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Runaway Bull Attacks A Car In Spain
Aug 06, 2016 Cool

A video from Spain municipality Morales de Toro where a raging bull attacks an SUV. To demonstrate his power, he lifts the vehicle up in the air. Luckly for the people inside, the vehicle was to heavy ...


Pregnant Woman Ejected From Car During Accident
Aug 06, 2016 Accidents

A horrible accident occurred in the village Mayma in the Altai Mountains. A pregnant woman at the time of the accident flew out of the car.
The collision involved passenger and freight cars. The ...


Fails of August 2016 - Part 1
Aug 06, 2016 Cool

Lets start August strong with some funny fails that are gonna help us get through this heatwave. Take a look at this masterpiece which will definitely make you laugh as hell! :D


Watch Why This Biker Must Not Stop At Traffic
Aug 06, 2016 Funny

Funny moment where biker is trying hard not to stop at traffic, waiting for the green light. The reason why is he avoiding that is quite logical. Check this video to see what is his problem.


The U.S. Olympic Swim Team Does Car Pool Karaoke
Aug 06, 2016 Cool

The 2016 USA Swim Team had a great time doing carpool karaoke in Atlanta as they prepared for their trip to Rio de Janeiro for the Summer Olympics Games. It took nine different cars and more than 40 athletes ...


Portuguese Dance Festival Evacuated After 422 Cars Catch Fire
Aug 06, 2016 Accidents

Thousands of attendees of Portugal’s annual, seven-day Andancas festival were evacuated from the grounds on Wednesday after over 400 cars in the nearby parking lot caught fire. The fire started around ...


The Best Head Ping Pong Rally You'll See All Day
Aug 06, 2016 Cool

Headis is a high-intensity German sport combining ping pong and soccer. A regular ping pong table is used but the 7″ ball can only be struck by a competitors head. The sport has been around for 8 years ...


Watch This Breakdancing Cop's Incredible Moves
Aug 05, 2016 Cool

When two police officers pulled up to a community barbecue at a park in Tennessee, nobody know what to expect. People immediately thought they come to bother them in some way. But to everyone surprise, ...


Baby Girls Burst Into Laughter At Mommy's Singing
Aug 05, 2016 Cool

Either their mom really knows how to get them to giggle, or they love the tune from the "EastEnders" theme song. Either way, their laughs and giggles are enough to brighten any gloomy day. They ...


This Girl Has The Best Reaction To Getting A Puppy
Aug 05, 2016 Cool

This is the moment an emotional birthday girl reacted with pure joy after realising she had received a Shiba Inu as a gift after waiting six years for a dog. When Colette Francisco, from Town and Country, ...


Teen Country Singer Covers 'My Church' by Maren Morris
Aug 05, 2016 Music

Kadie Lynn brings her Texas style to Hollywood and has the crowd screaming for her cover of Maren Morris' "My Church." Check out Kadie Lynn's powerful voice which will blow you away! What an ...


Leonardo DiCaprio Pranks Jonah Hill
Aug 05, 2016 Funny

The actor pulled off the ultimate prank on Monday when he played the part of a crazed fan while meeting up with Hill in New York City's West Village – and luckily for all of us, the hilarious moment ...


Juggling Artist Stuns Crowd With Gorgeous Skills
Aug 05, 2016 Cool

Viktor Kee is the Ukrainian-born juggler competing on Season 11 of America's Got Talent.
In his performance Viktor throws, catches and spins around while maintaining impeccable timing to complete ...


Epic Skiing and Snowboarding Fails
Aug 05, 2016 Cool

We understand we're in the middle of summer but who doesn't enjoy some funny icy fails to cool off from these summer heatwaves! Special snow-water compilation this time will make you laugh - or not. We ...


Daredevil Team Suffers From Scary Mistake
Aug 05, 2016 Accidents

Daredevil team Ryan Stock and Amber Lynn kick up the danger and pay the price with a frightening mistake.
On “America’s Got Talent”, daredevil Ryan Stock put a target in his mouth, and his ...


Britney Spears Pranks Jimmy Kimmel in the Middle of the Night
Aug 05, 2016 Funny

Britney Spears gave Jimmy Kimmel the surprise of a lifetime when he woke up to the pop star performing her new single “Make Me”… with dancers… in his bedroom. Meanwhile, a disoriented Kimmel looks ...


Acrobat Selyna Bogino's Incredible Juggling Skills
Aug 05, 2016 Cool

Selyna Bogino is an Italian acrobat and artist. She juggles five basketballs while turned upside down. Yes, you should hit play already.


Crazy Wingsuit Flight Flying So Close To The Ground
Aug 05, 2016 Cool

Guillaume Galvani an adrenaline junkie, always pushing the limits. This time he is flying so close to the ground he could touch them. Watch this breathtaking moments as he flyies between antennas and mountains.


Polish Patriots Protected Women Against Migrants
Aug 04, 2016 Shocking

In contrast to their West European brethren Polish men do not seem to tolerate disrespect towards their women as well as sexual harassment. Thay also tend to use very effective methods to teach some people ...


Genius Rubik's Cube Magician Steven Brundage Stuns Simon Cowell
Aug 04, 2016 Cool

teven Brundage leaves America's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell stunned with his magic skills and giant Rubik's Cube. Check out Steven Brundage's amazing close-up work, which will left you witout words!