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Never Get Out Of Your Car During A Road Rage Or This Might Happen
Jul 12, 2017 Shocking

If you see a driver on the road who is ready for a road rage, you better stay in your car and try to avoid rage.

In this dashcam video we can see one driver getting out of his car after ...


Another Police Brutality In California, Cop Puts The Slam-Down On Restrained Suspect
Jul 11, 2017 Shocking

Authorities are reviewing a video released online regarding the possible use of excessive force by Santa Ana Police officers during a suspect takedown following a short pursuit of a reported stolen car ...


Baby Falls Out Of The Car In Turkey, Then Almost Disaster Happens
Jul 10, 2017 Shocking

In Turkey, surveillance traffic cameras captured an unusual accident that put citizens in shock. In one of the turns, a baby in the stool fell from the vehicle, but then the tragedy just started.


WATCH: Helicopter Carrying Bride to Wedding Ceremony Crashes, Killing All People On Board
Jul 07, 2017 Shocking

Rosemere do Nascimento Silva, a Brazilian bride who wanted to fulfill a childhood dream of surprising her husband-to-be by arriving at the altar in a helicopter, was killed tragically when the helicopter ...


VIDEO: Dashcam Captures Shocking Moment When Lightning Strikes Next To A Pedestrian
Jul 05, 2017 Shocking

A dashcam video comes from a car in China, where we can see a moment of lightning strike just infront of the driver.

Unfortunately there was also one pedestrian walking ahead and the strike ...


Rebels Shoot Down Syrian Helicopter, Everything Was Captured On A Camera
Jul 04, 2017 Shocking

The moment a Syrian military helicopter was apparently shot down by rebels has been recorded by an amateur cameraman.

Rebels downed a helicopter as troops fought to take back a key Syrian ...


Van Ploughs Through The Streets In Malaysia, Pedestrians Jump Away In Last Second
Jul 03, 2017 Shocking

A video from Malaysia is coming from the streets when a van driver fled from the police chasing him. He did not care for the pedestrians, as in one of the streets he ploughed through anything that came ...


Big Wave Catapults Boarder 20Ft In The Air, Leaving His With A Burst Lung
Jun 27, 2017 Shocking

Surfer Craig Stroh captured the moment professional body boarder pal Jack Baker's was wiped out by the swell as he watched from the shore in Cronulla, Sydney, Australia.

Jack, who was riding ...


VIDEO: New 'Power' Drug Outbreak Happening In Great Britain, This Is What Is Does To Consumers
Jun 20, 2017 Shocking

A shocking time-lapse video showing the horrific effects on former legal highs like Spice on drug-abusers has been released by police.

Drug-users become 'zombies' after smoking super-strong ...


VIDEO: After 12 Years Of Animal Torture, This Matador Gets Executed By A Bull
Jun 20, 2017 Shocking

Spanish matador Ivan Fandino died yesterday when he was transported to hospital after being struck by a bull in the French city of Mont de Marsan.

He was in a bullfighting for the last ...


Homeowner Fights Off Armed Robbers With A Machete, Steals Their Shotgun
Jun 17, 2017 Shocking

Armed men tried to rob a home this week, but were arrested after one of the victims grabbed a machete and fought back, the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office reports.

The incident was captured ...


Muslim Van Driver Hits Five People On The Pavement, Says He Saw Red
Jun 16, 2017 Shocking

This is the horrific moment a Muslim van driver ploughed into five men sending them flying 'like skittles' after claims he was racially abused while fasting during Ramadan. Lugman Aslam, 26, can be seen ...


This Is The Shocking Result Of The Storm That Hit Cape Town
Jun 09, 2017 Shocking

At least eight people were killed in a storm that swept into the Cape Town area, which has been suffering from a severe drought, South African authorities said Wednesday.

Cape Town workers ...


SHOCKING: Zookeepers Feed Hungry Tigers With Alive Donkey
Jun 08, 2017 Shocking

The horror moment a donkey was eaten alive after being pushed into a tiger enclosure at a Chinese zoo has been caught on camera.

Footage of the nightmare incident was shared online by a ...


CCTV Footage Of A Restaurant Barricading Themselves From The London Attackers
Jun 07, 2017 Shocking

Video footage has emerged showing one of the London Bridge attackers trying to force his way into a restaurant in Borough Market. The recording, taken from the restaurant's CCTV camera on Saturday evening, ...


Random Scumbag Hits 90 Year Old Man With A Cane In New York, Gets Arrested
Jun 06, 2017 Shocking

Police have arrested a teenager in connection with the vicious daylight attack on a 90-year-old man.

Saul Nunez, 19, was taken in for questioning Saturday and was later formally arrested, ...


This Horrific Crash At The Nurburgring Shows How Quick Race Can Turn Into A Nightmare
Jun 06, 2017 Shocking

A Nissan GT-R driven by Jann Mardenborough flipped off the track and into the spectator area at endurance race at the Nurburgring in Germany. The driver survived without serious injuries but one spectator ...


VIDEO: 1000 Injured In Juventus Fan Panic After Bomb Scare In Torino
Jun 04, 2017 Shocking

At least 1,000 people were injured, seven seriously, after a bomb scare triggered a stampede among Juventus fans assembled to watch the Champions League final in Turin, police said on Sunday.
AFP ...


DISGUSTING: 80-Year-Old Muslim Marries 12-Year-Old Girl. What World Are We Living In?
Jun 04, 2017 Shocking

A 12-year-old girl is being forced to marry an 80-year-old Muslim man. We would advise you acquire some sort of receptacle for which to deposit your projectile vomit.

This is 2017, where ...


WATCH: Another Terrorist Attack Shocks London, At Least 7 Are Dead
Jun 04, 2017 Shocking

London woke Sunday to sunny skies - and the shock of another terror attack, in which seved people were killed and at least 48 injured in a two-pronged assault on London Bridge and Borough Market.