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Watch The Talented Parrot Singing Eminem's Song Better Than You Do
Feb 22, 2017 Animals

If you want to have a good laugh then this is the video you must watch. Parrot in this video sings us part of Eminem's song "The Monster" in which we can hear Rihanna. One guy even placed the ...


Incredible Octopus Behavior Nearly Caused Diver To Drown From Laughing
Feb 21, 2017 Animals

An octopus has been captured on film exhibiting one of the most remarkable (and amusing) examples of tool usage in the animal kingdom. Footage shows the eight-limbed animal literally walking along the ...


Brave Diver Manages To Befriend A Vicious Moray Eel Over Years Of Contact
Feb 21, 2017 Animals

When Valerie Taylor first located the home of a spotted moray eel near Banda Island, Indonesia, the famed Australian diver and ocean conservationist tried to befriend the eel by offering it a fish. The ...


Lion And Wiener Dog Have Grown Up Together And Their Friendship Will Warm Your Heart
Feb 20, 2017 Animals

Most of the big cats at the G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Winwood, OK probably view a tiny dachshund as a potential meal, but surprisingly, one lion has taken the mantle of the dog's resident guardian-in-chief. ...


In Russia You Don't Want To Mess With Mad Dogs
Feb 20, 2017 Animals

In this hilarious video from Russia we can see one really angry dog getting mad at his owner. It's nothing special until the owner starts to shate dog's head while he is growling. Many say this dog sounds ...


This Clumsy Goat Made Everyone Laugh With This Unexpected Move
Feb 19, 2017 Animals

Ricky is a special goat which belongs into a group of goats that faint everytime they get scared. See why this video of clumsy Ricky instantly went viral. This is really something hilarious everyone needs ...


Face-Off Between An Octopus And A Crab Ends With Something Unexpected
Feb 18, 2017 Animals

One of the scuba divers and underwater photographers from Monterey, California captured a video of red octopus facing off wih a wimmer crab together with his friend Patrick. There is something totally ...


Lizard Steals The Show After Owner Waves To Him
Feb 18, 2017 Animals

Owner of this georgeous Lizard posted a video on the internet in which everytime he waves at his pet a Lizard steals the whole show. See what he captured on camera and see why this video is going viral!


Video Of A Dog Burying Its Dead Friend Will Break Your Heart
Feb 17, 2017 Animals

We are aware that dogs and other animals have the capacity to feel emotions. However, maybe we do not fully understand the weight and gravity of the emotions certain animals feel. Watch this touching video ...


Premature Baby Hippo Takes First Steps At Cincinnati Zoo
Feb 17, 2017 Animals

Encouraging news from hippo headquarters this morning. Fiona was active during the night and consumed a good amount of formula on her own! This video, taken by her animal care staff during the overnight ...


Australian Redback Spider Catches And Kills A Snake
Feb 16, 2017 Animals

​If you've got a snake problem and you live in Australia, apparently all you need to take care of it is a pet redback spider. Only problem is if you don't like spider either. See the video which will ...


This Easily Distracted Beagle Won't Win A Dog Show Award, But She's Already Won Our Hearts
Feb 15, 2017 Animals

At the end of the day, dog shows are kind of cruel: How can you expect dogs to just ignore an adoring crowd all around them? Mia, to her credit, stood up for her species and basked in all that lovely human ...


Timelapse Footage Of Giant Hornet Queen Building Nest
Feb 14, 2017 Animals

The stinger of the Asian Giant Hornet is 1/4 inch long and because it has no barb, the Asian Giant Hornet is able to sting it's victims multiple times. The venom injected by the stinger is incredibly potent ...


Elephant Gets Irritated At Girl Petting It, Trashes Her
Feb 14, 2017 Animals

In this video from Chiang Mai in Thailand we can see one girl petting and cleaning an elephant when suddenly this mighty animal trashes her. It looks like this elephant wasn't happy about the girl touching ...


Fresh Snow Can Cheer Up Anyone, Even This Blind Dog
Feb 12, 2017 Animals

Blind dog Smiley has a little extra pep in his step today! It looks like a fresh snow can cheer up anyone - once you will see this dog your day will be instantly better for sure. Who wants to pet this ...


Did You Know Dogs Judge Humans By How We Treat Others?
Feb 11, 2017 Animals

Both pets and monkeys show a preference for people who help others in experiments, and the results might explain the origins of our sense of morality. It looks like even animals know who is a good person ...


Vet Saves A Good Kitty With A Huge Thing On Her Belly
Feb 10, 2017 Animals

Merp is a good kitty, and he deserves some help. This is when guy behind "Vet Ranch" channel came in to help poor kitty with a huge thing on his belly. He had a hernia so vet in the video had ...


Husky Pup's Unique Howl Is So Soothing, His Siblings Sleep Right Through It
Feb 08, 2017 Animals

This Husky puppy is just learning to howl, and the sound that comes out is adorably unique. And it’s a good thing his siblings can sleep through it, because he seems to really enjoy it!


After Living On The Streets, This Poodle Was Transformed By The Love Of A Little Boy
Feb 08, 2017 Animals

Good people from "Hope For Paws" organization came to rescue a Yankee Poodle from the streets. Watch his amazing recovery with a help of the love of a little boy. Once you see his happiness it ...


Moment Of A Man Petting A Newborn Horse Is Going Viral Across The Globe
Feb 07, 2017 Animals

Every animal deserves to be loved and this is one example that will make your day instantly better. Watch this viral video of owner petting a newborn horse in cutest way ever. This is something you must ...