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Dumb Driver Gets An Instant Punishment From Bikers After Almost Hitting Them
Dec 23, 2016 Other

The guy who drives a truck drove on the opposite lane when he saw two bikers coming towards him. He almost caused a crash, but he was all smart about it and told bikers it was their foult. Well, he got ...


Cop With Blood Alcohol Level 3x Legal Limit Tries To Talk His Way Out Of Getting Arrested
Dec 23, 2016 Other

Video captured two Montmorency County, Michigan sheriff's deputies dealing with a Washtenaw County lieutenant who is accused of drunken driving in Montmorency County, Michigan. Washtenaw County Lt. Brian ...


Drunk Driver Inside An Airport Terminal Escapes All The Security In GTA Style
Dec 23, 2016 Other

Footage from a dashcam and CCTV shows the maniac dodging round a baggage carousel before steaming through arrival and departure halls and past duty free shops, chased by police on foot.


South African Police Officer On Bike Chasing Thugs With No Fear
Dec 21, 2016 Other

South African Police officer on bike chases a thug in a red vehicle without any fear. This helmet camera will make you think about running away from cops in South Africe. Just don't do that, they don't ...


Mexico Tultepec Fireworks Market Explosion Captured On Camera
Dec 21, 2016 Other

The explosion happened at a facility that manufactured pyrotechnics and fireworks in San Pablito in Mexico. At least 27 people died, more than 72 are injured. See what people captured on video.


You Think Angels Don't Guard Us? This Video Will Make You Think
Dec 20, 2016 Other

An unreal footage of a lucky bored schoolboy in Ukraine. The moment this schoolboy's incredible luck saved him from a brush with death. Was that the work of angels? Did they guard him?


White Man Saves The Day By Beating Robber On Street
Dec 20, 2016 Other

Security camera somewhere in Asia captured a moment when robber tried to rob woman during the day. He was not very successful as one man saw what he was doing. Did the white man did the right thing?


Man Stops Train From Moving Then Woman Delivers Instant Justice
Dec 18, 2016 Other

Man in the video stopped a train because of the conflict between him and another person but then one woman delivered instant justice for him. See what she did to him.


Guy Installs Spyware On His Phone, Then He Let It Get Stolen
Dec 18, 2016 Other

After Anthony van der Meer's phone got stolen, he quickly realized just how much of his personal information and data the thief had instantly obtained. So, he let another phone get stolen. This time his ...


Only In Russia A Drifting Bus Can Cut Infront Of You
Dec 17, 2016 Other

Here comes another dashcam video from Russia in which we can see something you can only see in Russia. Driver couldn't believed his eyes when the bus cut infront of him while drifting.


This Is How Explosion Of Car Brake Looks Like In Slow Motion
Dec 17, 2016 Other

Guy behind "Hydraulic Press Channel" made a new video with eploding brakes from his Ford Fiesta car in the name of science. He captured everything in slow motion. See what happens when brakes ...


Police Chase Ends in Car Crash in Charlotte's Brightwalk Neighborhood
Dec 15, 2016 Other

Security camera footage provided to us by Nest shows a carjacked BMW crashing in Charlotte's Brightwalk Neighborhood after a lengthy police chase. See what the security camera captured...


This Is What A Soccer Ball Does To Your Face In Slow Motion
Dec 12, 2016 Other

It's been a harmonious 2000 days since a football was last beaned into the side of Dan's head. Sadly, in the last video he lost the Candle challenge. New football. Same Head. 1000x slower.


Bad Guys Robbed The Same Store Twice In San Francisco During The Same Week
Dec 12, 2016 Other

San Francisco Police Department is searching for suspects involved in 2 commercial grand thefts that took place on the 2100 block of Chestnut Street in the same week. Anyone with information is asked to ...


Huge Tire Explosion Of A Truck Captured On Dashcam
Dec 11, 2016 Other

Take a look at this dashcam video from Russia in which tire suddenly explodes while standing just meters infront gas station. This explosion was really powerful.


The Moment Of Explosion In Turkey Captured On Camera
Dec 11, 2016 Other

The moment of explosion in Istanbul spontaneously has been filmed by cameraman filming his friends when they played some songs. Take a look at the background where you can see one of the bomb explosions ...


Repossessors Come To Take Guy's Car, Then He Uses A Bulldozer To Deliver A Justice
Dec 10, 2016 Other

Here comes a video of drama moment from Israel, when repossessors took away worker's car and he was not happy about it. He used his bulldozer to deliver some instant justice.


Dog Visits Hospital To Say Goodbye To Her Dying Owner For The Last Time
Dec 09, 2016 Other

Last month, Mollie's owner, 33-year-old Ryan Jessen, was hospitalized after suffering a brain hemorrhage, from which he would not recover. Friends and family gathered by Jessen's bed were all stricken ...


These Girls Order Some Pizza And Go Topless To Surprise The Delivery Guys
Dec 09, 2016 Other

Being a delivery guy is a hard way to make a living. So what better way to make his day than by having three girls in lingerie to greet him at the front door?


Attempted Car Jacking Captured On Dashcam In Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dec 08, 2016 Other

Here comes a dashcam video from Albuquerque in New Mexico state when some bad guys tried to steal a car at 11:00 PM. Luckly driver escaped and drove past police car and then the chase began. It looks like ...