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Worlds Bravest Duck Plays With Sumatran Tiger For Fun
Jan 25, 2017 Animals

This wild duck would have to be the bravest (or craziest) duck that ever lived, after it decided to play the most dangerous game ever of Marco Polo with Jalur, a 126kg male Sumatran Tiger in the Tiger ...


This Cute Puppy Tries To Guard A Sleeping Baby But He's Too Tired
Jan 23, 2017 Animals

Have you ever been so tired that you couldn't stand on your feet? This puppy in the video had a job to watch over a sleeping baby but he was so tired that he couldn't do much about it. See the video that ...


Parrot Sings With Its Owner While He's Playing His Guitar
Jan 23, 2017 Animals

Neno Alfenas is a man in the video who really loves to play music but he also loves all animals with all of his heart. This is why he has a parrot and he takes it everywhere with him. See this video in ...


Man Shows Us How To Easily Attract Lizards
Jan 22, 2017 Animals

Man in the video shows us an awesome way how to attact lizards around you. Only thing you need is a fresh apple and some patience. You will all fall in love with this lizards once you see the how they ...


You Won't Believe It: This Horse Can Play Flute With A Little Help Of His Owner
Jan 21, 2017 Animals

Have you ever heard a horse playing flute? Neither we did but we all have a chance to listen to this right now. See in the video bellow how horse plays a song on flute with a little help from his owner.


This Little Pug Wearing A Bow Tie Is Just Too Cute To Ignore
Jan 19, 2017 Animals

This little pug puppy is a new internet sensation. With over 40 million views it's a fact that video is something special. His owner put a bow tie around his neck and he is simply so cute you must see it.


This Puppy Was Adopted From Shelter, Says Thanks To His New Owner In Most Awesome Way
Jan 19, 2017 Animals

When visitor of this animals shop bought a puppy in video, he couldn't believed his eyes what he saw. His new dog said thanks to him with a happy dance that will totally cheer you up. What a cute dog! :)


Giant Alligator Takes A Stroll Through Florida Nature Center
Jan 18, 2017 Animals

This behemoth, which made an appearance at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, Florida, probably isn't the massive golf course gator we met last summer (unless it walked the 60 miles to Lakeland). Which ...


Scared Homeless Pit Bull Hides In A Tiny Pipe For Many Weeks, Then Good People Rescue Him
Jan 18, 2017 Animals

Good people from "Hope For Paws" organization came to rescue this scared homeless pit bull who was hinding in a tiny pipe for many weeks. Once you will see his reaction after being saved, you ...


This Cat Wants Some Head Scratches, Tells An Owner He Wants Them Right Now
Jan 18, 2017 Animals

Gus is a cat in the video and after his owner asked him when does he want some head scratches, hiw answer made laugh everyone in the World. Listeh to his response that will make you laugh too! :D


Watch This Terrifying Worm Eat Ocean Creatures Just Like In The Movie Tremors
Jan 17, 2017 Animals

Sand strikers, also known as bobbit worms, are primitive-looking creatures that lack eyes, or even a brain. Despite this, they are savage predators who shoot out grapple-like hooks to reel in passing fish.


Everyone Who Watches This Video Agrees, This Is The Most Beautiful Puppy Alive
Jan 16, 2017 Animals

Take a look at this video of a puppy getting his fur done. This video was submited just few days ago and it already has more than 77 million views. Everyone who watches it agrees, this is the most beautiful ...


Bear Jumps For Joy After He Was Released From A Small Cage In Bile Farm
Jan 16, 2017 Animals

Watch Tuffy jump for joy in his first days outside after being rescued from a bear bile farm where he'd spent years of torture in a tiny cage. How can people even own such a big animal like bear is?


Turn Up Your Volume Because What You're About To Hear And See Is The Best Thing Today
Jan 15, 2017 Animals

This little micro pig certainly loves belly rubs given to her, squeaking her appreciation as she falls to sleep. This is definitely one of the videos you will enjoy with all of your heart!


Animals At The Oregon Zoo Have The Time Of Their Lives After A Huge Snowstorm
Jan 13, 2017 Animals

The Oregon Zoo closed due to snow and these animals can't control their excitement over their snow day! Take a look at this awesome video which shows us how all the animals had fun while playing in a snow! :)


Dog Learns The Truth About Grass In Most Hilarious Way Possible
Jan 12, 2017 Animals

Centennial Park walk with Digby leads to a learning experience with ducks and grass that is not what it seems. Watch this hilarious video taken by Digby's owner while walking near lake.


Fake Monkey Is Sent To Live With The Langur Monkeys, Then Something Touching Happens
Jan 12, 2017 Animals

Langur monkeys mistake the motionless robotic spy monkey that was accidentally dropped as a lifeless baby langur and begin to grieve. This is no doubt one of the saddest videos you will see today!


Dog Gets Scared By His Own Fart While He's Sleeping
Jan 11, 2017 Animals

It was a nice afternoon, the puppy had had his lunch and now it was time to just relax and sleep on the rug, like always. But he might have had a little too much to eat because what happened when he was ...


Mom Offers Baby A Treat If He Says 'Mama' But Dog Says It First
Jan 10, 2017 Animals

Watch this hilarious video of parents trying to teach their son to say "Mama" but instead their trained Australian Shepard Dog stole the whole show with his ability to speak. When dog says "Mama", ...


You Haven't Seen A Horse's True Colors Until You've Seen It Go Wild On A Squeaky Toy
Jan 09, 2017 Animals

The YouTube description for this clip is "Hilarious fun with he's squeaky chook" and honestly - that's all you need to know. Debbie Barber owns this horse and she wanted to surprise him by giving ...