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Shooting Among The French Police And Terrorists Hours After Terror Attacks
Nov 16, 2015 News

Here comes a distrubing footage from Paris hours after terrorist attacks infront of Bataclan concert hall. News reporter captured whole situation on his cell phone.


Mass Panic In France While Laying Down Flowers For Victims Of Terror Attack
Nov 16, 2015 News

Here comes a video from Paris days after terrorist attack when people were laying down flowers for victims. But one stupid guy decided it would be fun to light up some firecrackers which triggered a massive ...


The Arrival Of Terrorists In Bataclan Theatre Killing
Nov 15, 2015 News

Watch what happened when terrorists entered in Bataclan concert hall in Paris. This footage shows moments before massive attack in which more than 130 poeple lost their lives.


Drama In Late Paris Terrorist Attacks Captured On Camera
Nov 14, 2015 News

Europe is a new target of terrorist attacks. Only after one year after Charlie attacks a new terrorist attack happened in Paris, France. More than 170 people diead in few sepperated attacks over Paris ...


How Facebook is Stealing Billions of Views
Nov 11, 2015 News

Facebook just announced 8 billion video views per day. This number is made out of lies, cheating and worst of all: theft. All of this is wildly known but the media giant Facebook is pretending everything ...


Yale Silliman College Master Christakis Stands Up To Cry-Bullies
Nov 10, 2015 News

nger and pain have been simmering at Yale University over a series of racial controversies that took place over Halloween weekend. The tension on campus started with a two-sentence post on Facebook by ...


LIVE STREAM: Hurricane Patricia Strikes Mexico With 200 MPH Winds Oct 24, 2015 News

Mexicans are awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Patricia, a category five storm and the strongest ever recorded in the Americas. Highest wind could reach up to 250 MPH.


Everyone Is Looking For This Kidnapped 5-Year-Old Azam Aldaham
Oct 03, 2015 News

People are searching for Azam Aldaham, a 5-year-old boy from Syria last seen in Belgrade with a broken jaw. Sources say he was kidnapped by a guy in video for his advantage to come in European countries easily.


Lionel Messi Reacts To The Cristiano Ronaldo Movie Trailer
Oct 03, 2015 News

Few days ago we've uploaded a video of Cristiano ROnaldo in which he tells that he's the best player in the world. Here is reaction of Lionel Messi watching Ronaldo's trailer! :)


Meet the Female Peshmerga Fighters Battling ISIS
Sep 28, 2015 News

"I would be very happy to kill ISIS," says Col. Rangeen Majeed, her hair tied back in a neat bun. The 32-year-old sniper is just one of the women who make up an all-female unit of the Kurdish ...


Woman Gets Shocked Once She Returns To Hometown Which Was Overrun By Muslims
Sep 24, 2015 News

Stacey Dooley investigates what is going on in her hometown of Luton and finds out why it is known as the extremist capital of Britain.


Muslim Riots In Sydney, Australia
Sep 23, 2015 News

Here comes a video from Sydney, Australia, in which we can see how protests of angry Muslim people look like. Protest was meant to be peaceful but it tunred into violence.


The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained
Sep 19, 2015 News

Why is the refugee crisis all over the news? How is this related to Syria? Why should we care at all? This video may answer you some questions you have about refugee crisis.


Poles Speech To Muslims Around Western Europe
Sep 17, 2015 News

A speech for all Muslims living in Europe, spoken by a member of the Polish Defence League. Europe, you're not alone! Do you agree with this guy?


Terrorist Tried To Convert Inmates To Islam, Then He Gets What He Deserves
Sep 15, 2015 News

Video of a beating inside an Ottawa jail shows Carlos Larmond, who is facing terrorism-related charges along with his twin brother, being attacked after allegedly trying to convert another inmate to Islam.


The Footage Of Migrant Crisis The Media Refuses To Broadcast
Sep 14, 2015 News

Why are mainstream media outlets like CNN and BBC only broadcasting footage which shows the migrants in a positive light? What is the truth behind the migrant crisis?


Farmer Drives Tractor Into Crowd Of Armed Police At Protests In Brussels
Sep 09, 2015 News

Farmer drives tractor into crowd of armed police at protests in Brussels, in which farmers want to rise the prices of their products as they were. Don't mess with farmers!


Meteor Lights The Sky In Thailand During Daytime
Sep 08, 2015 News

At around 08:41am, in Ngamwongwas road, Nonthaburi, Thailand, the fireball showed up and lighten the sky. It was a meteor entering into Earth's atmosphere.


Man Tries To Donate To Refugees, Ends Up Not Going As Planned
Sep 04, 2015 News

Ona young guy came near group of refugees when he suddenly gets attacked by few people, stealing everything he's got in a bag.


Cameraman Apologizes To Usain Bolt
Aug 29, 2015 News

Cameraman apologize to Usain Bolt after hitting him with a segway at IAAF World Championships Beijing. He gives him a bracelet as a token of apology. Nice gesture.