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They Were Messing With This Bull. When Old Man Stepped Infront Of Him, Everyone Was Silenced
Jul 07, 2017 Animals

In Spain, it's a tradition to put bulls on closed streets so people run away from them. Each year, the whole world is disgusted by this as bulls eventually die after their run.

But this ...


Man Films The Time He Took A Baby Tasmanian Devil Out For A Run And It's The Cutest Moment Ever
Jul 06, 2017 Animals

Many people are familiar with Looney Tunes' Taz, the Tasmanian devil cartoon. His snarling, bristling, aggressive, devilish behavior is not all that far from the truth, sometimes.

However, ...


Dog Thanks Firefighter After Being Rescued From A Deep Well
Jul 05, 2017 Animals

This poor dog was trapped in a deep well with no way out. Thankfully firefighters were called to the scene to help. They lowered one of the firemen into the well using ropes, until he was deep enough to ...


This Elephant Is So Very Happy To Go For A Swim In A Pool
Jul 04, 2017 Animals

Take a look at this video from the Oregon Zoo in Portland where we can see the Samudra elephant going crazy over the fact she is allowed to swim in the big pool.

She is so happy to go swimming ...


Terrier Dogs Go Crazy On Rats While Owners Were Hoeing Their Field
Jul 04, 2017 Animals

Owners of the terriers dug their nearby fild which is all covered with big rats. They don't want to poison the land with different pesticides so they always call their dogs to come help them.


Owner Told His Dog To Not Sit On The Sofa. Then Dog Stole The Whole Show...
Jul 03, 2017 Animals

Last time we saw her, Alice the French Bulldog was just a puppy and desperately wanted to climb on the couch. Now she is a big dog and gets to lay on the couch, but her owner decided to play that video ...


Man Adopts Senior Dog From Shelter. This Warming Video Will Break Your Heart!
Jul 03, 2017 Animals

More than 6 million dogs and cats end up in animal shelters every year, and half of them have to be euthanized because there simply aren't enough homes for them.

PETA encourages everyone ...


Magnificent Moment Was Captured On Camera, You've Never Saw So Many Hummingbirds At One Place
Jul 03, 2017 Animals

A footage of 30 hummingbirds bathe together at one time during morning's wash was released by user Wildwingsla on YouTube and the moment is just priceless! You'd never know they will be harassing each ...


Portia Is A Spider With Three Super Powers, This Is How It Catches The Pray
Jul 03, 2017 Animals

Known for eating other spiders, Portia is a genus of the jumping spider that is able to leap up to 50 times her own body length.

Captured by stunning close up footage, we get to witness ...


Panda Giving Birth Is Something You Will Not Expect For Sure
Jul 02, 2017 Animals

We can assure you that you did not know how the panda goving birth looks like. Take a look at this video clip showing the birth of a small panda.

The baby suddenly jumped out of the panda's ...


Panda Wants A Hug From Nanny, But Nanny Is Working
Jul 02, 2017 Animals

A video from a surveillance camera is coming from one of the zoos in China, capturing the most beautiful and andorable moment.

The little panda in the video wanted many hugs from the worker, ...


This Dog Didn't Want To Get Wet, His Hilarious Move Made Everyone Laugh
Jul 02, 2017 Animals

Every dog owner knows that some dogs really don't like water. This puppy in the video doesn't like water either but he still wants to taste the joy of a swimming pool.

When his friend jumped ...


Most Heartbreaking Moment With A Dog At Hospital Room That Will Break Your Heart
Jul 01, 2017 Animals

Ryan Jessen was rushed to hospital last month after what he initially thought was a migraine turned out to be a fatal brain haemorrhage.

The 33-year-old was surrounded by his family as ...


Dog Got Lost Because Of Fireworks. This Is Touching Moment When Dog Sees His Family Again!
Jul 01, 2017 Animals

So many animals will run away from home this weekend, so many will get hit by cars, so many will never find their way home. The reason for this is the use of fireworks. Good people from Hope For Paws got ...


Watch Cichlid Babies Grow Before Your Eyes
Jul 01, 2017 Animals

Cichlids are small fish that come from the Malawi lake of Africa. They have developed a special way of reproduction - the eggs are kept in female's mouth until the hatch is fished.

In this ...


Clever Chimp Impress Everyone With His Wisdom, Uses Gestures To Ask A Visitor For A Drink
Jun 30, 2017 Animals

Intelligent and inquisitive, chimpanzees have always been able to communicate with man.

This is what chimp in the video proved as visitors came near him in Welsh Mountain Zoo. He wanted ...


Mother Elephant Tries Desperately To Wake Up Her Baby, Human Jumps Into Action
Jun 30, 2017 Animals

Prague Zoo's adorable little elephant male, yet to be named, now spends most of the day in outdoor areas running and frolicking around.

After a day's "work" sometimes he sleeps ...


Tiny Baby Is Upset, Watch How Their Dog Takes Control Of The Situation
Jun 29, 2017 Animals

Could it be sibling rivalry, or could it be that the little pup just wants some peace and quiet? Either way, it is clear that this dog knows how things go around here - babies cry. A lot.

As ...


They Recorded The Same Tree For One Year, What They Captured On Camera Is Going Viral
Jun 27, 2017 Animals

For one year, naturalists have recorded the changing of a special tree, but through that time, their cameras captured scenes that instantly went viral.

Various wild animals appeared next ...


Collapsed Street Puppy Was Wagging His Tail Just Before Death, Then Good People Saved His Life
Jun 25, 2017 Animals

Animal Aid Unlimited organization from India rescued a puppy who was collapsed on the side of the road unable to stand.

They treated her for canine distemper which is often fatal but within ...