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Showboating MMA Fighter Gets Slept By His Opponent
Feb 19, 2017 Sport

Take a look at this MMA fight in which one fighter was making fun of his opponent by dancing infront of him but then he got what he deserved! See why everyone is laughing at this video today!


NHL Suspends Gustav Nyquist Six Games For This High Stick On Spurgeon
Feb 17, 2017 Sport

Detroit Red Wings forward Gustav Nyquist has been suspended six games by the NHL for his egregious high-sticking incident against Minnesota Wild defenceman Jared Spurgeon. See what happened on the hockey match.


Kazakhstani Skier Falls Immediately After The Start
Feb 09, 2017 Sport

Taras Pimenov is not the best skier in the world but he still competes for Kazakhstan team. At the Super-G in St. Moritz he crashed right after the start and his fail made many people laugh. See what happened!


Olivier Jenot Crashes Hard At Super-G World Champs In St. Moritz
Feb 09, 2017 Sport

SKI star Olivier Jenot suffered a punctured lung and internal bleeding in horror fall at 2017 Alpine World Championships in Switzerland.

The Monegasque skier, 28, is in a stable condition ...


Tennis Player From Canada Gets His Team Disqualificated After Hiting Umpire
Feb 07, 2017 Sport

At the Tennis Davis Cup 2017 the 17-year-old tennis player Shapovalov got his Canada team disqualificated after he hit an umpire with a tennis ball after losing a point. This is not what tennis is about!


VIDEO: Julian Edelman Saves The Patriots With The Catch Of The Year
Feb 06, 2017 Sport

If wide receiver Julian Edelman hadn't made that catch, the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history may never have happened, and the New England Patriots wouldn't have been Super Bowl champions.


Skier Valentin Giraud Moine Gets In A Horror Crash At Garmisch Partenkirchen Downhill
Jan 28, 2017 Sport

French skier Valentin Giraud Moine reportedly suffered two broken legs in Garmisch-Partenkirchen while Steven Nyman was also involved in a heavy crash in the men's downhill. Take a look at Valentin's shocking ...


Russell Westbrook Completely Forgets To Dribble In Most Hilarious Traveling Violation
Jan 20, 2017 Sport

Dribbling is a pretty important part of the game of basketball. Russell Westbrook forgot that for a second during the Thunder-Warriors game on Wednesday night. See what he did and why is everyone laughing ...


This Crazy Skier Will Blow You Away With His Double Backflip
Jan 14, 2017 Sport

Candide Thovex is one of the freestyle skiers who blow us away everytime. Here comes a video of him performing a double backflip at ski resort and it will take your breath away for sure. See how he did it.


Louisville Women's Team Tricks Duke Into Defending The Wrong Basket
Jan 08, 2017 Sport

Louisville women's basketball coach Jeff Walz made a genius call on Monday night, sending his team out facing the wrong basket to begin the third quarter against Duke.


Roger Federer Makes A Girl Cry In Australia
Jan 06, 2017 Sport

The Swiss Roger Federer, considered one of the best athletes in history makes a girl excited in Australia when she sees him. He is her biggest idol and she had a task to flip a coin before the match. This ...


Best And Most Memorable MMA Knockouts Of 2016
Jan 05, 2017 Sport

Take a look at some of the best and most memorable MMA konckouts in the season 2016. This is something every MMA fan should see. Which one of the knockouts was your favourite one? ;)


Olivier Giroud's Goal Is Definitely The Best Goal In Year 2017
Jan 02, 2017 Sport

French attacker Olivier Giroud who plays for Arsenal scored a goal which might is totally sick. See how he scored against Crystal Palace using his heel. You need a lot of luck and skills to score like this!


You've Never Seen Such A Knockout At MMA Event
Jan 02, 2017 Sport

MMA fight between Luis Raul Alvarez and Martin Georges was something special as Luis Raul knocked out cold Martin Georges in the way we've probably haven't seen before. See waht happened!


This Is The Turn No Rally Driver Could Make It, Then Renault 5 Driver Stole The Show
Dec 29, 2016 Sport

On this rally stage almost every rally driver had to stop his car just to make this sharp and narrow turn. But it gets better and better as the driver with Renault 5 doesn't have this problem at all. See ...


NBA Player Onuaku Sinks First Career Free Throws Underhanded
Dec 28, 2016 Sport

Chinanu Onuaku goes to the free throw line for the first time as an NBA player and hits both shots underhanded. This is how you make free throws if you're playing for the score!


This Hockey Save Is One Of The Best Hockey Saves Of All Time
Dec 28, 2016 Sport

Marc-Andre Fleury is a Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL. On the match against New Jersey he saved the goal in most badass way possible!


Leo Messi Top Skills During His Carrer When He Was Young
Dec 27, 2016 Sport

As a Christmas present, FC Barcelona is offering a compilation of some of the finest moments of skill produced by Leo Messi when he was a youngster coming up through the FC Barcelona academy. A young Leo ...


Spurs Were 9 Points Behind Clippers 20 Seconds Before End, Then This Happened
Dec 23, 2016 Sport

On the NBA match between San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers, last seconds in the fourth quarter were something special. Spurs stole two balls in just 2 seconds under the rim of Clippers.


Skier From Marocco Will Make You Burst In Tears Of Laughter After Seeing His Run
Dec 16, 2016 Sport

Here comes a video from Olympic Games back in year 1992 when this skier from Marocoo made everyone laugh with his hilarious ride attempt. But what counts is that you have to believe in your dreams no matter ...