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Meteorologist Simon Brewer Goes Outside To Measure Irma Wind Speed On Florida
Sep 11, 2017 Other

Meteorologist Simon Brewer stepped out of the vehicle yesterday in Florida during a hurricane Irma in order to measure the speed of the wind. Suns exceeded the speed of 150 mph, and the weather scientist ...


Russian Woman Tries A Rope Swing For The First Time, Has A Painful Fail
Sep 11, 2017 Other

Another video is coming from Russia, where the pain was not missing again. The woman in the video was determined to try to jump into the water with the help of a rope tied to a branch on the nearby tree. ...


Pedophile Exposes Himself Infront Of Kids, Angry Dad Delivers Instant Justice
Sep 10, 2017 Other

A video is coming from Oregon, in which, according to the author, a man in short trousers exposed himself to the children. Then one of kid's fathers was noticed by his show.

He captured ...


Drake's Security Guards Overstep Their Boundary By Stopping Traffic
Sep 10, 2017 Other

Security for Tiff apparently think they are the Police and can stop traffic so Drake's motorcade of friends can drive together.

Cammer didn't want to be stuck in the middle of the intersection ...


Young Homeless Girl Sits Alone Begging For Help. Pay Close Attention To Woman In Red Plaid
Sep 09, 2017 Other

What would you do if you saw a small child on the street begging for help? Would you stop and assist in any way possible?

RobbyTV enlisted the help of little Laila and positioned her on ...


Do You Remeber This Game Everyone Played When We Were Young?
Sep 09, 2017 Other

These days, the world was impressed by one of the videos in which the author led us to nostalgia. There are certainly many of us who remember this simulator with the racing game Out Run.

Have ...


Whole World Is Going Crazy For This Video Of A Skier, Here Is The Reason
Sep 09, 2017 Other

These days the world has completely obsessed one of the videos in which Jake Alewel was filmed himself during skiing. He did not wear any overalls, nor t-shirts. And what's so exciting about the video? ...


Business Man Refuses To Be Intimidated By A Gang Banger
Sep 08, 2017 Other

On one of the subways these days were once again very varied. A dark-skinned man approached the businessman and demanded to move away. Before that he was harassing other passengers.

The ...


Man Kick Young Kid Without Reason, His Father Delivers Instant Justice
Sep 07, 2017 Other

Some people are not really smart. Security cameras in a fast-food restaurant captured the moment when a boy approached the counter. But his vividness was obviously too much for another man waiting on the ...


Chimpanzee Is Totally Mesmerized By This Hot Girl Dancing Infront Of Glass
Sep 07, 2017 Other

Women's dance charms keep mesmerize almost every man. But it's not just men who do stare at them when women dance.

A video is coming out of the zoo, in which one of the beauties danced next ...


Girl Makes The Jump Rope Test With Sports Bra And With No Bra
Sep 06, 2017 Other

Piper is a girl who presents to the world under the nickname Piper Blush by recording blogs and shor videos.

This time she shared a clip on the web, which will surely be a joy to watch ...


Audi RS6 Driver With 2 Flat Tires Still Gets Away From Police Chasing Him
Sep 05, 2017 Other

A dashcam mounted in a police vehicle captured a hunt for an escaping driver in UK.

Despite the fact that the police often crashed into the Audi RS6 vehicle and despite the empty tire of ...


Blind Man Asks Strangers To Exchange His $5 Banknote, Results Will Shock You
Sep 03, 2017 Other

Many around the world are horrified by a social experiment in which Adrian Gee puts himself on the streets as a blind man to ask strangers ifthey could exchange him a $5 banknote.

But at ...


Parallel Parking Has Never Been So Hard. Who Gave This Driver A Driving Licence?
Sep 02, 2017 Other

One of the residents captured a scene on his cell phone that left many without words. With a small car, a women driver had a lot of problems with parallel parking, despite the fact that she had a lot of ...


Motorcyclists Risks His Life To Save A Man Trying To Commit A Suicide
Sep 01, 2017 Other

A dramatic moment was caught on a camera mounted on a motorcycle helmet in Russia. Rider suddenly stopped his motorcycle while driving on the highway, turned it around and drove in the wrong way. A totally ...


WATCH: Undercover Police Officers Arrests Drug Traffickers In Hungary
Sep 01, 2017 Other

A video from the surveillance camera comes from Hungary when it caught the arrest of a group of drug dealers. Undercover olice officers and special units arrested four people in just a few seconds, and ...


Mind Reader Colin Cloud Convinces Mel B To Stab Simon Cowell On America's Got Talent
Aug 30, 2017 Other

Colin Cloud is a mentalist contestant on America's Got Talent and he says that he uses criminal profiling to carry out many of his tricks.

Mel B called him incredible and hoped that America ...


Texas Flood Survivor Who Lost Everything Reunites With His Dad
Aug 29, 2017 Other

This is the emotional moment a man who lost everything in Hurricane Harvey broke down after learning his father had survived the storm.

Aaron Mitchell had been desperately trying to make ...


Drone Footage Reveals Devastation In Houston After Hurricane Harvey
Aug 29, 2017 Other

We've all seen plenty of heartbreaking images from Texas this weekend, as vicious floods continue to destroy lives and property in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

But some of the most chilling ...


Six Robbers Tried To Rob A Jewelry Store, Then Old Lady Jumps Into Action
Aug 28, 2017 Other

Old Lady stops robbery at Jewellers Northampton A 75-year-old woman rushed into action when six robbers, with sledgehammers, attempted a smash-and-grab at a jewelry store in Northampton, England.