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This Video Shows That We Are Nothing Against The Nature
Jul 08, 2017 Nature

Four people have died in severe flooding that swept through numerous towns on Spain's southern coastline.

Torrential rains triggered flash floods and prompted weather alerts in Granada, ...


WATCH: Destructive Tornado In New Jersey Captured On Camera
Jun 26, 2017 Nature

The National Weather Service confirmed two tornadoes did touch down down near Howell in Monmouth County, New Jersey on Saturday morning, part of swift-moving thunderstorms that slammed the region.


WATCH: This Is One Of The Most Beautiful Valleys In Europe
Jun 25, 2017 Nature

This video was made in one of the most beautiful and unspoiled valleys in Europe, Soca Valley, Slovenia. It mostly presents river Soca with few of its many beautiful surroundings, Krn Lake, Boka Waterfall, ...


Beautiful Scotland In 4K Timelapse Looks Like A Fairytale
Jun 19, 2017 Nature

This is a timelapse video of Scotland taken over a 5 month period. Around 15,000 photos have been taken to produce this film.

Author Rasmus Sjogren made this video on the Isle of Skye and ...


Video Of Meteor Exploding In The Earth's Atmosphere Captured In South Dakota
Jun 08, 2017 Nature

A photographer in South Dakota, has captured an extremely rare and stunning sight of a meteor speeding towards the Earth's atmosphere.

While on a family holiday in the woods in Custer, South ...


WATCH: Crazy Time Lapse Video Of Tornado At Three Hills, Alberta
Jun 03, 2017 Nature

Residents of a central Alberta town got a front-row seat to a spectacular spring tornado Friday afternoon.

The twister touched down a little after 5 p.m. in a field a few kilometres northeast ...


Watch A Video Of Brutal Severe Hailstorm Captured In Mexico
May 28, 2017 Nature

We are now in that season when t-storms and hailstorms will be even more frequent. Take a look at this shocking video captured in Sierra Juarez de Oaxaca in Mexico, in which we can see a massive hail falling ...


Do You Have Enough Courage To Walk Those 'Stairs Of Death' Near Machu Picchu?
May 11, 2017 Nature

Take a look at this video taken in Peru near Machu Picchu, when one of the tourists walked over the 'Stairs of Death' as locals call that stairs.

Going up would be bad enough. We just hope ...


Watch A Time-Lapse Video Of The Calbuco Volcano Erupting In Chile
May 05, 2017 Nature

Calbuco volcano has 2003 meters height (6572ft). The impressive ashes column you see in the video had a calculated height of 15km (9.3mil), from which you clearly see about 10km (6.2mil) before to get ...


Mini Tornado Causes Havoc At A Park In Norway
May 03, 2017 Nature

We can't fully understand nature and we probably never will. Here comes a footage from Norway which left many locals open mouthed.

During the childrens' play at a park in Lillehammer city, ...


WATCH: Dramatic Videos Of Tornado In Canton, Texas
May 01, 2017 Nature

A severe storm system bringing flash flooding and tornadoes pushed east Sunday after leaving a trail of destruction across East Texas, killing at least four people there and injuring dozens more, officials ...


Mountaineers Witness A Large Avalanche Form And Pass Right By Them
Apr 28, 2017 Nature

A small group of mountaineers were visiting the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, Canada, from Spain when they unexpectedly witnessed a large avalanche up close.

The footage shows the ...


WATCH: Man Captures Mountain Side Collapsing In Malibu
Apr 25, 2017 Nature

Lloyd Cotsen was in Zuma Beach in Malibu, California when he inadvertently filmed a quite extraordinary mountain collapse at Point Dume that extended into an adjacent parking lot. No injuries were reported ...


Extreme Up-Close Video Of Tornado Near Wray In Colorado
Apr 06, 2017 Nature

Check out this extreme up-close footage of a tornado that touched down just north of Wray, Colorado. This video was posted by Reed Timmer Meteorologist and Extreme Storm Chaser. You definitely need a big ...


Colorado Driver Captures Spectacular Lightning Show On His Way Home
Apr 04, 2017 Nature

Max Olson working at Live Storms Meda was on his way home to Parker, Colorado, when he saw an amazing lightning show infront of him.

His camera was rolling at that time and this is the ...


Huge Avalanche Captured On Camera In Chile
Mar 05, 2017 Nature

Tourists captured this huge avalanche on Glaciar del Frances in Torres del Paine National Park in Chile and it's really a breathtaking moment. Watch how everything lookd like through the eyes of hikers. ...


This 2-Minute Video Is The Best Thing You Will Ever See About Nature
Mar 02, 2017 Nature

BBC One celebrates Natural History with David Attenborough reciting Louis Armstrong's 'What A Wonderful World'. This short 2 minute video adds images to the song showing us how beautiful life is. This ...


LIVE: Mount Etna Is Erupting And It Looks Spectacular hot Feb 28, 2017 Nature

Sicily's Mount Etna started erupting on Monday night with fountains of lava providing a spectacular show.
The lava flows began at around 7pm on Monday at Europe's highest and most active volcano, ...


Massive Rockfall In Switzerland Captured On Camera
Feb 28, 2017 Nature

The incredible footage was captured by a geologist who just happened to be filming when the rock fall occurred on a mountain in the Swiss Alps.

According to local reports the 2,000 cubic ...


Iceberg Rolls Over In The Sea Infront Of Tourists
Feb 13, 2017 Nature

This Iceberg was "calved" by Argentina's Uppsala glacier. While tourists were passing by it with a catamaran, the huge berg lost a part of itself (look at the right side sinking) and then flipped ...