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WATCH: This Is How Firefighters In China Extinguish Fire. Is This The Future?
Aug 21, 2017 Technology

Firefighters are certainly one of the great heroes who risk their lives in each fire and many other interventions in order to save others. During the extinguishing of fires on buildings, there can be explosions, ...


Spanish Swimmer Was Denied A Minute Of Silence, Now His Beautiful Act Is Going Viral
Aug 21, 2017 Cool

Spanish swimmer Fernando Alvarez has decided to make an unusual move at the veteran world swimming championship in Hungary to show his respect to the victims of the terrorist attack in Barcelona and Cambrils. ...


VIDEO: Neymar Scores Incredible Solo Goal On The First Match With PSG
Aug 21, 2017 Sport

Having spent 222 million euros on Neymar, PSG could legitimately have expected incredible performances every game.

So far, the Brazilian superstar is producing goals, assists and viral clips ...


Woman Visits Two Lions She Raised As Cubs. This Is Their Reaction When They Saw Her!
Aug 21, 2017 Animals

These two lions remembered the woman who cared for them as cubs 7 years later. That'd explain why they're giving her a big old hug and not, you know, doing anything with those sharp claws.

What ...


This 4-Year-Old And Her Dad Covered Katy Perry's 'Firework,' And It's The Most Adorable Thing Ever
Aug 21, 2017 Music

Claire Ryann Crosby might be known for her covers of Disney movie songs, but now she's crossing into new territory: pop songs.

The 4-year-old singer recently sat down with her father, Dave ...


Owners Bought This Dog A New Bed. Just Wait To See Her Amazing Reaction!
Aug 21, 2017 Animals

You certainly remember those days when you always enjoyed every gift as a child. Baby joy is also present at Bonnie the dog in the clip. Well, at least according to her reaction.

Totally ...


Foo Fighters Invited Rick Astley On Stage To Sing "Never Gonna Give You Up" Together
Aug 21, 2017 Music

The American rock band Foo Fighters made sure of the real shock among the visitors of their last concert when they invited the singer Rick Astley on stage. He is known for his hit "Never Gonna Give ...


Robbers In Arkansas Stole An ATM Machine With The Help Of A Heavy-Duty Forklift
Aug 21, 2017 Other

In heist movies, the criminals come up with an elaborate plan. In "Breaking Bad," they'd turn to science where possible. In real life - specifically, in Arkansas - these thieves used brute force ...


Disabled Girl Couldn't Dance With Her Classmates, Then This Teacher Saved The Day
Aug 20, 2017 Cool

Here is another video that moved many people around the world to tears. As a disabled girl could not dance with classmates, a good teacher stepped in to save the day. He was determined that the girl will ...


Teenage Boy Asks Her To Dance. When He Grabs Her Hand, She Experiences A Shock Of Her Life
Aug 20, 2017 Cool

This 14-year-old boy in the video has proven that years really do not play a role when flirting with women. At one of the parties, a cute teenager grabbed a woman's hand next to him, invited her to the ...


2 Contractors Take Break On Job Site To Make This Video, People Can't Believe Their Ears
Aug 20, 2017 Music

In the middle of a work day, two men pause and turn on a video camera. You would never expect two contractors to burst into song on the job. And there's a reason for that - not many people have a hidden ...


Man Spots Beautiful Timber Wolf In Woods, Realizes It's In Trouble And Jumps Into Action
Aug 20, 2017 Animals

A man's mission to help free a timber wolf put him in a dangerous situation, but one he was willing to dive into. Being out in the wild in Wisconsin, the man knew that he could encounter just about anything. ...


This Beatboxer Is Fascinating. Listen How He Creates Entire Song Using Only His Voice!
Aug 20, 2017 Music

In the past, we have certainly seen some videos, in which talented singers showed their knowledge of beatboxing. This time, we can assure you that you have not heard such a thing yet.

The ...


Two Kids Slayed On America's Got Talent With Dirty Dancing Performance
Aug 20, 2017 Cool

Artyon and Paige were hoping to impress Simon Cowell with this stellar dance routine on America's Got Talent.

These kids are possibly two of the most adorable dancers we've ever seen on ...


VIDEO: This Is How Tunned BMW M5 With 785 HP Sounds Like
Aug 20, 2017 Automoto

This video shows you a crazy BMW M5 F10 modified by PP Performance Abu Dhabi. It is fitted with a Akrapovic Exhaust System, Methanol Injection, MSR intakes and new ECU System.

The video ...


He Placed A Camera In The Woods For 365 Days. This Is How One Year Looks In 40 Seconds
Aug 20, 2017 Nature

Back in 2005 Eirik Solheim did an experiment shooting images out of his window for one year. It turned out pretty cool and in the end of 2007 he decided to do the same. But in much better quality.


VIDEO: Security Camera Captured A Shocking Moment When Terrorist Hits Walkers In Barcelona
Aug 20, 2017 News

A security camera shows the passing of the van that hit over 100 people in the attack on La Rambla in Barcelona.

The video show the rapid passage of the vehicle infront of the Museu de ...


6 Elderly Men Line Up, Give A 'Synchronized Swim' Routine Like Never Seen Before
Aug 19, 2017 Funny

When we think of synchronized swimming, images of young, athletic women come to mind. But these elderly gentlemen are putting that stereotype to the test with this hilarious retirement home performance. ...


Rubens Barrichello Becomes Very Emotional While Sitting In The Sport Car Driven By His Son
Aug 19, 2017 Cool

Back in the past, everyone followed the Formula 1 races. At the same time, one of the big names was of the Brazilian driver, Rubens Barrichello, known as Rubinho. Between 1993 and 2011, Barrichello won ...


Couples Fill Up The Dance Floor, Buts It's The Tiny Dancers That Completely Steal The Show
Aug 19, 2017 Cool

Yasha Jeltuhin and Daniela Avanzini know how to entertain and get fans cheering! Even at just four and five years old, the dancing duo was feeding off of each other's energy and winning over the hearts ...