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Max Verstappen Takes His F1 Race Car On A Ski Resort In Kitzbuhel
Jan 15, 2016 Automoto

Max Verstappen drives his F1 race car on the ski resort in Kitzbuhel. Watch how this ride looks like from the eyes of Max Verstappen and how others saw it. This is awesome! :)


New "Stop a Douchebag" Video - The Lumberjack
Jan 11, 2016 Automoto

"Stop a Douchebag" is a Russian youth movement that attempts to enforce traffic regulations in Russia. These Russians youth stop drivers driving on a sidewalk by using a sticker. This is what ...


With A New Software Update, The Tesla Model S Can Park Itself In Your Garage
Jan 10, 2016 Automoto

Tesla Model S got a new software update 7.1 that brings a new feature. With this update Tesla car can park itself into a garage without a driver or someone else in the car. This is awesome!


Crazy BMW S1000RR Driver Hunts Down The Ferrari F40 For Some Action
Jan 09, 2016 Automoto

Crazy Max Wrist was racing his BMW S1000RR when he spotted a Ferrari F40 driving towards him. It was the time for action and one crazy driving was captured on video. This rider is INSANE!


This Crazy Ride Of Motorcyclist On Isle Of Man Will Take Your Breath Away
Jan 06, 2016 Automoto

Here's an early present, John McGuinness's opening lap from this year's awesome Senior TT on Isle of Man. Sit back and enjoy a masterclass in controlled but determined riding right on the edge!


Crazy Fiat 126 Rally Driver
Jan 01, 2016 Automoto

Colin McRae apparently once said "if in doubt, flat out." Piotr Filapek - the guy driving this Fiat 126 - certainly drives by this mantra :)


1000cc Mini Bike
Dec 31, 2015 Automoto

Guys take a ride with a 1000cc mini bike. Engine is so powerfull that is perfect for burnouts and drag start :D


This Is How Rally Looks Like With An Old Legendary Car
Dec 22, 2015 Automoto

Here comes a video from one of the rally stages on which driver of this legendary old car Zastava 126 PGL shows his driving skills. This is one awesome video that everyone who likes rally should watch!


Drifting With Lamborghini Murcielago Will Make You Speechless
Dec 16, 2015 Automoto

Vaughn Gittin Jr. heads to Niigata, Japan in his 550 HP 5.0L V-8 Mustang RTR to take on Daigo Saito’s 650 HP V-12 Drift Lamborghini. Built by Liberty Walk and Phat Five racing, Saito's AWD to RWD converted ...


Sebastien Loeb Drives His DS3 WRC In Gymkhana Style
Dec 05, 2015 Automoto

Sebastien Loeb drives his Citroen DS3 WRC in the abandoned place in the style of famous Gymkhana, where there was a lot of smoke from tires, fast speed and pure action!


4-Year-Old Girl Drives New Volvo Truck
Dec 04, 2015 Automoto

A full-size truck. A little girl with a remote control. A gravel pit filled with obstacles. Is Volvo's toughest truck tough enough to survive 4-year-old Sophie?


Formula 1 Professional Driver Takes A Brutal Challenge
Dec 03, 2015 Automoto

Formula 1 is all about precision. The difference between winning and losing can be down to the smallest detail. Mobil 1 and McLaren-Honda decided to put their technical partnership to the test, by setting ...


How Not To Fit A Wiper Blade
Dec 03, 2015 Automoto

Driving around with young Stembridge in Plymouth driver spotted an Audi that hadn't quite figured out how to fit his rear wiper blades. This is really epic fail! :D


Two Drivers Drift Through Abandoned Mall With Nissan 370z
Nov 25, 2015 Automoto

Chris Forsberg takes his 1,000hp Nissan 370z Black Friday shopping early at the abandoned Hawthorne Mall in Los Angeles, California only to find Ryan Tuerck lurking in the shadows waiting for a chance ...


Professional Japanese Drifter Tries And Drifts New Tesla Model S
Nov 19, 2015 Automoto

Japain is one country that test almost every car in drift. It was nothing different this time when professional drifter Nobuteru Taniguchi took new Tesla Model S on the course.


Icy Road In Russia Is A Nightmare For Drivers
Nov 13, 2015 Automoto

This is what a camera placed on balcony of one appartment captured few days ago in Russian city Vladivostok, where there are low temperatures.


When You Pull Out A Steering Wheel On Hill Climb Competition
Nov 12, 2015 Automoto

Here comes a dashcam video from the inside of a buggy car during the hill climb competition. Unfortuantely driver didn't have any chances after he lost his steering wheel :D


Toyo Tires Releases Gymkhana Alike Crazy Footage
Nov 11, 2015 Automoto

BJ Baldwin heads to the Pacific Northwest with his 800hp Trophy Truck to battle Bruce The Sasquatch in a showdown for the ages in Recoil 3 movie.


That's What A Bike Traveling At 200mph Looks Like
Nov 02, 2015 Automoto

Have you ever asked yourself how it looks like when a bike passes you with 200mph? Video on this biker's helmet captured this type of moment!


This Crazy Tractor Video Will Boost Your Adrenaline
Nov 01, 2015 Automoto

Watch this really crazy clip in which guy uses his tuned tractor to head into the town. He does all the crazy stuff on the road to the city. This video will definitely boost your adrenaline!