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She Sat Next To A Guitarist And Took Spoons In Hand. Just Wait For Them To Start Playing!
Sep 26, 2017 Music

Listen to the song "Angels in Heaven" performed by Chris Rodrigues on the guitar together with Abby, known as Abby the Spoon Lady.

They filmed this on the Spoon Lady's front porch, ...


Man Hits Record To Sing 'Somebody To Love.' His Haunting Rendition Has The Internet In Chills
Sep 26, 2017 Music

Musical artists have a powerful way of shaping us as human beings, and Marc Martel made that very clear singing a Queen classic. In a day and age where music is almost always within reaching distance, ...


WATCH: Almost Six Hundred Border Collies Met Up In Australia To Beat A World Record
Sep 26, 2017 Animals

Nearly 600 border collies gathered in a park in Adelaide on Sunday to break an unofficial world record.

Organised by the Border Collie Owners of South Australia, more than $6,000 was raised ...


Ken Block Drifts 1,400 Horsepower Ford Mustang On Pikes Peak, Footage Is Going Viral
Sep 26, 2017 Automoto

Toyo Tires presents Ken Block's Climbkhana: Pikes Peak, the next evolution of Block's award-winning Gymkhana series.

Witness man versus mountain, 14,000ft vs Block's 1,400-horsepower twin-turbo ...


Guitarist Performs "Somebody That I Used To Know" In His Outstanding Style
Sep 26, 2017 Music

Mike Dawes is a guitarist in a video and he has a very special way of playing. This time, in the Cedars Hall in London, many fans were impressed when he completely nailed the big hit "Somebody That ...


Eurovision Winner Salvador Sobral In Critical Condition, He's Fighting For His Life
Sep 26, 2017 Music

Having bidden an intermittent farewell to his fans in a concert on September 8, the Portuguese singer and winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is fighting for his life in a hospital in Lisbon. ...


Best Hot Moments From Sports With Beautiful Ladies Fascinating Players
Sep 26, 2017 Sport

Take a look at this mini compilation, in which the authors selected some of the hottest moments from various sports events and trainings where beautiful girls were everywhere around.

They ...


Man Steps On Stage Shaking Of Fright. When He Starts Singing, Everyone Is In Shock!
Sep 25, 2017 Music

When Christopher Maloney took to the stage of The X Factor show in United Kingdom, he was shaking like a leaf and suffering from a serious case of stage-fright.

Watch as the shy singer ...


Mother Boards The Plane. When She Finds Who Will Be The Pilot, She Bursts In Tears!
Sep 25, 2017 Cool

These days the world is surrounded by a video clip in which flight crew captured an unforgettable moment on board. When a woman boarded on a plane, she impressed with with her reaction. She was left speechless ...


Girl Replaces Trained Singer 4 Hours Before The Show, Nails The Most Difficult Opera Song
Sep 25, 2017 Music

16-year-old Rachele Gilmore only had a four hours' notice that she would sing that night as a trained singer canceled her performance the same day.

Watch how Rachele sings "The Doll ...


Dog Leans On Piano, Then Steals Whole Show In Next Second
Sep 25, 2017 Animals

Here is one of the videos you will surely enjoy watching. A dog named Buddy is a real master - his owners filmed him at the moment when he leaned against the piano with his paws on the keyboard.


This Moment From Race Is Surrounding The World. You Won't Believe What His Opponent Did!
Sep 25, 2017 Sport

A video is going viral across the Facebook in which one of the racers captured a moment on camera during the race when his opponent caused laugh all over the world.

During the overtaking ...


Adorable Little Girl Steals Whole Show When Crying, Footage Is Going Viral
Sep 25, 2017 Funny

Every parent knows that children, especially when they're babies, try everything to achieve the desired. But the girl in the video went a step further with all the drama.

Her forced crying ...


Fans At A Hockey Game Go Crazy For A Little Kid, Boo Everyone Else
Sep 25, 2017 Funny

At one of the hockey games a very special moment occurred during the game. On the big screen above the hockey field, a picture from the camera was displayed, when toddler stole the whole show.


VIDEO: Dutch Goalkeeper Impressed The World, This Is The Best Defense Of The Year
Sep 25, 2017 Sport

The spectators in the Netherlands could see an extraordinary intervention by goalkeeper Roy Kortsmit this days when he played one of the best defenses of this year on the match between Sparta and Den Haag. ...


WATCH: Italian Air Force Typhoon Crashes At Air Show, Pilot Dies On Impact
Sep 25, 2017 Accidents

An Italian Eurofighter Typhoon jet crashed during an airshow in the central Italian region of Lazio on Sunday, killing its pilot, local media reports.

The tragedy took place near the town ...


This Stunning Hyperlapse Video Of Washington DC Is Going Viral In America
Sep 25, 2017 Cool

From the capital of the United States of America Washington DC here comes a video shot in a "hyperlapse" technique, which left many Americans overwhelmed and completely fascinated.


They Form A Human Christmas Tree, Their Next Move Left Everyone Speechless
Sep 24, 2017 Cool

From the youth Olympic competition in China, a video is coming in, where we all have something to see. More than 500 dancers joined together to present the dance, as the world has not seen before.


9 Men Line Up To Dance. But Watch Man In Front When Women With Drums Come Out
Sep 24, 2017 Funny

When the members of the amazing fleet-footed group Riverdance join together on stage for this performance, no one in the audience could've imagined their routine could be so stunning!

Thankfully ...


After Two Years, He Moved His Fish Tank And Couldn't Believe The Monster He Found Inside
Sep 24, 2017 Animals

A man went two years before noticing something incredible living inside his fish tank. He noticed coral colonies missing and decided to clean out the tank. He discovered a massive bristle worm, also referred ...