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Hilarious Moment When Bike Gets Caught On An Electric Fence
Jan 10, 2017 Funny

Whilst pedalling author's buddy Paul went to put his bike over a fence. Half way though he realised that it was electric! So he dropped it on the fence. This is a video of him and his friend Al trying ...


It's So Cold In Russia That Even Barrier Is Shaking
Jan 09, 2017 Funny

It's really cold out there but we can guarantee you there is even colder in Russia. With temperatures bellow -58 degrees Fahrenheit author of this video says even the barrier is shaking.


Fails Compilation Of January 2017 - Part 1
Jan 07, 2017 Funny

Sometimes things get worse before they get better. Any of these happen to you? Watch this awesome compilation with fails collected from first week in January month in 2017. Which one is your favourite fail? :)


This Video Sums Up What Happens When A Wife Leaves Dad Alone With Their Baby
Jan 06, 2017 Funny

We all know that moms act totally different infront of ther babies than dads do. Once moms let dads to take care of their baby there is always something new to test out. This video totally sumps up what ...


Female DJ Embarrasses Herself When This Falls Out Of Her Top Shirt
Jan 05, 2017 Funny

This female DJ was playing her music for everyone on the electronic festival when she started to jump. Unlucky for her, camera captured a moment when something fall out of her shirt. See how she embarrassed ...


Her Little Brother Told Her She Can't Say That Word, But She Was Unstoppable
Jan 04, 2017 Funny

Here comes a video from a car in which this baby says F-Word in the cutest way possible. Her older brother keeps telling her she can't say that word but there is nothing that can stop her. Watch this video ...


This Is The Way How To Stop Anyone From Snoring
Jan 03, 2017 Funny

Tal Solomon is a man in the video who found an awesome way how to stop anyone from snoring using only a mobile phone. This time his dog was snoring so he had an exelent opportunity to test his trick. See ...


Security Camera Catches A Thief, But When He Spots A Camera His Reaction Is Hilarious
Jan 02, 2017 Funny

Security camera captured a moment when one thief stole the wallet of man infront of him. But when thief saw the security camera right next to his face he knew he screwed up. See how his next reaction made ...


Funny Ameriquest Commercials - Don't Judge Too Quickly
Jan 01, 2017 Funny

Ameriquest is a national mortgage lender based in Orange, California. The company is the largest privately held retail mortgage lender in the United States and the largest subprime lender by volume. They’ve ...


Boyfriend Makes A Wedgie Compilation Of His Girlfriend
Jan 01, 2017 Funny

If there’s a better prank than the wedgie I’m yet to see it. It’s easy to execute, painful for the prankee but not excruciatingly so, and always completely and utterly hilarious. :D


This Adorable Pit Bull Is Afraid Of Walking Through Doors So He Goes Through Them Backward
Jan 01, 2017 Funny

Queso the pit bull might look ferocious, but he’s actually a total scaredy cat. According to his owner, he’s afraid of basically everything, including the kitchen floor, the printer, and doorways. ...


Amazon Alexa Gone Wild
Dec 31, 2016 Funny

A little boy got more than he bargained for when he asked his family's new Amazon Echo Dot to play him some of his favorite kid's songs.
A hilarious video sees a boy named William holding the smart ...


That Awkward Moment When There's One Slice Left
Dec 31, 2016 Funny

The moment when there is one slice of pizza left and multiple people are eyeing it. What an angry cat we found here. It's stingy, it's a "robber" and it's just pure evil.


Female Fan Is Hit Flush In The Face When Wayward Shot Sails Into The Crowd
Dec 31, 2016 Funny

This female football fan learned a painful lesson in always keeping your eyes on the play after taking a powerful shot flush in the face. The incident took place during a 1-1 draw between Portuguese sides ...


Fails Compilation Of Month December 2016
Dec 31, 2016 Funny

We have reached the last month of the year, so here are the best fails of this month, brought to you by FailArmy. Enjoy this month's fails and tell us which clip in this compilation made you laugh the ...


Best of 2016 By Remi Gaillard
Dec 31, 2016 Funny

There is almost no one who doesn't know famous French prankster Remi Gaillard. This time Rémi has put together a best of compilation of 2016. Rémi has done it all and shows no signs of stopping any time ...


These Two Kids Are Having The Best Time On This Fat Loss Vibration Plate
Dec 30, 2016 Funny

We could watch these two kids all day. While testing the fat loss vibration plate, they make such a show and we can't stop laughing. They are truly adorable and sweet.


We're Sure The Lord Forgives This Klutz For Loudly Interrupting A Prayer
Dec 30, 2016 Funny

We don't think this guy did it on purpose. In fact, we are sure it was an accident. But it was a lovely accident. Maybe he should pray for grace. The minister didn't seem too bothered.


Nobody Knows What Was This Deer Thinking
Dec 30, 2016 Funny

Dashcam inside the car, captured a funny moment. Guys where on a deer hunt, when of them ran out of the woods and approached their vehicle. What happened next was a real surprise.


This Toddler Laughts Everytime His Parents Change The Trash Bag
Dec 29, 2016 Funny

Richie Reames went to take out the trash and put a new bag in. When he did this, his son Jameson started laughing so much that he had to record it. We hope this puts a smile on you face!