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Stupid Guy Was Standing Infront Of Cars, Then He Got A Painful Lesson
Jul 09, 2017 Stupid

Human stupidity truly knows no bounds. Take a look at this video coming from Ukraine in which a man for some reason set himself up in front of the cars and prevented the drivers from continuing their ride. ...


Girl Accuses Cops Of Sexual Assault, Police Chief Releases Body Cam Footage
Jul 09, 2017 Stupid

Burlington Police have released bodycam video showing an arrest of an 18 year-old woman last month, in which the woman claimed police misconduct. Officers initially found three girls unresponsive in a ...


Man Jumps Into Panda Den, Gets Attacked By Giant Panda
Jul 03, 2017 Stupid

A man jumps into a giant panda den in south China's Jiangxi Province. The bear, who was taking a nap, suddenly gets irritated.

This video is another reason why you should never enter into ...


That Is The Reason Why You Don't Put Accelerant On A Bonfire
Jul 01, 2017 Stupid

We thought this one was obvious, but apparently some people still need to learn their lesson.

A group of guys was pouring some accelerant on a big bonfire before they lighted it up to make ...


Is This The Most Stupid Driver In North Wales? His Arrogance Was Captured On A Dashcam...
Jun 26, 2017 Stupid

While driving back to his home in North Wales, Carl Mahoney came across a scene that will really piss you off.

In the long column of vehicles, one of the driver wanted to get infront at ...


BMW Catches On Fire, Then Driver Tries To Drive Fast To Put The Fire Out
Jun 23, 2017 Stupid

Here is another video that will probably making you ask yourself how drivers like this one can own such a car. When a BMW vehicle was caught on fire, the motorcyclist next to the car alerted the driver ...


This Is Why You Shouldn't Drive Too Fast On Speed Bumps
Jun 19, 2017 Stupid

Speed bumps are on the road with a reason. Sacurity camera in this intersection captured a shocking moment next to a railway when the SUV driver drove over the speed bumps really fast.

And ...


Stupid Driver Uses Only His Knees To Steer While Speeding With His Audi On The Highway
Jun 17, 2017 Stupid

Reckless Audi driver steering with his knee at 200 km/h at the M3 freeway in Hungary. Driving with your knees is a very poor driving habit. Generally people drive with their knees while they do something ...


Man Loses It During Road Rage Incident In Tesco Parking Lot
Jun 17, 2017 Stupid

Parking lot incident in Tesco, where a biker tries to warn the woman driving a Mini, that is about to crash. Insted of a thank you, he gets yelled at and attacked by drivers husband.


Bad UK Driver Overtakes A Truck In Most Dangerous Way
Jun 12, 2017 Stupid

Car dangerously overtakes a truck in the opposite direction nearly causing a multiple pile-up on Woodhead Pass in Dunford Bridge, England. Everything was captured on the dashcam and video is really distrubing, ...


Close Call Captured On Camera As Car Almost Drives Into Semi In Ohio
Jun 10, 2017 Stupid

This is how close a person came to loosing their life Tuesday afternoon on SR281 and Liberty Hi Rd.
This person did not stop or even slow down. They literally came inches from the front bumper ...


Man Almost Killed After Shooting Fridge Filled With Tannerite
Jun 07, 2017 Stupid

Safety is on the first place doesn't apply for this man in the video. He used his weapon to shot at the fridge, filled with explosive. A huge explosion happened and the fridge door flied just past his ...


WATCH: Drug House Raided On Facebook Live While Dealer Is Showing Off Drug Money
Jun 03, 2017 Stupid

A "trap house" in Jacksonville, Florida was raided by police at the same time its resident was showing off the money he's made selling drugs.

At the beginning of the video, the ...


Idiot Nearly Flips His Saxo After Overtaking Just Before A Blind Bend
Jun 02, 2017 Stupid

Turns out this driver was high as a kite. He had been up this female driver backside as she was doing 60 along this road (national speed limit) tried to over take a few times but had on coming cars. ...


WATCH: This Serbian Player Gives The Most Over-The-Top Display Of Simulation Ever
May 30, 2017 Stupid

Early in the second half of Videoton's high-stakes game at fellow Hungarian title chasers Honved, Danko Lazovic seemed desperate to get the hosts down to 10 men.

The Serbian midfielder ...


Arrogant Trump Shoves Aside Montenegro Prime Minister
May 26, 2017 Stupid

United States President Donald Trump was caught on camera pushing Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic out of the way at the NATO summit in Brussels yesterday.

This is another video ...


Two BMW M3 Drag Race With Each Other, Not Knowing There Is A Police Behind Them
May 25, 2017 Stupid

Here comes a dashcam video showing two BMW M3 drivers waiting in the line at the traffic light just before they drag race with each other. Unfortunately for them, there was a caop in unmarked vehicle behind. ...


Crazy Coyote Peterson Gets Covered In 3000 Bees, Regrets His Decision Moments Later
May 25, 2017 Stupid

On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote attempts to show that Honey Bees aren't just out to sting you... that is until his "Bee Beard" experiment completely backfires when he is attacked and ...


Groom Shows He's A Pompous Jerk When Getting Married
May 23, 2017 Stupid

When groom in the video got married it was time for cake tasting. Firstly his bride took a spoon and gave her husband a taste of cake, then later he had to do the same. But he didn't.

Instead ...


A Man Fell Off Cliff Edge After Posing Stunt Moves For Cliff Photo
May 15, 2017 Stupid

A Chinese man is lucky to be alive after falling from a cliff in southwest China while dangerously posing on the edge of a cliff for photographs.

Video footage shows him hanging off the ...