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Tourists Scream As Lion Leaps At Them With No Fence
Mar 26, 2017 Animals

Safari park visitors were terrified when a lioness leaped at them with no fence between them.

A visitor's smartphone video shows the lioness sitting alongside a male lion at the Bioparque ...


Woman Stumbles Across Strange 'Double-Headed Creature', Internet Is Going Crazy
Mar 25, 2017 Animals

A woman in Spain has stumbled across a strange double-headed creature, and the internet is going crazy over what it is.

After requesting help over Facebook the creature has been identified ...


Zoo Footage Captures Gorilla, When He Turns Around See Why He's Going Viral
Mar 24, 2017 Animals

Ambam, the western lowland gorilla, has learned a nifty new trick that's causing a stir all over the globe. The massive silverback is about to celebrate his 27th birthday, but that's not the interesting ...


Mama Giraffe Waits For Exhausted Newborn Baby To Show Signs Of Life
Mar 23, 2017 Animals

Female giraffe "Marilyn" and male giraffe "Kenya" are the proud parents of the Zoo's newest arrival. This is the second successful birth of a baby giraffe at the Memphis Zoo in the ...


Dog Sat In Shoebox For Months Waiting To Be Rescued, And Then They Finally Came
Mar 22, 2017 Animals

A lonely dog spent weeks living in a box on the porch of a house. After weeks of watching this dog sit, a passerby asked the owner of the home if the three-legged dog belonged to them, they said no. The ...


No Matter How Many Times The Cups Are Moved, This Cat Always Knows Which Cup The Ball Is In
Mar 22, 2017 Animals

Take a look at this awesome video which went viral in last days thanks to a cute cat always knowing in which cup the ball is hidden.

Do you think you can guess everything right before the cat does? ;)


Unusual Animal Friendships That Will Totally Melt Your Heart
Mar 21, 2017 Animals

What does your best friend look like? Perhaps you count your dog or cat among your best friends. Animals are big hearted creatures that make the most loyal friends. Not only do animals get along with us ...


Dog With Paralyzed Legs Runs Faster Than Other Dogs Using Custom Wheelchair
Mar 20, 2017 Animals

Author of this video spotted a dog with paralyzed legs running faster than other dogs using his custom wheelchair. Video was captured at dog park in South Pawsadena, California.

All the ...


Watch What Happens When Two Monkeys Were Paid Unequally
Mar 20, 2017 Animals

In an experiment focused on measuring moral behavior in animals, two monkeys were each taught to place a rock into a scientist's hand.

After each monkey completed this, they would then be ...


Words Cannot Describe How Big Is This Giant Rooster
Mar 20, 2017 Animals

We've all seen big roosters but you've probably never seen a bird that big. This absurdly huge rooster will left you speechless.

All the chickens around him look so small and we don't doubt ...


It's Really Hilarious When You Give This Dog A Balloon
Mar 18, 2017 Animals

In this video from China we can see one happy dog who really loves to play with a balloon. Once he got it mid-air, he didn't let it touch the ground. It's so funny to see him jumping all around.


Elephant Shows Rhino Who's Boss In This Face Off
Mar 18, 2017 Animals

It was an absolutely amazing sensation to see and be a part of the standoff where a young elephant bull in musth showed this male white rhino who was boss said author of this video, Joe Gregory. They could ...


WATCH: Rescued Sow And Her Six Piglets Explore Freedom For The First Time
Mar 17, 2017 Animals

Watch the sheer joy of this mother sow and her piglets experiencing the outside for the first time! Hope Apple Blossom and her six piglets were rescued from slaughter by Viva! and Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary. ...


Little Dog And The Giant Toy She Picked Out Herself Is Taking The Internet By Storm
Mar 14, 2017 Animals

Going shopping for a toy with Lucy is something her owners do quite often. They always let her pick out the toy she wants... she actually will get up on the lower shelf and she will sniff and search for ...


WATCH: Hilarious Jack Russell Goes Crazy With Excitement At Dog Show
Mar 14, 2017 Animals

The terrier named Olly was filmed competing in the agility arena of the world famous dog show with his handler Karen on Sunday.

Hilarious footage shows the energetic pooch face-planting ...


These Big Cats Were Just Released From The Circus. This Is Their First Taste Of Freedom!
Mar 13, 2017 Animals

Take a look at this awesome compilation of big cats that were just released from the circus and are taking their first steps toward a new life.

When people watched animals in the circus ...


Mobula Rays Belly Flop To Attract A Mate
Mar 13, 2017 Animals

Soaring high above the waves as easily as a bird, mobula rays appear perfectly designed for this astonishing aerobatic display.
Closely related to sharks but with long, flat bodies and wing-like ...


This Pit Bull Patiently Waits In Line To Buy Ice Cream
Mar 12, 2017 Animals

When you were a kid, you'd probably go running when you heard the music from the ice cream truck coming near - and this sweet-toothed pit bull does exactly the same thing.

After hearing ...


Adorable Bull Terrier Sings Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud In Hilarious Way
Mar 12, 2017 Animals

This funny Lilly Bull-Terrier is at it again with Ed Sheeran's thinking out loud. She loves him sings to all his songs and she always shows her talent with singing Ed Sheeran's songs. You must listen to ...


A Snake Shedding Its Skin Is Really Satisfying To Watch
Mar 10, 2017 Animals

It's like peeling a sunburn - you know it's gross, but it's so satisfying it almost makes the sunburn worth it. Take a look at this video in which owner shows us how sloughing of a big snake looks like ...