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This Baby Elephant Really Loves Female Tourist, Footage Is Going Viral
Apr 17, 2017 Animals

While visiting Patara Elephant Farm in Thailand, this girl immediately became the object of affection for a baby elephant who would not let her out of his sight or grasp.

This video is ...


He Was On His Boat When He Found A Drowning Baby Deer. This Is How He Saved Her Life!
Apr 17, 2017 Animals

Man in this video was on his boat at the lake when he saw something swimming in the water. It was a baby deer and he knew he has to help her out otherwise it might get drowned.

This is the ...


April The Giraffe Gives Birth At Animal Adventure Park In Harpursville, NY
Apr 16, 2017 Animals

April, a 15-year-old giraffe, is expected to give birth to her fourth calf. The nation has waited for weeks with bated breath anticipating the calf's arrival. Thousands have watched the live feed from ...


Wild Horse Attacks An Alligator In Florida, Everything Is Captured On Camera
Apr 14, 2017 Animals

isitors to a state park in Florida got a dramatic glimpse at untamed nature when a wild horse attacked an alligator.

Krystal Berry was one of several parkgoers who took video of the attack ...


This Turtle Sneeze Is The Cutest Thing You Will Hear Today
Apr 14, 2017 Animals

If you own any pet then you know they sneeze too. In this video we can see a cute turtle opening its mouth when suddenly turtle sneezed in the most awesome way.

This is so cute and we have ...


This Woodpecker Hitches Ride To Work In Chicago, Footage Is Now Going Viral
Apr 14, 2017 Animals

Greg Alm is a man behind the wheel and he gave a lift to a friend while driving to work in Chicago. After this Woodpecker joined him in the car, Greg got out and walked to the sidewalk so he wouldn't get ...


This Red Panda Trying To Intimidate A Rock Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today
Apr 13, 2017 Animals

Tiny as they can be, a lot of us have a fear of bugs. It turns out humans aren't the only species that get chills up their spine when they see something crawling.

Jyajya, a red panda living ...


This Is How Chicken Laying An Egg Looks Like From Close Up
Apr 13, 2017 Animals

Take a look at this close up video one farmer did on his chicken laying an egg. This will make you feel bad for chickens because they have to do this just about everyday! It looks really painful and we ...


Unstoppable Dog Escapes Animal Hospital Opening Multiple Doors With His Snout
Apr 12, 2017 Animals

A 10-year-old Great Pyrenees named General escaped from Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital in Stafford while the family was vacationing.

General was later reunited with his family. But ...


Photographer Reveals The Shocking Truth On The Island. This Video Will Make You Think!
Apr 11, 2017 Animals

This heart touching video is about an island in the ocean at 2000 km from any other coast line and equally inspiring for both who are carefull and careless about environment in any region and in any country ...


This Cat Wants To Eat Everything And She Begs For It In Cutest Way
Apr 10, 2017 Animals

Take a look at this epic video in which everytime owner gives his cat a bag of food cat asks him to share some food with her in cutest way possible.

It's nothing special that this video ...


This Puppy Couldn't Even Walk So His Breeder Abandoned Him. See How Happy Is He Now!
Apr 09, 2017 Animals

This puppy couldn't walk so his breeder abandoned him. Luckly good poeple saved him and he never gave up. He was fighting all the time to get stronger and now he can even run arounds. He also has a new ...


Watch How This Cat Gets Mesmerized By Optical Illusion
Apr 09, 2017 Animals

Ryan Kotzin saw an opportunity to test an optical illusion on his cat. How would cat react when staring at the piece of paper with an optical illusion printed on it?

This is another hilarious ...


WATCH: This Dog Is Better Than You At Irish Dance
Apr 07, 2017 Animals

Nothing on your daily to-do list is as pressing as watching this dog learn to Irish dance, so put all of that non-essential stuff, like working and paying bills, to the side. This video requires your undivided ...


This Cat Goes Crazy Everytime The Postman Delivers Mail
Apr 07, 2017 Animals

This car really hates the postwoman. Everytime she comes to deliver a post, cat waits for her behind the window, getting ready to attack her.

This is really one hilarious video everyone ...


Dog Goes Crazy While Waiting In The Bowling Alley
Apr 07, 2017 Animals

This 7-year-old Border Collie is very excited over the bowling alley in Bergen, Norway. Once his owner took him there he was patiently waiting next to a conveyor. Everytime it started to work, he just ...


WATCH: This Massive Crocodile Is Rescued From A Canal And Released To The River
Apr 07, 2017 Animals

Villagers and wildlife officials in Sri Lanka helped rescue a massive 17-foot crocodile that had become stuck in a canal.

Local media said the crocodile weighed about a ton and had become ...


Kitten Couldn't Reach A Toy, Then Mama Cat Steps In To Save The Day
Apr 06, 2017 Animals

This kitten in video couldn't reach the top of the kitchen counter where her toy was so she called her mom to help her out.

Mama cat was looking at a toy, then she came down and saved the ...


Pit Bull With Bleeding Tumors Surrenders To Rescuer And Then Gives Him A Kiss
Apr 06, 2017 Animals

A lot of people think Pit Bull is very dangerous and aggressive dog, but that's not true. Take a look at this video in which good man from Hope for Paws organization came to rescue stray Pit Bull dog who ...


30 Year Old African Grey Parrot Knows An Insane Amount Of Voices
Apr 05, 2017 Animals

Zoo Knoxville's feisty and talented Congo African Grey parrot was hatched thirty years ago. He's made a big name for himself in the zoo's Bird Show and on many local and national television appearances. ...