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This Worker's Brick Laying Method Is Freaking Awesome
Dec 25, 2016 Cool

Here comes a video of one worker showing his method of laying bricks on the wall. This is really something amazing - this looks like automatic wall builder. Have you seen something like this before? :)


Car In Taiwan Loses Control Due Stupid Driver, Overturns And Crashes Hard
Dec 25, 2016 Accidents

Here comes a dashcam video from Taiwan in which we can see one brutal car crash after stupid driver was overtaking every car on the highway. See what happened after stupid driver drove on the lane next ...


Judges On Australia's Got Talent Couldn't Believe What Three Guys Did On Stage
Dec 24, 2016 Cool

Who needs words when you have magic and one of the judges' shoes? Three guys from Australia totally nailed their performance at Australia's Got Talent show with their hilarious magic performance. They're ...


Video Of Toronto Zoo's Giant Panda Caught Playing With Snowman Goes Viral
Dec 24, 2016 Animals

A giant panda at the Toronto Zoo decided to take on a snowman in a wrestling match - but the winner of the encounter is debatable.

The zoo posted a video to YouTube showing what happened ...


Guy Waiting For His Boiling Water Is Trolled By His Roommate
Dec 24, 2016 Funny

Aouthor of this video was on a visit at his friend's house when they decided they want to drink some tea. As the water boiled inside the teapot, house owner was trolled hard by his friend. This one is ...


Dad With Balacing Baby Daughter Is Going Viral With This Video
Dec 24, 2016 Cool

Kevin Russell is a dad in this video showing an incredible talent of his baby daughter. He was practicing this with her for over the last year and a half and her balance is something it will blow you away.


Tesla Easter Egg Model Wishes Us Merry Christmas In Best Way Possible
Dec 24, 2016 Automoto

At the last Tesla model there is a hidden feature inside the electronics which activates before Christmas time. See how Tesla dances and brags around when showing some of the features it has.


Lazy Dog Doesn't Care About Roomba Cleaning Robot
Dec 24, 2016 Animals

This tired puppy Gauge wasn't even fazed by a robot cleaner Roomba! The Roomba was just trying to do its job and clean the kitchen floor but the dog didn't care about this. See this hilarious video!


This Is How Best GoPro Videos Of Year 2016 Look Like
Dec 24, 2016 Cool

Rewind through the best of 2016 as GoPro captures the most epic moments around the world. Follow along through the GoPro lens as Matt Mingay takes the track on two wheels, as Julia Mancuso shreds a mountain ...


Freddy The Fahaka Puffer Fish Gets Pinched And Goes Nuts
Dec 24, 2016 Animals

The Fahaka Puffer, also known as the Nile Puffer or Band Puffer, comes from the lakes and rivers of Africa and can grow to a very large size. In this video we can see what happens to a crab after it pinches ...


Fails Compilation Of December 2016 - Part 2
Dec 24, 2016 Funny

Part 2 of the our favorite fails of the year! If you have a favorite, leave it in the comments. See some of the best fails captured on camera in the year 2016. Which one is your favourite one?


Bandit The Pug Has The Most Awesome Reaction On His Owner Talking About His Bad Habits
Dec 23, 2016 Animals

This Pug's name is Bandit. Bandit has done some bad things. So his daddy sat him down, and talked to him very gently about his bad habits. Bandit likes to lick everything, he also likes to chase the cat ...


Thailand Dad With Ninja Skills Saves Children From Out Of Control Car
Dec 23, 2016 Other

CCTV security video reveals what happened in a moments just before car crash in Thailand when dad grabbed two kids and saved their lives for sure. This dad is a true hero and everyone should see this video!


Acapella Group Pentatonix Sings Us "Hallelujah" Once Again For A Christmas Special
Dec 23, 2016 Music

Acapella music group Pentatonix sang "Hallelujah" once again for their Christmas Special and it's again a pure joy. You will get goosebumps all over your body listening to their take on this ...


Dumb Driver Gets An Instant Punishment From Bikers After Almost Hitting Them
Dec 23, 2016 Other

The guy who drives a truck drove on the opposite lane when he saw two bikers coming towards him. He almost caused a crash, but he was all smart about it and told bikers it was their foult. Well, he got ...


Cop With Blood Alcohol Level 3x Legal Limit Tries To Talk His Way Out Of Getting Arrested
Dec 23, 2016 Other

Video captured two Montmorency County, Michigan sheriff's deputies dealing with a Washtenaw County lieutenant who is accused of drunken driving in Montmorency County, Michigan. Washtenaw County Lt. Brian ...


Guys Put A GoPro In A Cannon To Capture Some Crazy Footage
Dec 23, 2016 Cool

Potato Cannon those guy used was built with PVC pipes. They basically went to Home Depot and assembled all the pieces before buying them. It's filled using an air compressor through a nozzle that's tapped ...


Liam Neeson Auditions For Mall Santa Claus Is Totally Hilarious
Dec 23, 2016 Funny

In The Late Show with Stephen Colbert movie actor Liam Neeson tried to act as a Mall Santa Claus but he couldn't get out of his skin. He will simply find you anytime wherever you are - but with his scary ...


Drunk Driver Inside An Airport Terminal Escapes All The Security In GTA Style
Dec 23, 2016 Other

Footage from a dashcam and CCTV shows the maniac dodging round a baggage carousel before steaming through arrival and departure halls and past duty free shops, chased by police on foot.


How A Destruction Of iMac With A Combustion Tube Looks LIke In Slow Motion
Dec 23, 2016 Cool

There are a lot of things Gav and Dan don't have access to in the back garden. This combustion tube is one of those things. Time to go to Indiana! See what happens with an iMac when it's destroyed in super ...