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13-Year-Old's Powerful Cover Of "Go Rest High On That Mountain" Is Sending Goosebumps
Jul 11, 2017 Music

Each of us is born with a talent - and Calista Clark was certainly blessed with an angelic singing voice. Calista, although only 13-years-old, is stealing the hearts of millions after sharing her rendition ...


Pop Singer Leaves Crowd Speechless As She Belts Out "Phantom Of The Opera" Perfectly
Jul 10, 2017 Music

Pop stars usually don't have the vocal range required to pull off anything other than the typical pop songs you hear on the radio.

So, when Nicole Scherzinger took on Andrew Lloyd Weber's ...


2CELLOS Play 'Despacito' Cover On Their Cellos, You Will Fall In Love With Their Version
Jul 09, 2017 Music

Each one of us definitely hears the Despacito song several times a day as it's the biggest hit in 2017. Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser from 2CELLOS decded they will make their own version of that song and ...


3 Teens Take The Stage, Wow The Audience With Spectacular Version Of Queen Classic
Jul 06, 2017 Music

Ready for their time to shine, Angie, Anamaria and Nikki took the stage and immediately covered the judges in goosebumps. This was a performance that completely blew everyone away on The Voice Kids Colombia. ...


Do You Know What 'Despacito' Song Talks About?
Jul 05, 2017 Music

We're used to singing along to our favourite songs on the radio, embarcing the lyrics and occasionally getting all the feels. However, every now and again a song comes along that we love, but have no idea ...


A Stadium Full Of Green Day Fans Singing Along To 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
Jul 05, 2017 Music

A popular American pop punk band Green Day, composed by Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool, had a concert in London.

More than 65,000 loyal fans came there and while they were ...


WATCH: This Kid Has No Arms But That Doesn't Stop Him From Achieving His Goals
Jul 04, 2017 Music

Here is another video that will make you think about your life. You will appreciate everything that was given to you in your life. In the video we can see a boy with no hands who is playing a guitar. If ...


Angry Passengers Wait For Their Delayed Flight, Then 4 Old Men Craft Plan To Lift Their Spirits
Jul 04, 2017 Music

Flight to New Orleans was delayed for maintenance after all the passengers had boarded. Flight attendant Kari Mann started talking to the passengers and realized they had a barbershop quartet in their ...


Watch The Most Angelic Rendition Of "Hallelujah" Ever Recorded
Jul 02, 2017 Music

Hearing Jodi, Alana, and Morgan singing 'Hallelujah' with such a beautiful sincerity is enough to warm your heart. They are three talented girls who love to sing together. When their voices come together, ...


Susan Boyle's Haunting Rendition Of "Unchained Melody" Is Leaving Everyone In Chills
Jul 02, 2017 Music

With the voice of an angel, Susan Boyle is the perfect match for this classic tune. "Unchained Melody" has been synonymous with The Righteous Brothers ever since the 50's, but Susan Boyle brings ...


2 Kids Nervously Walk Onstage, Immediately Take Everyone's Breath Away Singing 'The Prayer'
Jul 01, 2017 Music

Noelle and Ryland went from simple blue jeans in the recording studio to a dazzling dress and formal wear on stage. After casually singing "The Prayer" as a duet together as friends, they decided ...


Two Friends Go On Stage To Perform 'Africa' Song Live, Steal The Whole Attention
Jun 29, 2017 Music

The song "Africa" is one of those that the whole world knows. In the original, it is perforemd by the American rock group Toto and a few years ago, two friends Mike Masse and Jeff Hall played ...


Is He The Best Singer From Talent Shows? The Judges Experienced A Shock They Will Not Forget
Jun 28, 2017 Music

One of the contestants in Week 4 who stole the hearts of the judges and audience alike is Johnny Manuel from Flint, Michigan. He left the judges and audience spellbound by his voice while he sang Whitney ...


3 Minutes Into 'All By Myself', Singer Hits Note That Leaves Piano Player Speechless
Jun 27, 2017 Music

One of the best vocalists in todays time Charice Pempengco sings the song "All By Myself" while musician David Foster was playing a piano during her performance. After 3 minutes Charice shows ...


She Covers Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" On Accordion, Her Performance Is Angelic
Jun 27, 2017 Music

Alicia Baker is a great musician who in addition to singing, also loves playing accordion. She shared her cover on YouTube channel in which she sang Taylor Swift's popular song.

She played ...


Judges Roll Their Eyes With Her Song Choice Then Were Rendered Immediately Breathless
Jun 26, 2017 Music

Popular jury member Simon Cowell is notoriously not easy to impress. It's therefore particularly satisfying to watch him be blown away by a performer.

That's exactly what happens here, when ...


Pianist Plays Toto's Africa With Different Sounds And Beats On His Piano
Jun 26, 2017 Music

Seth Everman is an excellent pianist who always knows how to make interesting videos while playing on his piano. This time, he shared a video in which he performed the song "Africa" by Toto on ...


Four Guys Play 'Despacito' Song By Blowing Into Their Bottles, Result Is Awesome
Jun 24, 2017 Music

Summer is here! And so is a bottle version of the summer song 2017, Despacito!

Bottle Boys went outside for this one to Stroget, the big shopping street in Copenhagen, to surprise the passersby ...


Girl With Violine Impresses All The Judges With Outstanding Coldplay Cover
Jun 23, 2017 Music

A young Quebec artist is attracting international attention for her performance on a singing-competition reality show in France.

Gabriella's rendition of Coldplay's song The Scientist, ...


Judges Didn't Think A Boy Is Singing Whitney Houston's Classic, His Voice Will Give You Shivers
Jun 22, 2017 Music

No matter what genre of music you prefer, there is no doubt that you are familiar with this Whitney Houston classic. Even talented vocalists refuse to perform this tough song, but the young boy didn't ...