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When Cat Befriends A Big Group Of Little Chickens
Jul 24, 2016 Animals

Here is a video of one cat having fun in a group of small chickens. See how cat befriends those little chicks. This is definitely one type of video which makes your day instantly better!


People From Slovenia Saying Difficult English Words And Phrases
Jul 24, 2016 Funny

English is a worldwide language and there are some words and phrases which are really hard to pronounce properly. Listen how people from Slovenia pronounce those words! :D


You Won't Believe What This Horse Always Wants When He Sees His Owner
Jul 24, 2016 Animals

This filly loves to have her butt scratched, particularly by her owner. She'll even chase him down when he tries to walk away. His daughter was fortunate enough to catch, on video, the swift kick in the ...


Girl In Hot Underwear Goes On The Ride With A Motorcycle
Jul 24, 2016 Sexy

Take a look at this video captured from behind hot girl's booty. She was wearing only an pinky underwear which drives a lot of men insane. Will this be a next hit? ;)


Guy With Bass Guitar Plays An Awesome Trance Song For Use
Jul 24, 2016 Music

Stephen Campbell is a guy in this video who grabs a bass guitar and then play us one Trance song which will totally impress you. Is this one of the best trance bass covers ever? ;)


Russian Soldier Disarms Actor Shooting Hostage Scene
Jul 24, 2016 Other

There was some real life drama on the set of a Russian cop show when a soldier stumbled across the shooting of a hostage scene and violently disarmed an actor playing the gun-wielding madman.


Spanish Percussionist Plays On Booty Cheeks On Ukraine's Got Talent
Jul 24, 2016 Cool

Jorge Perez Gonzalez from Spain asked three women and one man to lend their butts as bongos to perform an original percussion piece. Take a look at his performance from Ukraine's Got Talent show!


Careless Female Driver Hits A Group Of Cyclists
Jul 24, 2016 Accidents

Cyclist Robert Brawn uploaded a video from his helmet when group of his friend were cycling along the road when one careless female driver blocked their path with her car. See what happened!


Streamer Trys To Hit On Girl Playing Pokemon Go
Jul 24, 2016 Funny

Streamer was playing a popular Pokemon Go game around the city when he saw one girl behind the glass playing this game. He tried to flirt with her using his Pokemons but something went really wrong! :D


Driver Almost Crashes Due To Bird On The Highway
Jul 24, 2016 Accidents

In this dashcam video from US we can see what ahppens if you turn your vehicle fast in any direction in order to save a bird. Driver lost control over his car but he was really really lucky!


This Coolest Dog On The Earth Knows How To Play Drums
Jul 23, 2016 Animals

This dog in video is probably the coolest dog ever. Take a look at his playing of drums which will make your day instantly better. He is a real musician together with his owner!


Stupid Road Rager Gets Instant Karma And It's Totally Hilarious
Jul 23, 2016 Funny

Here is a video which will make every watcher laugh. A road rager in this video flips off cammer few times when he tries to capture a video of him as the cammer is already filming everything. This was ...


This Could Be The Most Terrifying Painting Ever - You Will Understand Why After You Watch It
Jul 23, 2016 Shocking

The eyes on this painting follow you when you walk past so look closely at the picture to reveal a one secret more. Is this the most terrifying painting ever? You be the judge and show this one to your friends!


Outlawz Dance Group Creates Dynamic Black And White Performance On America's Got Talent 2016
Jul 23, 2016 Cool

These boys took judge Heidi Klum's criticism from their first audition and used it to improve and fuel their next performance. Their hard work paid off big time as they surprised the crowd with a new and ...


Kendra Harrison Breaks 100 Meter Hurdles World Record In 12.20 Seconds
Jul 23, 2016 Sport

At IAAF Diamond League athletics meeting in London, USA's Kendra Harrison set a new world record in the women's 100 meter hurdles run at 12.20 seconds. Take a look at her run!


Road Rage Between Two Drivers In Poland Almost Leads To Tragedy
Jul 23, 2016 Stupid

In this new video from Poland we can see another proof that human stupidity has no bounds. See waht happened between two drivers in this road rage moment. Red car driver later got arrested, as he didn't ...


Woman Trying To Hold A Sign "No Racism No Hate" Being Covered By Trump Supporters
Jul 23, 2016 Stupid

Here's the full video of the woman trying to hold a sign that said "no racism no hate" and being covered by Trump supporters with the American flag at the Republican National Conventional.


Fails Compilation Of July 2016 - Part 3
Jul 23, 2016 Funny

Having a rough week? Well, if you are, here are some hilarious fails that will turn your week upside down... literally. See what FailArmy creators made for us for third week in July month.


Underground Methane Bubbles Are Bouncy As Heck
Jul 23, 2016 Nature

Scientists discover bubbles of methane under ground at Belyy Island off Yamal Peninsula, Russia. While they might look semi-adorable, bursting these could actually cause a huge hole to form in the ground.


Russian Police Officer Fired For Posting This Video Of Erotic Dance
Jul 23, 2016 Stupid

A Russian police officer has been fired after she posted a video of herself giving an erotic dance on a private police Facebook group.
The 26-year-old, identified only as Kristina did not stay much ...