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Minister Blows Chunks During Bride's Wedding Vows
May 07, 2017 Other

The worst possible scenario that could happen has happened in this video. This minister vomits during the middle of the wedding vows as the bride keeps on going.

We just hope minister was ...


A Pair Of Road Ragers Pick On The Wrong Driver, Instant Justice Is Served
May 05, 2017 Other

After this crazy guy took it too far with his Road rage, he wasn't expecting what would happen to him. As soon as he smacked another driver's car with a baseball bat, he got a moment of instant karma. ...


Bad Guys Stole The Skateboard, Then They Got A Painful Lesson
May 05, 2017 Other

Guys from "TwinzTV" channel made another prank in which they punished every bad guy stealing their skateboard. They placed it on public spot, but the skateboard was tied to the rail with a rope. ...


VIDEO: Incredible Image Of Jesus Appears On The Sky In Colombia
May 04, 2017 Other

This is the amazing moment the 'Figure of Jesus' appeared in front of a crowd gathered to film the sunset over the city of Manizales which was ravaged by a giant landslide earlier this month.


Jet Rips Up Runway At Halfpenny Green While Taking Off
May 04, 2017 Other

Vampire WZ507 rips up RWY10 at Wolverhampton Airport in Halfpenny Green. Quite spectacular, but looks like a lot of damage. Afterwards, the vampire landed on another undamaged runway. Airfield staff were ...


VIDEO: This Is How Life In North Korea's Capital City Pyongyang Looks Like
May 03, 2017 Other

North Korea is a notoriously secretive place that is often hostile to outsiders, especially Western journalists. Which means that getting an unfiltered, unvarnished look at everyday life inside the Hermit ...


Italian Motorcyclist Captures Dangerous Close Call After Woman Overtakes Over Solid Line
May 03, 2017 Other

This Italian motrcyclist was heading to his mechanic to make some modifications on his bike. At some point on the street, a red car driven by a female overtakes a vehicle over the solid line, closing the ...


Mask Maker Introduces Little Girl Mask And It's Really Creepy
May 03, 2017 Other

Landon Meier aka Hyperflesh gives an overview of his process for creating his hyper-realistic silicone masks, including Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, Mike Tyson, Bryan Cranston, Crying Babies, ...


Watch As Texans Frantically Cry Out To God During Dramatic Rescue Of Two Trapped Babies
May 02, 2017 Other

Deadly tornadoes ripped through north Texas over the weekend, claiming the lives of at least 5 and injuring many more. At least two young children are alive today, thanks to the incredible efforts of some ...


This Curvy Teacher Really Captures Student's Attention
May 02, 2017 Other

Not sure which country this video was taken, but one can guess it's somewhere in South America, where spandex flows like wine.

There is no doubt, all the boys in this class have the teacher's ...


Guy Gets His Car Stolen, Chases Down Car Thiefs With A Help Of Police And Uber Driver
May 01, 2017 Other

Ben had his car stolen three times, so he knew exactly what needed to be done. So he kept going after car thiefs until he was able to get them arrested.

Thank God for the right Uber driver ...


The Car Hit A Crowd Of Protesters In Brazil While Protesting In The Middle Of Highway
May 01, 2017 Other

Police in Brazil have arrested a motorist on suspicion of ploughing through a crowd of anti-austerity protesters in Sao Paulo.

Caught on camera by a number of bystanders, the shocking incident ...


This "Footage" Of Velociraptor Getting Killed Carries A Powerful Message About Bullfighting
May 01, 2017 Other

Practice of bullfighting belongs to another age, not to the year 2017. French organization FLAC Anticorrida presented this short clip in which bull is replaced with Velociraptor.

They say ...


Incredible Video Of Snow Avalanche Captured In Russia
Apr 30, 2017 Other

When tourists from France were visiting some mountains in Russia they witnessed a moment that takes your breath away.

Watch this snow avalanche captured on camera just above the small mountain ...


Biker Chases And Confronts Bike Thief, His GoPro Captures Everything
Apr 30, 2017 Other

When biker behind "RookieRider" channel heard a familiar bike sound, he knew this was his friend's stolen bike. His GoPro camera captured every step until he finds out the guy who stole the motorcycle. ...


Watch How Drivers Tailgating Ambulance Get Scolded By Paramedic
Apr 29, 2017 Other

It's super dangerous to follow behind emergency vehicle when cars see an ambulance pass an intersection they assume that's it, and not expecting a small black car without lights/siren to be going through ...


Elon Musk Reveals Concept Of Cars Speeding Through Tunnels On Mobile Platforms
Apr 29, 2017 Other

Elon Musk unveiled today the concept behind his new company: The Boring Company. It confirms that the idea behind the company goes beyond simply building tunnels.

The new video for the ...


We Did Not Expect Synchronized Swimming Filmed Upside Down To Look This Cool
Apr 28, 2017 Other

Watching synchronized swimmers with an upside down camera is the most mesmerizing thing you'll see today. Who knew this will be so satisfying to watch.

If NBC films synchronized swimming ...


Female Driver Gets Run Over By Her Car In The Tunnel, Stranger Saves The Day
Apr 28, 2017 Other

In this dashcam video from Russia we can see how two cars collided in the tunnel when the female driver of the vehicle infront tried to communicate to the driver behind her when suddenly her car started ...


Driver Gets Instant Police Justice For Inappropriate Overtaking
Apr 27, 2017 Other

When cammer in the video was returning home from work, he was waiting in the line of traffic to turn left. There was also another driver who didn't have time to wait as it looks like.

He ...