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When An Idiot Designs A Bike Race, It's A Recipe For Disaster
May 15, 2017 Stupid

Once you will see this video, you will start to ask yourself the same question as we do: How did someone let the bike race to be designed in such way as it was in the video?

The video comes ...


Truck Does Burnout In Front Of Cops, Gets Pulled Over
May 13, 2017 Stupid

Take a look at this video of a truck doing a burnout in front of cops, not knowing they are right ahed of him. He got pulled over at the KC Plaza and he probably had his driver's licence revoked.


Driver Escapes From Car Stuck In Peru Floodwaters
May 09, 2017 Stupid

Some people really don't have a lot in their heads. One of thos is a car driver from Peru who was determined he will pass the wild river during the floods.

Unfortunately his car got washed ...


Footballer Goes Into Crazy Mode Celebration After Scoring A Goal
May 06, 2017 Stupid

You just have to see some things at least twice to believe it. At the soccer match in the 3rd division of Mexico one of the soccer players scored a goal, then celebrated it with most unexpected move. ...


L.A. Beast Sets New World Record By Eating Most Ghost Chili Peppers In 2 Minutes
May 06, 2017 Stupid

The most Bhut Jolokia chilies (Ghost Peppers) eaten in 2 minutes is 121.90 grams and was achieved by Kevin Strahle known as "LA Beast" at the Guinness World Records offices in New York.


Stupid Driver Starts A Road Rage, Then Bus Driver Delivers Instant Justice
May 05, 2017 Stupid

There are so many driver on the road that don't belong there. One of those is a driver from Russia who tried to start a road rage, but then a bus driver delivered a moment of justice.

This ...


Crazy Youtuber Eats A Whole Cactus Infront Of Camera
May 05, 2017 Stupid

Jeff from "Children of Poseidon" channel proved once again he is the true cactus eater. In their last video he ate the whole cactus infront of camera and it's really painful to watch this. ...


Stupid Driver Overtakes Over Solid Line, Nearly Escapes A Head-On Crash With A Truck
May 04, 2017 Stupid

Some drivers really shouldn't be on the road. In this video we can see how one driver was overtaking at least two semi-trailers over a solid line when another semi-trailer drove towards the car driver. ...


Epic Cactus Jump Goes Wrong For This Overweight Crazy Guy
Apr 19, 2017 Stupid

Stevo-O says this is unbelievable, as man in the video is already a living legend for his courage.

Zach Holmes is the overweight guy who used a skateboard to drop himself on a big cactus ...


VIDEO: Light Security Searches At Spurs Vs Bournemouth
Apr 18, 2017 Stupid

One fan videoed some extremely light security searches at Spurs before their clash with Bournemouth at White Hart Lane this weekend.

Tough measures have supposedly been put in place across ...


Georgia Cop Fired One Day After He Is Caught On Video Kicking Handcuffed Man In Face
Apr 14, 2017 Stupid

A Georgia police officer was fired one day after authorities say he kicked a handcuffed man in the face.

A shocking videothat surfaced Wednesday showed Gwinnett County police officer Robert ...


Here's A Wonderful Lesson In How Not To Remove A Tree Stump
Apr 12, 2017 Stupid

Juust because you can, doesn't mean you should. Nothing hammers home this line of thinking quite like the driver in the video who tried to remove a tree stump with his SUV.

Can he remove ...


Jeep Driver Pushes Expensive BMW Into Parking Space
Apr 05, 2017 Stupid

Nobody can stand arrogant drivers who park their cars over two parking spots. Specially if this is a BMW driver. In this video, Jeep driver had it enough. When he saw a BMW parked over the line, he used ...


Russian Driver Gets A Lesson After Stupid Overtake With Child In His Car
Mar 27, 2017 Stupid

There is a lot of bad drivers all around us. This Russian driver definitely belongs into this group. He was overtaking cars outside the road with a woman and a children in his car when he lost control. ...


You Won't Believe What This Crazy Guy Did In A Chair
Mar 23, 2017 Stupid

Don't try this at home! The Nitro Chair wasn't exactly the best idea those guys ever had but it turned out that the crazy guy in the video actually doesn't like going 300 mph.

See how his ...


Gunman Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Head When His Avenging Victims Run Him Over
Mar 22, 2017 Stupid

AN alleged gunman who tried to rob four people in a car park accidentally shot himself in the head as he tried to get away, police have said. The alleged robbery and shooting happened at around 3am on ...


Guy Crashes Hard On Snowmobile Jump, Then He Does It Again
Mar 17, 2017 Stupid

Canada's Larry Enticer has an old Yamaha snowmobile, a glorious mullet, a denim wardrobe that would make even Jay Leno blus. Behold, all that is Canada. Watch this highlight reel of Enticer's stunts, and ...


Close Call With A Cyclist Captured On Dashcam
Mar 15, 2017 Stupid

We all know there is so much crazy car drivers on the road who don't know how to drive properly. But not just car drivers, there are also stupid cyclist who don't care about others. See what this driver ...


Motorcyclist Films Himself Being Asked To Pull Over, Blasts Off At 250 Km/h
Mar 13, 2017 Stupid

Every guy loves fast bikes and speed and it's nothing different in Israel. In this video posted by biker himself we can see how he got pulled over by police for driving too fast on the highway. Well, he ...


VIDEO: Daredevil Dirt Bike Rider Jumps Across Busy Highway In California
Mar 08, 2017 Stupid

An Instagram post showing a daredevil dirt bike rider jumping hundreds of feet in the air, and soaring over busy Highway 60 in Southern California is going viral.

For those who make a habit ...