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Clever Homeowners Stop A Birdseed-Stealing Squirrel In His Tracks
Jan 26, 2017 Funny

The Rock Squirrel has been raiding this guy's bird feeder, carrying away pounds of seed. His wife Nancy figured a quick solution. We really don't know which is funnier, the squirrel or Nancy's narration! :D


A Bad Lip Reading Of Donald Trump's Inauguration Is The Most Hilarious Thing
Jan 26, 2017 Funny

From Bad Lip Reading creators here comes another one that is totally hilarious. It's a bad lip reading of Donald Trump's inauguration. Their video got more than 8 million views in just one day so this ...


Young Girl's Trying To Practice Flute, Instead Dog Has Internet In Laughter
Jan 25, 2017 Funny

This Golden Retriever is not afraid of putting in his two cents. It's moments like these that make pet personalities really shine - and this one has a personality that will put a smile on your face. Now ...


Girl Plays On Thin Ice And Pays The Price
Jan 25, 2017 Funny

Girl in this video tried to brag infront of her friends with standing on a thin ice over the lake. Unfortunately for her, she had to pay the price. See what happened in the video.


Hilarious Farm Animal Fails From January 2017
Jan 25, 2017 Funny

Here comes another fails compilation in which FailArmy collected some of the best animal fails from January 2017 month. If you love animals then this video is a must see. Which fail made you laugh the most? :D


Super Polite Kid Asks His Dad For Permission To Curse Out His Brother
Jan 24, 2017 Funny

We've all been there. Older brother is being a bad boy, but dad is around, so it's not clear how actually using the F-word will go over. Thankfully, this very polite little kid's dad is a cool dad.


Cab Driver Claims John Elway Is The Best QB Of All-Time, Has No Idea Elway Is In the Car
Jan 24, 2017 Funny

Cab driver doesn't realize John Elway is in the car, ranks John Elway the best QB of all time. With Elway seated in the back seat, a cab driver decked out in Steelers gear was asked to rank his top-3 all-time ...


Russian President Vladimir Putin Talks About Trump In This Hilarious Parody
Jan 23, 2017 Funny

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett) and Olya Povlatsky (Kate McKinnon) assure Americans that everything will be fine under President Donald Trump. Watch this hilarious parody that got more ...


Drunk Guy Can't Pass This Hilarious Breathalyzer Test At The Club Entrance
Jan 22, 2017 Funny

If you want to have a good laugh then this video is something you have to see. Two security guards were outside the club when one really drunk guy came by. He asked them if he can go inside but they both ...


Fails Compilation Of January 2017 - Part 3
Jan 21, 2017 Funny

Another week of fails for you! Let us know which clips make you laugh the hardest. This compilation is definitely a must see things if you don't know what to watch but you still want to have a good laugh!


News Anchor Reporter Looses Control Laughs At Name Of A Cute Pig
Jan 19, 2017 Funny

News anchor reporter was talking about a pig with name Chris P. Bacon and he couldn't control his laugh after reading his name out loud. His contagious laughter will make your day better for sure! :D


Winter Fails Compilation With Videos From January 2017
Jan 18, 2017 Funny

A winter wonderland of fails! Take a look at this hilarious fails compilation from January 2017 where fails from snow and other winter activites are collected. Let us know your favorites in the comments ...


Concrete Buffer Steals The Show After It Goes Wild At Construction Site
Jan 17, 2017 Funny

Spencer Laboda captured a video at construction site when workers didn't expect they will have to chase a wild concrete buffer. See what he captured on camera and why this video has gone viral.


How To Wash A Car With A Baby
Jan 16, 2017 Funny

In this video dad behind "How to DAD" channel shows us how to use a baby to help you wash your car. All you need to do is to prepare a bucket of water and just relax. This one is so adorable! :)


Basketball Player Passes To Coach By Mistake, Who Drains The Shot From The Sideline
Jan 15, 2017 Funny

Penn College Head Coach Ryan Callahan drains a 3-pointer in game vs. Lancaster Bible College after one of his players passes a ball to him, thinking that he is another player.


Fails Compilation Of January 2017 - Part 2
Jan 14, 2017 Funny

Yes indeedy, more fails of the week! See most awesome fails of second week in January 2017 month and tell us in the comments below which one is your favourite one. This is a perfect compilation for a good ...


This Happens When A Blonde In High Heels Tries To Walk On Ice
Jan 13, 2017 Funny

With low temperatures there is a lot of ice on pavements and roads. Take a look at this blonde trying to walk on ice while wearing high heels. Will she make it or will she just embarrass herself? :D


Girl Gets Her Wisdom Tooths Removed, Thinks They Stole Her Tounge
Jan 13, 2017 Funny

Maria had her 4 widom teeth removed and woke up from anesthesia showing her teenage sassy personality. This video is now going viral all over the US and else in the World. This is so hilarious! :D


This Video Sums Up How New Relationships And Long-Term Relationships Look Like
Jan 11, 2017 Funny

Curtis Lepore and his girlfriend made a video about difference between new relationships and long-term relationships. This video is a perfect example and you will probably find yourself into the scenes too.


Best Laughts Captured On Camera In January 2017
Jan 11, 2017 Funny

Friends help you up when you fall, but your best friends laugh uncontrollably while recording you. Take a look at this hilarious compilation in which laugh is something you won't miss.