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Have You Ever Seen Lithuanian Cheerleaders? If You Didn't You Should!
Jan 02, 2017 Cool

Here comes a video of some Lithuanian cheerleaders who will blow you away with their hot moves. They're known for "Krepsinio sokejos" name and they are all really beautiful! If you didn't watch ...


This Is How London Fireworks Looked Like For New Year's Eve
Jan 02, 2017 Cool

New Year is behind and most people around the world celebrated New Year using fireworks. See how London's New Year's Eve fireworks looked like from the Thames Embankment as Big Ben striked midnight.


Elderly Couple Steals Spotlight At Mall Event
Jan 01, 2017 Cool

The caption on the video reads, “Every year Nick and Emma come in lit!” The DJ who posted the video added in a caption that Nick and Emma have been attending that event for the last couple of years, ...


Man Build Gun That Can Fold And Launch 120 Paper Airplanes A Minute
Jan 01, 2017 Cool

A video of Dieter Michael Krone (possibly DK to his friends, or maybe Dieter or The Kroner) demonstrating his PFM A5 v2.0, a gun that can fold and launch up to 120 paper airplanes a minute. Watch this ...


What Happens When a Bullet Hits an 'Unbreakable' Prince Rupert's Drop
Jan 01, 2017 Cool

What sort of object can shrug off a bullet, but shatters with just a little touch? The answer is a Prince Rupert’s Drop, an object formed from molten glass simply dropped into water to cool. In glorious ...


Amazing Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks
Jan 01, 2017 Cool

Sydney in Australia celebrated by unleashing its biggest fireworks display in history. More than 1 million people hit the shores of the city's harbour foreshore, with crowds also packing into choice viewing ...


Dropping An iPhone Into Molten Aluminum Is Undeniably Beautiful
Dec 31, 2016 Cool

The technicians at Apple’s Genius Bars have been known to turn a blind eye to an iPhone with a cracked screen, or a little bit of water damage. But you’re probably not going to have much luck getting ...


Officer Allows Teen Caught With Marijuana To Do Push-Ups Instead Of Jail Time
Dec 31, 2016 Cool

When you’re given the choice between jail and doing push-ups, the decision is pretty obvious.
One teen in Texas was given the opportunity after an Arlington police officer caught him smoking marijuana ...


Waitress Pulls Off Amazing Coffee Cup Back Flick
Dec 31, 2016 Cool

The woman was filmed in a restaurant in Spain as she reached up to try and grab something from the back of what appears to be a coffee machine. But, just as it seems the mug will smash on the floor, she ...


Best Grandpa Reaction To Baby Announcement
Dec 30, 2016 Cool

For three long months, Leann Aragon and her husband kept a closely guarded secret: they were pregnant.
When the time was right to share their secret, the expectant parents traveled to visit Leann’s ...


Dad Left In Tears After Little Boy Spends All His Birthday Money On Xmas Gift
Dec 30, 2016 Cool

Father Mike is handed a massive wrapped up reward. As he tears into it he thinks it is a new saucepan – but inside of the box is yet another box with the actual present inside. “That’s a freaking ...


Man Gives Hard Working Waiter A $300 Tip
Dec 30, 2016 Cool

Maurice Green was at dinner with his family when he noticed that their waiter seemed to be having a bad day. He decided that he wanted to bless the young man and help encourage him. When the waiter came ...


This Cardistry Pro Is So Good We've Forgotten The Laws That Govern Reality
Dec 30, 2016 Cool

Cardist Zach Mueller, founder of Fontaine Cards, masterfully flicks and spins a deck of cards in a video featuring a series of impressive cardistry tricks. Mueller also made a collection of video tutorials ...


Cop Engaged In Traffic Stop Leads To Something Unexpected
Dec 29, 2016 Cool

One Cape Girardeau, Missouri woman thought she and her boyfriend were being pulled over. It turns her boyfriend was going to serve a "lifetime sentence."

Austin Urhan and Samantha ...


Brothers Were Saving Money For 10 Years To Buy Their Mom A Christmas Present She Always Wanted
Dec 29, 2016 Cool

Showing gratitude to a beautiful Mum who's worked so hard to give you everything in life. Compared to the sacrifices she has made for sons over the years, this is nothing. Daniel and Jason Knust gave her ...


This British Gymnast Is An Example What Is Human Body Capable Of
Dec 29, 2016 Cool

British tumbling gymnast Kristof Willerton knows his body so well he can perform tricks like you've never seen before. See what a human body is capable of if you train it right.


Passengers Fall Asleep On Their Flight, Wake Up To A Completely Unexpected Christmas Surprise
Dec 28, 2016 Cool

The following video is an awesome holiday stunt by WestJet Airlines that sums up the holiday spirit. In other words, it’s all about giving!

Passengers of one lucky WestJet flight were ...


What Happens If You Burn 10,000 Sparklers At Once
Dec 28, 2016 Cool

Guys behind Slivki Show channel bought over 10,000 sparklers to light them up all at the same time. They put them inside the bucket and this is what they captured on camera.


Fireworks In Japan Are Really Something Special - This Is How It Looks Like
Dec 28, 2016 Cool

People from Japan are known for their surprises at anything. Take a look at this video showing how a fireworks looks like in Japan. This is something you have to see if you love awesome fireworks! :)


Most Heartwarming Christmas Video Of Little Boy's Reaction When Opening Adoption Certificate
Dec 28, 2016 Cool

Janelle Rice shared a touching video Sunday on Facebook of her 11-year-old biological son, Landon, opening the present he's always dreamed of: his adoption certificate.

Daniel secretly began ...