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VIDEO: Indonesia Volcano Suddenly Erupts, Trapping Tourists
Sep 29, 2016 News

Thousands of tourists were evacuated after an Indonesian volcano unexpectedly erupted. Hundreds are still unaccounted for. Watch a video captured during the volcano's eruption!


The Speech That Will Make Donald Trump President
Sep 22, 2016 News

Take a look at this speech given by Donald Trump, who is the main name for the next American president together with Hillary Clinton. Many say this is the speech that will make him a president. What do ...


CCTV Captured A Bomb Explosion In Chelsea, NYC
Sep 18, 2016 News

Surveillance video has captured a moment of the explosion in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood in New York City, injuring at least 29 people. The devastating blast came from a dumpster where a homemade ...


In A Short Speech Putin Strips Down Naked EVERY Dirty Game The US Played: ISIS, Syria And More
Sep 16, 2016 News

In 2014, President Obama named the three major threats to US national security: ISIS, Russia and Ebola.

It would be fair to say that Russian politicians took much offence to being placed ...


Migrants Brazenly Try To Board Truck At Barricade In Calais
Sep 14, 2016 News

French officials and hospital staff confirmed that migrants are deliberately causing accidents to create traffic tailbacks on the N216 motorway into the ferry port, and the A16 to the Channel Tunnel. They ...


What Is Wrong With Hillary Clinton? This Happened At 9/11 Memorial
Sep 12, 2016 News

A video has emerged of Hillary Clinton looking unwell and being escorted into a van by handlers after leaving the 9/11 memorial early. She retreated to Chelsea Clinton's apartment nearby and was seen leaving ...


Military Exercises By Nato And Russia On Crimea
Sep 10, 2016 News

The bilateral tactical brigade exercise has involved the interservice grouping of forces, tactical and army aviation, the Air Defence Troops, the Airborne Troops, the Missile Troops and Artillery, the ...


Hillary Clinton Coughs Up Mysterious Green Substance Into Water During Cleveland Rally
Sep 07, 2016 News

Hillary Clinton coughs and hacks up mysterious green substance into her cup of water during Cleveland rally. This happened during the Cleveland, Ohio rally on Monday, September 5, 2016. What is wrong with ...


Catastrophic Flooding In Central Louisiana Captured From The Helicopter
Aug 16, 2016 News

All along the I-10 and I-12 corridor have been hit with devastating flooding. Aerial shots from Central - Walker - East Baton Rouge - Denham Springs, Albany - Zachary - etc. Massive flooding up to the ...


Dramatic Footage Of A Gunman In Munich When He Opens Fire Near Olympia Shopping Centre
Jul 23, 2016 News

It looks like a new terrorist attack happened in Germany in capital city Munich. 18-year-old man fired his weapon few times near Olympia shopping centre, killing at least 9 people. Attacker had dual citizenship ...


This 3D Animation Shows What Happened In Terrorist Attack In Nice, France
Jul 16, 2016 News

After the shocking terrorist attack in Nice, France, here comes a 3D animation which clearly shows what happened on Bastille day on 7/14/2016. There were 84 confirmed victims, more than 202 are injured.


Turkey Coup Soldier Pulled To Safety By Police
Jul 16, 2016 News

IHA provided this video of a soldier being pulled to safety by police officer after he was attacked by the crowd during a coup attempt in Turkey. What is happening around the world lately?


Dramatic Videos From Turkey: Active Military Coup Just Confirmed In Turkey
Jul 16, 2016 News

President Tayyip Erdogan now claims the attempted coup is over - but tensions in the country remain high. An attempted coup has taken place in Turkey after military chiefs tried to overthrow the president. ...


Dramatic Footage Of Truck Running Into Crowd In New Terrorist Attack In Nice, France
Jul 15, 2016 News

At least 84 people are dead with more than 200 injured after a truck mounted a pavement and shots were fired in Nice during Bastille Day celebrations in a suspected terrorist attack.
There are unconfirmed ...


These Are The Dallas Officers Killed In The Line Of Duty
Jul 09, 2016 News

Five officers were shot and killed and nine more people were wounded in the deadliest day for U.S. law enforcement since 9/11. These are some of their stories.


Trevor Noah Shares A Message About Violence That Everybody Needs To Hear
Jul 09, 2016 News

Trevor reacts the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, two African-American men shot by police, and calls on law enforcement to address systemic racism.


English Fans Beat Muslims In Marseille, France During Euro 2016
Jun 13, 2016 News

Here comes another video from France showing a violence of football fans. This happened in Marseille when a group of English started to fight with Muslims. When will the violence stop growing among us?


German MP Suffers Cake Attack Over Refugee Stance
May 30, 2016 News

A German MP was hit in the face with a chocolate cake on Saturday, apparently in protest at her stance on refugees.

Sahra Wagenknecht was targeted at a congress of her far-left Die Linke ...


Protests In Paris Have Gone Beyond All Limits - This Video Shows Protesters' Brutality
May 20, 2016 News

In the middle of Paris, France, there are protests for over a month but noone is talking about. People are angry because of mass influx of refugees at their city. Take a look how protesters fought against ...


Young Woman From Finland Stops Somalian Migrants From Stealing From Her Shop
Apr 27, 2016 News

In this security video from Finland we can see one young woman taking care of two Somalian migrants trying to steal goods from the shop. This woman deserves all the best for her actions!