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You Will Get Goosebumps All Over Your Body Listening To This Wonderful Version Of Amazing Grace
Aug 29, 2016 Music

II Divo performs a powerful, yet soothing rendition of Amazing Grace that is absolutely breathtaking. When the bagpipes start, and the men begin singing your heart will skip a beat! It's impossible not ...


Instant Justice After Tractor Trailer Runs Red In Front Of Trooper
Aug 29, 2016 Other

Humany stupidity has no bounds. This video proves the statement once again due to a truck driver's stupid decision. He was waiting in the intersection for a green light but he couldn't wait any longer ...


Good Guys Save A Little Kitten Trapped In A Jar
Aug 29, 2016 Animals

Here comes a video from Iran in which we can see a kitten trapped in a jar with its head. Luckly for cat, there were two guys who saved a poor kitty using a hammer. All the best for those two!


High School Striker Scores After Flipping Over Goalie
Aug 29, 2016 Sport

Here is a video from a soccer match when high school striker scored a goal after flipping over goalie. If soccer doesn't work out for this kid, we suggest he makes a phone call to the US men's gymnastics team.


This Is How You Actually Pick Up A Girl Without Being A Creep
Aug 29, 2016 Cool

Guy in this video has an awesome way how to pick up stranger girls without being a creep or too intrusive. Just see for yourself how he does it and then try to do the same with the girl you like! ;)


Paddle Boarder Plays Her Flute On The Water And Attracts Unexpected Attention
Aug 29, 2016 Cool

Imagine you are paddling along on a clear, breezy day. Suddenly, a flock of birds appears and lands on the water in front of you. Strange, you think. Then, BAM! A huge whale pops out of the sea headfirst ...


Old Magician Paul Gertner Fools Penn And Teller With His Awesome Card Trick
Aug 29, 2016 Cool

In the third season of Penn And Teller Fool Us show there was an old magician and illusionist Paul Gertner. His awesome card trick is something it will completely blow you away! ;)


This Fresh Funny Animal Fails Compilation Is Awesome To Watch
Aug 29, 2016 Animals

At FailArmy they've been getting a lot of funny animal fails submissions so they whipped up a little something extra for us. Take a look at this awesome animal fails compilation!


Brutal T-Bone Accident In South Africa Causes Big Fire
Aug 29, 2016 Accidents

Three people died in a brutal T-bone accident in South Africa after one of the driver ran a red light. The crash was so ferociously it set a car on fire. Two people were burned to death and you can even ...


Second Part Of Crazy Phone Repair Prank By The Dudesons Is Totally Epic
Aug 29, 2016 Funny

Do you still remember the first part of The Dudesons' crazy phone repair prank? This time, Jarno went undercover again to mess with some of customers. This is hilarious! :D


The Pipe Guy Destroys His Old Pipe Setup Before Rocking Out On A New One
Aug 29, 2016 Music

Like a true rockstar, the Pipe Guy can't simply retire an old instrument, he must destroy it mid-performance. Then he moved on to a newer, bigger and more badass pipe contraption, which rocks hard.


Boy Sits Next To A Piano In Shopping Mall, Then Something Unexpected Happens
Aug 28, 2016 Music

Two boys starts to play on the piano in the shopping center, then they were joined by the rest. The final result was so outstanding that you simply must experience.


Crazy Driver Hits a Family Car
Aug 28, 2016 Shocking

Pickup Truck Rear ends cammer and T-bones a family van while fleeing. :O


Amazing Eagle Dropped From The Highest Building in Dubai
Aug 28, 2016 Cool

They gave camera on the eagle and let him go from the highest skyscraper in Dubai. The eagle has flown for quite some time before he got to the bottom, where the owner was waiting.


Orchestra Eating The Worlds Hottest Chili Peppers
Aug 28, 2016 Music

Members of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing Tango Jalousie while eating the worlds hottest chili peppers called Carolina reaper. :D


Remarkable Video Footage Of The Tornado In Russia
Aug 28, 2016 Shocking

Shocking video footage of tornado in Russian town Komi that happened in 24 of August. :O


Fails Compilation Of Month August 2016
Aug 28, 2016 Funny

Check out the new fail compilation of August 2016! :D


Crazy Remi Gaillard Makes Everyone Laugh Again With New Epic Safari Prank
Aug 28, 2016 Funny

Remi wants to give us a massage to shoot pictures not animals so he dresses in animal and hunts hunters. :D


This Guy Has A Balance Level Over 10000
Aug 28, 2016 Cool

Jonny Urszuly has a great balance. He just did a handstand on that ladder like it was nothing.


Dump Truck Crashes in Other Drivers
Aug 27, 2016 Shocking

This truck in Alhambra on New and San Gabriel, came up behind cars driving half up on the median and just craching into them. :O