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This Extremely Low Level Flying Is Making Us Anxious
Jun 14, 2017 Cool

Nap-of-the-earth (NOE) is a type of very low-altitude course used by military aircraft to avoid enemy detection and attack in a high-threat environment.

The only thing that has been edited ...


This Clock In The Amsterdam Airport Is The Most Imaginative Thing You Will Ever See
Jun 13, 2017 Cool

Dutch designer Maarten Baas' giant Real Time Schiphol timepiece replaces traditional clock hands with a 12-hour-long video performance.

The three-metre-high clock has been installed in Amsterdam's ...


Girl Paints Her Car With Spray Paint, And Results Are Amazing
Jun 13, 2017 Cool

Josh Och couldn't believe what he heard when his girlfriend asked if she could paint her old car using a spray paint. After a while he let her did it and the results were quite stunning.

This ...


She Though She's Going To Die In Boyfriend's Plane, His Next Move Made Her Burst Into Tears
Jun 13, 2017 Cool

Amateur pilot Anthony Bordignon took his proposal to new extremes - by using a pretend engine failure to pop the question to his terrified girlfriend, and secretly filming the whole experience.


If You're Struggling While Peeling Garlic, This 4 Ways Might Help You Save Some Time
Jun 13, 2017 Cool

Peeling garlic could be a bit arduous task, especially when the garlic's pods are very small. Guy from Russia presented four of the most common and useful methods that will help you with peeling garlic ...


WATCH: Amazing Footage Of Bruce Lee's Only Real Fight Ever Recorded
Jun 12, 2017 Cool

While much of the recollection of Bruce Lee's fighting ability is told in stories, there are few if any videos of real footage showcasing his abilities. We've heard about him fighting and annihilating ...


WATCH: Richard Hammond Live From A Swiss Hospital "I'm Not Dead"
Jun 12, 2017 Cool

Richard Hammond speaks the day after his horrible crash in Switzerland form the St. Gallen Hospital where he'll get a knee surgery later today.

Thankfully he can still smile and have fun, ...


Jay Alvarrez Lives His Life To The Fullest, This Is His Latest Video From Dubai
Jun 12, 2017 Cool

If you're not familiar with Jay Alvarrez, he's a 21-year-old social media superstar who's known for his adventurous lifestyle.

Since he cropped up on the social media scene, the youngster ...


A Jetboarder Flips A Capsized Catamaran Back Up Like There's Nothing To It
Jun 11, 2017 Cool

We thought jetboarding already looked really fun on its own, but it's an even more entertaining sight when the jetboarder gets to save the day and rescue catamarans that have flipped over on the water. ...


They Didn't Let This Resident To Have A Garage, So He Came Up With This Genius Idea
Jun 09, 2017 Cool

You can do an incredible amount of strange things in Holland but you can't open your garage door on the pavement. It's because of regulations, impediment of pedestrians is not allowed.

When ...


Brother And Sister Leave All The Judges On AGT In Shock With Their Dangerous Performance
Jun 09, 2017 Cool

Billy in Emily England are brother and sister who love to live dangerous life. They already competed in Britain's Got Talent but this time they went to the America's Got Talent to show everyone there how ...


There Was Only 5 Inches Of Gap Next To A Fridge. What She Did Is Genious!
Jun 09, 2017 Cool

There is definitely some space in your kitchen that you can't use. It's usually just few inches between cabinets and walls or maybe next to a fridge.

Woman in this video had the same problem ...


Slo Mo Guy Gets Crushed By A Giant Water Ballon In Slow Motion
Jun 08, 2017 Cool

Gavin and Daniel from The Slow Mo Guys channel love a good old Giant Balloon video. This time Daniel was on a trampoline lying down with a giant balloon on his body filled up with a water.

In ...


Truck Driver Saves The Day By Stopping Next To A Burning Building To Save Lifes
Jun 07, 2017 Cool

A quick-thinking driver has saved a group of diners stuck inside a burning restaurant after turning his vegetable truck into a make-shift safety cushion. More than 10 people jumped from the second-floor ...


Man Jumps Into Moving Car, Saves Seizure Victim
Jun 07, 2017 Cool

Authorities have hailed a northern Illinois man a hero after he jumped through the open window of a moving car to save the driver, who was having a seizure. The incident was captured by a police dashcam.


The Greatest Water Slide Move You'll Ever See
Jun 07, 2017 Cool

A video posted only which appears to show a boy skim across a swimming pool after shooting out of a waterslide has left social media baffled and prompted a debate about whether it is real.

This ...


Mom With Alzheimer's Surprised Every Time She Learns She'll Be A Grandma
Jun 06, 2017 Cool

A pregnant woman captured her Alzheimer's-stricken mother clapping with excitement each time she is told she is going to be a grandmother.

Mother-to-be Christine Stone, from Florence, South ...


Hilarious Grandma Has Enough Of Speeders, Everyday She Scares Them With Hairdryer
Jun 06, 2017 Cool

A grandmother of four has solved her street's speeding problems by holding out a hair dryer to oncoming motorists.

Speeding vigilante Jean Brooks, 67, claims she has stopped dangerous driving ...


Farmer In India Prepares 100 Chicken Legs At Once With Traditional Cooking
Jun 06, 2017 Cool

Take a look at this video from India in which one Indian farmer prepares 100 chicken legs at once with a help of his whole family. He uses a traditional cooking method and at the end prepared food looks ...


This Is How Casting A Bronze Axe Looks Like From Start To Finish
Jun 06, 2017 Cool

Man in this video shows us how casting a bronze axe looks like from start to finish. He made a mix of copper and tin to get bronze. This is a fully working axe and it can split logs in half and even cut ...