: Cool User: pantero
Close Encounter with Orca Whales

This guy found a pod of Orca whales while at work, when things got intense. A group of those mighty animals come right next to him, making him really unconfortable :)

Date: 20.12.2014 Category: Animals User: kaja
FAIL: How Not to Tear a Duck Tape Appart

A man in video demonstrates us his way of how to get rid of a duck tape if you get your hands tied together. Unluckly he failed at domonstration! :D

Date: 20.12.2014 Category: Stupid User: pandek
A Creature That Lives 8143m Deep In Sea

A new spiece was discovered - it's a fish-snail that lives 8143 meters (26,715 ft) deep in the water. It's a World record for such a big beeing living so deep in the ocean.

Date: 20.12.2014 Category: Animals User: fireone
Dogs and Cat Eating Like Humans

An epic clip of 13 dogs and one cat together at a gala dinner, eating their food with a help of humans hands. This will definitely make you laugh! :D

Date: 19.12.2014 Category: Animals User: kaja
It's Amazing Where This Dog Hero Led Police Officers

Two police officers were on routine tour when suddenly a German Shepherd passed past their police car. They managed to follow him and he led them to a place where people needed help. No doubt, this dog is a real hero!

Date: 19.12.2014 Category: Animals User: admin
From The Ellen Show: Leah Remini Finds Out Husband is Cheating on Her

A clip from The Ellen Show in which Leah Remini finds out husband is cheating on her. You be the judge if this is real or just another prank by Ellen :)

Date: 19.12.2014 Category: Stupid User: pantero
IMPRESSIVE: Girl Sucks a Turkey Slice in Fastest Way Possible!

A girl in this video shows us her impressive talent while eating a slice of turkey in fastest way possible. If you think this is easy - man behind her proves it's not!

Date: 19.12.2014 Category: Other User: mate
Awesome Photo Booth Proposal

This guy Kevin Moran made an epic proposal in photo booth to his soon-to-be wife Molly. Camera in photo booth recorded everything, so Kevin uploaded this memorial video on YouTube :)

Date: 19.12.2014 Category: Cool User: admin
Gum Wrapper Fire Starter

Amazing tip how to start a fire with a gum wrapper and a flashlight battery. This could be a life saver if you get lost and have this two things with you.

Date: 19.12.2014 Category: Cool User: pandek
Sharp a Knife With Your Car

Watch this video in which you will see how the top of your car or truck window can sharpen your knife like nothing else can!

Date: 19.12.2014 Category: Cool User: pandek
Would You Have This Christmas Tree?

The 10 ft tree has over 7000 lights on it which are all conected to a computer controlled setup. A great way how to spice your Christmas tree!

Date: 19.12.2014 Category: Cool User: mate
Daddy has a Penis?

See this hilarious and funny clip of little Bailey talking about who has a penis among her family members :D

Date: 19.12.2014 Category: Funny User: Guest
How To Make Rainbow Fudge

Woman shows us her great way how to prepare and make this delicious rainbow fudge that looks really stunning!

Date: 19.12.2014 Category: Cool User: pantero
Container Truck Lift Fail

Ideally, the Container should be unhitched from the Truck before lifting commences but this didn't happened here at harbor in Frankfurt, Germany.

Date: 19.12.2014 Category: Accidents User: fireone