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Girl Shows Us Ultimate Way How To Get Big Boobs
May 02, 2016 Other

Natalie Boucher is a Youtuber who loves to share her makeup tutorials and tips with all the woman around the World. This time she shows us how to get big boobs using only makeup and a push-up bra.


This Racecars Are Really Not Good In The Rain
May 02, 2016 Sport

Here comes a short clip from Termas de Rio Hondo race in Argentina, when heavy rain made almost every driver to lost control over their car. Watch how they crashed in the same corner one after another.


When You Will See What This Firefighters Pull Out Of A Manhole Your Day Will Be Better
May 01, 2016 Cool

In this video from Netherlands we can see one awesome act of kindness by firefighters, when they saved a bunch of baby ducks out of a manhole. This is one type of video which makes your day instantly better!


Man In Vietnamese Talent Show Shocks Everyone With His Dangerous Outstanding Performance
May 01, 2016 Cool

Just believe us - the next guy from Vietnam is totally crazy. Take a look at what he did in the Vietnamese talent show that left completely everyone speechless in the hall. Never seen something like this ...


All The Judges From Britain's Got Talent Were In Tears When This 14-Year Old Sang Cher's Believe
May 01, 2016 Music

There's not a dry eye in the house when 14-year old Jasmine Elcock takes to the stage with her version of Cher's "Believe" and Ant and Dec can't help but reach for the Golden Buzzer.


When Base Jumping Off A High Electrical Tower Goes Horribly Wrong
May 01, 2016 Shocking

We stumbled across this video today and literally couldn't believe what we were seeing. The description simply reads: "Russia: Ivan's parachute fails to open. The fall was not fatal, but he still ...


He Hadn't Seen His Brother In Over 2 Years - Then He Hears Someone Call His Name From The Bleachers
May 01, 2016 Cool

Having a close relationship his entire life with big brother Bailey, Meyers was shocked when his brother, who was currently on duty as a U.S. Marine, flew to Illinois to surpise Meyers and watch him play ...


Migrants In France Attack Two Man During A Protest Without Any Reason
May 01, 2016 Shocking

The scene takes place in Nantes city, France during a protest against the proposed labour law change by Ministre El Khomri.
A young man is chased by dozens of thugs, while one of them has a nightstick. ...


Red Bull Downhill Race In Sweden Goes Horribly Wrong
May 01, 2016 Other

This is Red Bull Homerun 2016 in Are, Sweden, but it looks more like a warzone than a downhill race. Alexander Sehlberg finished 6th out of 500, and Joel Bengs managed to reach the afterski as 4th best ...


This Is Car's Damage After Fiat Smashes Into Volvo
May 01, 2016 Accidents

Here comes a video from Poland in which we can see aftermath of cars accident on the highway. Take a look at what happens with Fiat Seicento when it rearends Volvo XC 70. This could be a great commercial ...


3 Year-Old Boy From Iraq Doing Donuts In A BMW
May 01, 2016 Other

In this video from Iraq we can see on 3 year-old boy showing his driving skills in a BMW even if he can't see out of car. It looks like parents really trust him or they are just stupid enough to let him ...


Parachuting Into A Football Stadium From The POV Of Navy SEALs Is Spectacular
May 01, 2016 Cool

Members of the U.S. Navy Parachute Team, the Leap Frogs, jump into Neyland Stadium to kick off the Orange vs. White UT Vols Spring Scrimmage football game as part of Knoxville Navy Week, April 16, 2016.


If You're Too Afraid To Learn The Truth, Then Don't Watch This Video
Apr 30, 2016 Shocking

How did the Rothschild family become the wealthiest family on Earth? What do North Korea, Iran and Cuba have in common? What objectives did 9/11 really try to achieve? This video attempts to find answers ...


Malamute Puppies Will Impress You With Their Cuteness
Apr 30, 2016 Animals

Here it is - another cute video which will make your day instantly better. Those Malamute puppies are something the best you will see today. This video already have more than 14 million views!


Good Man Helps Baby Bird Find Worms
Apr 30, 2016 Animals

Here is another awesome video in which one man helps a little baby bird to find worms in the ground. Will this little bird have enough food for today? What a bond between animal and a human!


The Best Bloopers Of The 2015 - 2016 NBA Season Apr 30, 2016 Funny

NBA just uploaded this awesome compilation of best bloopers of the 2015 - 2016 NBA season. Take a look at the most epic moves by some NBA players and others around them! This is hilarious! :D


This Is How Germans Merge A Security Line On Highway
Apr 30, 2016 Other

In this video you can see how drivers in Germany merge a security line in case of accident on highway for ambulance, police and firetrucks. This is how all drivers should allow rescuers fast intervetion.


Dolphins Trick Fish With Mud "Nets" To Catch Them
Apr 30, 2016 Animals

BBC Earth presents One Life whic is narrated by Daniel Craig, written and directed by Michael Gunton & Martha Holmes. In this part we can see how dolphins trick fish with mud nets to fall in their trap.


Spectator Gets Hit By A Rally Truck In The Sand Dunes
Apr 30, 2016 Shocking

Here comes a clip from Russian City Of Astrakhan in which a rally over sand dunes held place. But unfortunately it was cancelled after one truck driver ran over a spectator. According to preliminary reports ...


Fails Compilation Of Month April 2016
Apr 30, 2016 Funny

Here they are, the best fails submitted to Fail Army this month. In this awesome compilation you will definitely find something cool. Which fail was best for you? Be the judge for yourself!