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Mom Suspects Pup Ate Food Off The Counter. His "Confession" Has Internet In Laughter
Oct 08, 2017 Animals

We love our furry family members. They console us when we're sad, play with us when we're happy and are the best snuggle bugs ever! Even when they get into a bit of trouble, they're too cute for their ...


Raccoon Was Trapped Underneath A Tree. Here's The Incredible Rescue!
Oct 08, 2017 Animals

With the wind storms America has suffered during the recent hurricanes, we can really feel this little guy's panic as he lies trapped beneath a tree felled by a wind storm just about a year ago. He had ...


WATCH: Footage Of Mutant Pigs Shocked The Whole World
Oct 08, 2017 Animals

The world's public is shocked by the footage from Cambodia, where the authors shot scenes from a pig farm. The videos were quickly circulated around the world, and the organization of animal rights activists ...


Young Girl Climbs Fence To Play With Foal, Then Blindsides Her With Move She Never Saw Coming
Oct 07, 2017 Animals

When we think of cuddly pets, images of cats, dogs and bunnies pop into our minds. We would never think that a horse would love to snuggle like the cuddliest of pups!

Fortunately for Sunny ...


Guy Grabs A Snake In Hands, Captures A Footage That Goes Viral
Oct 07, 2017 Animals

Author of this video met a small snake in nature, took it in his hands without any fear and captured everything on his cellphone. He gently gripped the snake and finally put it on his thigh, and then the ...


Baby Pulls On Cat's Legs, Animal's Response Is Going Viral
Oct 07, 2017 Animals

Myths abound about cats and babies. They have for ages. In fact, some are so old their origin is lost in the annals of time.

This baby's mom wanted to test out all those old wive's tales ...


Giant Panda Cub Steal Whole Attention, This Video From Toronto Zoo Is Going Viral
Oct 06, 2017 Animals

In celebration of giant panda cubs second birthday on October 13, they wanted to show you just how promising the development of Canada's first giant panda cubs has been over the last 24 months at the Toronto ...


Abandoned Puppy Beats All The Odds To Survive, This Is Her Path To Recovery
Oct 04, 2017 Animals

Abandoned Dory was found in a box when she was only a puppy and the shelter was going to put her down.

She was missing her foot and she also has swimmer puppy syndrome - a birth defect ...


Tiny Foal Won't Leave Man After Getting Petted. Pulls Stunt That Has Internet In Laughter
Oct 02, 2017 Animals

What would you do if a foal ran in front of you and stopped for a quick scratch? Well, if you're the man in the video below, you'd oblige, of course!

Every day his adorable foal gallops ...


Dog Was Found Abused And Dying By Stream, Gains Energy To Wag Its Tail Upon Rescue
Oct 02, 2017 Animals

Khan had been beaten up and thrown away like a piece of garbage and was left completely paralyzed. With weeks of blood, sweat and tears he was able to have a second chance.

Stories like ...


Older Guy Comes To See If His Snake Friend Remembers Him, Captured Footage Is Going Viral
Sep 30, 2017 Animals

Years ago, the 79-year-old man in the clip came to the lake several times to feed snakes there. The snakes had become accustomed to his presence, but now he has not visited the lake for many years. ...


Dead Sea Turtle Washed Up On A Beach. Its Size Will Blow Your Mind!
Sep 29, 2017 Animals

Last week, a dead leatherback sea turtle washed up on a beach in Calella, Spain, near Barcelona. Without exaggeration, this is the biggest turtle we've ever seen.

Leatherback turtles are ...


Heartbroken Goat Refuses To Eat For 6 Days, Then Rescuers Discover Why He's So Depressed
Sep 27, 2017 Animals

When Mr. G arrived at Animal Place's Rescue Ranch in Grass Valley, California, he was a wreck. The poor little goat refused to eat, could not be cheered up and simply laid down in the corner of his stall ...


WATCH: Almost Six Hundred Border Collies Met Up In Australia To Beat A World Record
Sep 26, 2017 Animals

Nearly 600 border collies gathered in a park in Adelaide on Sunday to break an unofficial world record.

Organised by the Border Collie Owners of South Australia, more than $6,000 was raised ...


Dog Leans On Piano, Then Steals Whole Show In Next Second
Sep 25, 2017 Animals

Here is one of the videos you will surely enjoy watching. A dog named Buddy is a real master - his owners filmed him at the moment when he leaned against the piano with his paws on the keyboard.


After Two Years, He Moved His Fish Tank And Couldn't Believe The Monster He Found Inside
Sep 24, 2017 Animals

A man went two years before noticing something incredible living inside his fish tank. He noticed coral colonies missing and decided to clean out the tank. He discovered a massive bristle worm, also referred ...


She Was Holding A Husky In Her Hands, Then He Steals Whole Show With His First Howl
Sep 24, 2017 Animals

These days the world is surrounded by one of the videos in which the owner recorded the first howl of a little Husky puppy. And when you hear his voice, you will certainly be delighted with this little ...


Man With Dog In His Lap Shows Us Best Stress Reliever, Laughter Is Guaranteed
Sep 22, 2017 Animals

In front of you is a video clip that has circled the world these days and made many laugh from the heart. Paul Rugg posted this video on Twitter as he wanted to show how he is relaxing.

He ...


Have You Seen The Video Of Monkey That Stole The Whole Show?
Sep 22, 2017 Animals

Take a look at another video clip that will surely impress you. In it you can see a little cute monkey, who enjoys the shave at the owner's place.

Once you will see her reaction, you will ...


Dad Asks German Shepherd If Hungry. Dog's Comeback Has Everyone Laughing
Sep 16, 2017 Animals

It's easy for humans to let each other know that they're hungry! Even as babies, crying, screaming and tantrums are a clear sign that it's time to eat. But what happens when you're a dog and ready for ...