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Crazy Downhill POV Run On Red Bull Hard-Line
Sep 21, 2016 Sport

Red Bull makes the hardest downhill track every year and the call it Red Bull Hard-Line. This time crazy rider from England Bernard Kerr captured his descent on a helmet camera. What you will see here ...


Triathlete Gives Up Chance To Win To Help His Collapsing Brother Across Finish Line
Sep 20, 2016 Sport

Not only did Alistair and Jonny Brownlee's parents raise two world class triathletes (both medaled at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics), they also raised a son who would abandon his chance at winning to carry ...


Steven Gerrard And Robbie Keane Play Soccer Against 30 Children
Sep 19, 2016 Sport

Los Angeles Galaxy pair Steven Gerrard and Robbie Keane take on a team of 30 eight-year-old children in California. The stunt is part of the LA Galaxy Ridiculous Soccer Challenge. Neither Gerrard nor Keane ...


Footballers Get Blindfolded, Then Ronaldinho Fools Them All
Sep 16, 2016 Sport

In order to promote mobile app SportyTrader, creators invited professional soccer players for an awesome challange. Who will make as much as possible taps with a ball while blindfolded?


Algerian Paralympic Became A Sensation By Breaking The World Record
Sep 14, 2016 Sport

It is a historical win for Algerian Abdellatif Baka. At the Paralympic Games in Rio 2016 he just set a new World Record in Men's 1500m run. He was competing in T13 category which means he is almost blind ...


Most Amazing Armless Table Tennis Performance By Ibrahim Hamato
Sep 11, 2016 Sport

Ibrahim Al Husseini Hamato, 41, is an Egyptian Para table tennis Champion, winning several honors over the years, including the silver medals in the African Para table tennis Championships in 2011 and ...


When The Physics Teacher Takes Apart In Tour De France
Sep 05, 2016 Sport

Maybe he is not the physics teacher but he wells know some physics laws. Here is a Superman pose as you have never seen before. This position gives a cyclist better aerodynamic efficiency. Riders of the ...


Danilo Petrucci Pulls One Of The Saves Of The Season
Sep 04, 2016 Sport

Try watching this without wincing! Danilo Petrucci pulled one of the most incredible saves in this season of MotoGP on the Qualifications of British GP. This deserves your view!


High School Striker Scores After Flipping Over Goalie
Aug 29, 2016 Sport

Here is a video from a soccer match when high school striker scored a goal after flipping over goalie. If soccer doesn't work out for this kid, we suggest he makes a phone call to the US men's gymnastics team.


Javelin Champion Julius Yego Taught Himself The Sport By Watching YouTube Videos
Aug 22, 2016 Sport

Julius Yego is a Kenyan track and field athlete who competes in the javelin throw. Nicknamed "Mr. YouTube Man" because he learned how to throw by watching YouTube videos of javelin athletes, ...


One Of The Most Iconic And Dramatic Moments In Olympic Handball
Aug 21, 2016 Sport

One of the most iconic and dramatic moments in Olympic handball history goes back into 2008 when Denmark was behind Russia for one goal just 30 seconds before end. But what happened next left everyone in awe!


Hilarious Compilation Showing Too Early Celebrations
Aug 19, 2016 Sport

If you want to have a good laugh, then this video is a must see! It's a sports compilation in which you will see why noone should never celebrate too early. If you do it, you might end like those guys ...


Usain Bolt Was Frustrated With Lack Of Respect, Turns Abruptly To Honor US National Anthem
Aug 19, 2016 Sport

During an interview with a reporter after a race, Usain Bolt stopped the dialogue the instant he heard the faint strains of the US national anthem playing in the stadium.

It took a moment ...


This Crazy Enduro Biker Knows No Obstacles On A Mud Race
Aug 17, 2016 Sport

Take a look at this video captured from helmet by unknown Enduro rider, who really knows no obstacles on his path. His opponents were stucked in the mud but he didn't really care. This is how a crazy ride ...


Is This Greatest Olympic Win Ever?
Aug 16, 2016 Sport

Here comes a clip from Olympic Games in Salt Lake City from year 2002 when there was an ice skating match. When everything was almost clear who will take home the gold, something unexpected happened!


Crazy Goals From Handball On Olympic Games
Aug 15, 2016 Sport

Take a look at this awesome official compilation from all the Olympic games where you can see the best handball goals so far. Which one impressed you the most? ;)


Nigerian Table Tennis Player Won't Let You Score Against Him
Aug 15, 2016 Sport

Amazing scenes at the Scotstoun Sports Campus as Nigeria's Segun Toriola produces a breathtaking defensive display to win a 41-shot rally against Singapore's Ning Gao during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.


Is This Luckiest Golf Strike Ever?
Aug 15, 2016 Sport

After a 112 year absence, Michelob Ultra is proud to celebrate golf's return to The Games in Rio. For their celebration they used a clip of a golfist who probably made a luckiest shot ever! :D


A 360 Video With The World's Best Female Pilot Spinning Around
Aug 09, 2016 Sport

Svetlana Kapanina has won the Women's World Aerobatic Champion title seven times, and had been a World Championship gold medalist 39 times. We're trying to appreciate her skills, but all this is just getting ...


What A Fantastic Goal From Chinese Footbal Player In Rio
Aug 08, 2016 Sport

Tan Ruyin scores a spectacular 40-yard goal to put China 2-0 up against South Africa in their match at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.