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Boyfriend Get's Rejected Proposing To His Girlfriend In Crowded Place
Feb 22, 2017 Other

We saw a lot of beautiful proposals that made many people cry. But this one is a little different. It probably made the poor guy crying as he got rejected by his girlfriend in the middle of big shopping ...


Breathtaking View From Ship In Bad Weather Northwest Of England
Feb 21, 2017 Other

The North Sea offers a lot of adrenaline to all the sailors as the big waves are constantly present. But when there is really bad weather, you might not want to sail there. Take a look at this video taken ...


Controversial Russian Music Video Is Breaking All The Records
Feb 21, 2017 Other

Controversial Russian music group "Leningrad" presented their new music video for a song "Kolshik". It shows the story told in reverse about a circus event that is as violent and shocking ...


He Was Hovering Over Farmer's Garden With A Drone, Then He Got A Lesson
Feb 20, 2017 Other

A drone is apparently blown out of the sky with one spectacular shot by an angry farmer in this dramatic footage.

Video taken from the drone itself shows a beautiful country home and lush ...


This Is What They Found Inside The Gigantic Egg
Feb 20, 2017 Other

This gigantic egg had a yolk and another egg inside. Author if this video couldn't believe it didn't kill his hen. No one wanted to eat it, so his wife made a hair conditioner with it. How is this possible?


Prepare Your Tissues: This Video About An Old Man And His Dog Will Break Your Heart!
Feb 19, 2017 Other

The agency behind the John Lewis Christmas advert has created a piece on organ donation that has left people reaching for their dogs in floods of tears. It was for one of the country's top donor organisations ...


This Ancient Indian Weapon Was A Nightmare For Everyone
Feb 19, 2017 Other

This weapon is not real, it is a replica. I was told that it's called a Tiger/Scissor Knife but it's actual name is Katar. It's a type of push dagger from Indian subcontinent. The weapon is characterised ...


Camera Crashes To Ground After Being Hit By Plane In St. Moritz
Feb 17, 2017 Other

A display plane clips the cable of the Sky Cam during a low flying practise, sending it plumitting to the ground in the centre of the finish area. Luckily there were no casualties. Watch the video and ...


Guy Cuts A Wooden Board With Throwing A Saw Blade
Feb 16, 2017 Other

A construction worker cuts a piece of wood with a throw of a skill saw blade. Watch the video which is making a lot of people wondering if this is real or fake. What do you think? Is something like this ...


Runner Gets Robbed Of Victory By Flying Elastic Cross Bar
Feb 15, 2017 Other

Runner Aengus Meldon sprinted towards victory at a university athletics event in Athlone, Ireland on Friday, when he was suddenly hobbled by a freak accident. An elastic practice cross bar from a nearby ...


IL-76 Dropping The Water During Bushfires In Chile Right Next To People
Feb 11, 2017 Other

Since the country's dry season began last July, Chile has been struggling with terrible wildfires. According to NPR, more than 2,300 square miles have been completely incinerated. And as of last Wednesday, ...


New York Punk Picks Fight With Arizona Trucker, Instantly Regrets It
Feb 11, 2017 Other

A New York City thug started talking trash to an Arizona trucker at this Quik Trip in Mesa.

Then he tried to back up his tough talk with action. Bad idea.

Some are already ...


Are You Angry For Waiting At The Hospital? This Video Will Make You Think!
Feb 10, 2017 Other

Waiting is not an emergency. We all know how long it can take to wait at the hospital for your doctor. Take a look at this video in which you will see a completely different story. It's not always like ...


Life Inside A Ship Cabin During A Big Storm Looks Hilariously Frustrating
Feb 10, 2017 Other

Watch a video by Edward Rex Nantes from the inside of cargo ship taken at a big storm while sailing through the North Sea. This is how inside a crew cabin looks like during rough seas.


How Good Are Your Eyes? 92% People Fail This Test!
Feb 09, 2017 Other

Have you ever wondered how good your eyesight is? Find out in this test! Which stage will you fall at, or will you defeat the entire test? About 92% of people fail the whole test. Can you beat the odds?


Idiot Spits At Bust Driver And Instantly Regrets It
Feb 06, 2017 Other

There is a lot of gross and bad people around the orld and this is one of them. While this man walked on the bus he didn't agree with orders of bus driver so he spit at him but he got a quick lesson about ...


Jeep Cuts Off Motorcyclists During Escorted Ride, Gets Instant Karma
Feb 06, 2017 Other

A man in a Jeep decides he’s not going to wait for the police escorted motorcycle ride. So he jumps the curb, cutting off the bikers and begins to pass the motorcyclists at high speed, endangering the ...


Switzerland Welcomes Trump In His Own Words
Feb 05, 2017 Other

Swiss Response to "The Netherlands welcome Trump in is own words" from the dutch TV-Show. Take a look how people from Switzerland welcomed Trump with using his own words. This is hilarious!


Emergency Helicopter Takes Off Of Canal Bridge In Amsterdam
Feb 05, 2017 Other

At the center of Amsterdam city an emergency helicopter landed to help injured people. See how a take off looked like of canal bridge Herengracht in Amsterdam.


Is This Best Photobomb Ever Captured On Camera?
Feb 04, 2017 Other

In this video from Croatia we can see an old man talking with reporters when suddenly a female driver lost control over her car just inches away from the scene. See how the crash was captured on camera.