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Crazy Shootout At Atlanta Gas Station Caught On Camera
Aug 24, 2016 Shocking

Footage from a surveillance camera in Atlanta was posted on YouTube in which we can see a dispute between two men at the gas station. One of the men exits the convenience store at the station and the other ...


A Powerful 6.2 Quake Shakes Rome And Destroys Town In Central Italy
Aug 24, 2016 Shocking

A powerful 6.2-magnitude earthquake rocked central Italy some 76 kilometers southeast of the city of Perugia at 1:36 a.m GMT. Social media has been flooded with reports of strong tremors felt in the country's ...


Bodycam Shows Cop Save Man Trapped In Burning Car
Aug 20, 2016 Shocking

Senior Police Officer Dan Whitney responded to a 3 a.m. highway accident in Georgia, USA to find an SUV engulfed in flames against a large tree. A man was yelling for help from a small rear driver-side ...


Dashcam Shows Chicago Police Shootout With Carjacking Suspect
Aug 19, 2016 Shocking

One day after a carjacking suspect opened fire on officers, the Chicago Police Department swiftly released dramatic dashcam videos from the incident. Police say the videos show Charles Lawson, 24, firing ...


Car Bomb Goes Off During Wedding In Turkey
Aug 19, 2016 Shocking

At least 11 people have been killed and more than 200 injured in a string of bombings blamed on separatist militants in Turkey.

One blast struck near a police station in the city of Elazig ...


Fan Brutally Attacks A Goalkeeper After He Breaks Onto Pitch
Aug 17, 2016 Shocking

In Swedish first league in soccer something very horrifying happened on the match between teams Jonkopings Sodra and Ostersunds. One fan broke onto pitch, then he brutally attacked a goalkeeper Aly Keita.


A Dramatic Moment When Scuba Diver Had Panic Attack At 50 Feet
Aug 11, 2016 Shocking

Scuba diver had panic at 15 meters / 50 feet. Seems as if she spit out her regulator and then pulled down her mask. In the end they all reverted to emergency ascend. Thankfully everyone survived this incident.


Suspected Arsonist From Kentucky Accidentally Lights Himself On Fire
Aug 10, 2016 Shocking

Police in Kentucky are looking for a man caught on surveillance video attempting to torch a barbershop — and in the process lighting himself ablaze. The video first shows a woman shattering a window ...


Chinese Man Beats Up Robber While Completing ATM Transaction
Aug 09, 2016 Shocking

Dramatic CCTV footage has emerged from China of a man beating up an alleged robber at a cash machine, before completing the withdrawal and walking out.
In the video, captured on a security camera ...


A Lion Attacked A Kid On Mexican TV
Aug 09, 2016 Shocking

The lioness was seemingly set off by the child's crying. The show's presenter and the child's mother smile through the attack because the lion's trainer instructs them to stay calm, to avoid making the ...


Rio Olympics French Gymnast Breaks His Leg
Aug 07, 2016 Shocking

The Olympics for French gymnast Samir Ait Said ended in brutal fashion Saturday when he suffered a broken left leg while vaulting during the men's team qualifications. It was the kind of injury that made ...


Polish Patriots Protected Women Against Migrants
Aug 04, 2016 Shocking

In contrast to their West European brethren Polish men do not seem to tolerate disrespect towards their women as well as sexual harassment. Thay also tend to use very effective methods to teach some people ...


Migrant Gang In Paris Attacks Passenger Bus With Molotov Cocktail
Aug 04, 2016 Shocking

A gang Muslim migrants in Paris ambushed and burned down a passenger bus in the Saint-Denis district around 1 AM on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the 28th of July. The men set up a road block, threatened ...


Pilot Takes Down Passenger Who Pushed Flight Attendant
Aug 03, 2016 Shocking

An American Airlines pilot is being hailed as a hero for taking down a belligerent passenger who reportedly manhandled a flight attendant. The pilot kept him on the floor while passengers helped restrain ...


Cat Drone
Aug 03, 2016 Shocking

Bart Jansen is best known for turning his dead cat Orville into a drone. His next flying venture aims to see humans riding on their animals in the sky. Mr Jansen, who describes himself as an artist, has ...


Five-Story Building Collapses In Kenya
Aug 03, 2016 Shocking

A five-storey building collapsed on Tuesday in one of the estates of the eastern part of the Kenyan capital Nairobi. Robert Maina, a resident of the area who filmed the actual collapse with his smart phone, ...


Watch Shocking Stramash As Falkirk Driver Attacks Biker In Road Rage
Aug 02, 2016 Shocking

The row – involving a man on a motorbike and the driver of a green car – happened at the Westfield roundabout in Falkirk, Stirlingshire. It begins with the motorbike approaching the roundabout.As it ...


CCTV Captures Dramatic Moment Baby Plummets Down Escalators
Jul 26, 2016 Shocking

CCTV captures dramatic moment baby plummets down escalators, Heart-stopping moment baby's pram tumbles down an escalator after father loses her grip at a Chinese shopping mall.

A shocking ...


Tiger Attack In Beijing's Wildlife Park
Jul 25, 2016 Shocking

CCTV published footage of the incident showing one woman getting out and standing beside the car before quickly being attacked and dragged away. The second woman was killed when she jumped out to try to ...


This Could Be The Most Terrifying Painting Ever - You Will Understand Why After You Watch It
Jul 23, 2016 Shocking

The eyes on this painting follow you when you walk past so look closely at the picture to reveal a one secret more. Is this the most terrifying painting ever? You be the judge and show this one to your friends!