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Dramatic Footage Shows Fisherman Fighting Off Shark With A Spear
Aug 04, 2017 Animals

When the diver was fishing in the middle of the sea, he quickly got a company of hungry sharks. A real drama began, and he barely pulled out the whole skin while encountering sharks.

Take ...


Breathtaking Drone Footage Shows Large Humpback Whale Lost In Ventura Marina
Aug 03, 2017 Animals

A big Humpback Whale somehow got lost inside the Ventura Harbor Marina in Ventura, Los Angeles.

It was a migration season from the Colder North to the Warmer Southern waters of Mexico when ...


Guy Nervously Narrates His Encounter With A Grizzly And Her Cubs
Aug 01, 2017 Animals

If you run into a mama grizzly and her cubs on the trail, like this guy in Alaska's Katmai National Park, there's not much you can do other than carefully backing away until they lose interest.


Hawk Raised By Eagles Is Starting To Act Like One
Aug 01, 2017 Animals

National Geographic uploaded a video on their YouTube channel in which they presented a story about a hawk and eagles.

An orphaned red-tailed hawk that was adopted by bald eagles has defied ...


Watch The Reptiles Hunt As Owner Releases 1000 Crickets Into Reptile Room
Jul 31, 2017 Animals

The reptile fan completely transformed the room in his house into a reptile room. These days he ordered over 1000 crickets online to feed his animals.

When he released all the crickets ...


Mom Sets Up Camera When Teddy Bear Keeps Disappearing, Captured Footage Is Hilarious
Jul 30, 2017 Animals

Some dogs like balls, others prefer squeaky toys, but this dog loves his plush teddy bear. That's why he was determined to bring the massive stuffed animal inside his small kennel.

His ...


Have You Ever Seen So Many Butterflies At One Place?
Jul 30, 2017 Animals

Take a look at this awesome video in which we can see how beautiful nature can be. We just have to observe it with open eyes.

Hundreds of butterflies decided to invade this lake in Russia ...


Paralyzed Kitten Finally Walks Thanks To Guy Behind Vet Ranch
Jul 30, 2017 Animals

When good people found this cat on the street, they quickly took her to the treatment, as she was badly hurt. She was involved in a fight with another cat, and the result were nothing promising. The cat ...


Cats Set Off The Alarm During The Night, Camera Captures Everything
Jul 30, 2017 Animals

Every cat's owner knows that they always take on the most impossible positions, and often try to throw things from the kitchen counter, chairs or table. When the owner of the cats in the video had already ...


Dog Escapes From Yard Everyday, Owner Sets A Camera That Captures Everything
Jul 29, 2017 Animals

Every dog owner knows that some of them will do everything to escape from enclosed spaces. And dog in the clip is one of those dogs.

As his owner noticed that hid dog disappears, he set ...


Hamster Has Really Hilarious Fail On Running Wheel, Footage Is Going Viral
Jul 29, 2017 Animals

If you want to spice your day with laughter, then you have to watch this videoy. We can see a hamster in it that was having some good time with running in a running wheel, but then things got complicated. ...


French Bulldog Was Barking At Cat, Then Something Hilarious Happened
Jul 28, 2017 Animals

If you want to have a good laugh watching videos, then this is one of them that will suit your needs. In the video we can see a French Bulldog getting really mad at the cat, barking at it.

But ...


Dad Struggles For Hours To Install New Cat Door. The Cat's Reaction Has Internet In Laughter
Jul 27, 2017 Animals

If you have a cat, then you know how brilliantly michevious they can be. Trying to do cat a kindness, Dad in the video spent more than two hours to install a new cat flap so he could come and go as he ...


Dog Sees His Reflection For The First Time, Captured Footage Is Going Viral
Jul 27, 2017 Animals

If you have pets, you've probably wondered whether or not they recognize themselves in the mirror.

Kane the dog walks up to a mirror and is confronted with someone he wasn't expecting. He ...


Man Saves Beached Octopus, Last Thing He Expects Is A Thank You He'll Never Forget
Jul 26, 2017 Animals

Pei Yan Heng walking along the beach near Cyrene Reef discovered a stranded aquatic sea creature that was gasping air and struggling to survive out of the ocean. It likely had been hanging out in shallow ...


Adorable Footage Of Kitten That Wants To Play With A Dog Who Just Wants To Nap
Jul 26, 2017 Animals

The world is excited over a really cute video, in which a little kitten wants to play with a puppy, but what the puppy preferred to choose a rest instead of playing.

The little kitty persisted ...


They Put A Stuffed Bear In The Little Pony's Pen, Seconds Later They Go Running For The Camera
Jul 24, 2017 Animals

An extremely cute pony named Breeze was abandoned just after birth, but he wasn't about to give up. Barely able to walk, Breeze was in desperate search of food. When his mother was nowhere to be found, ...


Dog And Trainer Raise Judges On Their Feet With This Adorable Routine
Jul 24, 2017 Animals

Sara Carson and Hero are hoping to perform at the Dolby Theatre. Will this routine steal the judges votes to send them there?

Take a look at their awesome performance after drama happened ...


Dad Tells Dog He Bought A Kitten. Internet Can't Stop Laughing At Dog's Comeback
Jul 23, 2017 Animals

We all know that dogs can't talk! But they sure can communicate with humans via physical movements, facial expressions and a variety of intersting sounds.

That's why this puppy dad decided ...


Rare Footage Captures Huge Humpback Whale Jumping Completely Out Of The Water
Jul 23, 2017 Animals

We hadn't really thought about this before we saw this video, but humpback whales almost never fully leave the water when they breach.

This video of one doing just that off the coast of ...