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Listen American Greatest Hits By Year From 1840 To 2013
Feb 19, 2017 Music

It's strange to think that people once jammed out to O! Susanna and The Cat Came Back in the same way that we enjoy The Beatles or Justin Timberlake. But they did. Listen to American greatest hits by year!


Watch Viral Subway Singer Mike Yung Perform Song We All Know In Best Way Possible
Feb 15, 2017 Music

Mike Yung is a viral subway performer who got famous with singing "Unchained Melody". Listen how he sings "A Change Is Gonna Come" song by Sam Cooke with a help of his friends. This ...


He Plays Piano In Public Place, But Sparks Fly When This Stranger Cuts In
Feb 15, 2017 Music

Two pianists were waiting the train at Paris Austerlitz Train Station in France and they saw one guy playing the public piano. When he was starting a second song, the other guy joined without saying any ...


Vintage Version Of "What Is Love" Is Something Everyone Needs To Hear
Feb 14, 2017 Music

Valentine's Day is here, so musicians from "Postmodern Jukebox" channel brought Casey Abrams and special guest Austin Creed together to bring you "What Is Love," in the style of the ...


This Is How Professionals Are Cutting Down Trees
Feb 12, 2017 Music

Take a look at this awesome video in which we can see how cutting down the trees looks like when professionals do their work. Some people say that it seems like they put a lot of extra effort for nothing, ...


Turns Out Cows Are Big Fans Of The Accordion
Feb 10, 2017 Music

A herd of cows come over to hear accordion music played by this man in Garmisch, Germany. It's so crazy how they truly enjoy the music! Have you ever seen something like this? :)


Daddy Dresses Her As A Princess And Hits Record, Footage Is Melting Everyone's Heart
Feb 09, 2017 Music

Claire Ryann and her father swept the Internet several weeks ago when they sang a heartwarming duet of Toy Story's "You Got A Friend In Me," and they're back again with another children's classic! ...


Someone Removed The Music From 'We Are The Champions.' Now Hear Freddie's Voice!
Feb 09, 2017 Music

At they love Queen and Freddie Mercury, so they've edited 4 concert films including a rare recording session of "We Are The Champions" and synced them all up to the isolated vocals ...


He Was Playing "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" Then Tears For Fears' Singers Joined In
Feb 08, 2017 Music

A month ago Ted Yoder went live on FB with "Everybody Wants To Rule the World". Now Curt Smith and his drummer Jamie Wollam joined him and the family at the orchard for an encore. Listen to this ...


Man Sings Beyonce On NYC Subway And Steals The Whole Show
Feb 08, 2017 Music

Who needs instruments when you can use a walking stick that good. Watch the performance of this black man on NYC subway when he sang Beyonce's song "Hold Up" in hiw own style. This is one really ...


Listen To This Beautiful Guitar Loop In The Middle Of Paris
Feb 07, 2017 Music

Street musican performed his mashup with a help of repeater while playing a guitar on the streets of Paris. Once you will hear his play you will say this is really one talented musician!


Watch Lady Gaga's Flawless Super Bowl Half-Time Performance
Feb 06, 2017 Music

The singer, 30, wowed viewers with her flawless, show-stopping half-time performance in Houston, Texas, on Sunday.

The six-time Grammy winner kicked off her incredible performance by flying ...


Kid Battles Through Hiccups And Still Performs Amazing Australian Anthem
Feb 05, 2017 Music

7-year-old Ethan battled through the hiccups to perform perhaps the greatest rendition of the Australian national anthem ever seen. His reaction after the song is priceless.


This Might Be Best Guitar Cover Of George Michael's Song We All Know
Feb 05, 2017 Music

Musician behind "Acoustic Trench" channel made a new cover in which he played "Careless Whisper" song by George Michael with fingerstyle technique with guitar tabs. This might be one ...


Young Girl Steps Onstage Nervously To Sing 'Angel,' Paralyzes Judges With Unique Spin
Feb 05, 2017 Music

Many artists have tried to cover Sarah McLachlan's hit song, "Angel" but none have done it quite as well as this talented contestant on The Voice: Thailand. Her voice fills the auditorium and ...


Kazakhstan Singer Dimash Shocks China With Outstanding Performance
Feb 04, 2017 Music

Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergenov beat his opponents Jan. 21 in the first stage of the popular Chinese show "Singer 2017" and instantly rose to fame in China. Watch his outstanding performance ...


Celebrities Join Street Performers For Surprise Duet
Feb 04, 2017 Music

What a huge surprise for these street musicians! While they were singing on the streets, authors of songs they've sang came near them to surprise them in best way possible. This was the day they will never ...


Singer Haley Reinhart Gives Us The Most Chilling Cover Of Seven Nation Army
Feb 03, 2017 Music

The phenomenal Haley Reinhart bares her soul to transform the White Stripes' Seven Nation Army into a New Orleans funeral march. Listen this awesome cover and be the judge for yourself - is this one of ...


11-Year-Old Sits Down To Play The Banjo. Millions Are Falling In Love With Her Talent!
Feb 01, 2017 Music

11-year-old Willow Osborne was born and raised in Tennessee. Ever since she was little, she has always had a special spot for music, especially the banjo. When she 3-years-old, she attended a live banjo ...


The Kentucky All State Choir Takin Over The Hotel And Busting Out An Amazing National Anthem
Jan 29, 2017 Music

It was the All State Choir conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Night fell and the competitors returned to the Hyatt hotel to rest up for the strenuous day of song ahead. But of course, music never sleeps.