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Children Gather On The Beach For Powerful Tribute Performance That's Touching Hearts Worldwide
Jul 29, 2017 Music

Their reason for singing was just as beautiful as their voices when they stepped out on the sands of Omaha Beach. One Voice Children's Choir performed in Normandy, France as a stunning tribute to all those ...


Garth Brooks Distracted By Woman Waving Sign, He Reads It And Immediately Walks Off Stage
Jul 28, 2017 Music

At the last concert of his tour, Garth Brooks performed to an ecstatic crowd in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Out in the crowd, he saw a cardboard sign that read, "Elvis Was My Last Concert." ...


Audience Skeptical As Mike Rowe Joins Barbershop, Then He Opens His Mouth And They Lose It
Jul 28, 2017 Music

Mike Rowe is known as the hilarious host of the television show Dirty Jobs, yet he also has a hidden talent that fans may not know about.

As he made his way to center stage where the members ...


Teen Evie Clair Covers "I Try" In Tear-Jerking Performance On America's Got Talent
Jul 27, 2017 Music

Evie Clair made us cry the first time we watched her on America's Got Talent, and she just did that again.

The 13-year-old singer opened up about her emotional story during her first audition. ...


Chase Goehring Gets Golden Buzzer From DJ Khaled On AGT For Singing An Original Song
Jul 26, 2017 Music

DJ Khaled has shared his keys to stardom with a lucky talent - and Chase Goehring's the one.

The hitmaker and Grammy-nominated producer, 41, took his role as guest judge seriously during ...


Young Girl Joins Street Performer To Sing 'Ave Maria.' When She Opens Her Mouth, Instant Chills
Jul 26, 2017 Music

A young girl's impromptu performance outside of a restaurant had strangers in total shock by what they were hearing.

The initial music consisted of a man named Vincent van Hessen strumming ...


This Happens When You Love The Beatles And Death Metal
Jul 25, 2017 Music

YouTube user Kmac2021 really loves listen to The Beatles, but he also loves Death Metal. If you belong in the same group, then this is the video you have to watch.

He sang "Blackbird" ...


African School Girl Sings Beyonce's "Halo", Steals Whole Attention
Jul 24, 2017 Music

In a setting that looked to be her school, the young girl was urged by her friends to sing the "Halo" song by Beyonce. At first, she was shy and unsure but as soon as she began to sing, her beautiful ...


Grace VanderWaal Takes On Elvis Classic, Within Moments Leaves Everyone Breathless
Jul 23, 2017 Music

Even before winning America's Got Talent, Grace VanderWaal was captivating people with her voice and ukulele. The young girl debuted her melodic talents on her own YouTube channel, broadcasting from her ...


Tired Of Despacito? This Metal Cover Is Totally Next Level...
Jul 23, 2017 Music

Many of us are the ones who are tired of Despacito song. At the radio stations, this song can be heard every few minutes, so there is nothing unexpected for this.

But the metal performance ...


Trio's Moving Performance Of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Leaves Not A Dry Eye In The Show
Jul 21, 2017 Music

On an episode of The Voice Kids UK, the audience waited as Tabi, Erin and Riccardo took the stage. When the trio opened their mouths, the audience was stunned.

The tweens decided to perform ...


Linkin Park Releases 'Talking To Myself' Music Video Hours Before Chester's Death
Jul 21, 2017 Music

Linkin Park fans have been left devastated by the death of lead singer Chester Bennington, after he committed suicide at the age of 41 today – made more poignant by the fact that the band released a ...


9-Year-Old Blows Judges Away On America's Got Talent, Earns A Golden Buzzer
Jul 19, 2017 Music

Angelica Hale stole the hearts of America during her audition on America's Got Talent last month and now she is heading to the live shows!

The nine-year-old singer belted out the Alicia ...


He Wanted To Play Solos Like Slash But His Parents Made Him Learn The Piano
Jul 19, 2017 Music

Ron Minis is a kid of Russian parents who really wanted him to play piano, even if he wanted to play electric guitar really bad.

Unfortunately parents didn't listen to his wishes but he ...


He Sings For His Dead Brother, Brings All The Judges To Tears With His Own Song
Jul 15, 2017 Music

The 19-year-old blew the judges away with a song he'd penned about the tragic loss of his three-months-old brother Nathan.

The incredibly talented Christian Burrows opened up about the ...


Subway Singer Stuns Crowd With "Unchained Melody" On America's Got Talent
Jul 14, 2017 Music

Mike Yung got a standing ovation for his raw audition on America's Got Talent!

The "50-something" singer got his start in the New York City subways and he wowed with a performance ...


Millions Of People Are Overwhelmed When Bon Jovi Sings "Hallelujah" Like This...
Jul 13, 2017 Music

What is there not to love about Bon Jovi? He's a very talented musician with an incredible voice. That's why the video below is just so amazing.

Back in 2007, Bon Jovi performed his own ...


13-Year-Old Singer Angelina Green Impresses All The Judges On AGT, Gets Golden Buzzer
Jul 12, 2017 Music

Angelina Green just joined our list of America's Got Talent contestants to watch this season thanks to her amazing performance of "Stand By You," which earned her a golden buzzer!


He Tragically Passed Away One Month Ago, This Is His Performance From America's Got Talent
Jul 12, 2017 Music

On June 11th one of contestants on America's Got Talent, Brandon Rogers, tragically passed away in a car accident. At the request of his family they would like to honor his memory at AGT by sharing his ...


6 Men Use Only Their Voices To Deliver Outstanding Version Of Song Everybody Knows
Jul 11, 2017 Music

The six piece Cuban ensemble has earned three Grammy nominations and are all accomplished instrumentalists and arrangers in the their own right. With millions of views, clearly the group's ability has ...