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Adorable Boy Stops In Mid-Game To Give His Brother A Hug
May 05, 2016 Cool

It's nice to know you're appreciated! Take a look at this awesome video showing kids playing a soccer match when one of the players stopped just to give his little brother next to him a big hug.


A Truck Ran Over A Man On A Motorcycle, Then This Miracle Happened
May 05, 2016 Other

We are pretty sure angels are guarding everyone of us. This is a clip from security camera in one intersection showing a shocking moment when truck driver ran over a man on motorbike. But motorcyclist ...


Dolphin Swims In Front Of Window, Then Staff Witnesses The Miraculous As It Glides By
May 05, 2016 Animals

Inside this big aquarium a Pacific white-sided dolphin was swimming when something very rare happened. This was the first pregnancy for Katrl, who gave birth after 3 hours of labor in the Abbott Oceanarium ...


This Dutch Guy Is Probably Unluckiest Person On The World
May 05, 2016 Cool

Security camera on the streets of Amsterdam captured this hilarious moment when unluckiest guy on the WOrld locked his bike around the street lamp. But it looks like he didn't do this completely right! :D


Awesome Compilation Of Best Scenes Of Rallying
May 05, 2016 Sport

The best scenes and drivers of rallying with crashes, high speeds, flat outs, on the limits, jumps and on boards. This is a must watch for everyone who enjoys watching rally!


Here Comes A Third Part Of Hilarious Electric Bait Phone Prank
May 05, 2016 Funny

Tom Mabe surprised us with a new part of his hilarious electric bait phone prank. He places a mobile phone somewhere in public, wating for bad guys to steal it. When they do, Tom triggers an electric shock ...


Guy Shows Us Awesome Car And Truck Imitations Using Only His Mouth
May 05, 2016 Cool

Guy in video clip shows us his mad skills while imitating car and truck noises. This is what we could call a talent. Which of the imitations sounds the best for you? :)


This Happens With An Old TV If We Crush It With A Hydraulic Press
May 05, 2016 Cool

Man from hydraulic press channel shows us what happens if you crush an old CRT TV with very powerful hydraulic press. Put your glasses on, something is about to explode! ;)


Big Brawl Occurred In Turkish Parliament
May 05, 2016 Stupid

Here comes a footage from a Turkish parliament in Ankara, when couple of MPs fights each other due to disagreements. How could people from Turkey be normal if even MPs can't hold themselfs back.


Robbery Goes Really Wrong When Police Spot Robbers
May 05, 2016 Shocking

A whole World is shocked about this security tape from a local store when two guys attempt to rob workers. Unlucky for them, police was outside the store and they didn't want to take the risk - they simply ...


Shocking Head To Head Collision With A Truck
May 05, 2016 Accidents

Dashcam video from Russia reveals a shocking moment when car driver fell asleep while driving. His car drove right into the oncoming truck, crashing hard at high speed. This is what happened!


Dramatic Footage Of Evacuating Fort McMurray Due To Massive Fire
May 05, 2016 Shocking

Due to massive fire, Fort McMurray city in Alberta, Canada is cut off. Take a look at those dramatic video clips in which we can see how people left their homes. More than 80,000 people had to be evacuated.


Celine Dion Surprises The Canadian Tenors And Sings Hallelujah With Them
May 04, 2016 Music

The Canadian Tenors are a talented vocal group. During a special concert of theirs, they were surprised by Celine herself walking out onstage and then singing "Hallelujah" song with them!


This Boy Will Convince You That Angels Really Do Exist
May 04, 2016 Music

We can guarantee you - once you will listen to this singing of 13 year-old Andrew Johnston, you will start to believe angels are living among us. Hear for yourself how he sang "Pie Jesu" and ...


She's Worried Chimp Won't Recognize Her After 18 Years, But Then Reaches Out Her Hand
May 04, 2016 Animals

After 18 years, chimpanzees Doll and Swing still recognize their old friend, Linda Koebner. From the award-winning film WISDOM OF THE WILD, this excerpt captures the emotional reunion between two former ...


This Has To Be The Sweetest Daddy's Workout Ever
May 04, 2016 Cool

Daddy-daughter workouts will never be the same once you see this wonderful video. Dad workouts every morning but he never forgets about his little princess. Video already got more than 1 million views ...


How To Make Whole Watermelon Jelly
May 04, 2016 Cool

In this video from Japan we can see how to make a perfect watermelon jelly from a real watermelon. This is something your friends are definitely gonna love it! You can use the rest of watermelon for a ...


This Is What Happens When Tuna Mistakes A Seagull For Food
May 04, 2016 Animals

In this video from Girona in Spain we can see a big tuna which mistakes a seagull for food and then spits it out. This seagull is one happy bird with a big luck! :)


Everyone Was Cheering When She Sang This Adele's Classic In The Voice Show
May 04, 2016 Music

NBC's The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition. Listen how competitor Hannah Huston nailed Adele's classic ...


Explosion Of 6ft Air Balloon With A Man Inside Captured In Slow Motion
May 04, 2016 Cool

It's been exactly 5 years since SlowMoGuys uploaded their original giant balloon video. Here's a slow mo tribute. Can balloon explosion hurt you if you're standing inside big balloon?