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Soldier Is About To Come Home After Drills. Cat Has Been Waiting So Long, Knows Just What To Do
Jul 21, 2017 Animals

The internet is full of moving videos of dogs welcoming their military owners home from service. But what about the videos of the cats? It turns out that cats can be just as, if not more, effusive in showing ...


Big Dog Doesn't Leave His Friend Behind, Carries Little Kitten Upstairs With Him
Jul 20, 2017 Animals

We love animal friends, but we especially love mismatched pairs of animal friends. Different species, different sizes, we love them all. Good news if you do too - this video features possibly the cutest ...


Meet The Predator From Namib Desert That Hunts Down Ants With A Trap
Jul 20, 2017 Animals

In the Namib desert where the sands can reach a scorching 70 degrees centigrade, very little is able to survive, but the Hotrod Ant can amazingly thrive and even forage for food.

In this ...


Hero Dog Saves A Baby Deer From Drowning, Owner Captures Everything On Video
Jul 18, 2017 Animals

Mark Freeley was walking with his dog on a beach in New York Sunday morning when his dog suddenly jumped into the waters of the Long Island Sound.

But little did Freeley know, Storm, his ...


WATCH: Video Of Two Cats Asking Their Owner For Food Is Going Viral
Jul 18, 2017 Animals

Take a look at this video which went viral thanks to two kittens in the video asking their owner for food using food bells. When the sound of a bell was heard, owner gave them one piece of briquette. But ...


Hilarious Orangutan Does Everything To Get His Friends Attention
Jul 17, 2017 Animals

This orangutan will just not leave his friend alone.

Save the Orangutan is supporting the world largest orangutan rehabilitaiton centre where more than 500 orangutans are given a second ...


Owner Tells Dog He Gave His Treats To The Cat. Internet Can't Stop Laughing At Dog's Comeback
Jul 16, 2017 Animals

Most pet owners would love the chance to get inside our furry loved one's head and hear what they're thinking.

That's exactly why this hilarious puppy dad decided to create his very own ...


Mama Horse Gives Birth To Rare Twins, Captured Footage Is Magical
Jul 15, 2017 Animals

This is an incredible story of a very lucky momma and two beautiful babies. At first glance, they look like a normal mom and two foals, especially if you don't know much about horses.

They ...


Dog Saw Something At The Beach And Started To Bark. Then Her Owner Saw The Reason...
Jul 15, 2017 Animals

A man taking photos of the beautiful scenery at Criccieth Beach became distracted when he heard his dog barking further down the beach.

She had clearly found something.

When ...


Mom Sets Up Camera When Tiny Puppy Keeps Escaping. Captured Footage Is Hilarious
Jul 15, 2017 Animals

When Sophie, one couple's brand new Maltese puppy, kept escaping from its kennel they were confused. Little did they know it was someone else in the house who was responsible for Sophie's breakouts! ...


Dog Steals Whole Attention With His Fear Of Banging Into Glass Door
Jul 14, 2017 Animals

This adorable dog is so afraid of banging into a glass door he won't even pass through when his owners step through.

A delightful video shows a dog standing next to a glass door without ...


Pregnant Woman Sits By Tiger For Selfie. Watch When He Notices Her "Bump"
Jul 14, 2017 Animals

This expecting mother got more than she bargained for during a trip to the zoo! Immediately after walking into an exhibit, a massive bengal tiger approached Natasha Handshoe and started doing something ...


The Sri Lankan Navy Miraculously Rescued An Elephant Drowning In The Sea
Jul 14, 2017 Animals

The poor elephant was struggling to keep its trunk above water, but thankfully, a patrol boat close by noticed its distress and came to the animal's aid.

In this video from Shri Lanka we ...


Orcas Work Together To Take Down A Minke Whale
Jul 13, 2017 Animals

Drone footage captured a group of orcas attacking a minke whale off the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia.

Orcas are notoriously brutal creatures - and this situation is no exception, as they ...


"If I Could Bark" Is The Best Dog Film That Will Bring You To Tears
Jul 12, 2017 Animals

In this "If I Could Talk" sequel, the bond between K9 and man carries on. An elderly man Jim Van Shaw recovers after loosing his yellow lab 40 years prior.

Now Jim finds himself ...


Boy With Autism Gets Dog Who Changes His Life
Jul 12, 2017 Animals

This little boy Tupper has autism, and his dog knows exactly how to make his nightmares stop and calm him down.

He had nightmares all the time and he couldn't sleep for more than one hour. ...


Puppy Was Abandoned In Las Vegas Airport With This Heartbreaking Letter Next To Her
Jul 10, 2017 Animals

Chewy was found over the weekend in a Las Vegas International Airport bathroom with a handwritten note that said his owner was a victim of domestic abuse and could not bring her precious pet along with ...


Screaming Foxes Will Make Your Day With Their Funny Behaviour
Jul 09, 2017 Animals

You definitely know Ylvis' song about the fox in which he's asking himself what does the fox say as noone knows how foxes sound like.

Take a look at this video from Fox Village in Japan, ...


Dad Proudly Builds A Fence To Protect His Dog. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Far End
Jul 08, 2017 Animals

Dogs are man's best friend, however sometimes their antics can make us feel like they're our worst enemy.

This proud man had just finished building a mighty fine fence to keep his beloved ...


Their Pup Is Acting Strange Around Window, Family Takes Closer Look And Burst Into Laughter
Jul 07, 2017 Animals

Dogs have an incredible ability to sense danger, and when boxer caught a glimpse of it, he reacts immediately. Being outdoors had this boxer's senses full to the brim. With sights, smells and sounds galore, ...