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Nurse Sitting Near Dying Grandma Doesn't Know Someone Is Recording What She's Doing
Mar 06, 2017 Cool

Nurses, nurse's aides, and other health care workers are unsung heroes. Do you need proof? This video is that proof. Isabelle is a nurse's aide. She was caught on video helping a dying woman.


Mind-Blowing Visual Effects On A Party Like You've Never Seen Before
Mar 06, 2017 Cool

Jeff Abel, better known by his stage name Excision, is a Canadian producer and DJ. Take a look at this video of his performance, where he excited everyone with awesome visual effects in the background. ...


Can Fish Skin Be Used To Bandage Burns?
Mar 05, 2017 Cool

Doctors in Brazil are using the fish skin to treat burn patients. The treatment, which is part of a clinical trial, is said to reduce healing time by several days. Could this method be used worldwide as ...


Officer Dragged By Car As Traffic Stop Turns Violent
Mar 05, 2017 Cool

The Brooklyn police department released dashcam and bodycam footage from a Friday incident when an officer was dragged during a traffic stop.

The video shows the Brooklyn police officer, ...


A Camera Shutter Synchronized To A Helicopter Rotor's Speed Creates A Truly Mind-Blowing Illusion
Mar 04, 2017 Cool

A bizarre video shared on YouTube today appears to show a helicopter hovering 'magically' above the pad, climbing higher and higher as its blades remain almost completely still.

The strange ...


The Whole World Is In Love With This Canadian Video
Mar 03, 2017 Cool

When a neighbourhood kid steps up to make sure everyone is included, he demonstrates that when the best of us steps up, our nation stands a little taller. Take a look at this awesome video from Canada ...


Amazing Vietnamese Swat Team Has Unique Way Of Scaling a Wall
Mar 03, 2017 Cool

This Vietnamese tactical team has a rather unorthodox - but pretty impressive way - of sneaking into a building unannounced.

Rather than rappelling in from above using ropes, or scaling ...


Best Short Scenes Captured In February 2016 By Zapatou
Mar 03, 2017 Cool

Luc Bergeron, mostly knows as "Zapatou" made a new awesome compilation with best scenes from clips taken in February 2017. Watch his awesome work that is a pure joy. We really think Luc is one ...


An Unexpected Hero Saves The Day After Basketball Gets Stuck Above The Rim
Mar 02, 2017 Cool

Fresno State's game against Boise State had a slight delay toward the end of the first half as a ball was lodged above the backboard and behind the shot clock.

Some of the team's tallest ...


WATCH: Video Of 8-Year-Old Dancing Goalie From Brampton Goes Viral
Mar 02, 2017 Cool

Meet Noah Young, a Canadian hockey player who has gone viral after he took some time out before a game to Juju on that beat before his novice AAA team, the Brampton 45s, took on their opponent.


Melania Trump Receives Standing Ovation At The Address To Congress
Mar 02, 2017 Cool

Melania Trump received a standing ovation as she arrived at Congress on Tuesday night to hear Donald's 'biggest speech yet'.

It's a time-honored tradition for the first lady to bring special ...


Female Driver Gets Instant Karma After Almost Hitting A Pedestrian
Mar 01, 2017 Cool

Female driver in this video didn't saw a pedestrian crossing the road and she nearly hit her. Luckly there was one wise driver on the next lane to intervene with honking. Female driver got instant karma ...


Two Kids Are Approached By Unknown Cop. Captured Footage Of His Act Instantly Goes Viral
Feb 28, 2017 Cool

The Auburn, Washington police officer was driving when he pulled over at the sight of two kids. He jumps out of his patrol car to assess the situation. From the storm, there was snow covering the ground, ...


This Man's Inspirational Transformation Is The Best Thing You Will See Today
Feb 27, 2017 Cool

Arthur Boorman was a disabled veteran of the Gulf War for 15 years, and was told by his doctors that he would never be able to walk on his own, ever again.

He stumbled upon an article about ...


Florence Welch Performs Bedside Concert For Dying Girl And It's Heartbreaking
Feb 27, 2017 Cool

Karinya Chen had a ticket to see the band when they played an Austin concert back in May, but she was too ill to attend. Hospice Austin organized the concert at Christopher House, where Chen was being ...


Movie Bloopers That Were Too Good To Cut
Feb 27, 2017 Cool

Hey, accidents happen. But if you're in a movie, sometimes accidents can turn out to be amazing. In fact, some of the most memorable moments in cinema were actually the result of mistakes that the filmmakers ...


Macro Close-Up Of Fingers Sweating Is So Weird We're Really Having Trouble Believing It's Real
Feb 27, 2017 Cool

There are a lot of tiny lines on fingertips and palm called epidermal ridges. The ducts of sweat glands is open on tops of the ridges causing prints that are left on a surface. Watch how everything looks ...


Dad Uses Sign Language To Sing A Song We All Know With His Deaf Baby Daughter
Feb 26, 2017 Cool

Kevin Nadrowski is a deaf father singing "If You Are Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands" song in American Sign Language with his deaf daughter. Once you will see this awesome video you will ...


Everyone Is Falling In Love With This Big Dog
Feb 26, 2017 Cool

Will you fall in love with this big dog? Many say this is the dog that everyone would love to hug. And we couldn't agree more. Once you will see this awesome video you will want one big dog for yourself. ...


Boy Wrestles Massive Python From Underneath Ute Before School
Feb 26, 2017 Cool

Oli Wardrope, 14, filmed wrestling a carpet python from the underside of a ute. Dad, who goes by Chazza online, says he has been wrangling snakes since age 5.
Oli is seen dropping the huge reptile ...