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Identical Twin Girls Look In Each Other's Eyes, Their Conversation Is Priceless
Jul 07, 2017 Cool

Twin siblings are like magical creatures. Even while still in the womb, twins create such a unique bond with each other, because they literally are the first to communicate with each other.


Two Babies Gets Excited Over Water In Bucket, Steal The Whole Attention
Jul 07, 2017 Cool

Take a look at this awesome video in which two babies gets really excited over water in bucket. Their parents captured a video of them hafing fun while splashing the water all around and the video is going ...


Man Builds A Big 1,200,000 Litre Backyard Pool, And It's Really Magnificent
Jul 07, 2017 Cool

Jerry and Marina Leussink of Sundre, Alberta and their amazing on-farm summer resort. The focal point of the resort is their 90 by 70 foot and 14 foot deep pond. The huge pond which also have a shallow ...


Husband Can't Find A Babysitter For Date Night, Delivers Most Awesome Surprise To His Wife
Jul 07, 2017 Cool

Husband in the video agreed with his wife that they would hire a babysitter for one day so they could go on a date for the evening. Unfortunately the nanny canceled the deal several hours before. The good ...


Is This The Greatest Dad On The Whole Planet? This Is How He Entertained His Daughter
Jul 06, 2017 Cool

An exciting future of virtual reality lays ahead of us, but until prices drop, feel free to get creative, like this doting father.

Face-to-face with some down-hilling GoPro footage through ...


Scooter Rider Offers Robber Getaway Ride, Heads Directly To Police Station
Jul 05, 2017 Cool

Not a good day for this robber. The scooter rider has witnessed the man robbing a girl in the street and tricked him into riding the scooter as a getaway vehicle.

But, the robber was shocked ...


Single Biggest Firework From Malta Will Blow You Away
Jul 05, 2017 Cool

Every year, a festival is held in Malta, where the sky is covered with spectacular fireworks. Visitors at the last festival captured a moment, which is a real spectacle.

The last of the ...


Man Sings Emotional 'Hallelujah' To His Bride, Then She Gets Another Surprise From The Audience
Jul 04, 2017 Cool

During the bride and groom's ceremony, the groom felt it was the opportune moment to demonstrate his love through a song. With sincerity, he began singing "Hallelujah" to her with a sparkle in ...


This Special Meal Is The Greatest Thing To Ever Happen To A Hot Dog
Jul 04, 2017 Cool

If you're a big lover of grilled dishes, then you will surely like this special hot dogs. The author shows us the simple preparation of hot dogs where we slie the hot dogs in half, then lay the cheese ...


Comedy Magician Vinny Grosso Leaves Howie Mandel In Shock During His Act
Jul 02, 2017 Cool

Comedic magician Vinny Grosso left it on all the stage for his audition on America's Got Talent. It is not his first time on television as he was a contestant on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, on which Grosso ...


Baby Can't Contain Her Excitement When She Sees A Cat
Jul 01, 2017 Cool

Here is another one of those videos that make your day beautiful. The baby was lying quietly in her baby cot, when her parents were next to her with a cat in their hands.

When baby looked ...


Crazy Surfer Guy Gets Dragged Behind A Ferrari F50, Footage Is Just Awesome
Jul 01, 2017 Cool

Some people are really adrenaline addicts who are constantly looking for new dangerous ventures. This guy from the video belongs into such group for sure. He tied a rope to the Ferrari F50, then rode on ...


Thai Policeman Stops Desperate Knife-Wielding Man With Something Unexpected
Jun 30, 2017 Cool

A man armed with a large knife enters the Huay Kwang police station in Thailand. But instead of being ganged up he is welcomed with a power hug from a police officer.

Relaxed and with no ...


Husband Hadn't Cut Hair Since His Mom Died, Wife Can't Even Recognize Him
Jun 30, 2017 Cool

When Kevin lost his mother to cancer 16 years ago, he vowed to grow out his hair so he could donate to Locks of Love - a charity that provides hair pieces to patients in need after any medical treatment ...


Simon Cowell Shows Amazing Heart And Steps In To Do Something He Never Did Before
Jun 29, 2017 Cool

Hero the Super Collie was raised by Canadian dog trainer Sara Carson and is one of three "Super Collies" (Marvel and Loki are the other two). They are "canine actors, performers, and companions". ...


Bubble Filled With Smoke Touches The Lake, Then Something Amazing Happenes
Jun 29, 2017 Cool

Surely, we have all blown milky bubbles while we were kids. In this video, boy upgraded everything by using an electronic cigarete to fill the bubble with smoke.

But when the smokey bubble ...


Police Officer Came To Help Elderly Blind Woman, The He Made Her Unusual Wish Come True
Jun 28, 2017 Cool

Elderly woman, who is blind, was home alone at the time and worried about a fire starting, so she said she called the operator and asked for someone to help her make sure everything was okay.


Couple Play Special Game On Their Wedding, This Footage Is Now Going Viral
Jun 28, 2017 Cool

Wedding is a wonderful event where two people are accompanied in their mutual life.

Take a look at this video from one of the wedding in which we can see groom and bride play a special ...


Do You Love First Summer Rain? This Video Of Toddler Enjoying It Will Steal Your Heart
Jun 28, 2017 Cool

Everyone loves summer rain that chills you out during the hot weather. It looks like this toddler in the video fell in love with summer rain too!

Although this toddler seen it from the window ...


Digital Artists Use Heidi Klum's Body As Canvas On AGT, Leave Everyone Speechless
Jun 28, 2017 Cool

Oskar and Gaspar is the video-mapping act from Lisbon, Portugal competing on America's Got Talent, Season 12. They make a living producing amazing lighted sets and stages for indoor and outdoor corporate ...