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13-Year-Old Builds Tiny House In Parents' Yard. Neighbors Are Stunned When They Look Inside
Oct 17, 2017 Cool

All it takes to do something great is a single idea and a little support. For one Iowa teenager, his idea was building a house and, believe it or not, his parents supported him if he could pay for it. ...


Musician Plays Elvis Presley's Classic On Kalimba, Even His Dog Enjoys It
Oct 17, 2017 Music

The Kalimba sounds like a little music box and Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling In Love" feels like a perfect fit for this instrument.

The Kalimba or mbira is an African musical ...


She Announces She's Singing Simon's Favorite Song. His Comeback Brings On Judge's Accusation
Oct 17, 2017 Music

It's hard to impress Simon Cowell. He's one of the most notoriously harsh judges on reality television, but when he likes something, he makes it very clear!

So when X Factor contestant Caitlyn ...


Two Man Sing "Jolene" In Museum, Their Performance Is Angelic
Oct 17, 2017 Music

Take a look at this video in which Brian Rose and Tom Stanley from the Penn Museum in Philadelphia perform Dolly Parton's "Jolene" in the "Iraq's Ancient Past" exhibition.


His Car Was Scratched. When He Saw The Footage, He Couldn't Believed His Eyes!
Oct 17, 2017 Other

The owner of the vehicle in the video had his car repeatedly scratched, so he was determined to end this. He placed the camera in the vehicle to cath the bad guy doing this to his car.

When ...


6-Year-Old Genius Kid Becomes Etihad Airways Pilot For A Day
Oct 17, 2017 Cool

Six-year-old Adam has always been fascinated by planes and aviation. His dream is to become a Captain of an A380 Airbus. On board a flight from Morocco to Abu Dhabi, our Etihad Airways Cabin Crew noticed ...


Two Acrobats Deliver Performance Like You've Never Seen Before
Oct 16, 2017 Cool

If you are looking for the coolest video of the day today, then you are in the right place. In front of you is a clip from one of the gymnasiums, where two acrobats impressed everyone with their performance ...


He Was Sitting On A Chair Playing French Horn, Then His Friend Stole Whole Attention
Oct 16, 2017 Music

If you want to make a good laugh, then this clip is the right for you. In it we can see a guy, who plays a French horn in one of the classrooms with his friend next to him. But he did not use any musical ...


This Cow Born With No Frontal Legs Is The Wonder Of Nature, This Is How It Walks
Oct 16, 2017 Animals

Another video clip has circled the web in which we can see a cow that has no front legs. According to the author, the cow is without legs from its birth.

But where is the will, there is ...


Disabled Man Makes This Device To Help Him Feed Himself
Oct 16, 2017 Cool

Guy in the video is the man behind the Youtube channel "Litlog", who made a special device that helps him feed himself.

This device is to help those with no use of their hands ...


VIDEO: Goalkeeper Dies After Colliding With His Soccer Teammate
Oct 16, 2017 Shocking

The football world is again in shock. On the field in Indonesia the goalkeeper of the Persela Lamangan team, Choirul Huda lost his life after the collision with his teammate.

Ramon Rodrigues, ...


Leon Haslam Crashes Hard On Superbike Race At 170 Mph, Luckly Survives The Accident
Oct 16, 2017 Accidents

Leon Haslam had a chance to win the title of the British Superbike Championship in the superb race, but not everything went right for him.

At a speed of around 170 mph (270 kph), his brakes ...


Woman Falls To The Ground During Competition. Dog's Next Move Is Putting Tears In Everyone's Eyes
Oct 15, 2017 Animals

We've seen some smart dogs in the past, but nothing compares to this pupper from Italy. Lusy Imbergerova and her dog Deril step onto the FCI Dog Dancing Championship stage and are ready to give the performance ...


She Overhears Costco Worker Playing Adele, Stuns Shoppers By Joining For Duet
Oct 15, 2017 Music

People love Costco for all sorts of reasons. It has great prices on bulk purchases of everything imaginable, from toilet paper to canned tuna.

On any given weekend, you can flash your membership ...


He Was Filming The Woods, Then This Roaring Red Stag Came Near Him
Oct 15, 2017 Animals

The author of the video was filming a forest when a big red deer appeared infront of him. With a loud roaring, he informed everyone that he is the king in this area.

And when he was completely ...


Penguins May Be Agile In Water But On Land, They Are So Hilarious
Oct 15, 2017 Animals

We all know that penguins are excellent swimmers and that they are more than perfect in the water. But there are only a few of us who know that the penguins are very clumsy on the land. With their funny ...


This Is What Tesla Autopilot Does If You Fall Asleep Behind The Wheel
Oct 15, 2017 Technology

Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if you fell asleep at the wheel of your Tesla on a winding country road when its on autopilot?

Many were talking about this problem but it ...


Motegi Drama In Last Lap, Dovizioso Battles For First Place With Marquez
Oct 15, 2017 Sport

In MotoGP races we have repeatedly seen exceptional duelings that ended in the last bends. Even this morning, the spectators witnessed a real epic duel between Marquez Marquez and Andrea Dovizioso. ...


How A Chiropractor Changed This Teen's Life
Oct 14, 2017 Shocking

Muntathar Altaii, a 17-year-old,was left with a bent spine after pulling a tree root outside their home in California. For three months, he suffered from excruciating pain on his back and numbness on his ...


Dashcam Road Fails In Slovenia
Oct 14, 2017 News

The video contains 17 different fails captured by different daschcams all over Slovenia few years back. This is how not to behave in traffic, keep in mind, you're not alone! Please learn from the filmed ...