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Bird Steals The Whole Show After His Owner Starts To Rock Out On The Drums
Aug 18, 2017 Animals

A hilarious video has emerged of a parakeet dropping a beat as its owner plays the drums.

The bird was filmed as it stood on the edge of the kitchen table facing away from its Japanese owner ...


Two Cats Were Fighting On Camera. Just Wait To See Who Intervened
Aug 18, 2017 Animals

When the author of the video captured two cats fighing, he did not even imagine that the fight would end in such an unexpected way.

When the cats first jumped into each other, the dog approached ...


Suffering Tiger Cub Rescued From Circus. When She Meets A New Friend, Everything Changes
Aug 17, 2017 Animals

For Aasha, a 9-month old tiger cub, life as a circus animal had been horrific. She had been part of a traveling circus and suffered significant abuse and neglect. Forced into sharing a cage with a much ...


Owner Asked Australian Shepherds Who Is Guilty. Next Moment Captured On Camera Is Hilarious!
Aug 16, 2017 Animals

Every dog owner encountered a mess at the time of his arrival, where the guilty one was immediately known. But what happens if you run into mess with the company of two dogs? Who is the main culprit? ...


Turtle Impaled With Screwdriver, Gets Rescued By A Special Couple
Aug 16, 2017 Animals

Paul and Diane Tuttle of Peoria, Illinois, never expected to make such a cruel discovery right outside their home. But there she was, an alligator snapping turtle, with a yellow screwdriver impaled into ...


Extraordinary Scene Captured On A Camera Right Next To A Swedish Lake
Aug 16, 2017 Animals

This rare white moose has been filmed in Varmland, west Sweden. There are only an estimated 100 of them in the country. The moose aren't albino, but grow white fur from a genetic mutation.


She Was Playing Her Violin, Then Donkey Stole Whole Attention With His Singing
Aug 16, 2017 Animals

On Twitter, a video was posted in which a violinist girl played some songs in the company of a donkey. Everyone knows that music connects, and this clip is just one more proof.

"Music ...


Vet Frees Chained Horse, Has No Idea He's About To Get The Thank You Of A Lifetime
Aug 13, 2017 Animals

It's a common practice in many parts of Romania to join the front or hind legs of horses with chains. This hinders them from running away.

In Letea (Danube delta) a horse was discovered ...


Have You Seen The Video Of
Aug 12, 2017 Animals

If you want to spice your day with laughter, then do not miss this video of a "stupid chicken". When owners gave the bread to the hens, they did not even imagine that one of the chickens would ...


Cockatoo Was Observing The Surroundings, Then He Stole The Whole Show With His Next Move
Aug 12, 2017 Animals

Owners of this greater sulpher crested cockatoo Triton say that he really likes to bark like a dog and they captured a proof on the video.

He was barking at the cars driving by from the ...


Pup Goes On Bike Ride With Mama, But Within Moments Has Everyone In Laughter
Aug 12, 2017 Animals

It's no secret that dogs love to go for car and bike rides! The wind in their fur, the new sights and smells - it's the perfect outing for any pup!

But it seems as though this dog has had ...


Service Dog Protects His Owner's Head During Seizure
Aug 11, 2017 Animals

This is how Colt a Weim/Lab is trained to block his owner's head during a seizure, because she has a Traumatic Brain Injury.

It is very dangerous for her to hit her head, as she can literally ...


Owner Thinks 'Ingenious' Plan Will Stop Cat From Waking Him. Kitty's Comeback Has Internet In Laughter
Aug 09, 2017 Animals

Cats can be tricky, sneaky animals! One minute you think they're the cutest snuggle bug ever, the next you're baffled by their raw, mischievous intelligence!

That's why one owner decided ...


Orangutan Meets Burn Victim, Captured Footage Of His Reaction Takes Internet By Complete Surprise
Aug 09, 2017 Animals

Orangutans are very intelligent animals, which means they can read humans almost as well as we can read each other. So when Rocky the orangutan came into contact with a woman who suffered from severe burns, ...


Stubborn Husky Refuses To Give Up Front Seat, Footage Is Now Going Viral
Aug 08, 2017 Animals

Every dog owner knows how persistent are dogs with their decisions. They would do everything to make their wishes come true.

Zeus the Stubborn Husky did NOT want to move to the back seat ...


He Was Inside The Sea With His Dog. When Dog Barks, Owner Is Laughing In Tears
Aug 08, 2017 Animals

Steven Eraca says this is the hilarious video of their dog once they discovered he had swallowed a bit too much sea water at the beach. So no need to be concerned for his well-being. For everyone wondering ...


Owner Pretends To Eat From Cat's Bowl. Internet In Laughter At Cat's Comeback
Aug 06, 2017 Animals

Instead of placing the bowl down directly in front of his gorgeous feline friend, the man set the bowl down and bent over to "eat" himself. Confused, the cat watched as her owner munched on her ...


Pompeyo Family Dogs Steals All The Show With Amazing Tricks On AGT
Aug 05, 2017 Animals

One of the acts that will be performing on America's Got Talent judge's cut is the Pompeyo family who did an impressive dog trick act during their audition a few weeks ago.

In the judge ...


Stunning Eagle's Point Of View Of The Alps Like Never Seen Before
Aug 05, 2017 Animals

Red Bull shared a video on the web today in which we can see an eagle flying over the Alps. The GoPro camera was attached on this mighty animal, and the eagle flew along the Nebelhorn Mountain in Germany. ...


Young Woman Returns After 3 Weeks Away. When Her Horse Spots Her, Captured Footage Goes Viral
Aug 05, 2017 Animals

We all need a vacation now and then - so when this horse owner decided to take a break for a few weeks, she made sure someone was there to look after her equine love. The days away ticked by and when it ...