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Ex Boyfriend Insluted Her Because Of Obesity, This Is Her Perfect Revenge
Aug 10, 2017 Cool

Read a story of obese mother who got revenge on a cruel ex-boyfriend who bullied her because of her weight by losing more than 130lbs.

Alvina Rayne's bullying former partner called her a ...


Rare View Of Atlantic And Pacific Ocean Meet At One Point
Aug 10, 2017 Cool

Take a look from one place where the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean appear to touch. In this region there is some mixing, but the dominant current in the area is the west-to-east Antarctic Circumpolar current. ...


Twin Dancers Impress Everyone With Their Outstanding Dance Performance
Aug 10, 2017 Cool

Professionally known as Les Twins, identical twin brothers Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois are French dancers, choreographers, and models. Often referred to by their respective nicknames, "Lil ...


This Is How Our Sky Would Look Like If Moon Was Replaced With Planets
Aug 08, 2017 Cool

All people on the Earth are used to see the Moon on our sky at evenings. But have you asked yourself how view would look like if there were different planets on the place of the Moon?

This ...


This Man Is Making Popcorn Old Fashioned Way, Everyone Is Crazy About The Video
Aug 08, 2017 Cool

Arnold Schrock filmed an Amish husband and wife making kettle-cooked popcorn in Fredericksburg, Ohio.

Arnold happened to come across the couple while attending the South Central Fire District ...


Newborn Baby Refuses To Let Go Of Her Mother's Face, Footage Is Going Viral
Aug 07, 2017 Cool

Watch the emotional moment a new born baby clings on to her mother's face after meeting for the first time.

Agata Ribeiro Coelho was born via C-section in Santa Monica hospital, Brazil. ...


This Jumps Will Take Your Breath Away. Would You Jump Off That Bulding?
Aug 07, 2017 Cool

Take a look at this video clip from Italy, where the Red Bull Cliff Diving competition was taking place. The competitors jumped off of the building on the edge of the cliff into the sea, and the viewers ...


This Is How Largest Historic Bell In Russia Sounds Like
Aug 06, 2017 Cool

Take a look at this unique footage of the bellringing in Moscow Kremlin. Here is the complete view of the Ivan Velikiy in time of holiday peals and particularly videos of bellringers working with the largest ...


South Korean Magician Amazes All The Judges On AGT With Hidden Card Trick
Aug 03, 2017 Cool

Magician Jeki Yoo of South Korea looked to impress Simon Cowell, and make his American dream come true on America's Got Talent. Jeki turned to magic after his mother died.

After his awesome ...


This RC Helicopter Pilot Knows Some Crazy Magic According To His Skills
Aug 03, 2017 Cool

RC planes and RC cars can do roughly the same things as actual planes and cars, just on a smaller scale. RC helicopters, on the other hand, can do just about anything.

Take a look at this ...


Do You Have Problems Mowing Grass Around Trees? This Is A Lawnmower Everyone Wants!
Aug 01, 2017 Cool

Noone likes to mow a grass if there are a lot of trees and poles on the plot. If you have problems everytime you mown, then RasterMaster lawnmower is the solution for you.

Take a look how ...


This Dad Convincing Justin Timberlake To Hold His Baby Is Just Incredible
Aug 01, 2017 Cool

One baby is going to have an awesome moment to look back in the years to come all thanks to Justin Timberlake!

While playing in another round of the American Century Championship golf event ...


Little Kid With Down Syndrome Goes Viral With Singing Whitney Houston In His Mom's Car
Jul 31, 2017 Cool

This little kid is the newest internet sensation, singing a classic song and making millions of new fans.

You've probably sang this song in the car or shower too, but when Dane Miller sang ...


Primitive Technology Guy Shows Us How To Make Sandals In The Middle Of The Woods
Jul 31, 2017 Cool

Guy behind "Primitive Technology" channel made a pair of sandals from loya cane. Walking bare footed in the bush generally didn't cause problems for his feet.

But when repetitively ...


Sibling Skaters Push Boundaries In Scary Skate Act On America's Got Talent
Jul 29, 2017 Cool

Here's a preview in full of next Tuesdays AGT Judge Cuts featuring Billy and Emily England Skate Act America's Got Talent 2017.

They are brother and sister who have appeared on the Britain's ...


Baby Girl Approaches Stranger At Store, Mom Captures Footage She Won't Soon Forget
Jul 28, 2017 Cool

Joey is a one-year-old with a heart full of goodness, and being in the grocery store was the perfect chance to show it. It's truly remarkable the way that this little girl was considered a baby just months ...


This Is How Spectacular Airbus A400M Combat Takeoff Looks Like
Jul 28, 2017 Cool

Military planes pilots always impress with their impressive takeoffs. At the aviation show RIAT 2017, a video was captured in which the Airbus A400M Air Force pilot impressed with a real spectacular take ...


Mind Reader Leaves Mel B In Shock With His Unexplained Act On America's Got Talent
Jul 26, 2017 Cool

You are going to have your mind blown while watching Colin Cloud's mind reading trick on America's Got Talent!

During the Judges Cuts round, the mind reader had an iPhone with a six-digit ...


Worker Quits His Hotel Job In Best Way Possible With A Marching Band
Jul 25, 2017 Cool

Joey La Neve DeFrancesco worked in this hotel for 3.5 years. He worked while going to school full time to pay his tuition and living expenses.

The working conditions in the hotel are horrendous. ...


Television Host Craig Ferguson Really Knows How To Flirt With Women
Jul 25, 2017 Cool

A Scottish-American television host, comedian, and actor Craig Ferguson really knows how to flirt with female guests.

Take a look at this awesome compilation from his shows where all the ...