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Mom Calls Her Pets To A Dinner And Captures Most Epic Reaction Ever
Dec 16, 2016 Animals

Owner of this pets captured one awesome moment when she called all her animals to a dinner. All the cats and dogs in video are adopted and the reaction she got on camera is hilarious! :D


This Is Why You Should Never Throw Your Car Keys At Wild Fox
Dec 16, 2016 Animals

This guy in the video saw a wild fox in the middle of the woods so he stopped his car to have a little fun with fox. He tried to bring her closer to him by throwing carkeys at the fox but this was a big ...


Rescued Elephant Shows The Gratitude To His Saviors With Unusual Roaring
Dec 15, 2016 Animals

Phuki is a rescued Asian Elephant from Thailand's logging industry, and now comfortably resides in Chiang Rai, Thailand. With chronic abscesses, arthritis, and a poorly healed broken ankle from his logging ...


Dog Gets Rescued By Hope For Paws And Undergoes An Incredible Transformation
Dec 15, 2016 Animals

Good people from Hope For Paws organization rescued the dog for which they thought she is a mix between wolf and a dog. But in fact Julia was half German Shepherd and half Siberian Husky. Watch this incredible ...


Lion Roaring At The Lincoln Park Zoo In Most Unusual Way
Dec 15, 2016 Animals

We all know that lion is a king of animals. Here comes a video taken at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago where we can see and hear unusual lion roaring. Have you ever heard something like this before?


This Video Of A Smart Dog Is Going Viral - His Incredible Talent Will Blow You Away
Dec 14, 2016 Animals

Dogs are definitely one of the smartest animals. They need human love and they spread their love among us. This is the video of a dog showing his incredible talent. Video instantly went viral, reaching ...


The Head-To-Head Sea Battle You've Been Waiting For With Eel And Octopus
Dec 14, 2016 Animals

Snorkelers in Hawaii encounter an underwater battle between a moray eel and an octopus. The marine skirmish is filled with intense grappling and sprayed ink. Then, the human witness becomes part of the action.


It's Just A Regular Car Ride For Her And Her Dog - Until This Song Comes On The Radio
Dec 13, 2016 Animals

Mom turns on the camera when Honey's favorite song in the world starts streaming through the car speakers. Suddenly, what was just a regular car ride turns into an all-out jam session!


This Cute Puppy Will Steal Your Heart In Just Seconds
Dec 13, 2016 Animals

Her eis another video of really cute puppy who will stole your heart away in seconds. His cuteness and playfulness is something that will cheer you up no matter what. Who wants to have a puppy like this? ;)


Snowboarders Rescue A Stranded Horse Trapped In 4 Feet Snow In Chile
Dec 13, 2016 Animals

On his 21st birthday, Rafael Pease went out to ride some fresh powder in Chile. His plans changed when he found a stranded horse stuck in the snow and he swiftly moved to action.


Dog Surprises Police Officer After Being Freed From A Fence
Dec 12, 2016 Animals

This is definitely one of the cutest videos you will see all week. Police officer came to rescue a dog trapped in a fence. When he rescued him he didn't expect he will see him surprising him in the best ...


This Is How Starfish Right Themselves After Being Flipped Over
Dec 12, 2016 Animals

Have you ever asked yourself how starfish get back on their tentacles if they flip over? This is what a scubadiver tested out and he captured the whole action on camera. See what happens once starfish ...


Bull Elk Freed From Barbed Wire With Shotgun
Dec 11, 2016 Animals

This bull elk trapped himself into the barbed wire so people had to help him out. There was this hunter who thought it would be a good idea to simply shot at bull elk's horns to set him free.


When Alaskan Malamutes Realise Grandma Is In The House
Dec 10, 2016 Animals

When onwer and her two Alaskan Malamutes came back to home, they both noticed someting is different in the house. They knew there is a visitor, but they couldn't find any. See the moment when they see ...


Do Chickens Deserve Love And Hugs Too? This Video Will Make You Think
Dec 08, 2016 Animals

Twinkie has always been a cuddler, but a recent popular video of a little boy and his chicken that loves hugs prompted Kari to find a way that she and lil' Twink could hug too. Not all chickens are this ...


You Will Be Amazed By This Sick Puppy's Stunning Transformation
Dec 08, 2016 Animals

Henry has been through some tough times, let's hope the rest of his life is amazing! Those are the words from vet behind "Vet Ranch" channel who saved this homeless puppy on the street while ...


Orphaned Baby Rhino Had Been Shot By Poachers After They Killed Her Mom - Rescue Will Make You Cry
Dec 05, 2016 Animals

The Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary was contacted last Friday regarding a rescue of an 8 month old female calf from a reserve in the Mpumalanga region. Its mother was poached a few days before and ...


Heartbreaking Moment When Dog Left At Shelter Sees Her Family Come In To Adopt New Dog
Dec 05, 2016 Animals

A German shepherd mix found as a stray and brought to a California shelter was excited to see that her family had arrived - until she realized they weren't there for her, but to get a new dog.


Hawk Shares A Food With His Dog Friend
Dec 05, 2016 Animals

Native to Greenland, Gyrfalcons are the largest falcon and can knock a Canadian Goose out of the air at 2000 ft. Falcons and dogs have evolved a mutually beneficial relationship over thousands of years, ...


This Momma Cat Adopted Cute And Small Yellow Creatures
Dec 04, 2016 Animals

A couple is surprised to find that a cat on their family farm has adopted those small yellow ceatures. A momma cat just gave a birth to her kittens so she had no problems to take care of few little ducklings ...