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Stranger Steps Next To The Door. What Security Camera Captures Is Going Viral!
Sep 21, 2017 Cool

God bless this young man's heart. Melissa Vang's husband dropped his wallet (with hundreds of dollars and all his credit cards) in their drive way and this gentleman picked it up and left it at their doorstep ...


WATCH: Ventriloquist Darci Lynne Shocks Everyone In The Finals Of AGT With Her Performance
Sep 20, 2017 Cool

Darci Lynne Farmer saved her best performance for last!

Throughout this season of America's Got Talent, Farmer has become one of the show's fan favorites for her amazing ventriloquism, ...


He Was Drinking Outside, Then Funny Waiter Steals All The Show With His Amazing Talent
Sep 20, 2017 Cool

A video is being recorded from Madeira in Portugal, where one of the guests spotted a waiter with a special talent while sitting in the bar.

Afonso Rodriguez practiced for a good year to ...


Handsome Groom Starts Dancing Alone, Crowd Erupts When Brides Comes Out In Different Dress
Sep 17, 2017 Cool

We've all been to weddings and witnessed first dances that were generic slow dances - but this couple took things to the next level!

Instead of giving just one first dance, they decided ...


Color Blind Father Gets Best Present For 66th Birthday, His Reaction Is Now Going Viral
Sep 15, 2017 Cool

Born colorblind, William lived his whole life in back and white. For his 66th birthday, his family decided to pitch in together to buy Enchroma glasses that have color correcting lenses that help the colorblind ...


Judges Rejected Her For Painting One Of Them. What Happened Next Left Them In Shock!
Sep 15, 2017 Cool

In the Swiss talent show, one of the artists appeared, who with her artistic skills wanted to impress the judges. Almost shortly after she sarted to paint, all the judges pressed NO, thinking she was drawing ...


Marine Dad Returns Home, His Son With Cerebral Palsy Surprises Him In Best Way Possible
Sep 14, 2017 Cool

A North Carolina Marine got a shocking welcome home from his son, who suffers from cerebral palsy, when the young boy walked to his father on his own for the first time.

When Staff Sgt. ...


Black Guys From The Hood Came Near This House. What Happened Next Will Leave You Speechless!
Sep 14, 2017 Cool

How would you respond if somebody would knock on your door in the morning, and then you would encounter such a scene? Five dark-skinned men were standing at the door, and residents in a quiet neighborhood ...


Mind Reader Colin Cloud Shocks Everyone On AGT With His Semi-Finals Act
Sep 14, 2017 Cool

Magician Colin Cloud did a mind-reading trick in the America's Got Talent semifinals Tuesday night that was so in-depth that it's difficult to poke holes in it.

Cloud had asked the America's ...


Little Sister Warns Everyone To Get Out Cameras, Turns Around And Gives Them A Show They'll Never Forget
Sep 13, 2017 Cool

Watching your siblings get married is one of the most exciting events as a younger child! They are the beacon of what your future may look like and their happiness is infectious!

That's ...


Watch This One-Minute Short Abot Human Greed That Made The World Think
Sep 12, 2017 Cool

The web is again surrounded with this one minute short, which has a powerful message in it. The authors presented the fact that everything we do to our Earth, will once strike back.

On the ...


Woman Gives Her Step Daughter Gift, She Realizes There's More In The Bag And Bursts Into Tears
Sep 11, 2017 Cool

Stepdaughter Haley will never forget the emotional turn her birthday party took the day her stepmom handed her a gift bag.

Smiles and laughter was all around, but then her stepmom pulled ...


Greedy Woman Snatches Foul Ball Out Of Teen's Hands, Then He Quickly Gets The Last Laugh
Sep 11, 2017 Cool

Sports is all about competition, but that spirit apparently extends to the fans as well as the players. That's what Ryan Baker discovered when he chased down a foul ball recently at the Chicago White Sox's ...


Bride Steps In The Church Together With Her Father. Just Wait To See Their Surprise!
Sep 10, 2017 Cool

The church bells ring out and the organ blares. The groom anxiously awaits his bride at the altar. The doors burst open and out she comes, arm in arm with her father. But at the wedding of this Norwegian ...


Is This Most Inovative Wooden Chair? Every Man Wants It!
Sep 09, 2017 Cool

Matt Thompson has shared a video of his small innovation on the web, which should surely be enjoyed by every man. It's a wooden chair, but it has another great advantage in addition to sitting.


31 Gymnasts Stand Around A Mat, Seconds Later The Audience Gasps
Sep 08, 2017 Cool

Gymnasts like you've never seen before flooded the stage for a unique performance that took everyone's breath away. This intriguing group called TS Goetzis Zurcaroh is composed of men and women who dressed ...


After Hurricane She Was Buying A Generator. There Was No More, Then Stranger Did This!
Sep 08, 2017 Cool

Pam Brekke's father is on oxygen. She ran into Lowe's and we watched her breakdown in tears when she realized she had just missed the last generator.

A total stranger, Ramon Santiago, saw ...


Dog Stands Up For A Treat, But It's The Baby Who You Need To Really Watch
Sep 08, 2017 Cool

They say that it's pretty easy to teach your dog how to perform tricks. It just takes a little patience and a lot of snacks.

While this man was teaching his pup how to do a twirl, his cute ...


Dancer Brings Her On The Dance Floor. Just Wait Until He Starts Spinning Her!
Sep 07, 2017 Cool

Take a look at this video clip of dance, which is a real poetry for every dance lover. The young man grabbed a female dancer by her hand and invited her to the dance floor, where they left all the people ...


They Were Sitting Next To A Lake, Then He Screamed. What Happened Next Is Going Viral!
Sep 07, 2017 Cool

Amy Lippus was together with her boyfriend and father at Nellie Lake in California's Kaiser Wilderness Nature Park, when she spotted an unusual phenomenon on the water surface.

Every time ...