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Dashcam Captures Moment Cow Attempts To Escape From Moving Semi
Jun 22, 2017 Other

When animals are on their way to a slaughterhouse, they definitely feel that their lives will end too soon due to human greed.

Watch as this renegade cow makes a daring attempt to escape ...


Cyclist In Mexico Chases A Frightened Dog Running Away On Traffic Road
Jun 21, 2017 Other

One of the puppies escaped from his owner in Mexico, running right onto the road full of traffic. This could end tragically but thanks to a good cyclist it didn't.

When he noticed what ...


You Still Not Believe In Chemtrails? This Is The Scene That Will Make You Think...
Jun 20, 2017 Other

In recent years, there have been strong rumors that airplanes spray chemtrails above us. Many say that with chemicals, the world leaders are slowly but steadily wiping out the majority of the population ...


Motorcyclist Escaping Police By Doing Wheelie Infront Of Them
Jun 20, 2017 Other

A scene comes from Germany, that you rarely see during a police chase. When police officers drove into a hunt for a young man on a scooter without a safety helmet during the ride, he was fleeing infront ...


Are Some Terrorist Attacks In Syria Staged? This Video Reveals How They Prepare Actors For Fake News!
Jun 19, 2017 Other

Take a look at this video which will make you think. In the Middle East countries many terrorist attacks are fake, author says. In this clip we can see some "victims" from previous terrorist ...


Before You Test Out Your Homemade Ski Jump, Make Sure You Measured Everything Correctly
Jun 16, 2017 Other

Guy in the video wanted to build a ski jump over a road on top of Beartooth pass crossing from Montana into Wyoming, and this was his first and only attempt. However, he did walk away from this crash. ...


Stupid Man Hits Cop, Then Regrets His Decision In The Next Second
Jun 15, 2017 Other

Human stupidity truly knows no bounds. When this driver was standing next to the group of policemen on the road he crossed the boundary of acceptable. In one moment he hit the policeman, then immediately ...


Police Chase In Estonia Ends With A Woman Knocking Down Biker With Her Purse
Jun 15, 2017 Other

Take a look at this dashcam video from police car taken during the police chase in Tallinn, Estonia.

After a minute of chase one of the female walkers swung her handbag and managed to stop ...


Regardless Of The Month, You Have No Reason To Put Away A Snow Blower If You Live In Minnesota
Jun 13, 2017 Other

Residents in suburban Minneapolis hauled out their snow blowers after a quick-moving hail storm left the area looking like winter.

Hail piled up in local roads and led to flooding Sunday ...


A Man Was Driving On The Highway When He Noticed A Snake Slithering Up His Car Hood
Jun 12, 2017 Other

Here comes a video from Georgia in which we can see driver Ryan McMurphy freaking out over the snake on his car's hood.

We probably would be as freaked out as the driver if we saw this, ...


Family's Sneaky Parking Routine To Secure Space Exposed
Jun 10, 2017 Other

Two cheating drivers use what looks like a well-rehearsed parking routine to muscle a motorist out of a space he has been waiting for for half an hour.

But thanks to the dashcam capturing ...


Weather Balloon With A GoPro Was Sent Into Space, Then Airbus Passed It Above
Jun 09, 2017 Other

During this high altitude balloon (weather balloon) flight, they experienced an extremely close flyby over Newark, NY from an Airbus A319 operated by Delta Airlines which was en-route from Boston, MA to ...


Camaro Gets Road Justice, Ends Up A Pole After Brake Checking
Jun 06, 2017 Other

If you did not believe in karma until now, this is the video that will make you start believing. This arrogant Camaro driver was break checking cammer few times, then he got an instant karma for his behaviour. ...


This Video About A Boy Who Has Nothing To Eat Will Make You Think About Life
Jun 05, 2017 Other

If there is a food on your plate everyday, that doesn't mean everyone is that lucky. There are many people out there who are starving everyday.

Watch this video from the School showing one ...


VIDEO: Dashcam Shows Moments After London Bridge Terrorist Attack
Jun 05, 2017 Other

Taxi driver Radoslav Petrov was crossing London Bridge shortly after the attack when jihadis targeted pedestrians in a Transit van.

His dashboard camera filmed the aftermath of the shocking ...


Stupid Driver Break Checks A Trucker, Then Two Other Truckers Deliver Instant Justice
Jun 04, 2017 Other

We see so many driver on the road that do not belong there. Dashcam in this trucker's vehicle captured a moment when one stupid driver break checked him on the highway, but then wo other truck driver delivered ...


Do You Use A Mobile Phone While Driving? This Video Will Make You Think!
Jun 04, 2017 Other

Especially young drivers are those who use mobile phone while they're driving. We all know this can end in a disaster pretty quick so New Zealand Transport Agency made this commercial, which will make ...


Groom Makes A Perfect Revenge For Cheating Girlfriend On Their Wedding Day
Jun 03, 2017 Other

We have heard far too many horror stories about things going so south leading up to the wedding day.

A cheating groom or cheating bride is typically involved, along with the sweet revenge ...


Guy Narrowly Escapes Getting Crushed By Flying Dumpster, Walks Away Like Nothing Happened
Jun 03, 2017 Other

Sixteen people were killed when a severe thunderstorm hit Moscow and the region around the Russian capital on Monday, officials say.

Hundreds of trees were toppled, and about 150 people ...


Gangster Fleeing The Police Gets Knocked Down By Lorry Driver
Jun 02, 2017 Other

A quick-thinking lorry driver delivered more than he bargained for when he knocked out a fleeing criminal suspect who was running from a police chase.

Video footage shows the suspected thief ...