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Clever Parking Solution In India
Jul 31, 2016 Cool

Vinod Kumar from India presented his new inovation to the world, in which he made himself a garage under the stairs. You must see his awesome patent which will impress you for sure!


Baseball Fan Interferes With Play, Gloats About It, And Gets Ejected After The Umps Review The Play
Jul 31, 2016 Other

A young boy interfered with baseball play when David Dahl could reach a ball. Boy even gloated about it but when umps reviewed the play, boy got ejected from the stadium. Oh sweet, sweet karma!


Unexpected Guest Interrupts Live Interview In His Own Way
Jul 31, 2016 Other

DUring the live interview on Dansich national TV DR1, one uninvited guest interrupted everything with his hilarious noises while running on the table. See how guest and reporter reacted on this!


First Time Riding With Honda CBR600RR Leads To Crash
Jul 31, 2016 Accidents

Biker in this clip just bought himself a new Honda CBR600RR so he had to take it on its first ride. Unlucky for him, after just few minutes he crashed his bike hard into the rail. Luckly he was not badly ...


Luke Aikens Skydives Without Parachute From 25,000 Feet
Jul 31, 2016 Cool

A skydiver Luke Aikins, 42, a veteran of 18,000 jumps has made history by becoming the first person to jump 25,000 feet without a parachute. At the ground he landed in the big net. The whole moment was ...


Student Surprises His Parents In Indonesia After 3 Years Away From Home
Jul 30, 2016 Cool

This guy hasn't seen his family in person for 3 years because of studying and he has also lost 20kg. So, he decided to surprise them by showing up! Thanks to his brother Fandi for helping him out with ...


About To Be Executed By ISIL, Man Grabs An AK From His Guard And Commences A Firing
Jul 30, 2016 Other

Three people were taken away by ISIL terrorist when they tried to execute them. Lucky for the prisoners and us, one of abducted man grabbed AK from a guard before he shots every terrorist down.


Their Boss Increased Their Salary - This Is How Employees Thanked Him Back
Jul 30, 2016 Cool

Last April, Gravity Payments CEO, Dan Price, surprised all of employees when he decided to raise the minimum wage for the entire team to $70,000. A year later, they decided to turn the tables and give ...


This Cyclist Had A Guardian Angel Next To Him - This Is How He Avoided Death
Jul 30, 2016 Nature

Take a look at this security video from traffic camera somewhere in Poland, when a car accident happened. But there was one lucky cyclist who got away without any injuries. This guy definitely had his ...


Making A Forge Blower Using Primitive Technology
Jul 30, 2016 Cool

Guy from Primitive Technology channel invented the Bow Blower, a combination of the bow drill and forge blower to make a device that can force air into a fire while being easy to construct from commonly ...


Fisherman Almost Poops His Pants When This Happens To Him
Jul 30, 2016 Music

Bill Dance is an angler and host of Bill Dance Outdoors, a fishing television series on NBC Sports and "Bill Dance Saltwater" on Outdoor Channel. This time he got one unexpected visitor while ...


Famous Trademark Goals You Need To See
Jul 30, 2016 Sport

Many soccer stars became famouse with their unusual goals scored in very unique way. Those shots are now their trademark. Take a look at some of the famous ones by big names.


This Girls Only Wants One Thing After Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Out
Jul 30, 2016 Funny

When this girl was getting her wisdom teeth out, she got a pain killer which also confuses you as it has the same effect as drugs. When her mother was recording her, she only wanted one thing. And you ...


Lexy Panterra Drives Men Crazy Again With Her Hot Dance
Jul 30, 2016 Sexy

There is probably no man alive who doesn't know who Lexy Panterra is. She is a queen of hot dance which makes men go crazy. Take a look at her least video which will turn up the heating inside your body!


Fails Compilation Of Month July 2016
Jul 30, 2016 Funny

We hope you had a fail-filled month of July just like us! Here are the best fails of this month in 2016! We can't wait to see such a compilation once more in August.


Vietnam Suddenly Gets Striked By A Tornado
Jul 30, 2016 Nature

Take a look at this dashcam video from Vietnam in which we can see a shocking moment when weather goes totally insane. Some report it was a mini tornado. One person unfortunately died in the storm.


Wife Cries Out In Front Of Crowd After Husband Points To Stairs And This Happens
Jul 29, 2016 Cool

Carl Gilbertson's wife Laura suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and he wanted to do something extraordinary for their 10 year anniversary. This is a video which will bring tears to your face for sure. What ...


Emotional Suprise For Nan's Birthday Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes
Jul 29, 2016 Cool

David Goodings thought he would do something a little bit different for his nan this year. Once she was in his car and thinking she was listening to the radio she suddenly got the biggest shock of her ...


Before You Buy Your Kid A Tablet, You First Need To Watch This Video
Jul 29, 2016 Other

Many parents think is good to buy their kids a tablet or a mobile phone at young age, but we all know the truth. If you're thinking into buying your kids a tablet, please watch this video before you do. ...


Little Rural South African Kids Tearing It Up On The Guitar
Jul 29, 2016 Music

Take a look at this wonderful video from one small African village in which young voices sing their hearts out. This is so wonderful to listen as we can see such a joy of young kids.