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WATCH: This Massive Crocodile Is Rescued From A Canal And Released To The River
Apr 07, 2017 Animals

Villagers and wildlife officials in Sri Lanka helped rescue a massive 17-foot crocodile that had become stuck in a canal.

Local media said the crocodile weighed about a ton and had become ...


Kitten Couldn't Reach A Toy, Then Mama Cat Steps In To Save The Day
Apr 06, 2017 Animals

This kitten in video couldn't reach the top of the kitchen counter where her toy was so she called her mom to help her out.

Mama cat was looking at a toy, then she came down and saved the ...


Pit Bull With Bleeding Tumors Surrenders To Rescuer And Then Gives Him A Kiss
Apr 06, 2017 Animals

A lot of people think Pit Bull is very dangerous and aggressive dog, but that's not true. Take a look at this video in which good man from Hope for Paws organization came to rescue stray Pit Bull dog who ...


30 Year Old African Grey Parrot Knows An Insane Amount Of Voices
Apr 05, 2017 Animals

Zoo Knoxville's feisty and talented Congo African Grey parrot was hatched thirty years ago. He's made a big name for himself in the zoo's Bird Show and on many local and national television appearances. ...


Excited Dog Hilariously Stops Play For Seven Minutes To Run Around The Pitch
Apr 05, 2017 Animals

The canine caper was the best in show at The Grove, running onto the field of play and dodging several players.

Stewards and the apparent owners of the dog also made their way onto the pitch ...


This Dog Wants Some Yogurt But Its Too Shy To Ask For It
Apr 04, 2017 Animals

For a full minute, the dog looks longingly at the yoghurt being shovelled down the throat of another, but looks away when the potential for eye contact arises so it doesn't look too desperate.


This Video Proves German Shepherds Are The Best Gym Partners
Apr 04, 2017 Animals

Take a look at this awesome video in whcih German Shepherd's owner captured his dog helping him to perform sit-ups by holding down his legs.

Who would think German Shepherds are the best gym partners? :D


WATCH: This Is How Easter Eggs Are Made!
Apr 03, 2017 Animals

Easter is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. One thing that belongs to Easter are Easter eggs. They are decorated eggs that are usually used as gifts on the occasion ...


This Little Tortoise Chasing A Ball Thinks It's A Dog
Apr 02, 2017 Animals

Take a look at this awesome video in whichwe can see a little tortoise chasing the ball around in the flat. Their owners say it thinks it's a dog sometimes.

Would you love to have such a ...


This Is The Tiniest Horse Ever And He Will Chase You Down No Matter What!
Mar 31, 2017 Animals

A recent video shows the teeniest, tiniest miniature horse - only 3 days old - chasing after one of his carers, whom he's apparently decided is his new best friend. And it might just be the cutest thing ...


Desperately Thirsty Massive Cobra Is Given A Water Bottle
Mar 31, 2017 Animals

After extreme drought hit southern parts of India, this King cobra found its way to a local village in attempt to get some water. Although King cobras are known for being dangerous, the compassion of the ...


Dramatic Fight Between Wolverine And Reindeer Captured On Camera In Northern Norway
Mar 31, 2017 Animals

Take a look at this video from Northern Norway of a wolverine attacking and badly hurting a reindeer. We can see the reindeer fighting hard against the wolverine, but the wolverine jumps up and bites the ...


Little Boy And His Chicken Reunite After Haircut Inspection
Mar 30, 2017 Animals

They said the dog is man's best friend but they clearly never met Love Bird. This adorable chicken has so much love for his human pal and isn't afraid to show it.

When little boy Mason came ...


Dog Feeds His Baby Lamb While Holding Bottle With Milk
Mar 30, 2017 Animals

Golden retrievers are not only one of the most loyal breeds a dog owner can have, but also one of the smartest.

In this video you can see a Golden retriever holding a bottle of milk in his ...


This Heartbreaking Puppy Rescue Is A Must See. Prepare Your Tissues!
Mar 30, 2017 Animals

Here comes another video from "Hope For Paws" organization in which we can see a really touching puppy rescue. They were all homeless and without their mother woiting for someone to help them ...


Good People Saving A Trapped Wolf Prove Humanity Still Exist
Mar 30, 2017 Animals

There are still good people out there who would do anything to help all animals and if you need a proof here it is.

Two men saw a wolf trapped in bear trap so they didn't hesitate to help ...


A Diver Removes A Hook Caught In The Belly Of A Shark
Mar 29, 2017 Animals

A diver named Josh Eccles found that a lemon shark was turning it around in an abnormal way. The animal seemed to pass voluntarily near him, while putting him a few blows. Josh then felt that something ...


WATCH: Extra Playful Killer Whale Swims Up To Boaters To Say Hi
Mar 28, 2017 Animals

Two days ago a video of very playful killer whale was posted online and it has now reached over 1 million views. Take a look at this spectacular footage that is totally worth watching.

He's ...


WATCH: Guy Gives CPR To Dog And Saves The Dogs Life
Mar 26, 2017 Animals

Sugar's owner cried hysterically as her four-year-old dog lay motionless on the grass.

So it was a good job the head of a Washington dog training centre stayed calm and came up with the ...


Dog Was Adopted 4 Years Ago. Now Watch As An Old Friend Walks Through The Door
Mar 26, 2017 Animals

Samo was adopted from the Animal Haven Shelter in Soho by a loving couple four years ago. On March 6, 2016 they organized a reunion with her and her siblings. She hadn't seen them since she was adopted ...