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Guy Urinating In The Street Gets A Dose Of Karma Justice
Jul 27, 2017 Other

It's always refreshing to see a little bit of instant karma.

A man urinating in the street received more splash back than he anticipated. Let's just hope he learned his lesson and will find ...


Never See Mosquitoes In Your Yard Again With This Cheap And Easy Solution
Jul 25, 2017 Other

Mosquitoes can turn any summer barbeque into an outdoor nightmare in minutes. You can try sprays, candles, tiki torches and patches, but nothing works quite like this simple solution.

Using ...


Michael Phelps Races A Great White Shark, But People Are Upset About The Video
Jul 25, 2017 Other

Olympic great Michael Phelps races a 'great white shark' on Sunday as part of documentary on Discovery Channel.

The shark was in-fact a computer simulation rather than a actual great white ...


97-Year-Old Dunkirk Veteran Breaks Down In Tears After Watching The Movie
Jul 24, 2017 Other

A war veteran who survived the battle of Dunkirk was moved to tears at the premiere of Christopher Nolan's new film.

Ken Sturdy, a 97-year-old Welsh national who currently lives in Calgary, ...


This Is A Message From Your Body That Will Make You Think
Jul 21, 2017 Other

Do you know you how much you are worth? Are you sabotaging your well-being with unhealthy daily habits, an unbalanced lifestyle, overwork and stress?

Use this video as a reminder to destress ...


Car Driver Flips Off Trucker On The Highway, Then He Gets A Dose Of Karma
Jul 20, 2017 Other

Jason Heckenlively was traveling west on US 20 near Idaho Falls when he noticed a disabled vehicle in the right emergency lane. There were no other vehicles in my vicinity so he yielded the slow lane to ...


Escape Artist Attempts Deadly Performance On America's Got Talent, Leaves Judges In Shock
Jul 19, 2017 Other

Gavin and Daniel from The Slow Mo Guys channel pay tribute to a classic internet experiment. Roasted nuts, anyone?

They placed an airbag inside a microwave to see what will happen next ...


VIDEO: Pregnant Mom Dies During Pregnancy, Then Doctors Delivered A Miracle
Jul 18, 2017 Other

A brain dead pregnant woman was kept alive for 123 days - the longest time ever - before delivering twins by emergency caesarean section.

Frankielen da Silva Zampoli Padilha, 21, from Campo ...


Security Camera Captures Moment When Goat Breaks Into Argonics' Colorado Office
Jul 18, 2017 Other

When Argonics' employees arrived at work on Monday, July 17 to find the doors smashed but nothing taken, they all watched the security camera footage to see what was going on.

The footage ...


Man Who Tries To Kick Stray Dog At Beach Gets A Dose Of Karma In Return
Jul 17, 2017 Other

Watching this video, you see that the jogger must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed, because without provocation, he decides to kick a stray dog who is minding his own business enjoying his day ...


Real Life Hero Saves Couple From Burning To Death in Their Car
Jul 15, 2017 Other

Dashcam video shows a moment from Ingushetia when one driver slammed hard into the back of old couple's car. Unfortunately a fire broke in the next moment and both men and his wife were trapped inside ...


Driver Captured Very Unusual Moment While Driving On Russian Roads
Jul 15, 2017 Other

Take a look at that scene from Russian roads that circled the world in a moment. One of the drivers saw something completely unusual in front of him - there were two motorcyclist infront with unusual companion... ...


Brave Brothers Catch Very Big Snakes While Tractor Is Plowing The Fields
Jul 13, 2017 Other

These days, the world is surrounded by a video clip from Cambodia in which two children catch large snakes during the plowing of the field.

It's nothing unusual only if boys wouldn't picked ...


London Police Deliver Instant Justice For A Thief Stealing From Unlocked Car
Jul 12, 2017 Other

Dramatic moment was captured on camera in London when officers used police van door to barge brazen thief off a bike after catching him raiding a Range Rover in broad daylight.

Jake Nedd ...


90-Year Old Composer Bursts In Tears Listening To His Composition Being Performed By A Chorus
Jul 12, 2017 Other

Edward Mirzoyan was an Armenian composer who wrote a lot of songs.

Back in 2010 he listened to a performance by Dominatus Vox Orchestra, where they played one of his songs "Shushanik". ...


Donald Trump Picks Up Marine's Hat From The Ground, Then Wind Blows Again
Jul 11, 2017 Other

After placing the cap on the serviceman's head, the hat flew off once more. President Trump chased after it but let another military man put the hat on the Marine, on this video watch President Trump put ...


She Took Off Her Clothes In The Elevator, Men Couldn't Believed Their Eyes
Jul 11, 2017 Other

How would you react if you faced a beautiful girl in front of you in the company of a partner in a small lift? This is what happened to the couples in the video.

Men's wives were totally ...


Girl Jumps Of 83 Foot Cliff, Ends Up In The Hospital
Jul 09, 2017 Other

Each one wants to show a courage when friends are present. But things do not always end according to plans. The girl in the video jumped of a 83 foot cliff and her jump ended very badly.

She ...


Instant Karma For A Bike Thief - He Gets Run Over By A Truck
Jul 09, 2017 Other

Man in the video attacked a helpless old man in the video and stole his bike during a daylight. Somebody captured the video on his cellphone while watching everything from the oter side of the road when ...


Female Driver Was On Her Phone, Then Biker Delivered An Instant Justice
Jul 08, 2017 Other

This lady was so engrossed in her phone that she was quite startled when she finally noticed the motorcyclist.

She purposefully swerved back on biker's line after he warned her the first ...