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Footage Of A Polar Bear Petting A Husky Dog Goes Viral
Nov 19, 2016 Animals

This bear was by a dog sanctuary located 15kms out of town. There is over 50 dogs out there. They are tied up so they don't run all over the land. These are the last dogs of this bred and are being looked ...


Two Puppies Have Best Reaction On Kitten In The Same Cage
Nov 19, 2016 Animals

Two Pugs dogs puppies were so scared by little kitten which was locked in the same cage together with them. See Pugs' epic reaction when brave kitten walks toward both dogs. This is one really hilarious ...


You Must Watch The Reaction Of An Abused Dog When He's Stroked For The First Time
Nov 18, 2016 Animals

In Romania, a youthful puppy was recouped and put in the safe house Breasta-Craiova. Mishandled since adolescence, the puppy was extremely scared of humans. His first response was a fear when a lady approached ...


Koala Gets Kicked Out Of Tree And Cries Like A Little Baby
Nov 18, 2016 Animals

This poor little Koala is trying to stake out it's own territory when it is kicked out of the tree by a big bully! This brave young Koala desperately tries again. The little koala won as it had claimed ...


Cats Jump At Same Time, Land Directly On Top Of Each Other
Nov 18, 2016 Animals

Check out what happens when two cats jump onto this wall at the exact same time. Their reactions are priceless after one lands on the top of another. What are to odds for this happening? :)


A Mountain Biker Races His Very Happy Pup Down A Trail, Struggles To Keep Up
Nov 18, 2016 Animals

Tucker the trail dog takes Jeff Brines out for a ride in Targhee, Wyoming for some really late-season singletrack shredding! Who will be the first at the bottom? It looks like both were having fun!


Owner Takes His Bentley The Bulldog On A Best Adventure With Helicopter
Nov 13, 2016 Animals

Bradley Friesen never thought he would call a dog his best friend, but over the past 2 years, that's what Bentley has become. His little 40lb adventure buddy. Checkout his big helicopter adventure in the ...


Kids Drowned This Dog In Glue Just For Fun - Watch How Good People Save His Life
Nov 12, 2016 Animals

You will be so sad when you will see what kids did to this poor litle puppy just for fun. They drowned him in a glue and he later got even an allergic reaction. But there are also good people among us. ...


When You Will See This Dog Dancing You Will Cry Out Of Laughter
Nov 12, 2016 Animals

If you want to have a good laugh then you should really see this video of a dog dancing to the 'Wake Me up Before You Go-Go' song. This one is really hilarious and you should share it with your friends ...


Intense Footage Of Marine Iguana Hatchlings Risking Their Lives Whilst Running To The Safety
Nov 07, 2016 Animals

On the Galapagos, adult marine iguanas have little to fear. For their young however, they risk life and limb right from the moment of birth. This video is taken from BBC's Planet Earth II: Islands.


Have You Seen A Video Of Chicken Playing A Piano? Now You Have An Opportunity
Nov 06, 2016 Animals

Patrick is a chicken from this video and he knows how to play a piano if only his owners trick him into it. In case you ask yourself if Patrick's takes have been edited: These are 2 full raw takes that ...


Alligator Gets Killed By Electric Eel At Amazon
Nov 06, 2016 Animals

Two guys were walking along Amazon river when they spotted an alligator trying to kill an electric eel. Unlucky for him, he became the victim too. See what happened after croc attacked electric eel.


A Fight Breaks Out When A Husband Comes Home To Find His Wife With Another Penguin
Nov 05, 2016 Animals

When penguin in the video came back home he couldn't believed his eyes. He found his wife together with another penguin so a fight broke out. See what happened durign this bloody battle among two male penguins.


10 Animal Hybrids You Won't Believe Actually Exist
Nov 04, 2016 Animals

Take a look at this compilation in which we can see ten different animal hybrids you won't believe actually exist. Which of those animals impressed you the most? ;)


It's So Funny What Those Pandas Did When Zookeeper Cleaned The Leaves
Nov 03, 2016 Animals

Pandas are that type of animals that everyone is excited about. They make us laugh and cheer us up with their clumsy ventures all the time. See what pandas did when this zookeeper tried to clean the leaves.


Only 44 Seconds Is Enough You Will Fall In Love With This Kitten
Nov 02, 2016 Animals

Here is a video of 8 weeks old kitten Lumi which makes everyone fall in love with her after watching this video. 44 seconds is enough that you will be impressed by this beautiful kitten.


Every Cat Owner Knows Those 7 Ways Cats Creep You Out
Oct 31, 2016 Animals

Cats can be pretty creepy and every cat's owner knows that. Here's 7 ways they creep this guy out and if you own cats you will totally agree with him. Do you remember any other cat's moves that drive you ...


This Screaming Pug Is The Best Thing You Will See Today
Oct 30, 2016 Animals

Megan showed up at Caleb Power's uncle's house with an infected eye. It wouldn't ever heal right so they had it removed. Caleb also never heard this dog bark as it just screams. This is the most hilarious ...


Stray Dog Runs Onto The Field During Soccer Game And Gets Treated Like A Baby
Oct 30, 2016 Animals

We've seen a couple of videos of dogs who run onto the field and interrupt either a baseball or a soccer game. While some would probably get mad at the dog for interrupting the game, what happened in the ...


Guy Dresses Up As Dog's Favorite Toy, Then Surprises Him
Oct 29, 2016 Animals

Jolene is a dog who really loves her small toy. It's her favourite one and she never gets tired of it. See her epic reaction when her owner dressed himself as a toy she has. Only this time it was few times ...