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When This Man Sings A Cover Of 'Hallelujah' You Will Be Covered In Goosebumps
Mar 29, 2017 Music

The song, Hallelujah, has given many of us chills in the past and we likely have a favourite singer who has performed it. This is one of those songs that has been covered by people who are famous and people ...


This Unusual Acoustic Instrument Makes Hauntingly Beautiful And Strange Sounds
Mar 29, 2017 Music

Musician Gorkem Sen has invented a brand new instrument called the yaybahar and it makes some thoroughly bizarre, terrifying and delightful noises.

Listen to him playing one of the songs ...


This Kid's Sax Cover Of 'Livin' On A Prayer' Will Melt Your Face Off
Mar 29, 2017 Music

If you don't love Bon Jovi then you probably don't know what the good music is.

Anyways, this kid, Daehan Choi from South Korea, grabbed his sax and covered the classic, "Livin' On ...


Singer Paralyzes The Crowd With Awe As He Sings Chilling Version Of This Classic
Mar 28, 2017 Music

When it comes to music, it's rare that a cover outshines the original, especially when the original is so beloved. However, heavy metal band Disturbed has managed to come close with their cover of "The ...


91-Year-Old Angela Lansbury Sings "Beauty And The Beast" 25 Years Later And Sounds Exactly The Same
Mar 28, 2017 Music

Angela Lansbury Sings 'Beauty and the Beast' at Lincoln Center in New York for Beauty and the Beast 25th anniversary with Alan Menken at the piano 25 years after she sang it for the intro theme.


12-Yr-Old Girl Sings Duet With Famous Opera Star, Her Incredible Voice Brings Him To His Knees
Mar 27, 2017 Music

Amira Willighagen is a Dutch opera singer whose incredible voice landed her the winning spot on the 6th season of Holland's Got Talent at age of 9.

Amira appeared as a guest on the concert ...


Russian Kid Playing The Accordion While His Sister Is Lost In Dance
Mar 27, 2017 Music

Boy's name in the video is Victor and he is only 13 years old. He comes from Russia and he really loves to play accordion harmonica while his little sister loves to dance. Once you will see their performance ...


Grace VanderWaal Sings "I'm Yours" Together With Jason Mraz
Mar 24, 2017 Music

Grace VanderWaal won the eleventh season of the NBC TV competition show America's Got Talent at age of 12.

Now she was at Special Olympics Opening Ceremony where she sang "I'm Yours" ...


Andreas Kummert Exceeds Elton John In Performing "Rocketman" In The Voice Of Germany
Mar 23, 2017 Music

An amazing array of a talented German vocalist; Andreas Kummert demonstrated in a wonderful contemporary song "Rocketman" in The Voice of Germany 2013 amazed all the audience and left the judges ...


You've Never Heard 'The Sound Of Silence' Quite Like This
Mar 23, 2017 Music

In this a cappella version of Sound of Silence, you are going to understand what it is like to be covered with goose bumps. It starts out with a chilling melody and before you know it, it is in full-blown ...


Janet Devlin Totally Nails Linkin Park's Famous Song
Mar 19, 2017 Music

Janet Devlin is a Northern Irish singer-songwriter who rose to prominence in the eighth series of The X Factor in 2011 where she finished in fifth place.

Now she posted a video of her singing ...


This Guy's Voice Is Insane. Just Wait For Him To Hit High Notes!
Mar 17, 2017 Music

Kazakhstan's singer Dimash Kudaibergen is one of the few people on the world who can sing really high notes. He sang really hard "Opera 2" song by Russian singer Vitas.

The young ...


14-Year-Old Girl Brings The Judges To Tears With Her Touching Performance
Mar 15, 2017 Music

Lorelai Mosnegutu, was born without hands and abandoned at birth by her parents. She was raised by Vio, her stepmother who put a pencil between her finger toes at 6 months age. At 5, when she was at kindergarten, ...


He Sang One Of The Most Iconic Songs Of All Time And His Rendition Is Gorgeous!
Mar 14, 2017 Music

Jonathan Jackson doesn't just play a country singer on the television show, "Nashville." He holds his own in real life inside one of country music's most celebrated venues. This video of Jackson ...


Nervous Opera Singer Blows Everyone Away With Her Touching Singing
Mar 14, 2017 Music

The 23-year-old singer Emma Jones from Cumbria looks terrified when she appears on stage of Britain's Got Talent show.

But it's Emma's night to shine, and her beautiful rendition of Ava ...


Ed Sheeran Sings Justin Bieber's 'Love Yourself,' A Song He Actually Helped Write
Mar 13, 2017 Music

Did you know Ed Sheeran actually wrote song 'Love Yourself' with Bieber? Listen to his performance of that song for KISS FM U.K. at Shoreditch Town Hall.

Unsurprisingly, Sheeran's cover ...


Pentatonix's Brand New Spin On John Lennon's Classic Is Putting Tears In Everyone's Eyes
Mar 11, 2017 Music

Everyone knows the John Lennon song, "Imagine" - but Pentatonix puts their own spin on it with a powerful message that everyone can take to heart! Their voices, coupled with the moving lyrics ...


Nordstrand Church Choir Sings Perfectly, But Wait Until You Hear This 13-Year-Old Boy
Mar 11, 2017 Music

In 2016, newly rebuilt and expanded Nordstrand Church was the location for all the televised Easter services from the NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation). On Good Friday, Nordstrand Church Choir, ...


11-Year-Old Bursts Into Song During Football Gathering, Stuns Family With Adele Cover
Mar 10, 2017 Music

11-year-old Tryzdin Grubbs from Ohio is a boy, who proves that wearing a jersey doesn't mean he can't get emotional. But he shows his in a unique way: through singing.

Surrounded by family ...


Ed Sheeran Covers 50 Cent, Coldplay And Blackstreet On 'Howard Stern'
Mar 10, 2017 Music

Ed Sheeran is a hell of a songwriter, but he can also work some serious magic on other people's tunes. Listen to his performance from "The Howard Stern Show" where he covered 50 Cent, Coldplay ...