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Evgenia Medvedeva Nails "Sailor Moon" Figure Skating Routine In Hot Outfit
Apr 24, 2017 Cool

Evgenia Medvedeva is a 17 year old Russian figure skater, who is two-time World champion. This time she competed at Exhibition World Team Trophy 2017 in Tokyo, Japan and she nailed her performance as a ...


Heroic Firefighter Saves A Life Of Suicidal Woman Trying To Jump Off Her Balcony
Apr 24, 2017 Cool

In this video from South Korea we can see one woman trying to end her life by jumping off a balcony. Lucky for here there was a heroic firefighter above who stepped in action to save her life.


Eight-Year-Old Britain's Got Talent Contestant Issy Simpson Just Took The Magic To A Whole New Level
Apr 23, 2017 Cool

In the opening episode of Britain's Got Talent 2017, we were completely bowled over by duo DNA. Sure, their mind reading skills were pretty amazing, but we were more impressed with how they switched from ...


WATCH: Alesha Dixon's Golden Buzzer Act Just Us Goes Straight To BGT's Semi-Finals
Apr 23, 2017 Cool

It's dance group Just Us' dream to grace the BGT stage, with member Julia revealing this is her last chance to impress once she has surgery for her scoliosis. In fact, Alesha was so touched by the girls' ...


Coca-Cola Summer Commercial Featuring Deepika Padukone
Apr 22, 2017 Cool

The 'Elevator TVC' showcases how Coca-Cola helps break the ice between two strangers. Set in an elevator where Indian celebrity, Deepika Padukone gets stuck with a housekeeper. Coca-Cola comes to the rescue ...


Grandma's Cooking Dinner, Suddenly Starts Dancing When Her Song Starts To Play
Apr 21, 2017 Cool

Have you ever heard your song come on the radio? Yes, we know you know what we're talking about. There's always that one song that makes you so happy you just have to dance!

For the grandma ...


Groom Interrupts Vows And Tells Bride To Turn Around, Then This Scene Makes Her Burst In Tears
Apr 20, 2017 Cool

When Ollie and Liz got engaged, he understood that a large portion of her attention would forever be devoted to her students. As a dance and musical theater teacher, most of her time was spent with kids. ...


6-Year-Old's Emotional Reaction To Surprise Birthday Trip Will Make Your Eyes Wet
Apr 20, 2017 Cool

Let's cut to the chase: Birthdays are awesome when you're a kid. And, we're guessing this little girl isn't going to forget her 6th birthday and the special gift that came with it.

Lily ...


Big Harvesting Machines Doing The Work Is So Satisfying To Watch
Apr 20, 2017 Cool

This is the video that was uploaded to the Facebook and it has more than 10 million views already. It's nothing strange as those big harvesting machines are so satisfying to watch doing its job.


This Short About Father-Daughter Cheesemakers Pulls On The Heartstrings So Hard, It Hurts
Apr 19, 2017 Cool

While it's easy to get stuck in our own ways, sometimes the best things come when we learn to collaborate with others.

In a new animated short for Dairy Farmers of Canada, Mia, and her father ...


Veteran With Prosthetic Leg Carries Guide Across Boston Marathon Finish Line
Apr 19, 2017 Cool

At the end of the course at Boston Marathon, a man with a prosthetic leg was seen carrying his guide and the American flag across the finish line. Earl Granville said 50 feet before crossing the line on ...


Man Slices Into A Rattlesnake Tail. Take A Look At What's Inside!
Apr 18, 2017 Cool

Have you ever wondered what was inside a rattlesnake tail? You may have never wondered such a thing, but once you do see what's inside, you'll be wondering why you never had!

Daniel and ...


This Is How They Let Crowds Cross During The Boston Marathon
Apr 18, 2017 Cool

The Boston Marathon is an annual marathon hosted by several cities in greater Boston in eastern Massachusetts, United States. It is always held on Patriots' Day, the third Monday of April.

This ...


Crushing Ball Bearings With Hydraulic Press
Apr 18, 2017 Cool

Everyone knows the guy behind Hydraulic Press Channel who always shoots something interesting. This time he tried to crush ball bearings with powerful hydraulic press and he captured everything on camera. ...


Deaf Grandma Teaching 9-Week-Old Baby Deaf Signs And It's Adorable
Apr 17, 2017 Cool

After watching this adorable video, your day will be better in no second. Signing for babies is awesome. They can't talk yet, and simple signing cuts down on their frustration with communicating their ...


This Giant Lawnmower Is Something You Need If You Want To Get Rid Of High Grass
Apr 17, 2017 Cool

Agromachinery company presented their new product - a giant lawnmower which can help you with mowing a high grass.

Once you will see how this machine works you will want one for yourself. ...


Slow Motion Pellet Penetration Through Bunch Of Deodorants
Apr 17, 2017 Cool

Gavin and Daniel whip out the air pistol and watch pellets travel majestically through the medium of... dude's deodorant.

How many deodorants do we need to stop the bullet? Watch this video ...


This Video Of Husband Pushing His 5-Year-Old Son All Over Skate Park Is Going Viral
Apr 16, 2017 Cool

Who says kiddos in wheelchairs can't use a skate park to the fullest? We can see a husband pushing his 5 year old all over this local skate park. Family makes it a priority to teach their son that disability ...


Britain's Got Talent Viewers Stunned By Mind Reading Magicians
Apr 16, 2017 Cool

Mind reading duo Andrew and Darren a.k.a. DNA leave the audience and Judges totally spooked with their act, with us all left wondering how the hell did they do it?!

During the performance, ...


Amazing Performance By World's Best Elderly Swing Dance Couple
Apr 15, 2017 Cool

An elderly couple who have been dancing together for 60 years have become viral stars when they were caught on camera performing a rock'n'roll routine.

A video of Dietmar Ehrentraut, 70, ...