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Spectacular Moment Huge Whale Breaches Just Inches From Fishermen
Jun 25, 2017 Animals

If you're an animal lover, then you will be very impressed over this video shot right outside of the Verrazano bridge on the Jersey side in New York.

A humpback whale breached this fisherman's ...


Pregnant Horse Gives Birth To Newborn Foal, Then Owner Makes An Unexpected Discovery
Jun 24, 2017 Animals

After months of waiting, Daisy finally goes into labor, seven days past her expected due date. Within a few hours, she'd given birth to a beautiful foal. The foal was healthy, but small for her mother's ...


Family Left This Baby Deer Behind, Then This Guy Decided To Give Her The Best Life Imaginable
Jun 23, 2017 Animals

This baby deer couldn't keep up with her family because her leg was hurt and with all the predators around they had to move quickly. Her family made a hard decision to leave the unjured fawn behind. But ...


VIDEO: Bird Plays Peek-A-Boo Behind Laptop In The Most Hilarious Way
Jun 23, 2017 Animals

This is a very short video of a parrot playing peek-a-boo from behind its owner's laptop. Admittedly, that looked like a pretty solid game of peek-a-boo.

Also, we really like how you can ...


Gorilla Steals The Whole Show While Dancing In A Small Pool To The Song Everyone Knows
Jun 23, 2017 Animals

To bring a bit of joy to this Friday, here's a gorilla dancing to Flashdance. Dallas Zoo shared a video of Zola having an absolute ball during a swimming pool enrichment session, which is joyful enough ...


This Dog Was So Scared She Wouldn't Eat, What This Vet Did Is Going Viral
Jun 23, 2017 Animals

Graycie Claire arrived last year to Granite Hills Animal Care but was so scared, she wouldn't even eat. So the vet decided to crawl into the kennel and eat with her.

The caring and loving ...


Man Puts A Deadly Black Widow Into His Hand. Will Spider Bite Him?
Jun 22, 2017 Animals

In this segment of On Location, Peterson Coyote free handles a Black Widow spider!

Yes you read that correct, in an attempt to prove that this widely feared arachnid is actually rather ...


After A Man Rescued Four Baby Squirrels, He Never Expected What Would Happen Next
Jun 21, 2017 Animals

Wild storms wreak havoc not just for us humans; animals can be adversely affected as well.

Peter, an animal rescuer, saw this happen during a terrible cyclone near his property. Peter found ...


Elephants Jump Into Action To Save Calf That Fell Into Pond, Footage Is Going Viral
Jun 21, 2017 Animals

Elephants are caring, they support one another and the way they lovingly stroke each other with their trunks is just beautiful.

The latest example comes from security footage of what looks ...


Python Swallows Whole Goat, This Is What Locals Did With A Snake
Jun 21, 2017 Animals

Dramatic video shows villagers in India prodding a 15-foot-long python and tying its head with a rope after they found it had swallowed a goat.

They gathered in Baihata Chariali village ...


GROSS: Camera Captures Footage Of Praying Mantis Eating Fly Alive
Jun 20, 2017 Animals

A short sequence showing the amazing predatory nature of the Praying Mantid, Mantis religiosa. In this video you will see a fly which mimics a bee, eaten alive!

This praying mantis is found ...


Snake Fakes Death With Oscar-Worthy Performance To Save Itself From Human
Jun 19, 2017 Animals

This snake has perfected a cunning way of deterring predators - by playing dead. With an Oscar-worthy performance, the Eastern Hognose writhes around as if in sheer pain, whilst also emitting a disgusting ...


FUNNY: Dog Steals The Whole Show By Humping A Giant Turtle
Jun 18, 2017 Animals

Here is another video you will watch is more than once for sure. You surely came across a dog that was humping everything that came under his feet, but you certainly didn't see something like this before. ...


Watch This Adorable Sheep Trying To Fit In With A Group Of Dogs
Jun 17, 2017 Animals

Take a look at this really funny video of cute sheep that really wants to play around with a group of dogs. Sheep imitated some dog moves to fit in but the difference was very obvious.

Many ...


Owner Was Talking With His Parrot, Then Mormon Missionaries Came And It Was Hilarious
Jun 15, 2017 Animals

Parrot's owner in the video was showing some tricks of his bird but then he got interrupted by a group of Mormon missionaries. Noone likes moments when they come to your door knocking to tell you about ...


Dogs Stole Thow Whole Show On America's Got Talent, Judges Couldn't Believed Their Eyes
Jun 15, 2017 Animals

There is a lot of unusual acts on America's Got Talent and this in one you have to see. The Pompeyo family from Sarasota, Florida came on AGT's stage to show their incredible performance with their dogs. ...


He Saved This Condor's Life Few Years Ago, Now Condor Came To Visit Him
Jun 13, 2017 Animals

Edgardo is a Rancher in Loncopue, Argentina. He found the baby Condor, who he calls Condorito (a famous chilean comic book character) on his back yard a few miles away from where Condors live. Since a ...


Bulldog Watches Horror Movie, And His Reaction Is All Of Us
Jun 13, 2017 Animals

You know that feeling when you're watching a horror movie and you want to scream at the protagonists to warn them against approaching danger?

Well, you're not alone – this doggie in the ...


Bees Collisions In Slow Motion Is So Satisfying And Funny To Watch
Jun 12, 2017 Animals

Believe it or not, bees taking off and landing at the beehives look really clumsy.

One of beekeepers placed his camera next ot the beehives, turned on the slow motion function and started ...


Little Dog Becomes A Foster Mom To 5 Orphaned Baby Bunnies, Footage Is Going Viral
Jun 11, 2017 Animals

This is Callie. She is a 5 year old Jack russell chihuahua mix. Callie gladly becomes like a foster mom to all the animals that her owner rescue and raise.

These 5 baby bunnies were ophaned ...