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Two Russian Cops Struggle To Arrest Biker
Jul 23, 2016 Other

Take a look at this dashcam video from Russia in which two Russian cops chase a biker when he crashes in this intersection. The struggle is real for the cops as they can't arrest him. See what happens next!


Dramatic Footage Of A Gunman In Munich When He Opens Fire Near Olympia Shopping Centre
Jul 23, 2016 News

It looks like a new terrorist attack happened in Germany in capital city Munich. 18-year-old man fired his weapon few times near Olympia shopping centre, killing at least 9 people. Attacker had dual citizenship ...


Singer Brian Justin Crum Captivates The AGT Audience With Radiohead Cover
Jul 22, 2016 Music

The 28-year-old singer Brian Justin Crum totally captivates the audience with his haunting version of Radiohead's "Creep" on America's Got Talent. Check out his performance as it's one of the ...


This Happy Dancing Biker From UK Is Spreading Around The Globe
Jul 22, 2016 Funny

One driver from UK has spotted this biker the other day bobbing away on his bike then this happened! This video is going viral right now, reaching more than 4.5 million views in just few days!


When You Watch Too Much WWE And Think You Can Take On The Table
Jul 22, 2016 Stupid

This guy could win a first prize in stupidest move performed ever. He was inspired by some WWE fighters when he climbed on the table, then dived on a wooden bench. We probably don't have to say the bench ...


Theatrical Juggler Viktor Kee Honors Deceased Brother With This Act On AGT
Jul 22, 2016 Cool

This Ukrainian juggler Juggler Viktor uses his brother's death to ignite his performance. From his look, to his music, to his passion - Viktor Kee delivers the whole package.


Is It Hot? In Mexico It's Even Hotter Because Of This Female Host!
Jul 22, 2016 Sexy

It's hot outside almost everywhere but we guess the hottest place to live is Mexico. Not because of the weather but because of this female weather reporter who drives crazy all the male watchers!


French Bulldogs Don't Need Water To Swim
Jul 22, 2016 Animals

This is the video of one little French Bulldog puppy who really doesn't need any water to swim in the small pool in those hot summer days. Video went instantly viral hitting almost half a million views ...


Driver Breaks The Rules While Overtaking A Traffic Jam, Gets Instant Karma
Jul 22, 2016 Cool

Festival traffic causes a motorist to hesitate over whether to take the next exit, and in what fashion. His next move was illegal but he soon got an instant karma for his actions. This happened in Oroville, ...


Minnesota United Keeper Sammy Ndjock Concedes Dumbest Own Goal Ever
Jul 22, 2016 Sport

An own goal is an unfortunate declaration that anything that could have gone wrong did. At the same time, own goals typically go off the same script: a defender is at the wrong place at the wrong time, ...


Tens Of Thousands Of Festival-Goers Shuffling Left To Right In Sync Is Madness
Jul 22, 2016 Cool

Thank god the entire audience at the Netherlands' Defqon.1 festival didn't try to "Reverse/Reverse" at the same time. See for yourself how their awesome shuffling left to right in sync looked like.


Meet Graham, The Only Person To Survive On Our Roads
Jul 22, 2016 Other

Meet Graham. To survive on our roads, you'd need to look something like him. You can visit him at the State Library of Victoria July 21 – August 08. This is kind a creepy.


Awkward Teen Magician Tries To Fool Penn And Teller
Jul 22, 2016 Funny

In Fool Us show with Penn and Teller this young magician came to introduce his magic with guests. This is really one awesome performance you all need to see! What do you think, is he good enough? ;)


Take A Look At Awesome New Concept Of A Forklift
Jul 22, 2016 Cool

Here is a video showing the new concept of a forklift. Nowadays people are in a need of better and better technology as the forklift is an old thing. Take a look how a new concept of a forklift looks like.


See How Smiley Teen Jayna Brown Earns the Golden Buzzer From One Direction Singer
Jul 21, 2016 Music

This 14-year-old singer Jayna Brown pushed through her nervousness and blew everyone away with her voice and performance. She received a standing ovation and the Golden Buzzer from guest judge Louis Tomlinson!


If You Get Into A Road Rage In Russia, You Might Be Kidnapped By Special Forces
Jul 21, 2016 Other

If you will ever travel to Russia, please don't start a road rage. It's good for you! See for yourself what happens if you mess in traffic at wrong time, when a vehicle full of special force members comes ...


These People Can't Stop Laughing At The Fact That Their Friend Got Stuck In A Tree
Jul 21, 2016 Funny

Either this women had hid in this trunk and ate McDonalds for three years, or the tree is an evil spirit snapping up innocent passerby. We remain very confused about both options.


This Guy Was Shooting A Video When Pokemon Go Player Fell Into The Water
Jul 21, 2016 Other

There is probably only few people around the globe who didn't hear about Pokemon Go game. When those guys went to the dock to capture the footage of Pokemon Go players, they got this!


The Clairvoyants Couple Shock AGT Judges With Their Impossible Mind Games
Jul 21, 2016 Cool

Husband and wife duo, known as The Clairvoyants read cards, dice and serial numbers while blindfolded. See this brilliant act from America's Got Talent which left the crowd and all the judges speechless!


It's A Miracle Everyone Survived This Bike Crash In Indonesia
Jul 21, 2016 Accidents

A helmet camera captured a moment in Indonesia when a group of bikers were driving along the road when suddenly one car driver decided to overtake the vehicle infront of him. It was just seconds before ...