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The Clairvoyants Are Back On AGT With A Mind-Blowing Performance
Sep 07, 2017 Cool

On America's Got Talent The Clairvoyants returned with another jaw dropping routine of mind bending telepathy. The Clairvoyants are Thommy Ten and Amélie van Tass from Vienna, Austria, a magic duo who ...


Whole Stadium Turns Around To Deliver Touching Surprise For Kids In Children's Hospital
Sep 05, 2017 Cool

The coolest thing that happened Saturday at Kinnick Stadium had nothing to do with football.

At the end of the first quarter of Iowa's 24-3 win over Wyoming, the near sell-out crowd tilted ...


Couple Hides Pregnancy For Months, Then Show Up At Their Family's Door With Baby
Sep 05, 2017 Cool

Ben and his wife surprisingly gave birth to a baby without anyone in their family knowing until the shocking moment they showed up with their bundle of joy. In a day and age where it's nearly impossible ...


Every Day They Met On The Train. Just Wait To See What Happens At The End!
Sep 03, 2017 Cool

A short video is coming from Italy, which has touched many. Based on the real story, video talks about a man and a woman who met on the train every day at the same place.

Days passed by, ...


Two People On A Hang Glider Experience Meeting With Group Of Ducks
Sep 03, 2017 Cool

Take a look at this video coming from France, where two people have risen in the air with a motor hang glider. During the flight, they had a special honor - a group of ducks joined them, and everything ...


92-Year-Old Woman Confused When Cop Pulls Over In Front Of Her, Then Cop Grabs Ahold Of Her
Sep 02, 2017 Cool

A dashcam captured the sweet moment an Austin, Minnesota police officer got out of her car to dance with 92-year-old Millie Seiver.

The duet has been viewed more than 40,000 times. ...


Firefighters In Houston Get Creative To Put Out A House Fire
Sep 02, 2017 Cool

Firefighters from Arkadelphia, Arkansas traveled to Houston to help with Harvey recovery efforts. Both crews worked together and used a boat motor and spew water on a burning house.

Take ...


The National Guard Get Bailed Out By A Bunch Of Rednecks With Lifted Trucks In Texas
Sep 01, 2017 Cool

Much of Southeast Texas is under water after Hurricane Harvey dumped trillions of gallons of rain on the state in only a short period. Houston has had it particularly bad, so to help, some self-identified ...


This Milk Carton Magic By Mat Franco On AGT Will Blow Your Mind Away
Aug 31, 2017 Cool

Mat Franco is a magician, who won in ninth season of the American talent. Now, as a guest, he returned to the stage of AGT and left all the judges in shock.

From his packaging, he poured ...


Tiny Girl Nervously Walks Onstage, Then Her Quick Stepping Moves Have Crowd Instantly Cheering
Aug 31, 2017 Cool

Irish dancing is an age-old tradition that's been passed down over the decades.

This style of dancing takes years to perfect, but many of the dancers start off as toddlers - just like this ...


This Simple Trap From India Can Catch A Lot Of Fish And Crabs Using Only A Bambo
Aug 31, 2017 Cool

Take a look at his video from India, in which the author presented a simple trap for fish, crabs and eels, which help them catch their food there.

For the making of such a trap we only need ...


Couple Steps On AGT Stage Shirtless, Their Act Will Blow Your Mind Away
Aug 30, 2017 Cool

Oskar and Gaspar are nothing less than exciting. Their fantastic performance at their America's Got Talent audition made the judges and audience hungry for more.

Their skill at projection ...


Guy Steps On Got Talent Stage, Leaves Everyone Speechless With Vape Tricks
Aug 30, 2017 Cool

Michael Lee presented himself with a very special talent at the previous talent show in France. He stepped on the stage with an electric cigarette in his hands, then he showed his talent there by blowing ...


Awesome Red Bull Video Shows Crazy Tricks Together With Optical Illusions
Aug 30, 2017 Cool

These days, Red Bull shared a video clip on its Facebook page showing the power of illusion. They merged it with various stunts, and in only two days, the video was viewed by more than 3 million people. ...


2 Kids Take The Stage For Incredible 'Footloose' Dance That Leaves The Judges' Heads Spinning
Aug 29, 2017 Cool

When nine-year-olds Artyon and Paige were ready to take the stage for their latest America's Got Talent performance, the audience held their breath to see what the cute kids would treat them to next. This ...


This Trekking Route Is Not One For The Faint Hearted. Would You Dare To Walk Here?
Aug 28, 2017 Cool

Kalavantin Durg is a watch tower at height of 2330 feet, off the old Mumbai-Pune road. one of the best trekking spots in the Sahyadri mountain range. But the path to it's top is very step.

Take ...


He Reaches For Her Hand On Stage, But Noone Expected Something Like This To Happen
Aug 26, 2017 Cool

Nicolas Besnard and Shenea Booth are a guy and a girl from a video and they're known for the Duo MainTenanT name. They both love dancing, and they have often picked up various awards at dance competitions. ...


VIDEO: This Is The Highest And Fastest Roller Coaster. Would You Take This Ride?
Aug 26, 2017 Cool

At 325 feet tall with a top speed of 95 mph, it simply doesn't get much taller or faster than this record breaking giga coaster. It became the tallest non-launched roller coaster in the world after opening ...


Boyfriend Is Rapping While Driving, Then His Girlfriend Bursts In Tears
Aug 26, 2017 Cool

Man in the video is never arguing with his girlfriend. Well, almost never. Several times they have an argue while driving, as one of them wants to listen to one type of music, while other wants different ...


Bride And Groom Show Dirty Dancing On Their Wedding. When Guests See It, They Go Crazy!
Aug 24, 2017 Cool

The first wedding dance is one of the moments that belongs entirely to the bride and groom. Some of them end their dancing quickly, others go a step further and really prepare for the dance. Before the ...