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Comedian Makes Parenting Joke, Mother Gets Offended And Heckles, Comedian Destroys Her
Dec 29, 2016 Funny

A woman interrupted material about how parents think they're special to tell someone why she was special. Stand up comedian Steve Hofstetter knew exactly what he must say to destroy the woman! :D


Hilarious Christmas Fails Compilation For December 2016
Dec 28, 2016 Funny

Christmas is over but the fails don't stop. Any of these remind you of your holiday? See this awesome fails compilation brought to you by FailArmy in which there are videos taken in Christmas time.


Cat Surprises 3-Year-Old Girl For Christmas And Everyone Is Laughing About This
Dec 27, 2016 Funny

Mom and dad gave their daughter a cat for Christmas but it didn't go exactly as they planned. Some times life's imperfect moments are more perfect than you could imagine. See what happened when this little ...


Santa Claus From France Is Going Viral With His Unusual Gifts
Dec 26, 2016 Funny

Here comes a video from France in which celebrity Ludovik shows the things bad Santa does. He started to shot series of those Bad Santa videos and here is another compilation.


Dad Turns On The Camera, Records His Baby Having A Hysterical Conversation With Family Dog
Dec 25, 2016 Funny

No duo is cuter than a dog and baby, and the video below is proof of this.

Watch as a Shortie puppy named Wicket has a deep conversation with Baby Sophie. Sophie's parents believe that she ...


Nothing Makes You Laugh As Hard As This Game Of Poop The Potato
Dec 25, 2016 Funny

Looking for a way to make your holiday festivities more raucous and weird? Grab your liquored up crew of family and friends, buy some potatoes and trash cans, and let the fun commence.


Guy Waiting For His Boiling Water Is Trolled By His Roommate
Dec 24, 2016 Funny

Aouthor of this video was on a visit at his friend's house when they decided they want to drink some tea. As the water boiled inside the teapot, house owner was trolled hard by his friend. This one is ...


Fails Compilation Of December 2016 - Part 2
Dec 24, 2016 Funny

Part 2 of the our favorite fails of the year! If you have a favorite, leave it in the comments. See some of the best fails captured on camera in the year 2016. Which one is your favourite one?


Liam Neeson Auditions For Mall Santa Claus Is Totally Hilarious
Dec 23, 2016 Funny

In The Late Show with Stephen Colbert movie actor Liam Neeson tried to act as a Mall Santa Claus but he couldn't get out of his skin. He will simply find you anytime wherever you are - but with his scary ...


Fails Compilation With Worst Friends Of The Year 2016
Dec 21, 2016 Funny

Hopefully your friends are better than these people. You recognize your squad in any of these clips? See this fails compilation with worst friends of the year 2016 brought to you by FailArmy.


This Is Why You Shouldn't Play Golf On Ice
Dec 20, 2016 Funny

If you ever though about playing golf on icy lake, then you should think twice. Just watch this video and you won't think about playing a golf on ice anymore for sure! :D


Old Man Makes Everyone Laugh On Slovakia's Got Talent With His Clumsiness
Dec 19, 2016 Funny

Russian-born Vladimir wowed a viewing audience of millions with an act of slapstick clowning worthy of Charlie Chaplin himself. His fearless acrobatics often brought a tear to the eye - not least the moment ...


Selling Massive Amounts Of Marijuana While Driving For Uber Prank
Dec 19, 2016 Funny

At Hammy TV they had to find out how people would react when pounds of marijuana where being sold during an Uber ride. Watch passangers reactions as we do this prank on the Uber passangers. This was a ...


Fans At A Hockey Game Go Crazy For A Little Kid But Boo Everyone Else
Dec 18, 2016 Funny

Here comes a video from one of the Hockey matches where cameraman points his camera at this kid and everyone just go crazy. But when they switch to antoher scene all the fans boo everyone.


Indians From Canada Wowed The Internet With This Silly Epic Dance
Dec 17, 2016 Funny

Maritime Bhangra Group found a new way to clear snow while doing bhangra. This dance group consists of three guys from India who are all living in Canada right now. Their dance is something really hilarious! :D


Ultimate Fails Compilation 2016: Part 1
Dec 17, 2016 Funny

Let us know your favorites in the comments and see another part of this compilation next Friday. See the fails captured in this year collected in one compilation made by FailArmy.


Girl Annoys A Chilling Dog At The Beach, Then She Gets Instant Karma
Dec 14, 2016 Funny

Girl in this video was lying on the beach with two dogs next to her, when she thought it would be fun to mess with one of the dogs. It was a mistake.

See how the dog took revenge into his ...


It's Payback Time For This Instant Karma Fails Compilation
Dec 14, 2016 Funny

Only few things are more satisfying than instant karma. Watch this awesome compilation in which FailArmy team collected some of the best instant karma moments from this year. It's payback time! :)


Watch Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Sling Dirty Insults At Each Other
Dec 13, 2016 Funny

The hosts at BBC Radio 1 say this Playground Insults game is just for fun between friends. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence take things to a bit of a dark place, though.


Dog From Russia Steals The Show After Seeing Female Dog Infront
Dec 12, 2016 Funny

Take a look at this hilarious dashcam video from Russia in which driver captured a moment when one dog saw a female dog infront of him, rushing right towards her. The funny part comes with a young boy ...