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Father's Day Fails Compilation Of 2016
Jun 15, 2016 Cool

This Sunday is Father's Day here in the US! As a way of recognizing their hard work FailArmy made a compilation with all their funny dad fail submissions. They try their best, they're always there for ...


Crushing The Mighty Bearing Ball With Hydraulic Press Is Not A Good Idea
Jun 15, 2016 Other

Man behind Hydraulic Press Channel made another video in which he treid to crush the mighty bearing ball using his hydraulic press. Will he succeed in crushing a small ball or will something go wrong?


He Comforts His 'Wife' After Birth - But Watch When The Camera Pans Out
Jun 14, 2016 Animals

Dogs understand more than we think! They can comprehend a vast range of human emotion, and share deep bond with the members of their own canine pack. So when this handsome dog's female companion gave birth ...


This Hilarious Video Of Two Stoned Singers From Year 1984 Is Going Viral Now
Jun 14, 2016 Funny

Here comes a video of performance by "The Woodys" guys who sang us "Fichtl's Lied" song. Nothing unusual if they weren't both stoned. This video is going places an it got more than ...


This Time Lapse Video Of Europe Is One Really Inspiring Experience
Jun 14, 2016 Cool

Shooting timelapse requires a lot of patience and forward thinking. Some shots took multiple attempts to get the right light, others required whole days just to capture a few seconds of footage. There's ...


Heartbreaking Moment When Group Of Elephants Discover Elephant Bones
Jun 14, 2016 Animals

Everyone suffers when you take a visit to the graveyard to honor your relatives. It's nothing different when it comes to animals. Watch this heartbreaking moment when a group of elephants discover elephant ...


Farmer Shows Us A Simple Way How To Make A Pig's Tail Straight
Jun 14, 2016 Animals

Gray the farmer shows us how a simple and funny way how to sort out a pigs tail whilst at Vale Head farm. It only takes him a few seconds to do the tirck and everyone else can do it. This video is totally ...


These Strangers Loved Their Country, Then They Took Their DNA - Results Made Everyone Burst In Tears
Jun 14, 2016 Cool

It's easy to think there are more things dividing us than uniting us. But we actually have much more in common with other nationalities than you'd think. Take a look at this awesome experiment which will ...


London Gay Men's Choir Sing Stunning Tribute At The London Vigil For Orlando
Jun 14, 2016 Cool

Gay man's choir form London sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water" at the London vigil to pay tribute to all the victims of Orlando's massacre. This is why the internet is a wonderful thing.


GoPro Footage Shows Russian Fans Causing Violence In Marseille, France
Jun 14, 2016 Shocking

Armed with bottles, chairs and metal poles and jogging like trained soldiers ready to go to war - this is how Russian hooligans stormed the streets of Marseille to clash with English fans before their ...


Kids Get Introduced To Accessories Which Help Disabled People - Then They Meet The Persons Using It
Jun 14, 2016 Cool

Here comes one wonderful experiment from Germany in which kids got introduced to accessories and tool which help disabled people. See what happened next when they found out who is using those accessories!


Inflatable T-Rex Absolutely Dominates 'American Ninja Warrior' Course
Jun 14, 2016 Cool

This T-Rex makes it farther than you'd ever imagine on the NBC American Ninja Warrior Atlanta course. Everyone in the audience was totally overwhelmed by T-Rex's run! What a super contestant! :)


Jet Pilot Shows Us Why He Loves Physics Using A Cup Of Water
Jun 14, 2016 Cool

Jet's pilot in this video shows us a great trick with a glass of water during the flight. Pilot can't hide his enthusiasm for physics and we can assure you that you won't be able to hide it either!


Cop Gets Punched In This Bait iPhone Prank
Jun 14, 2016 Other

Two guys from TwinzTV channel have turned into police officers this time to test how fair people are. They left an iPhone in public place to see if anybody would steal it. And they did. One woman even ...


Birmingham Fans Taunt Blyth Goalkeeper
Jun 14, 2016 Funny

Blyth Spartans goalkeeper Peter Jeffries gets the treatment from the travelling Birmingham City fans behind the goal.

Full credit to him for being a good sport and clapping fans at the final ...


Brutal Highway Car Crash Captured On Dashcam In Poland
Jun 14, 2016 Accidents

Here comes a video from the Polish highway from a dash cam. The driver of the vehicle in front of cammer abruptly turned his car into the opposite direction in order to avoid crashing with another vehicle. ...


He's Trying To Help Daddy When Mom Captured This On Film - And Now It's Going Viral!
Jun 13, 2016 Funny

Here is just another video for your better day. Take a look at what mom captured during some farming work. And this folks is how kids should be raised not to give up and not underestimate themselves.


Did This French Fan Went Too Far? This Is What He Did To Two Fans From England!
Jun 13, 2016 Stupid

In this video from France we can see one stupid French fan doing something very stupid to two soccer fans from England. We hope this French man gets bad karma as soon as possible!


The Story Behind These Two Statues Passing Through One Another Will Break Your Heart
Jun 13, 2016 Nature

The Statue of Love sculpture, inspired by the love story of "Ali and Nino," was created by Georgian artist Tamar Kvesitadze. The story is similar to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and tells of ...


Dogs Charge Police Officer From Meridian, But He Knows What To Do
Jun 13, 2016 Cool

Meridian (ID) Police Department School Resource Officer David Gomez responds to a complaint of 2 vicious dogs running at large in a residential neighborhood. In 2014, the agency sent 2 officers to the ...