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Alex Magala Is Back With Added Danger - This Is His Semi-Final Performance From Britain's Got Talent
May 24, 2016 Cool

Dubbed the most dangerous act Britain's Got Talent has ever seen, sword swallower Alex Magala is pulling out all the stops with his latest daring stunt, complete with LOTS of fire and some power tools.


When Extreme Prank War Between Father And Son Goes Too Far
May 24, 2016 Shocking

You've definitely saw prank wars between friends and couples in the past but you've never seen something like this. RackaRacka made a new video of extreme prank war between father and son and it goes way ...


Angry Lions Bring Down Buffalo But Wait Until The End To See What Happens
May 24, 2016 Animals

Incredible to see how two lionesses from one pride chase the herd into two males from a different pride. The 4 of them are happy to share the meal, however, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" ...


Lions Lick The Water Off The Outside Of Tent While Stone Cold Camper Is Still Inside
May 24, 2016 Other

Derick Clegg uploaded a video on his channel showing a moment when he was camping in Khiding, Botswana. He got a special guest outside his tent and his blood had to freeze when he saw this!


Honk If You're Horny Prank Drives Prankster's Dad Insane
May 24, 2016 Funny

A son of this angry man placed a text on the back of his father's car saying "Honk if you're horny". His dad goes insane once he drives his car around the town as everyone is honking at him.


Two Guys Make Full On Home Renovations Inside A Walmart Toilet Paper Aisle
May 24, 2016 Funny

Two guys and some of their friends went into Walmart to create a fortress out of a toilet paper. But this was not enough, they also got some furniture around the store and this is how their new apparmant ...


Filtering Motorcycle Gets Cut Off In Traffic, Then This Happens
May 24, 2016 Other

Here comes a video from helmet camera of one Russian biker after he gets cut off in traffic by a blonde girl. But this doesn't leads to road rage but to one very unusual favor. See for yourself what blonde ...


Is This Video A Proof That Chemtrails Are A Real Thing?
May 23, 2016 Other

There is a new video on the web from three days ago showing how planes are spraying poison in the sky known as chemtrails. Be a judge for yourself if this is a real thing. What do you think about this?


Drone Close Call With Rally Car Captured By Two Drones
May 23, 2016 Other

While shoting a promo video this rally driver with Yugo almost hit a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone shoting at the grounds. Everything was captured on another drone above this so you have everything here!


Security Guards Scare Their Buddy In Most Innovative Way
May 23, 2016 Cool

Security guardy from China scared their new co-worker in most awesome way. Once you will see this video, you will start to laugh like never before. A new guy will definitely be mad at them! :D


When You Meet Your Dream Girl At Wrong Time
May 23, 2016 Funny

You know that moment when you meet your dream girl? This is one of those moments but it was totally a wrong time for them to meet. What could go wrong in this video? :D


Awkward Moment When You Miss Your Cue To Sing The National Anthem
May 23, 2016 Other

Karen Harding misses her cue to start the national anthem at the FA Cup Final. Take a look how she failed hard when she had only one job to do there. What was she thinking about?!


A Huge Bristle Worm Will Make You Chills All Over Your Body Once You See It Upclose
May 23, 2016 Animals

Guy in this video was breaking down his marine tank when he found this huge bristle worm. It measured about 1.2m long and it's really gross! And this things are swimming in seas around us.


Speeding With Wheel Chair Goes Horribly Wrong
May 23, 2016 Stupid

We all know that human stupidity knows no bounds and this is just another proof for this. Two guys tried to break speed limits with wheel chairs but for one of them something didn't go according to plans.


NSFW Bin Laden Song By The Lonely Island Is Hilarious
May 23, 2016 Music

Guys from The Lonely Island made another parody music video in which they made fun out of Osama bin Laden. A song called 'Finest Girl' instantly went viral with almost one millions views in just one day!


This Is What Happens With Plane's Wing If It Hits A Bird In Air
May 23, 2016 Other

Everyone wanted to know what happens with a plane if it hits bird in the mid-air while it's flying. This is an aftermath video showing the damage on plane's wing after bird got strucked by a plane's wing.


This 3D Deadpool Drawing Is Beyond Awesome
May 23, 2016 Cool

Professional Italian artist Marcello Barenghi draw a 3D drawing of main character from Deadpool movie and it's really amazing. Take a look how Italian master draw this one.


Son And Mother Came On Britain's Got Talent Stage - Their Performance Will Give You Goosebumps
May 22, 2016 Music

They may have only been singing together for a couple of weeks, but it's mother and son duo Mel and Jamie's time to shine with their version of A Great Big World's Say Something. This is so wonderful!


A Little Pigglet And Dog Are Having Best Day While Playing Outside
May 22, 2016 Animals

If you want to have your day even better then you should all see this video of little pigglet having fun with a dog outside. It looks like they're already big buddies! Take a look at them playing with ...


Zyrah Rose Are On Fire But Simon Cowell Is Feeling Cold
May 22, 2016 Music

Girl group Zyrah Rose are hoping to blow the Judges' socks off with their cover of Ed Sheeran's I See Fire. But, when Simon is left feeling cold, have they done enough?