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You Won't Believe What This Scuba Diver Found In River
Jan 09, 2017 Cool

In this video diver searches for river treasure in Columbus, Georgia inside the Chattahoochee river. You won't believe what this diver found on the bottom of the river. From GoPros to iPhone, Gun and Knives...


This Homemade Wood Cutting Machine Is Simple But Brilliant
Jan 08, 2017 Cool

A Polish man engineered a solution to his wood chopping problem using his tractor and a little machine that cuts through branches. Talk about lightening the workload!


Little Boy Sneaks Away Mom's Sewing Machine, His Creations Have The Internet In Tears
Jan 08, 2017 Cool

An extraordinary young boy named Campbell spends all his extra time on the sewing machine, and has done so for the past few years. His 8 siblings love seeing what new creations he comes up with but they ...


Military Dad Coming Home From Afghanistan Meets Baby Daughter For First Time
Jan 08, 2017 Cool

Lieutenant Dan has been deployed in Afghanistan for 7 months and is on his way home. But what makes it special is that he has a new baby daughter waiting to meet him for the first time. Watch as this journey ...


Gold Digger Gets The Best Lesson After Turning Down This Rich Guy With Lamborghini
Jan 07, 2017 Cool

Prankster from "HoomanTV" channel tested out how would gold diggers react if he asks them if they would go on a drink with him. As soon as he found one he had a big surprise for her - in fact, ...


Judges Are Confused When 4 Grandmas Audition. Then They Bring The House Down With A Fun Dance
Jan 07, 2017 Cool

Michelle, Heather, Lynn, and Maxine are four lovely ladies who form the group known as The Cocooners. They are known for their tap dancing skills and infectious energy. But the most surprising part about ...


Is New Adidas Commercial One Of The Best Commercials So Far?
Jan 06, 2017 Cool

Adidas released a new commercial that instantly went viral. We can see a life story of an old man living in a retirement home trying to escape in his dreams from the past. This must be one of the best ...


Young Woman In Finland Fights Back When Refugees Try To Steal
Jan 06, 2017 Cool

Here comes a security footage from one local shop in Finland where this female cashier fights back all the refugees who try to steal something from the shop. This girl deserves a medal for her courage!


This Is How A RC Car Looks Like In Slow Motion At 10Mph
Jan 06, 2017 Cool

Dan and Gav from The SlowMo Guys channel made another video in which they captured a super slow motion of a RC car that can achieve speeds higher than 100 mph.

If you love cars, slowmotions ...


Doctor Shows Us A Simple Trick That Stops Every Baby From Crying
Jan 05, 2017 Cool

Dr. Hamilton, a pediatrician in Santa Monica, California shows how to calm a crying baby using his method.

This technique has been utilized by Dr. Hamilton to quiet infants during office ...


Their Favorite Song Comes On The Radio. Now Watch The Bulldog Sing With His Owner
Jan 05, 2017 Cool

Junior, a French bulldog, has a special hobby – he loves to sing! When his favorite tunes and songs come on the radio, Junior can't help but sing-a-long with his owner, and it's a very adorable sight. ...


70 People Ages 5-75 Answer One Question: What's Your Goal In Life?
Jan 05, 2017 Cool

Glamour is for the woman who sets the direction of her own life and lives it to its fullest and chicest. In this video they've asked people of all ages what their goal in life is. What is your goal in life?


Couple Buys An Old White Truck, Transforms It Into A Stunning Mobile Home
Jan 04, 2017 Cool

Adam Croft and Nikki Pepperell work office jobs and make a decent living. But when the couple realized that the cost of rent was far too expensive, they knew they had to do something about it. Their solution? ...


In 2 Seconds, This Simple Trick Will Tell You If Your Batteries Are Dead Or Not
Jan 03, 2017 Cool

Ever have a battery die on your remote control, mouse, or calculator, but not know which battery is out? You could go to your closet and grab a tool to help you measure the capacity left in each battery, ...


This Is How Work Of Lumberjack Looks Like From His Perspective
Jan 03, 2017 Cool

Work of lumberjacks maybe doesn't sound like something very extreme, but when you will see what this lumberjack does up the trees you will change the way you think about lumberjacks. See how his work looks ...


Crazy Hammer Trick By This German Man Will Totally Stun You
Jan 03, 2017 Cool

This guy from Germany does some intense tricks using his three hammers. When you will see what he was capable of you will respect this man for his talent .You need a lot of practice and skills to do something ...


Have You Seen How They Tie Christmas Trees With A Help Of This Tree Tyer?
Jan 03, 2017 Cool

When Christmas trees grow until they're ready for distribution, someone have to wrap them to save teh space. Some wrap it by hand, but in the big companies like Dutchman Industries they have machines that ...


This Is How Old CRT TV Screen Looks Like In Super Slow Motion
Jan 03, 2017 Cool

The cathode ray tube (CRT) is a vacuum tube containing one or more electron guns, and a phosphorescent screen used to view images.It has a means to accelerate and deflect the electron beam(s) onto the ...


This Awesome Judge Agrees With A Driver Who Ran A Red Light
Jan 03, 2017 Cool

Here comes a footage from "Caught in Providence" series where this awesome judge Frank Caprio had to decide about a driver who ran a red light in the intersection. But Frank totally surprised ...


When You Will See What She Does While Dancing You Will Be Blown Away
Jan 02, 2017 Cool

Boyanka Angelova is a young Gymnast from Bulgaria. She dances like there is now tomorrow but that's not all. While she dances she also makes some tricks with a ball and they will blow you away for sure.