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Noone Loved This Abused Dog. Try Not To Cry When He Is Stroked For The First Time!
Aug 31, 2017 Animals

In the safe house in Breasta-Craiova, Romania, Monica Mitreanu has protected a little puppy who was abused by his owner.

The lady approaches the dog to pet him when he starts shouting and ...


Husband Rushes To Rescue Panicked Baby Ducks, Genius Solution Has Internet Smiling
Aug 31, 2017 Animals

On a rainy day, a mama duck and her ducklings took refuge in the heated baby pool in our neighborhood. Trouble is, they got stuck and needed to be rescued.

Owner found a simple solution ...


Wildebeest Was Struggling In The Water, Then Hippo Saves Him From Hungry Crocodile
Aug 31, 2017 Animals

Sometimes on a safari, you don't see anything interesting. Sometimes, you get lucky and see a fight between a predator and prey. And sometimes you get really lucky and see a crazy sequence like this one, ...


For Every View Of This Video, A Pound Of Dog Food Will Be Donated To Shelters
Aug 30, 2017 Animals

When SoulPancake decided to make a difference in a mundane day for three different groups, the surprise and wonder caught the fancy of every person there and brightened an otherwise humdrum day. What did ...


Teenager Jumps On His Horse After Hurricane Harvey, Saves Trapped Animals
Aug 29, 2017 Animals

Hurricane Harvey made a lot of damage to many Texas residents. As if the wind blows were not enough, the hurricane brought huge floods with it. People can help themselfs in such situations but, unfortunately, ...


She Was Calling Her Lost Lamb. Next Moment Something Hilarious Happens!
Aug 29, 2017 Animals

Emile Verwaaijen shared a video a few years ago on the web, which earned a lot of attention around the world.

The credit goes to her lost lamb, which was only shown in the frame after she ...


Four Whale Sharks Were Stuck In A Fishing Net, Then Group Of Divers Save Them
Aug 28, 2017 Animals

During the diving, divers observed a large fishing net, where four whales were caught there. The divers came back to the surface, picked up the appropriate gear and went back into the blue sea.


Have You Heard How The Cutest Purr Sounds Like?
Aug 26, 2017 Animals

There are many reasons to adopt an older cat, but this story is about just one special guy who will make you think twice if you have your heart set on a kitten. Meet cat named Tribble!

This ...


Guy Visits Animal Park, Captures Adorable Baby Elephant Chasing Birds
Aug 26, 2017 Animals

In one of the animal reserves, where various types of animals are freely walking, one of the visitors witnessed a truly hilarious scene.

Just a few meters away, an adorable baby elephant ...


Parents Come Home With Newborn, Bird's "Welcome" Has Them Running For The Camera
Aug 25, 2017 Animals

When Mom and Dad brought their little bundle of joy home, they had no idea that their parrot was paying such close attention! So when the new parents heard the baby crying in the kitchen, they rushed to ...


Man Spots 'Lifeless' Turtle Under Bridge. Takes Closer Look And Realizes He Needs To Help
Aug 25, 2017 Animals

Steve Booker of Cyril, Oklahoma, was walking along a beach at sunrise in Cozumel, Mexico, when he saw something strange out of the corner of his eye. Lying below a bridge was a massive female sea turtle ...


This Man Found An Abandoned Cat On His Porch, Next Moment Captured On Camera Is Hilarious
Aug 25, 2017 Animals

A man in the video encountered a lost kitten in his yard, so he approached her carefully so that she would not get scared. He used all his knowledge, and his girlfriend caught the moment on camera. ...


Owl Is Trapped And Frightened. But Watch Unanticipated Response When Man Moves In To Help
Aug 24, 2017 Animals

When Craig Loving heard that there was a frightened Great Horned Owl trapped in the local golf course pond, he sprung into action. Without thinking twice, Craig jumped into the water and waded out to the ...


Kid Runs To Dad Screaming After He Finds World's Largest Cockroach In Their Lounge Room
Aug 24, 2017 Animals

When father was chilling in his room, his son came in screaming there is a big cockroach in the lounge room. He run after him and saw a big cockroach crawling on around.

The Giant Burrowing ...


Tiny Wiener Dog And Massive Lion Come Face To Face, The Lion's Next Move Is Going Viral
Aug 22, 2017 Animals

Dachshund dogs are instantly recognizable because of their unique shape. These cute doggies may seem like they're too small to pose as an actual menace to others, but don't tell that to Abby, the dachshund ...


Dangerous Chihuahua Was Playing With American Bulldog, Owners Captured This Adorable Footage
Aug 22, 2017 Animals

The American bulldog and dangerous chihuahua are certainly not a combination that, judging by prejudice, is promising something positive. But that's exactly what happened in the clip.

The ...


Woman Visits Two Lions She Raised As Cubs. This Is Their Reaction When They Saw Her!
Aug 21, 2017 Animals

These two lions remembered the woman who cared for them as cubs 7 years later. That'd explain why they're giving her a big old hug and not, you know, doing anything with those sharp claws.

What ...


Owners Bought This Dog A New Bed. Just Wait To See Her Amazing Reaction!
Aug 21, 2017 Animals

You certainly remember those days when you always enjoyed every gift as a child. Baby joy is also present at Bonnie the dog in the clip. Well, at least according to her reaction.

Totally ...


Man Spots Beautiful Timber Wolf In Woods, Realizes It's In Trouble And Jumps Into Action
Aug 20, 2017 Animals

A man's mission to help free a timber wolf put him in a dangerous situation, but one he was willing to dive into. Being out in the wild in Wisconsin, the man knew that he could encounter just about anything. ...


Dog Cries Real Tears After She Gets Reunited With Her Rescued Puppies
Aug 18, 2017 Animals

If you also thought that the dogs do not shead real tears, then you need to watch this video. Puppies have recently been taken away from the dog, and now they have been brought back. The owner captured ...