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Female Lady Tries To Cheat Traffic, Then She Gets A Dose Of Instant Karma
Apr 26, 2017 Other

Dashcam shows the moment female driver drives her car towards the cammer on the oncoming line to cheat the traffic, but everything did not goes as she planned.

See what happened next and ...


Mom Brought To Tears When Wild Bird Comforts Her While Visiting Son's Grave
Apr 25, 2017 Other

A mother visiting her child's grave got a visitor of her own. Marie Robinson of England lost her son Jack to brain cancer four years ago. She went to his grave on the anniversary of his death to sit with ...


Aggressive Driver Gets Instant Karma For His Stupid Driving
Apr 25, 2017 Other

We often see aggressive driver on the road who really don't have time to wait few seconds. One of those was the driver in the video. Dashcam footage from Estonia reveals the aggression of the driver, but ...


Estonian Police Takes Down Biker In A High-Speed Chase
Apr 24, 2017 Other

A biker in Estonia reaching speeds over 200kmh (125mph) ignored the stop signal and decided to escape. When the biker slowed down at a roundabout, the police van decided to use the opportunity and bring ...


Plane's Engine Stops Working In Mid-Air, Pilot Performs An Emergency Landing
Apr 24, 2017 Other

A pilot of small plane took his friend on the test flight in Taichung city in Taiwan, when suddenly plane's engine stopped working. Once you will see this footage taken from cockpit, you will be glad you're ...


Fisher Hooks A 7-Foot Bull Shark, Which Responds By Flipping His Kayak
Apr 23, 2017 Other

Ben Chancey was fishing for Goliath Grouper off the coast of Stuart Florida when a Grouper so big grabbed his line that it nearly flipped his boat over. After the giant fish pulled the rod out of the Ben's ...


Road Rage Guy Gets Instant Karma After Punching Another Driver In Vancouver
Apr 21, 2017 Other

Watch this dashcam video taken on the road in Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, when road rage guy stepped out of his vehicle just to punch another driver infront of him.

What he didn't ...


Skier Botches Jump Landing, But Then Everything Goes Wrong
Apr 21, 2017 Other

Magnolia Neu walked away from this sore but uninjured, so don't feel too bad about having a chuckle at the 7+ cartwheels she does.

Watch what happened to her after she landed the jump. She ...


Driver Was Littering Infront Of McDonald's, Then This Man Stepped In
Apr 20, 2017 Other

Someone in front of this cammer chucked an empty cup out of their truck when they got their breakfast. Cammer always wanted to pick up the trash and give it back to the person who threw it, and this was ...


Angry Bull Delivers Some Justice To A Rodeo Guy In Arena
Apr 19, 2017 Other

When we're talking about bullfighting, there is always a lot of people who don't approve animal cruelty but unfortunately we just can't help to stop this from happening.

In this video we ...


Every Morning, This Eerie Wake-Up Song Is Played On Loudspeakers Throughout Pyongyang
Apr 19, 2017 Other

What's your alarm like? Well, if you're a resident of Pyongyang in Kim Jong-un's North Korea, it sounds like this eerie tune which is blasted throughout the entire city.

In Pyongyang you ...


Motorcyclist Almost Gets Striked By Angry Snake On The Road
Apr 18, 2017 Other

You just need to see some things to belive it. In this dashcam video from Lampang, Thailand we can see a motorcycle rider driving his bike on the road when suddenly a wild snake jumped on him.


He Opened A 9-Year-Old Easter Egg, Then He Got Shocked
Apr 16, 2017 Other

This guy's parents had some furniture in storage from mid-2008 until early 2017. Today they found an egg from their 2008 Easter-egg-hunt hiding behind the couch cushions so he wanted to open it to see ...


This Edible Water Bubbles Might Soon Replace Plastic Bottles
Apr 15, 2017 Other

Ooho! is a sustainable packaging alternative to plastic bottles and cups, made from a seaweed extract. It is entirely biodegradable and so natural you can actually eat it! Ooho sachets are flexible packets ...


50 Cent Punches Super Aggressive Fan In Crowd
Apr 14, 2017 Other

Video of the incident shows 50 Cent reaching out to fans and shaking hands with the crowd in Baltimore. One fan went a little too far though, as she caught 50 off guard and tried yanking him down from ...


Attempted Bike Jacking In Portugal Goes Really Wrong For Bicycle Thief
Apr 11, 2017 Other

Cyclist just left the shop with a test bike on the way to the mountain bike ride and this thief tried to steal his bike for the first time without success. As he got the first dodge, this second approach ...


Woman Forced To Pick Up Her Dog's Poop Barehanded By Angry Homeowner
Apr 10, 2017 Other

Do you often get angry on people who really don't care about the poop their dogs left behind? One of this type is a woman in the video who really doesn't care for the poo her chihuahua left infront of ...


Guy Gets Nailed In The Throat By A Pigeon While On Ferrari Roller Coaster
Apr 10, 2017 Other

At the opening of the Ferrari Land theme park at Port Aventura Park in Spain, one man decided to take on the highest and fastest roller coast in Europe, which launches riders to 111 mph in just five seconds. ...


Brazilian Car Thieves Crashes After 10 Minute Long Chase
Apr 09, 2017 Other

Here comes a dashcam video from Brazil in which police was chasing car thieves. After 10 minute long chase driver crashed the stolen car and police arrested him and his buddies. This is just another example ...


You Won't Believe What Falls Out Of This Truck In Belarus
Apr 07, 2017 Other

You just have to see some things to believe. In thisdashcam video from Belarus we can see a truck driver driving on the road when suddenly he lost one unusual passenger.

The driver noticed ...