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This Russian Centipede Truck Can Handle Anything The Wilderness Has To Offer
Dec 07, 2016 Other

Trucks are designed to travel various terrains, but not all of them can travel on water. Created by the Russian company, Avtoros, the ATV Shaman 8x8 is an 8-wheel-drive truck that can handle much more ...


This Woman's House Was Involved In A Massive Fire - Here She Is Finding Her Cats Alive!
Dec 06, 2016 Other

Firefighters from nearly 20 communities helped to battle a 10-Alarm fire in Cambridge involving eight buildings. Mayor E. Denise Simmons has established a Mayor's Fire Relief Fund to assist the families ...


Failed Russian Missile Launch Captured On Camera
Dec 05, 2016 Other

In Asktrakhan region of Russia they've launched a S-300 rocket at Ashuluk firing range but the rocket failed to fly in the sky. See how everything looked like throught they eyes of witnesses.


Man Punches Kangaroo In The Face To Save Dog Being Strangled
Dec 04, 2016 Other

Australia is a dangerous place. According to our extensive research literally everything is trying to kill you. But sometimes even the deadliest wildlife on the planet needs a lesson in manners.


Suspect Car Cornered By Police With Sticks In China
Dec 04, 2016 Other

In this dashcam video from China we can see a fleeing car driver cornered by police on bikes. They couldn't get the driver out of the car for a long time but later driver was arrested.


TV Presenter Left Exposed By On Air Wardrobe Malfunction But Doesnt Even Notice
Dec 04, 2016 Other

The blonde host was already wearing a revealing leather dress when she took to the set. But as she talked to a colleague live on screen, a slip left her revealing a little more than intended. The presenter ...


This Video Shows How Easy It Is To Miss A Student Planning A Shooting
Dec 03, 2016 Other

As the school year winds down, one student finds himself starting an unexpected relationship. But do you see any other student planning a shooting? This is how easy it is to miss those things if you do ...


Diving Into This Mud Puddle Of Death Will Make You Ask Some Questions
Dec 03, 2016 Other

Group of boys was on the field next to a small mud puddle trying to jump inside it. Once you will see what happens after one jumps in, you will be speechless. Would you jump inside this mud puddle of death?


The Subtle Difference Between A Soccer Coach And A Hockey Coach
Dec 02, 2016 Other

It takes a certain amount of toughness to be a hockey coach. You have to be ready for whatever is thrown at you so you can face it head-on. But how does a soccer coach act like when he gets hit by something?


Heartbreaking: Chapecoense Player Found Out He Would Be A Father A Week Before Plane Crash
Dec 01, 2016 Other

Talented striker Thiaguinho was at a team hotel when he was sent a parcel and card informing the 22-year-old that his wife was a month into her pregnancy. Watch his reaction when he finds out he would ...


Road Rage In Russia Ends With Driver Beating The Hell Out Of Man Trying To Attack Him With A Knife
Dec 01, 2016 Other

A car chase in Russia turns into a rather absurd fight between the two motorists, with one wielding a knife and the other a shovel. Watch what happened before the road rage and be the judge for yourself. ...


Man Waddles Off With Bucket Containing $1.6 Million Worth Of Gold Flakes
Dec 01, 2016 Other

A man in midtown Manhattan noticed no one was keeping an eye on the 86-pound bucket in an open-doored armored truck. So, he decided to capitalize on the situation.


11 Of The Craziest Discoveries From WikiLeaks
Dec 01, 2016 Other

From friendly fire to scientology to 9/11 pager data, these are some of the craziest discoveries from the WikiLeaks scandal! Watch 11 of the craziest discoveries that we know thanks to WikiLeaks.


Tennis Player Hits A Ball Girl, Then He Requests A Replacement
Nov 29, 2016 Other

This happened on a tennis match in Final Davis Cup on the match between Juan Martin Del Potro and Marin Cilic. Ball girl got hit in the belly so another tennis player requested a replacement. This brought ...


Crossing A River In Somaliland After Water Takes Out A Road
Nov 29, 2016 Other

Somaliland officially the Republic of Somaliland is a self-declared state internationally recognized as an autonomous region of Somalia. See what happens there when water takes out the road over the river.


Two Drunk Men Harassing Chinese Waitress Get Beaten Up By Customer
Nov 27, 2016 Other

Two drunk men came into this fast food restaurant where a Chinese waitress was working. They both started to attack her verbally and physically so another customer jumped in to save the day.


Another Reason Why You Shouldn't Talk On Your Phone While Driving
Nov 26, 2016 Other

Teenage female driver didn't really care about the traffic rules when she was driving on the road. When police officer on the motorcycle came near her car's window, she didn't even seen him. See all the ...


Guy Barely Avoids Getting Hit By A Super Low-Flying Jet
Nov 26, 2016 Other

You should always be ready to dive to the ground during an air show - it might just save you from losing your head (literally). See how this pilot scared a guy on the ground with a super low pass.


Insane Shift Change Of French Lighthouse Keepers
Nov 25, 2016 Other

In this video from France we can se how a shift change of keepers looks like in a Lighthouse on deep waters. If you thought your job sucks, maybe this video will make you think again. You need some good ...


Look At This Unreal LA Traffic Jam And Be Glad You Live Elsewhere
Nov 24, 2016 Other

If you're going to be bad at something, you might as well be the absolute worst. Based on this ridiculous recent traffic jam, it appears LA has committed to that idea.