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Extreme Up-Close Video Of Tornado Near Wray In Colorado
Apr 06, 2017 Nature

Check out this extreme up-close footage of a tornado that touched down just north of Wray, Colorado. This video was posted by Reed Timmer Meteorologist and Extreme Storm Chaser. You definitely need a big ...


Colorado Driver Captures Spectacular Lightning Show On His Way Home
Apr 04, 2017 Nature

Max Olson working at Live Storms Meda was on his way home to Parker, Colorado, when he saw an amazing lightning show infront of him.

His camera was rolling at that time and this is the ...


Huge Avalanche Captured On Camera In Chile
Mar 05, 2017 Nature

Tourists captured this huge avalanche on Glaciar del Frances in Torres del Paine National Park in Chile and it's really a breathtaking moment. Watch how everything lookd like through the eyes of hikers. ...


This 2-Minute Video Is The Best Thing You Will Ever See About Nature
Mar 02, 2017 Nature

BBC One celebrates Natural History with David Attenborough reciting Louis Armstrong's 'What A Wonderful World'. This short 2 minute video adds images to the song showing us how beautiful life is. This ...


LIVE: Mount Etna Is Erupting And It Looks Spectacular hot Feb 28, 2017 Nature

Sicily's Mount Etna started erupting on Monday night with fountains of lava providing a spectacular show.
The lava flows began at around 7pm on Monday at Europe's highest and most active volcano, ...


Massive Rockfall In Switzerland Captured On Camera
Feb 28, 2017 Nature

The incredible footage was captured by a geologist who just happened to be filming when the rock fall occurred on a mountain in the Swiss Alps.

According to local reports the 2,000 cubic ...


Iceberg Rolls Over In The Sea Infront Of Tourists
Feb 13, 2017 Nature

This Iceberg was "calved" by Argentina's Uppsala glacier. While tourists were passing by it with a catamaran, the huge berg lost a part of itself (look at the right side sinking) and then flipped ...


Croatia National Park Plitvice May Be The Most Beautiful Thing You Will See In Winter
Jan 21, 2017 Nature

Tour of the frozen upper falls and run around the Kozjak lake in complete solitude on fresh snow ner Plitvice. Ante Fabris captured this stunning video while he was walking with his dog arpound the National ...


Molten Lava Shoots Into The Ocean In Front Of Tourist Boat On Hawaii
Jan 20, 2017 Nature

This impressive moment is rarely seen, but on January 9th 2017 Lava Kai, lead by Captain Shane Turpin from Ocean Lava Tours, LLC was able to safely position his boat for his audience to view.


Ice Circle Spinning On Middle Fork Snoqualmie River
Jan 09, 2017 Nature

See this rare moment where a thin layer of ice spins in a circle on the flowing water of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River near North Bend, Washington. Have you seen anything like this ever before?


One Of The Most Stunning Drone Videos We've Ever Seen
Jan 05, 2017 Nature

If you've seen "Lord of the Rings," you'll probably recall the spectacular scene where the mountaintop beacons of Gondor are lit. This video from a drone flying up a mountain ridge is kind of ...


An incredible Sight Of The Annual Red Crab Migration In Christmas Island
Dec 31, 2016 Nature

The Christmas Island red crab is by far the most obvious of the 14 species of land crabs found on Christmas Island. This is the annual red crab migration in Christmas Island, where crabs migrate across ...


Hotel View In Switzerland Might Be One Of The Best Nature Views Ever
Dec 20, 2016 Nature

Here comes a video from one of the hotel rooms in Switzerland where guest captured a breathtaking moment when looking through the window. This might be one of the best views on nature!


Powerful Cyclone Winds Straight Up Blow A Car Over
Dec 14, 2016 Nature

For a second the car started to tip and then began to come back down. But in the end, Cyclone Vardah won, and the poor car rolled over. This is the video taken in Chennai city in India.


Spectacular Video Of Immense Waves Crashing Over Embankment To Flood Sochi District
Dec 07, 2016 Nature

A massive storm has descended on the Russian resort city of Sochi on the Black Sea coast, bringing with it waves so high they've turned Sochi's districts at the embankment into a huge swimming pool. See ...


Drone Video Of The Kekerengu Fault Rupture Shows The Damage After New Zealand Earthquake
Nov 22, 2016 Nature

Scientists make field observations of one of the fault ruptures following the Kaikoura Earthquake in New Zealand. Take a look at this footage taken with a drone. There is a lot of mess all around...


This Video From Taiwan Could Show The Biggest Crashing Waves Ever Filmed
Nov 19, 2016 Nature

A selection of the biggest waves shot as typhoon Megi slammed into Taiwan. Could that be the biggest crashing waves ever caught on camera? It's so scary when we see scenes of angry mother nature.


Get Ready: The Biggest Supermoon Will Be Visible On Our Sky
Nov 11, 2016 Nature

Nothing beats a bright and beautiful "supermoon." Except maybe, three supermoons! 2016 ends with a trio of full moons at their closest points to Earth, with the one on Nov. 14 being the closest ...


Tornado Striked Rome In Italy Yesterday, Here Is The Footage
Nov 07, 2016 Nature

It looks like Italians don't have much luck with weather. After series of earthquakes, there was also a massive tornado near Rome with high speed winds. Many people are injured, few died. This area was ...


Bloemfontein Streets In South Africa Filled With Hail And Rain Water After Hailstorm
Oct 23, 2016 Nature

This is a video locals recorded of the hail and rain water in the Bloemfontein streets of Langenhoven Park located in South Africa. You will be stunned by the amount of hail all over the place.