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Is This The Best Audition Performance In The History Of X Factor Show?
Sep 13, 2016 Music

Ivy Grace Paredes came all the way from the Philippines to audition for the Judges, and has made a rather brave song choice - Whitney Houston's All The Man That I Need - but can she pull it off? Hopefully ...


Frat Boy Comes Inches From Death With This Crazy Roof Jump
Sep 13, 2016 Stupid

Some people really have a death wish. This boy in video tried to impress his friends with a backflip jump off a roof into a pool down there. Lucky for him he escaped death just by inches.


A Widow Recalls Her Husband's Call From The Twin Towers On 9/11 And It's Heartbreaking
Sep 13, 2016 Other

Beverly Eckert remembers the last conversation she had her with her husband, Sean, who died in the 9/11 attacks. Sean Rooney worked in the south tower of the World Trade Center. He was killed in the attacks ...


Jean-Baptiste Chandelier Goes On A Joyful Paraglider Ride Straight Outta Bed
Sep 13, 2016 Cool

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier is a well known man who impresses us everytime with his videos. This time he introduced us how his morning looks like after he goes out of his bed.


A Plane Leaves The Carrier Just When A Wave Breaks
Sep 13, 2016 Other

Here is a video from one carrier in the moment when plane has taken off. But when it came to the end of the carrier one big wave smashed hard against the ship and plane just disappeared.


Crashed Peugeot 208 Almost Hits Spectators
Sep 13, 2016 Accidents

In this video from Italian Rally Coppa Valtellina we can see a rally car Peugeot 208 R2B crashing into the wall next to a road. After driver hit the road his car flipped over, resulting into a spectacular ...


It's A Miracle Noone Was Hurt In This Strange Crash In Russia
Sep 13, 2016 Accidents

Security video from Russia reveals how lucky few people were after the driver of van probably fell asleep behind the wheel. It was a miracle that noone got hurt in this accident.


When You See This Grandma Dancing, You Won't Belive She Is 72 Years Old
Sep 12, 2016 Cool

The Legend that is Toni Basil, 72 years young, at the All4house workshop, July 2016 showing she still got it, Urban, Street Dance Skills. Dancing all her life, Locking since 'The Lockers' early 1970's. ...


Thief On Tram Caught By Hungarian Police
Sep 12, 2016 Other

Here comes a video from security camera from the train station in Hungary when one thief was caught stealing money from a sleeping passenger. But once he got out of the train, the justice was served!


Goosebumps Will Cover Your Body When You Will Hear This Man Singing In A NYC Subway
Sep 12, 2016 Music

Man performs an amazing impromptu song in a New York City subway. This might be one of the best street performances. Your body will be covered in goosebumps once you will hear him singing.


Beyonce Sings 'Single Ladies', Then An Unexpected Guest Comes On Stage And Shocks Dancer
Sep 12, 2016 Cool

Beyonce was on the Formation World Tour in St. Louis in Missouri when she invited one of the unexpected guests on the stage. One of the female dancers next to Beyonce didn't even know what was going on ...


What Is Wrong With Hillary Clinton? This Happened At 9/11 Memorial
Sep 12, 2016 News

A video has emerged of Hillary Clinton looking unwell and being escorted into a van by handlers after leaving the 9/11 memorial early. She retreated to Chelsea Clinton's apartment nearby and was seen leaving ...


Violin And Beatboxing Go Together Like Cookies And Milk
Sep 12, 2016 Music

Looking to lay down a hot beat with a classical twist? You best wet your whistle and rosin up your bow. Listen to this awesome beatbox performance by Eric N Gary combined together with a violin.


Dog Scares Cats In Most Hilarious Way
Sep 12, 2016 Animals

Take a look at this hilarious video in which cats were watching birds in peace, but then dog came from behind and scared them all with unexpected move. This will make your day instantly better! :D


Do You Look Ugly To Yourself? This Video Will Make You Think!
Sep 12, 2016 Other

Have you ever asked yourself about your beauty? Do you think you're ugly? Why didn't you think like this when you were just a child? Watch this masterpiece which will make you think.


Nonstick Coatings Leave Zero Waste Behind
Sep 12, 2016 Cool

The days of wasting condiments - and other products - that stick stubbornly to the sides of their bottles may be gone, thanks to MIT spinout LiquiGlide, which has licensed its nonstick coating to a major ...


This Is The Reason Why Not To Run Across The Wet Road
Sep 12, 2016 Shocking

Here comes a shocking video from Russia showing a man running across the wet road. This is a good example why it's not smart to do this on a slipery surface like tarmac.


This Girl's Hilarious Video Bomb Of A Local Newscast Stole The Show
Sep 11, 2016 Cool

A young woman with Down syndrome has stolen the limelight during a live television cross.
Georgia Knoll, from Mackay in Queensland, has taken the internet by storm after interrupting Channel Seven ...


Judges Break Down Crying When Pool Cleaner Reveals His Beautiful Voice After His Wife Dies
Sep 11, 2016 Music

Daniel Evan, a 38-year-old pool cleaner, first revealed that he decided to come on the show because his wife, who tragically died after giving birth to their daughter, always told him he should audition. ...


Those Two Have Been Singing Together Since The Day They Met - The Surprise At The End Will Get You
Sep 11, 2016 Cool

They've been singing together since the day they met six months ago - and now they're hoping for a joint place at Boot Camp. But what will the Judges make of their performance. And you'll never guess what ...