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Two Rugby Players Deliver A Magic Move Which Is Leaving Everyone Cheering
Sep 17, 2017 Sport

With the Rugby Championship in full swing, South Africa headed for New Zealand today with many quietly fancying an upset.

Undoubtedly the moment of today's first half came when Nehe Milner-Skudder ...


Wales National Team Score After Home Fans Sing Their Anthem
Sep 04, 2017 Sport

On Saturday, Austrians and football players from Wales moved to Cardiff City Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. It was 73 minutes into the match, when the home team's fans tried to help them out.

They ...


VIDEO: Mayweather Wins Fight Against McGregor With A TKO In 10th Round
Aug 27, 2017 Sport

Floyd Mayweather lived up to expectations on Saturday, defeating Conor McGregor in "The Money Fight" to remain undefeated during his legendary boxing career.

Mayweather hit the ...


This Is Probably The Most Amazing Knockout Ever Recorded In MMA
Aug 27, 2017 Sport

Take a look at this video and see, how Marcus "Lelo" Aurelio of Axe Capoeira Vancouver knocks out Keegan "The Marshall" Marshall at North American Challenge in North Vancouver in best ...


VIDEO: Neymar Scores Incredible Solo Goal On The First Match With PSG
Aug 21, 2017 Sport

Having spent 222 million euros on Neymar, PSG could legitimately have expected incredible performances every game.

So far, the Brazilian superstar is producing goals, assists and viral clips ...


Goalkeeper Somehow Makes 3 Amazing Saves In 2 Seconds
Aug 16, 2017 Sport

Goalkeeper Alex Cairns pulled off a worldy against Northampton Town at Sixfields Stadium on Saturday as he pulls off what could be the best triple save League One has ever seen.

Take a look ...


Reason Why Pitchers Should Wear Helmets
Aug 14, 2017 Sport

Tim Tebow takes a pitch to the head and his helmet flies off. A clip that proves how dangerous this sport really can be. In this case, we can see how important the use of the helmet really is. The ball ...


This Has To Be Most Badass Rally Jump Ever Recorded
Aug 11, 2017 Sport

Take a look at this video from Latvia, that made many fans of adrenaline and speed excited.

One of the rally drivers impressed with his move on a jump where he jumped over a part of the ...


Fighter Fixes Opponent's Dislocated Shoulder After Throwing A Powerful Punch
Aug 10, 2017 Sport

During the MMA fight between Arkadiusz Wroblewski from Poland and Paata Tschapelia from Germany, Polish fighter suffered a disclocation of his left shoulder after throwing a powerful right punch.


Goalie Makes A Huge Mistake, Opposing Striker Immediately Makes A Far More Embarrassing One
Aug 01, 2017 Sport

The keeper for Viitorul Constanța in the Romanian League really goofed, but luckily Dinamo Bucuresti's Valentin Costache goofed a lot more and didn't punish him for it.

Take a look at this ...


Speedflying Through Fog In Carpathian Mountains, Romania Will Take Your Breath Away
Jul 18, 2017 Sport

Jamie Lee is back at it with an incredible foggy line in Carpathian Mountains, Romania.

Take a look at this crazy video posted by GoPro in which skydiver Jamie Lee jumps off Carpathian Mountains ...


Muay Thai Fighter Delivers The Most Outrageous Knockout You Will Ever See
Jul 05, 2017 Sport

Muay Thai brawler Jonathan Tuhu wrote his name in the history books with the stunning effort that sent his much-larger rival crashing to the mat.

It came during the fifth round after the ...


WATCH: Have You Seen The Longest Penalty Ever Taken?
Jun 22, 2017 Sport

Tunisia rounded off their Olympic Games football campaign in bizarre fashion when they were forced to take the same penalty six times in their 3-2 win over Serbia and Montenegro back at 2004.


WATCH: Like Father, Like Son. Cristiano Ronaldo's Son Shows His Football Talent!
Jun 12, 2017 Sport

An old saying says that the apple does not fall far from the tree. And that's true.

They posted a video at Real Madrid on their Youtube channel to share a short clip of one of the videos ...


WATCH: Marquez's Hilarious Fail In The Cockpit While Switching The Bike
Jun 11, 2017 Sport

MotoGP racerd Marc Marquez was heading into the cockpit during the warmup practice on today's race on Circuit de Catalunya in Spain when something funny happened to him.

While he was trying ...


Watch The Symbolic Moment Francesco Totti Gave His Armband To Roma's Youngest Captain
May 30, 2017 Sport

After an incredible 25 years playing for Roma, Francesco Totti's time at the club is over. A 3-2 win against Genoa saw the Rome side finish four points behind Serie A champions Juventus, and after the ...


This Is The Most Outrageous Table Tennis Match You Will Ever See
May 28, 2017 Sport

We can guarantee you've never seen such a hilarious and outrageous table tennis match in your whole life. Two table tennis players Jorgen Persson and Timo Boll competed against each other and their matches ...


Cyclist Makes An Emergency Stop To Poop During The Giro d'Italia
May 25, 2017 Sport

Halfway through a stage in the Giro d'Italia, rider Tom Dumoulin was, uh, forced to make an unscheduled pitstop. Despite the stop, Dumoulin managed to maintain his overall lead in the race, although it ...


WATCH: Nearly Half The Moto3 Riders Crashed In The Same Turn
May 21, 2017 Sport

It took just a few seconds for almost half the field to wipe out in one corner at the Moto3 French GP, with the riders piling into the gravel trap one after the other.

The bizarre crash ...


Rally Driver Passes Fans With Incredible Speed In His Porsche GT3
May 13, 2017 Sport

If you love high speeds and rally then this is the video you have to watch. Fans captured a moment on their camera when rally driver passed them with a Porsche GT3 at full speed.

You will ...