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Trees Fall Down During Last Huge Storm In Moscow, Russia
Jun 02, 2017 Shocking

Sixteen people were killed when a severe thunderstorm hit Moscow and the region around the Russian capital on Monday, officials say.

Hundreds of trees were toppled, and about 150 people ...


Indonesian Artist Risks His Life During AGT Audition, Then Big Shock Happens
Jun 01, 2017 Shocking

An escape artist Demian Aditya from Idonesia attempts a death-defying stunt on the audition of America's Got Talent show and shocks the crowd and all the judges.

Check out how his dangerous ...


Bodycam Shows Fatal Police Shootout in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Jun 01, 2017 Shocking

The Kent County prosecutor says Grand Rapids officers were justified in fatal shooting of 18-year-old man during a gun battle earlier this month. Prosecutor Chris Becker released his decision Tuesday, ...


VIDEO: The Worst Storm In Last 100 Years Hits Moscow, At Least 12 People Died
May 30, 2017 Shocking

A devastating hurricane knocked down several hundred trees in Moscow, Russi. The necessary measures are taken to eliminate the consequences of the disaster. As a result of the hurricane there are at least ...


Driver Captures A Big Explosion Of Burning Car On Netherlands Highway
May 28, 2017 Shocking

Here comes a video from Netherlands in which one car driver captured a moment of burning car on the highway A2 when suddenly the car exploded just next to him.

He was not injured but he ...


Terrifying Video Shows A Bear Charging Down A Hunter
May 25, 2017 Shocking

Richard Wesley was filming his latest bow-hunting venture and captured a lot more than he was expecting. He was hunting in the Fire River, Ontario in Canada, when suddenly he witnessed a black bear. ...


Dramatic Video Shows Flaming Storefront Collapse On Firefighter
May 23, 2017 Shocking

A firefighter was rescued by his colleagues in Iron Mountain, Michigan, on Saturday, May 20, after the burning facade of a gas station convenience store collapsed, trapping him underneath.

According ...


Japanese Magician Was Swallowing Razorblades On BGT, At The End He Shocked Everyone
May 22, 2017 Shocking

TanBA from Japan had travelled to London for Britain's Got Talent, and he didn't disappoint.

In fact he horrified the judges and the audience, with viewers at home stunned by his trick. ...


Killer Sea Lion Drags Girl Into Steveston Waters, Footage Is Just Shocking
May 21, 2017 Shocking

Watch as a sea lion attacks and drags a young girl into the waters at the Steveston Fisherman's Wharf, Richmond B.C. Canada. This is not something you see everyday for sure!

The girl was ...


Watch How Pedestrians Stop And Beat Driver Who Crashed His Car On Times Square
May 19, 2017 Shocking

The driver, Richard Rojas, 26, eventually crashed his maroon Honda sedan into a pole and tried to flee the scene as others watch on in terror.

He was arrested at the scene moments later ...


Crazy Driver Pulls A Shot Gun On A Deputy At A Traffic Stop, His Reaction Saves His Life
May 18, 2017 Shocking

This is video from the bodycam of a Douglas County Deputy when he was faced with a split-second decision. He thought he was helping a stranded motorist, instead, a man with a rifle got out of the driver's ...


Plastic Litters One Of The World's Remotest Islands, Footage Will Make You Think
May 18, 2017 Shocking

The beaches of one of the world's most remote islands have been found to be polluted with the highest density of plastic debris reported anywhere on the planet.

Despite being uninhabited ...


Man Gets Sucked Into Jet Engine Airtake, Survives The Accident
May 18, 2017 Shocking

A crewman on an aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower stands too close to a jet engine and gets sucked inside, but miraculously lives to tell about it.

This footage will make you think ...


Drive-By Shooting Goes Wrong, Police Officers Returned Fire
May 18, 2017 Shocking

Harris County deputies were working in uniform at an off-duty security job for Johnny B's Outlaw Saloon at around 2 AM Friday morning. A fight broke out in the parking lot, and then a man drove up in a ...


Guy Tosses A Tuna To A Group Of Giant Piranhas, Footage Is Totally Crazy
May 17, 2017 Shocking

The video shows the man holding a huge tuna in his heads while a group of large fish is seen swimming in the waters below. These are actually a bunch of giant carnivorous fish called Trevally fish and ...


WATCH: Old Woman In Romania Gets Hospitalized After A Nightmare Suffering From This Syndrome
May 16, 2017 Shocking

Doctors at Hospital Botosani were facing something that has never happened before. A patient of 65 years began to sing a folk song a week ago, and since then never stopped.

Relatives of ...


Mysterious Dead Sea Monster Washed Ashore In Indonesia, And Nobody Knows What It Is
May 13, 2017 Shocking

The Indonesian military says they believe this mysterious sea creature to be squid and to be about 15 meters long. Other guesses are that it's some type of whale. Tests are currently being run to figure ...


Teenage Girl Microwaves Her Guinea Pig And Puts Footage Online
May 13, 2017 Shocking

16-year-old teenager Vitoria Muller from Brazil posted afootage online of her pet guinea pig being microwaved by her. The footage sparked an online hate campaign as images of the animal spinning inside ...


Baby's Crying Was Heard In This Van, Then They Recived A Shock Of Their Life
May 11, 2017 Shocking

In this video from Italy we can see a collection of brutal scenes made by "DM Pranks" group, who are famous for their Scary clown pranks.

Here is another part of this prank and ...


Italian News Anchor Does Report On Migrants Sleeping Rough, Then They Attack Her
May 09, 2017 Shocking

An Italian reporter was just doing her job when things took a terrifying turn for the worst. Francesca Parisella was doing a live feed on homeless refugees and migrants in Rome. And there, on live television, ...