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This Guy Imitates 16 Different Singers And He Nails It
Oct 28, 2016 Music

Roomie is a guy who is capable of imitating others in a great way. Listen how he nails few imitations of famous singers around the world singing their own songs. This is one talented guy!


See Billy Gilman's Passionate 'Fight Song' on The Voice 2016
Oct 27, 2016 Music

Billy Gilman wows the crowd and coaches alike with his rendition of "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten on The Voice 2016 Knockout. Is this the guy who could win the whole show? His voice is really ...


Is This The Most Creative Street Musician In London?
Oct 26, 2016 Music

Random guy spotted this incredible street musician while walking through the Notting Hill Saturday market in London. He was playing on a tennis racket, a typewriter and a cutlery set. Coul this be the ...


When Sundance Head Sang "The Climb" In The Voice, Everyone Was Speechless
Oct 26, 2016 Music

Sundance Head performs his take on Miley Cyrus' pop megahit "The Climb" in the knockout of The Voice 2016 show. Miley Cyrus was so impressed by his cover and we can guarantee you'll be impressed ...


Young Russian Pianist Without Fingers Performs In Helsinki
Oct 23, 2016 Music

Teenager Alexey Romanov has become a promising piano player despite a debilitating illness that has deprived him of his fingers since birth. This time he played some song on a piano during the Nordic Business ...


This Girl Entertains And Plays 'Moves Like Jagger' On Drums Like A Pro
Oct 23, 2016 Music

Girl known as S. White takes us in her world of drumming. Listen how this Chinese girl nails 'Moves Like Jagger' song while taking care of entertainment. This is a worth watching performance for sure.


This 'Hallelujah' Cover By Pentatonix Is A Gift From The A Cappella Gods Above
Oct 22, 2016 Music

One of the best a cappella music groups Pantatonix made a cover of popular 'Hallelujah' song. Listen to this singing which will is really a gift from the a cappella Gods above. We feel like we are in heaven ...


Judge Breaks In Tears When He Hears This Blind Boy Singing 'Story Of My Life'
Oct 21, 2016 Music

Vernon was born with glaucoma. He could see reasonably well before he lost his sight and underwent 16 operations before turning 5. Watch his heartwarming rendition of One Direction's 'Story of My Life' ...


Guy Sits Next To A Public Piano To Play 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' And 'Game Of Thrones' Mashup
Oct 21, 2016 Music

David saw a public piano at St. Pancras Train Station in London and he knew he has to play it. Listen how he nailed his mashup of "Pirates Of The Caribbean" theme song together with "Game ...


Eminem Blast Donald Trump Supporters On New Song 'Campaign Speech'
Oct 21, 2016 Music

Eminem is back and his tongue is sharper than ever.
The rapper on Wednesday unveiled a brand-new song titled "Campaign Speech." The 8-minute, no-frills track takes on everyone from Republican ...


The Proper Way To Play The Mario Theme Song
Oct 20, 2016 Music

There are few ways you can wish all the best to your friend for their birthday. Charlie Cook is the man in the video and he wished his friend Nate a happy birthday with a gun and a trumpet in his hand ...


Garth Brooks Performs His Song 'Mom' And There's Not A Dry Eye In The Room
Oct 20, 2016 Music

Country singer Garth Brooks often puts a lump in his fans' throats with tender ballads. However, when a song moves the crooner himself to tears, you should grab the tissues. Brooks choked up during his ...


Queen's "We Will Rock You" With A Faster Tempo Is A Completely Different Song
Oct 19, 2016 Music

Queen's meteoric ascendancy during the 1970s has been well documented. From their gloriously ambitious self-titled debut album of 1973 through to the album that put them in the superstar bracket, 1975's ...


Professor Starts Singing "Love Yourself" By Justin Bieber - What Happens Next Is Amazing
Oct 18, 2016 Music

Victoria Fatu is a professor at West Virginia State University for music. In the middle of explaining the deceptive cadence in her theory class, she ended up singing Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" ...


I've Never Expected Something Like This After This Girl Took A Banjo In Hand
Oct 18, 2016 Music

Jaimee Perea, her mom and sister have shown up at a couple of Open Mic nights at Pecos Mt Jeff, and they've asked Jaimee if she would like to record a video sometime. Well here she is... live and unproduced, ...


Man Totally Nails Adele's Song On The Voice Portugal
Oct 17, 2016 Music

Fernando Daniel is a guy, who made everyone shocked when he sang Adele's "When We Were Young" on the audition of The Voice Portugal. Listen to his flawless singing of that great song. This is ...


French Singer Alizee Will Mesmerize You With Her Hot Dance Moves
Oct 16, 2016 Music

French female singer Alizee is definitely one of the hottest woman's alive. This is her performance from years ago which made so many man go crazy for her. See how she dances while singing "J'en Ai ...


Ukrainian Guys Totally Nail "Hot N Cold" Song By Katy Perry
Oct 16, 2016 Music

There was three of them: Ruslan Prystupnic Prystupa, Rostyslav Roslyk Fook and Serhiy Masyanya Masyk. They were working at the same office in Ternopil. Each of them had some experience in making music ...


Singer Nails Twenty One Pilots' Song With 21 Different Styles Cover
Oct 15, 2016 Music

Anthony Vincent is the voice behind Ten Second Songs channel. This time he nailed a special version of "Heathens" song by Twenty One Pilots. Listen how this song sounds like in 21 different styles ...


One Of The Best Piano Players In Modern Times Finds A Piano At An Airport
Oct 14, 2016 Music

One of the best piano players in modern times Matthew Lee was at airport in Rome, Italy when he saw a public piano. He knew that he has to put his fingers on a keyboard and this is how his performance ...