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The Coolest Minute You Will Watch Today

This time-lapse footage of the "Great Migration", showing thousands of Wildebeest crossing the Mara River in Northern Serengeti, Tanzania.

Date: 24.10.2014 Category: Animals User: kaja
Be Careful When Trying To Take A Photo

A funny video from Libanonian news show in which a man in the background is not careful when taking a photo :D

Date: 24.10.2014 Category: Funny User: mate
This Can Happen Only In Russia!

A funny video from Russian roads in which road collapses due to heavy truck.

Date: 24.10.2014 Category: Other User: Guest
Shocking Halloween Prank by Remi Gaillard

Remi Gaillard presents us his new shocking prank in which he scares French people with a help of his friends :D

Date: 24.10.2014 Category: Funny User: admin
The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made

Air New Zealand released a new epic safety video, inspirated by The Hobbit triology :)

Date: 24.10.2014 Category: Cool User: fireone
Coca Cola vs Coca Cola Zero Sugar Test

What happens if you boil these popular drink for 20 minutes? Watch this video and you'll be surprised by what you get after the water evaporates.

Date: 24.10.2014 Category: Other User: mate
2Cellos - The Trooper Cover

2Cellos team present us The Trooper song cover by Iron Maiden. Simply amazing!

Date: 24.10.2014 Category: Music User: pantero
Marble Quarry In Italy

Italian artist and filmmaker Yuri Ancarani captures the otherworldly landscape of a marble quarry in the Apuan Alps, Northwest Italy.

Date: 24.10.2014 Category: Cool User: pantero
Giraffe Kicks A Rhino

Even best friends sometimes fight. A giraffe kicked a rhino in his head in one of the ZOOs.

Date: 24.10.2014 Category: Animals User: pantero
Old Man Smoking Marihuana With A Bong

A funny video in which this old man shows that he can smoke a marihuana out of bong like a boss!

Date: 23.10.2014 Category: Funny User: admin
Best Trick Your Dog Can Learn

Watch this video from the beach in which dog shows us his amazing trick that is definetely the best trick a dog can learn :D

Date: 23.10.2014 Category: Animals User: kaja
Is This Driver With Smallest Brains?

Next video is from Iceland in which this male driver proves he has smallest brains among drivers.

Date: 23.10.2014 Category: Stupid User: mate
Baby Scared Of Father's Snoring

A small baby is getting scared by his dad with his snoring. A really cute baby reaction :)

Date: 23.10.2014 Category: Funny User: kaja
Mechanic Saves A Mustang In Last Seconds

A mechanic drived an old Mustang into his garage, but due to his forgetfulness he had to run fast to save this car :)

Date: 23.10.2014 Category: Other User: pandek
Video Of Shooting In Parliament Building In Canada

News cameraman for The Globe and Mail recorded a drama in parlament building in Ottawa, Canada when shots were fired.

Date: 23.10.2014 Category: News User: mate
Shocking Paranormal Prank From Brazil

A new shocking prank fron Brazil in which one guy uses his paranormal powers to scare random strangers!

Date: 23.10.2014 Category: Shocking User: admin
How To Make Rockets That Can Fly 2,300 Feet High

How to make hobby rocket "sugar motors" using sugar and kitty litter, that shoot up over 2,300 feet high, and cost less than $0.50 to make.

Date: 23.10.2014 Category: Cool User: fireone
Candy Out Of The Ice Maker!

What's better then get a delicious frozen candy instead of ice from an ice maker machine? :)

Date: 23.10.2014 Category: Cool User: kaja
Guy Records Crash Of A Tired Driver

A tired driver in a white car causes a collision of three cars in a crash.

Date: 23.10.2014 Category: Accidents User: pandek
Talking To The Dead Prank

Jack Vale freaked people out by using their own cell phone to communicate with ghosts.

Date: 23.10.2014 Category: Cool User: pandek