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Chinese Chef Impresses World With His Skills, Video Of Him Is Going Viral
Oct 03, 2017 Cool

Many cooks are true masters in their work. Some go a step further and upgrade cooking to the extent that they have been satisfactorily watched during the preparation itself.

This Chinese ...


Mom Sees Her Kids Acting Strangely. Notices Doctor's Behavior, Then Starts Recording!
Oct 02, 2017 Cool

When your child is sick, really sick, and requires hospitalization, it can be a frightening time for everyone.

Mom in the video already had enough to worry about with her three sick children, ...


Watch Elon Musk Reveal SpaceX's Most Detailed Plans To Colonize Mars
Oct 01, 2017 Cool

Elon Musk wants to build a metropolis on Mars starting in 2024.

Elon Musk gave a keynote address yesterday to the International Aeronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia. During the 43 ...


F16s Taking Off In Ice Fog At -40 Degrees Make A Really Nifty Effect
Oct 01, 2017 Cool

At one of the airports, an air traffic controller shared a video clip on the internet this afternoon, in which he recorded a take-off of F16 planes during cold morning.

The outside temperature ...


Years Ago He Started To Build A House. Just Wait To See The Interior!
Sep 30, 2017 Cool

Twenty years ago Andrew Michler bought a $60,000 solar shack in the Colorado mountains that "immediately fell apart" and inspired two decades of experiments in off-grid living.

Today, ...


Michael Buble Sees A Dancing Guy In Crowd, Falls In Love And Invites Him On Stage
Sep 30, 2017 Cool

Take a look at this video from one of Michael Buble's concerts, when he saw a young fan in the crowd dancing like there is no tomorrow.

20 year old aspiring jazz artist Gimjigwang got pulled ...


Magician Will Trick You Everytime With This Utterly Baffling Card Trick
Sep 29, 2017 Cool

The magician and mind-reader, Lior Suchard, showed the author of this video his way in which he tricked thousands of people with only three cards. The task is simple - the participant has to follow the ...


Guy Flies His FPV Drone Under The Tall Bridge, Footage Is Crazy
Sep 28, 2017 Cool

One of drone masters uploaded a video on Youtube in which we can see his outstanding flying skills. The footage comes from Slovenia near the highway bridge Crni Kal and the surroundings is amazing. ...


Everyone Thought He Is A Parquet Wiper. In Next Seconds He Stole Whole Attention!
Sep 28, 2017 Cool

Not all things are as they appear at first glance. When the spectators watched the spectacle of guys during the basketball timeout, there was a man on the floor who was wiping the parquet.

When ...


Forester Shows Us A Super Clever Way How To Cut Down A Tree
Sep 28, 2017 Cool

Cutting down a tree and having it fall over is old news. Having it slide smoothly to the ground? That's the good stuff.

Take a look at this video in which forester shows us a super clever ...


Guy Surprises Girlfriend With Puppy After Her Dog Passes Away
Sep 26, 2017 Cool

The death of a pet is a very painful moment, which many of us have already experienced. 23-year-old Joach Wood's girlfriend had to accept the loss of her dog too.

And because she has an ...


Mother Boards The Plane. When She Finds Who Will Be The Pilot, She Bursts In Tears!
Sep 25, 2017 Cool

These days the world is surrounded by a video clip in which flight crew captured an unforgettable moment on board. When a woman boarded on a plane, she impressed with with her reaction. She was left speechless ...


This Stunning Hyperlapse Video Of Washington DC Is Going Viral In America
Sep 25, 2017 Cool

From the capital of the United States of America Washington DC here comes a video shot in a "hyperlapse" technique, which left many Americans overwhelmed and completely fascinated.


They Form A Human Christmas Tree, Their Next Move Left Everyone Speechless
Sep 24, 2017 Cool

From the youth Olympic competition in China, a video is coming in, where we all have something to see. More than 500 dancers joined together to present the dance, as the world has not seen before.


Bride Shocks Groom With Dirty Dance, Leaves Him Begging For More
Sep 24, 2017 Cool

Melissa Molinaro, a hot singer and dancer from Canada, has prepared a performance for her husband at the wedding, which he certainly will not forget for a long time. Instead of an usual dance, she performed ...


Mommy Sings A Song, And Her Baby Is Melting At The Sound Of Her Voice
Sep 23, 2017 Cool

What a priceless video. Nothing is stronger than the bond between mother and child. This certainly rings true at the Leroux household in Ontario, Canada.

Their daughter, Mary-Lynne Leroux, ...


He Used His Truck To Pull Out A Stump Using A Brilliant Way
Sep 23, 2017 Cool

Sam Haraldson is the author of a clip in which he presented an imaginative way of extracting a large stump from the ground with the help of his truck.

He made a special counter-shot, and ...


Dad Tells 2-Month-Old Daughter "I Love You" 30 Seconds Later Baby Responds In Amazing Way
Sep 22, 2017 Cool

Who can resist a baby? The soft skin, tiny features, and irresistible coos are enough to melt your heart. Infants glance around at the complicated world around them with innocence and wonder - a simple ...


Crazy Drone Pilot Chases A Train, Footage Will Leave You Speechless
Sep 22, 2017 Cool

Crazy pilot of a flying drone, which presents himself to the world under the nickname "NURK FPV", uploaded a video clip on his Youtube channel, which left many without words.

He ...


WATCH: Ventriloquist Darci Lynne Is The Winner Of America's Got Talent Show
Sep 21, 2017 Cool

12-year-old Darcy Lynne has become a big winner in the 12th season of America's Got Talent show. She convinced most viewers with talent of speaking without opening the mouth, and her performances were ...