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36 Days Of Elves Is Most Brutal Cartoon About Bad Elves
Nov 16, 2016 18+

Hold on to your reindeers - it's all three seasons of back to back elf insanity! Take a look at this compilation of short clips about bad Elves doing all the crazy stuff around the world. It's brutal, ...


Saving The Passenger In A Deadly Lamborghini Crash In Russia
Mar 27, 2016 18+

Motorcyclist captured this horrible video of aftermath of Lamborghini crash somewhere in Russia. The car was taken for a ride by the people who were supposed to service it when they crashed hard right ...


Electricity Shocks Chinese Workers After They Hit An Electrical Wiring
Mar 11, 2016 18+

This shocking security video from China reveals what happend when group of workers were pushing a big metal structure. They didn't noticed electrical wiring above them so the got shocked by electricity.


This Is The Reason Why You Shouldn't Play With Scissors
Dec 04, 2015 18+

Famous RackaRacka made this new video in which he tries to aware us that we shouldn't play with scissors ever. Bad things can happen in seconds.


WTF: Cute Japanese High Schoolers In A Fearsome Ride
Nov 30, 2015 18+

Japanese people are known for their disturbing videos that make whole World WTF! This next video is definitely one of the most WTF videos you will ever see this year!


Most Frightening Red Bull Parody
Nov 04, 2015 18+

Red Bull gives you wings. Not recommended for children or pregnant women. This frightening parody by RackaRacka is the best thing you will see today if you're over 18 years old!


Shocking Russian Accident On Pedestrian Crossing
Oct 20, 2015 18+

Here comes another dashcam video from Russia in which we can see one driver hit a group of people on the crosswalk. Driver had a red light but was in a rush to work at McDonalds. Two persons are still ...


Adult Movie Stars Showing How To Suck A Man
Aug 05, 2015 18+

Guys from Simple Pickup asked adult movie stars to teach every day women how to satisfy man's needs. Will they teach you something new? ;)


Hot Buns Compilation For A Better Day
Aug 04, 2015 18+

If you have a bad day this video will definitely cheer you up. This mini compilation of hot buns is a must see! Especially if you're a man!


How to Make Love to a Woman
Dec 01, 2014 18+

Watch this a step by step instructional video in which you will find out how to make love to a woman.


Italian Woman Unknowingly Showing Her Breasts On National TV
Nov 12, 2014 18+

Veronica Maya was singing a "Material Girl" song by Madonna in Italian show "Tale E Quale Show". During the performance she didn't notice she's showing her breasts to millions of people.


How We Get Meet That We Eat
Sep 30, 2014 18+

A shocking video from Mexico in which a cow get killed due to human need of meet.


Flying Without Bra in the Airplane
Aug 08, 2014 18+

Watch our Connie enjoying her special flight. Wouldn’t you get a pilot licence for that?


Don't Fight With Girls From The Hood
Jun 16, 2014 18+

Girl from the hood fights two drunk black boys on the gas station.


Jan 04, 2014 18+

An excellent brutal short film of Christmas trees and their revenge to the families.


Slow-motion bouncing boobs
Oct 16, 2013 18+

Rachel Williams' bounces her fun bags in super slow-motion!


Tampon Prank
Jul 19, 2013 18+

A tampon prank gone bad when a girl lubricate the face of her boyfriend with her fake tampon :S


Spanish Girl Loses Her Top
Jul 01, 2013 18+

A sexy Spanish girl didn't saw that her top fell down on the television :D


Sickest Harlem Shake
Mar 20, 2013 18+

Probably the sickest Harlem Shake video ever which demonstrates that people have ideas without any limits.


Porn Audition Goes Wrong
Mar 03, 2013 18+

Young and very shy Russian girl makes the porn audition definitely very interesting :)