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Time Lapse Map Of Islamist Terror Events From 1980's To The End Of 2015
Mar 23, 2016 News

Take a look at this time lapse video of Islamist terror events all the way from 1980's to the Nvember 2015. Be aware on how those events rise after year 2001 when 9/11 happened.


LIVE: Terrorist Attack At Brussels Airport And Subway Station
Mar 22, 2016 News

Several people have been killed and many more injured after a suspected terrorist attack at Brussels airport this morning.

Two loud explosions reportedly shook the building sending terrified ...


Film Crew Attacked By Somali Migrants Inside A No-Go Zone In Sweden
Mar 21, 2016 News

News reporters went inside a No-Go zone in Sweden together with police crew so tehy could shot an interview with local migrants. But as soon as police left some of Somali migrants attacked the film crew.


Shocking Video Reveals Moment Before Second Terrorist Attack In Turkey
Mar 13, 2016 News

Less than one month ago there was a terrorist attack in Ankara, Turkey. At this time 29 people died, around 60 were injured. But today another car bomb triggered in Ankara, killing at least 34 people. ...


A Waiter Accidentally Spills Glasses Of Drink On Merkel's Back
Mar 11, 2016 News

A waiter in Germany 'accidentally' spills glasses of beer on Merkel's back. He was probably standing in a dole que a few days later. She just got what she deserved!


Shocking Videos Of Strong Storm In Dubai And Abu Dhabi
Mar 10, 2016 News

Abu Dhabi residents and those in the surrounding western region are being advised to drive safely and avoid unnecessary travel, as the capital faces storm-like conditions with the highest wind speed recording ...


Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Wins Best Actor And Recives Standing Ovation At The Oscars
Feb 29, 2016 News

Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar for best actor award. Listen to his awesome speech which resounds online and will resound for a long time. Are you happy for Leonardo finally getting what he deserved ...


New Afghanistan Air Combat Footage Suddenly Went Viral
Feb 26, 2016 News

Here comes a video from Afganistan that instantly went viral. It has almost over one million views in just one day and it shows combat airplane A-10 destroying places where terrorists were hiding.


New Car Bomb Terrorist Attack In Turkish Capital City Ankara
Feb 17, 2016 News

The blast in the Turkish capital has left more than 60 of people injured, according to media sources, at least 28 people are dead. Mehmet Kilicer said officials believe the explosion was aimed at a convoy ...


BMX Legend Dave Mirra Commited A Suicide - This Are Videos Which Will Make You Remember Him
Feb 05, 2016 News

Dave Mirra, professional BMX driver known for his appearances at X Games died at age of 41 in Greenville, North Carolina due to suicide. Here are some of his awesome moments that we will never forget. ...


Shocking Confession Of 16-Year-Old Girl From Germany Scared Of Muslim Migrants
Jan 23, 2016 News

Here comes one shocking confession from Germany in which 16-year-old Bibi Wilhelm talks about her fear of Muslim migrants that invaded country she's living in. Her Facebook profile was already deleted!


Steve Harvey Fails Hard When Crowning The Miss Universe 2015
Dec 21, 2015 News

The 2015 Miss Universe Pageant ends with arguably, the biggest TV fail of the year. Host Steve Harvey, instead of announcing Colombia as the first runner up, declares her as the winner and new Miss Universe. ...


This Anti-Migrant Video Is Going Viral Across Europe
Dec 05, 2015 News

After gaining a million and a half views in less than five days, the Open Gates' video was taken down by YouTube following a copyright infringement. This is the truth that media doesn't show about migrants.


Driver Of Semi-truck Had Enough Of Migrants In France Trying To Get Inside Of His Trailer
Nov 27, 2015 News

This truck's driver made a video while driving on the highway in France where a big group of migrants was trying to enter his trailer. If you rewind on 5:00 you can see, he has everything enough!


10 Safest And Least Safe Countries If WW3 Breaks Out
Nov 26, 2015 News

If the end of the world comes, some countries are safer than others. We'll show you the best and the worst places to hide out in the event everything goes wrong!


Barrel Bomb Falls Meters Away From Man Who Is Filming
Nov 22, 2015 News

Here comes a video from Syria in which one local man films bombing on his city. Two bombs were dropped off a helicopter, destroying few buldings just feets away from cameraman.


Blindfolded Muslim Man With Sign "Do you trust me?" Hugs Hundreds In Paris
Nov 20, 2015 News

Near mourning sight at Place de la Republique an unknown man drew much attention by blindfolding himself and putting out two signs reading "I'm a Muslim, but I'm told that I'm a terrorist" and ...


Terrorists Killed His Wife In Paris Attacks, This Is His Powerful Tribute To Her
Nov 20, 2015 News

"I won't give you the gift of hating you" - Antoine Leiris' powerful tribute to his wife, who died in the Bataclan during the Paris attacks. This is something everyone should see!


Explosions And Gunshots Heard Over Paris Once Again
Nov 18, 2015 News

On 11/18/2105 Islamic militants tried to commit new terrorist attack on the streets of Paris. Few suicide bombers blown themselfs, one civilian died. This is how everything looked 300 feets away!


Charlie Sheen Speeks Out About Being HIV Positive
Nov 18, 2015 News

In an exclusive interview with TODAY's Matt Lauer, actor Charlie Sheen says, "I'm here to admit that I am in fact HIV positive." He says that reports that he has threatened the health of others ...