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Shepherd Gets Attacked By Sheep In Most Horrific Way
Jan 14, 2017 Other

This guy was driving when he came across a herd of sheep and a shepherd. The sheep then began to run away and took the shepherd down with them. Just as the shepherd began to get up, one of the sheep rushed ...


This Is How Russian Men Deal With Their Cheating Girlfriends
Jan 13, 2017 Other

We all know that it's no good to mess with Russian guys. Now a woman in in this video found out this is a true fact. She was cheating on her Russiang boyfriend so he simply thrown her in the garbage.


This Is How World Would End If A Large Asteroid Would Hit The Earth
Jan 12, 2017 Other

Earth was born as a result of repeated asteroid collisions, the moon was created by a single giant impact event. Then, Earth's size attracted huge meteorites, which slammed into it, causing super-high-temperature ...


Donald Trump Shuts Down CNN Reporter
Jan 12, 2017 Other

Asked to explain his "Are we living in Nazi Germany?" tweet earlier on Wednesday, Mr Trump said it was "a disgrace fake news was released to the public". He added that it was something ...


This Is How Rush Hour Looks Like At Train Station In Brazil
Jan 11, 2017 Other

Take a look at this video captured via security camera on a train station in Brazil when train arrived. It was a rush hour when all the people went to work and as soon as train arrived a whole platform ...


Emergency Landing On Highway Captured From Inside The Plane
Jan 10, 2017 Other

In board of a Cessna 172 on April 25, pilot had an engine failure over the Highway 10 in Quebec, Canada with two passengers onboard. He had to make an emergency landing on an highway with Traffic and this ...


Glowing 1000 Degree Bait Bike Seat Is Nothing Good For Thiefs
Jan 10, 2017 Other

Guys from TwinzTV channel, known for their brutal bait bike pranks made another one where they heated the bike's seat to 1000 degree. Then they placed a bike in the place where they knew thiefs will steal it.


Man Looks Unrecognisable After Shaving His Huge Beard, Shocks Everyone
Jan 06, 2017 Other

As anyone who is lucky enough to be able to grow a beard will know, when the time of the decision to part with your facial hair comes, it's a tough patch.

Not only is your face colder, and ...


Beautiful Model Falls On The Runway In Longest Way Possible
Jan 04, 2017 Other

Model Maria Lafuente was awalking on a runway in Madrid druing Fashion Week and she had the worst minute of unluck. She was walking towards the backstage when she couldn't stand on her feet anymore. See ...


The Reason Why You Should Buy Yourself A Dashcam
Jan 04, 2017 Other

Everyone should have a dashcam! They can help you if you ever get into an incident on the road and need to show evidence of what happened to the police or your insurance company.


He Made One Selfie Everyday, Then He Got In A Fight - This Is How His Face Was Healing
Jan 03, 2017 Other

Man was "Glassed" in the face in unprovoked assault by random drunk man. Following reconstructive plastic surgery he took a photo everyday with iPhone app "Everyday" to track the scars ...


Guy Catches Another Dude In Bed With His Girlfriend
Jan 02, 2017 Other

A young guy walks in on his girlfriend in bed with another man and retaliates. He couldn't believed his eyes so he started to beat the man his girlfriend was cheating on him with. This guy is supposedly ...


Woman Tumbles Down An Escalator Like There's No Tomorrow
Dec 27, 2016 Other

Painful moment woman tumbles down an escalator after losing her footing. Woman lost her balance after stepping onto the escalator in Nanning, China. She kept rolling down the stairs until she reached the ...


Will This Girl Cheat On Her Boyfriend In A Wheelchair? This Video Will Leave You Speechless!
Dec 26, 2016 Other

David hit up guys behind "To Catch A Cheater" channel with an interesting story. A while back, he was in a Horse riding accident, that wound him up in a wheelchair! Ever since then, everything ...


Thailand Dad With Ninja Skills Saves Children From Out Of Control Car
Dec 23, 2016 Other

CCTV security video reveals what happened in a moments just before car crash in Thailand when dad grabbed two kids and saved their lives for sure. This dad is a true hero and everyone should see this video!


Dumb Driver Gets An Instant Punishment From Bikers After Almost Hitting Them
Dec 23, 2016 Other

The guy who drives a truck drove on the opposite lane when he saw two bikers coming towards him. He almost caused a crash, but he was all smart about it and told bikers it was their foult. Well, he got ...


Cop With Blood Alcohol Level 3x Legal Limit Tries To Talk His Way Out Of Getting Arrested
Dec 23, 2016 Other

Video captured two Montmorency County, Michigan sheriff's deputies dealing with a Washtenaw County lieutenant who is accused of drunken driving in Montmorency County, Michigan. Washtenaw County Lt. Brian ...


Drunk Driver Inside An Airport Terminal Escapes All The Security In GTA Style
Dec 23, 2016 Other

Footage from a dashcam and CCTV shows the maniac dodging round a baggage carousel before steaming through arrival and departure halls and past duty free shops, chased by police on foot.


South African Police Officer On Bike Chasing Thugs With No Fear
Dec 21, 2016 Other

South African Police officer on bike chases a thug in a red vehicle without any fear. This helmet camera will make you think about running away from cops in South Africe. Just don't do that, they don't ...


Mexico Tultepec Fireworks Market Explosion Captured On Camera
Dec 21, 2016 Other

The explosion happened at a facility that manufactured pyrotechnics and fireworks in San Pablito in Mexico. At least 27 people died, more than 72 are injured. See what people captured on video.