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This Black Girl Really Sings Better Than Beyonce
Dec 19, 2016 Music

Lovely smile a big heart and a voice like an angel - those are words we could use to describe a black girl in video. When she sang "Halo" song by Beyonce infront of her friends, many said she ...


Asian Guy Sings Country In Talent Show And Blows The Audience Away
Dec 19, 2016 Music

Mongolia's Got Talent contestant O.Enkh-Erdene sings George Strait's "Amarillo by Morning" for his first audition and he blows all the judges away. This is one outstanding performance which will ...


Two Boys With Cello And Violin Win Slovenia's Got Talent With Their Crazy Performance
Dec 19, 2016 Music

Timotej Willewaldt and Lenart Prek are two 14-year-old boys who play violin and cello forming a band WildArt. The came on Slovenia's Got Talent show for fun and their talent was the one which convinced ...


Man Plays "Sweet Child O' Mine" By Farting With His Hand And It's Stunning
Dec 17, 2016 Music

Gerry Phillips has been playing songs on his hands for 38 years already! This is his first try with a wah-wah pedal! Listen how he covers "Sweet Child O' Mine" song using only his two hands. ...


You've Heard This Song For A Thousand Times But Did You Know This Man Sings It?
Dec 13, 2016 Music

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole is a Hawaiian musician also called Bruddah Iz (Brother Iz). His voice became famous outside Hawaii when his album Facing Future was released in 1993. His medley of "Somewhere ...


Super Star Sings "Silent Night" In This Empty Church, Covering All In Chills
Dec 13, 2016 Music

In a stunningly beautiful cover of "Silent Night" the walls of this church were graced with the sounds of the Piano Guys, a beautiful children’s choir, and the famous Placido Domingo. "Silent ...


Mongolian Throat Singing Is So Mesmerizing You Will Listen To It More Than Once
Dec 12, 2016 Music

Mongolian throat singing is one particular variant of overtone singing practiced by people in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Tuva and Siberia. It is inscribed in 2009 on the Representative List of the Intangible ...


'Modern Family's' Sarah Hyland Covers A Maroon 5 Song And Gets Adam Levine's Attention
Dec 12, 2016 Music

When Modern Family's Sarah Hyland first joined Boyce Avenue for a performance of "Closer," we were blown away by the actress' singing voice.

Luckily for us, Hyland teamed up with ...


Toddler Steals The Show With Playing Drums On The Concert
Dec 10, 2016 Music

Take a look at this performance by toddler from Russia in which he sits next to drums to deliver something unexpected. This is the video you won't regret watching it, just wait until the end for even bigger ...


99 Red Balloons Song Played With... Red Balloons!
Dec 10, 2016 Music

Andrew Huang is a guy who is a big fan of "99 Red Balloons" song so he was determined he will make an innovative cover of that song using only red balloons and his skills. Take a look at this ...


Pentatonix's Spine Tingling Version Of "Mary Did You Know" Is Leaving Everyone In Awe
Dec 09, 2016 Music

The members of Pentatonix are sending chills down everyone’s spine with their beautiful rendition of "Mary Did You Know." Their arrangement on this already beautiful song is putting everyone ...


The Crowd Was Covered In Goosebumps When Kelly, Trisha, And Reba Sang "Silent Night"
Dec 09, 2016 Music

Kelly Clarkson is one of America's most beloved sweethearts - so it's only right that she hosted a Christmas special with a handful of other iconic artists. In beautiful harmony, Kelly Clarkson is joined ...


Young Choir Steps Up To The Mic - Their Creative Routine Has The Internet In Laughter
Dec 07, 2016 Music

These choir boys somehow managed to keep a straight face while performing the well-known "Meow" song set to a classical music piece. You can't help but to crack a grin and let out a chuckle or ...


Pentatonix Sings "The First Noel" - With A Twist That's Covering Everyone With Goosebumps
Dec 07, 2016 Music

There is nothing more beautiful then Christmas music, especially when it is sung by the a cappella group Pentatonix. Music fans from all around the world have fallen in love with their Christmas album, ...


Young Girl Makes All The Judges At The Voice Kids Stand Up While Singing Jessie J's Song
Dec 07, 2016 Music

Anna is only 14-year-old girl but she knows well how to sing songs. This is a video of her performance in The Voice Kids show from Germany where she sang Jessie J's song "Price Tag". All the ...


Russian Guy Plays The Imperial March With A Coffee Stick
Dec 07, 2016 Music

Here comes another video from Russia in which one guy uses a coffee stick to play "The Imperial March" song from Star Wars movie. You will be totally impressed by his skills and the outcome! :)


Stuttering Lithuanian Guy Sings Eminem's "Lose Yourself" And Leaves Everyone Speechless
Dec 04, 2016 Music

Aleksas Augaitis is a guy from Lithuania who has an awesome voice but he struggles with stuttering. On audition perferomance in Lithuania's Got Talent show he couldn't said a word but then he start to ...


Homeless Man Sits Next To A Public Piano, Then He Shocks Everyone With His Playing
Dec 01, 2016 Music

The 51-year-old homeless man actually has a long history in music. He learned clarinet as a child, and later played it during his time in the United States Marine Corps. He even studied music education ...


Miley Cyrus And Dolly Parton Team Up With Pentatonix For Breathtaking 'Jolene' Performance
Dec 01, 2016 Music

Miley Cyrus and "fairy godmother" Dolly Parton appeared together on Tuesday night's episode of "The Voice" to deliver a stunning rendition of Parton's hit "Jolene" with the ...


Train Passengers Sing "Over The Rainbow" To Start Day Better
Nov 30, 2016 Music

Monday morning blues is spontaneously transformed into glorious public sing-a-long! This is definitely the best thing you will ever see. Bring this to everywhere around the World to make people happy!