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Idiot Tries To Rob Gun Store In Georgia But Receives Instant Justice
Jan 10, 2017 Stupid

Two armed men chose the wrong place to attempt a robbery Monday morning, when an employee at the Cobb County gun shop confronted them and shot one dead at the scene, Cobb County police said.


Glowing 1000 Degree Bait Bike Seat Is Nothing Good For Thiefs
Jan 10, 2017 Other

Guys from TwinzTV channel, known for their brutal bait bike pranks made another one where they heated the bike's seat to 1000 degree. Then they placed a bike in the place where they knew thiefs will steal it.


UFC Fighters Experience Marine Corps Martial Arts
Jan 10, 2017 Cool

These UFC fighters were quickly overwhelmed by the fitter, stronger and in many ways more skilled members of the United States Marine Corps. This is another example to make you think about not to mess ...


Touching Film Shows What Life Would Be Like If Dogs Could Talk - This Really Hits Your Feelings
Jan 09, 2017 Cool

There is a point in every dog's life where they have to say goodbye to their loving families, and it is always hard. How do you say goodbye when you can’t actually say it? This video is for anyone who ...


You Haven't Seen A Horse's True Colors Until You've Seen It Go Wild On A Squeaky Toy
Jan 09, 2017 Animals

The YouTube description for this clip is "Hilarious fun with he's squeaky chook" and honestly - that's all you need to know. Debbie Barber owns this horse and she wanted to surprise him by giving ...


It's So Cold In Russia That Even Barrier Is Shaking
Jan 09, 2017 Funny

It's really cold out there but we can guarantee you there is even colder in Russia. With temperatures bellow -58 degrees Fahrenheit author of this video says even the barrier is shaking.


11-Year-Old Stands Onstage, Paralyzes With Soulful Rendition Of A Whitney Houston Classic
Jan 09, 2017 Music

11-year-old Arisxandra Libantino stepped on the Britain's Got Talent stage for her semifinal performance. The little girl stands in front of the mic. At first, the judges were surprised by the little girl's ...


This Is What People Do When Snow Falls In Raleigh, North Carolina
Jan 09, 2017 Cool

When North Carolina gets covered in snow you never know what you will see on the streets. In this video driver captured moments of fun on his dashcam where one guy was skiing on the streets while his friend ...


This Guy Invents A Home Made Full Auto Crossbow
Jan 09, 2017 Cool

When you make non gunpowder weapons at home, you are usually restricted to single shotcontraptions or manual repeaters at best. But of course the ultimate goal is to build a full auto machine gun style weapon!


Are Those Two Fans At Dakar 2017 Luckiest Men Alive?
Jan 09, 2017 Accidents

Here comes a video from Dakar 2017 in which Carlos Sainz got in a crash just after a sharp turn. He almost hit two spectators standing right next to a track but luckly they both got away. Carlos Sainz ...


When Shoting A Stunt In Movie Almost Ends In A Disaster
Jan 09, 2017 Shocking

This video was taken by a random guy who was capturing moments of backstage shoting of a movie. Before this stunt happened, noone knew that anything can go wrong. See what happened in this fake crash of a car.


Vehicles On Highway 401 In Newcastle Get Crush By A Semi Truck In Bad Weather
Jan 09, 2017 Accidents

Highway 401 was closed for several hours Saturday east of Toronto, due to a collision in the Bowmanville area that the OPP says involved up to 100 vehicles.

The video above captures the ...


You Won't Believe What This Scuba Diver Found In River
Jan 09, 2017 Cool

In this video diver searches for river treasure in Columbus, Georgia inside the Chattahoochee river. You won't believe what this diver found on the bottom of the river. From GoPros to iPhone, Gun and Knives...


Ice Circle Spinning On Middle Fork Snoqualmie River
Jan 09, 2017 Nature

See this rare moment where a thin layer of ice spins in a circle on the flowing water of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River near North Bend, Washington. Have you seen anything like this ever before?


Dad's Cover Of "Tennessee Whiskey" Filmed By Proud Daughter Is Going Viral Now
Jan 08, 2017 Music

Kris Jones is a man in the video who sang Chris Stapleton's song "Tennessee Whiskey" while his daughter captured a video on her cellphone. This video went viral instantly, reaching more than ...


This Homemade Wood Cutting Machine Is Simple But Brilliant
Jan 08, 2017 Cool

A Polish man engineered a solution to his wood chopping problem using his tractor and a little machine that cuts through branches. Talk about lightening the workload!


Little Boy Sneaks Away Mom's Sewing Machine, His Creations Have The Internet In Tears
Jan 08, 2017 Cool

An extraordinary young boy named Campbell spends all his extra time on the sewing machine, and has done so for the past few years. His 8 siblings love seeing what new creations he comes up with but they ...


Military Dad Coming Home From Afghanistan Meets Baby Daughter For First Time
Jan 08, 2017 Cool

Lieutenant Dan has been deployed in Afghanistan for 7 months and is on his way home. But what makes it special is that he has a new baby daughter waiting to meet him for the first time. Watch as this journey ...


Sparrow Frozen To Fence Gets Rescued By A Good Samaritan
Jan 08, 2017 Animals

While Nelson Wilson was feeding his horses on New Year's morning he noticed a solitary sparrow perched upon the steel fence near the water tank. The tank is heated to keep it from freezing. It is not uncommon ...


The Pink Panther Theme Played On A Big Piano
Jan 08, 2017 Music

The theme song to the Pink Panther has become an indisposable part of the franchise and one of the most recognizable tunes in the world. See how one man and woman play this theme song on a giant piano.