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What Actually Happens After You Lay A Crab Trap
Feb 07, 2017 Animals

See what takes place underwater after these guys strap a GoPro camera unto a crab trap. It looks like there is a lot of hungry animals down there. Is this one of the most awesome footage taken at the sea ...


Small Fish Swim At Phenomenal Speed To Form Fish Bait Ball To Distract Hungry Predators
Feb 06, 2017 Animals

mall fish swim at phenomenal speed and form a daunting bait ball in a desperate attempt to ward off hungry predators. Have you ever seen something like this at such a close range? Another good work by BBC!


Meet A Dog That Made Everyone Laugh To Tears With His Reaction To Owner's Farts
Feb 06, 2017 Animals

This is Bullit, he doesn't like the sound of farts or "spitting" noises. Everytime his owner makes such a noise, Bullit goes crazy. See why everyone is laughing at this funny dog's reaction! :D


Humans' Impact On Animals Can Be Devastating, But Sometimes A Hero Comes Along
Feb 05, 2017 Animals

In a world where you have a choice to be kind, please choose kindness. Humans' impact on animals can be really devastating, but sometimes a hero comes along. Watch this awesome compilation that will make ...


Stray Pit Bull Gets Hit By A Car. Luckily, Good People From Hope For Paws Came To Help!
Feb 04, 2017 Animals

Jezebel is a stray Pit Bull who was all alone for a quite long. Well, she is not stray anymore thanks to "Hope For Paws". Someone called them after Jezebel got hit by a car so they came to resue ...


Meet A Dog Who Loves To Play With Piglets
Feb 04, 2017 Animals

Ruby is a dog in a video living at Edgar's Mission sanctuary for rescued farmed animals. She is surrounded with farm animals and it's nothing unusual for her to have cute Piglets for friends. Take a look ...


This Dog Was Chained His Whole Life. See His Touching Reaction When Man Rescues Him!
Feb 03, 2017 Animals

It was a raging hot day in Phoenix, Arizona, when a man named Jared decided to carefully approach the snarling dog chained to the fence. He had first seen the mutt in that yard, on that chain, three years ...


Patriotic Chicken Playing "America The Beautiful" On Keyboard Piano
Feb 03, 2017 Animals

You just have to see some things to believe in it. Take a look at this patriotic chicken playing "America The Beautiful" on keyboard piano with a little help from its owner. This is how you make ...


Good Guy Ice Skaters Save A Poor Moose Who Got Trapped In A Frozen Lake
Feb 03, 2017 Animals

Viktor Johannessen and his friends saw moose making several unsuccessful attempts to get out of the icy water by itself. Watch this video and see how they've resued the poor moose.


Mother Dog Elated After Reunited With Her Puppies
Feb 02, 2017 Animals

The mom, named Cora, was reunited with her four puppies at the Marin Humane Society in Novato, California after owners refused to gave in her puppies. The dogs were in a bad house, the owners were persuaded ...


Dog Is Overwhelmed With Emotions Upon Reuniting With His Favorite Toy
Feb 02, 2017 Animals

According to Finn's owner, the dog routinely destroyed these little pigs as a pup, so he got more durable toys. Five years later he was reunited with the pig again, and the result is pure canine joy.


A Cute Spoiled Rabbit Growls And Thumps When Owner Stops Petting Him
Feb 02, 2017 Animals

In this video from China we can see a really cute rabbit having a nice time right next to his owner petting him. Watch and listen how his mood changes as soon as his owner stops petting him. This is hilarious! ...


Feral Kitten Goes From Hissing Out Of Fear To Purring For Snuggles In Just Minutes
Feb 02, 2017 Animals

A tiny neighborhood kitten met a man for the first time. He started hissing at him out of fear but a few minutes later, everything changed. Once he knew the human meant good, he started to purr.


Meet A Funny Cat That Thinks She's A Rottweiler
Feb 01, 2017 Animals

Didga is a cat in this video which thinks she's a Rottweiler. She can do rolls-over on command just like the two Rottweilers next to her. Watch the video that has more than 20 million views in total!


They've Heard Voices From Under The Ice, Then Firefighters Pulled This Out
Feb 01, 2017 Animals

Here comes a video from Poland in which people heard some voice down under the bridge. When they looked at the frozen river they saw a dog trapped in icy cold water. See how firefighters saved the dog! :)


Two Goats Somehow Got Their Heads Stuck Into The Same Jar
Feb 01, 2017 Animals

The video clip was filmed by a local in his village Lele-7 in Lalitpur city in Nepal while he was waiting for the bus. You won't believe that two goats got stucked with their heads in one plastic pot.


Homeless Dog Turned Rock-Solid In Tar Drum Gets Rescued
Jan 31, 2017 Animals

A street dog in Udaipur, India, was found trapped in a drum of tar where we believe she had stuck and completely unable to move for several days. Animal Aid Unlimited's rescue team found the sweet dog ...


Owner Sat On The Floor, Then This Shih Tzu Puppy Stole The Whole Show
Jan 30, 2017 Animals

Philippe Lissart is a man in this video who recently bought a Shih Tzu dog in the video. Once he placed him on the floor and lay next to him, dog instantlly stole all the attention and made everyone happier! :)


Footage Of Waking Up To Four Husky Dogs Is Now Going Viral
Jan 30, 2017 Animals

Author of this video captured a morning routine of his four Husky dogs waking up. If you have those fellas you really don't need any alarm clock in the morning. This will bring a smile on your face for sure! ;)


What This Elephant Does Will Blow Your Mind. If They Can Do It Why Can't We?
Jan 30, 2017 Animals

Animals can teach people a thing or two. See what security camera captured in this video of an elephant. He was right next to a trash bin collecting trashes around it and putting them back where they belong. ...