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Watch How This Brave Driver Saved An Elderly Woman Being Attacked By Man On Bus
Oct 02, 2016 Other

This horrific surveillance footage shows the unthinkable, an 80-year-old woman sitting on a bus gets kicked in the face and brutally attacked. The brave bus driver, 60-year-old Joy Crummet immediately ...


This Is How It Looks Like When Russians Come To Work
Oct 02, 2016 Funny

If we wouldn't see this, we wouldn't believe it. Employer captured a video of his Russian workers arriving at the destination together in one car. It's a group of workers from one factory all driving in ...


Terrifying Moment Corpse Of Child Saint Opens Her Eyes
Oct 02, 2016 Shocking

Tourists were visiting the preserved remains of Santa Inocencia (Saint Innocence) encased in glass in the Cathedral of Guadalajara in Jalisco in Mexico, when she decided to freak everyone out. One visitor ...


Remi Gaillard Gives Money Back To Community
Oct 02, 2016 Cool

This time, Remi Gaillard has agreed to shoot an ad to give the money back to community. Instead of spending this money by himself, he gave the bills of 500€ to random people. What a legend Remi is!


Man Cradles Head Of Massive Lion, Fulfilling Big Cat Fantasy Most Of
Oct 02, 2016 Animals

Kevin Richardson, The Lion Whisperer, walks with Livy, Ginny and Vayetsi and explains how the three of them became a group. He captures some amazing close up shots with a GoPro camera.


Is This Funniest Video In Which Owner Cleans His Dog's Teeth
Oct 02, 2016 Animals

Owner taught his dog one unique trick wich helps him for healthier life. Everytime owner comes close with his finger to his mouth the dog just opens his mouth so the owner could clean his teeth. What a ...


Driver Loses Control Over His Mustang GT350 At 'Cars And Coffee' In Houston, Almost Hits Kids
Oct 02, 2016 Accidents

Here comes a video from Houston in Texas in which one driver of Mustang GT350 lost control over his car at cars and coffee meeting. He crashed into the curb, missing few kids just by feets. Luckly noone ...


Crushing Car Spring With Hydraulic Press
Oct 02, 2016 Cool

The man behind the hydraulic press channel made another video this time in which he crushed car spring. See what happened once the hydraulic press reached the bottom.


Pitbull Takes His Owner For A Walk
Oct 02, 2016 Funny

Take a look at this hilarious video in which owner is not happy about the least walk with his pitbull. This was his face when he returned home. The video went viral and will definitely make your day better! :D


Gamer Rushes In Internet Caffe To Fight A Guy Against Whom He Lost A 'Call Of Duty' Match
Oct 02, 2016 Stupid

Apparently purple shirt kid was camping on 'Call of Duty' and when other kids asked him to stop he told them to 'get rekt' and that he's chilling on Quan Lon Cafe if anyone has a problem. The kid in black ...


Crazy Grandma Loves Hardstyle Music - You Must See How Much She Enjoys This Music
Oct 01, 2016 Cool

Here comes a video from Hardstyle music festival in Holland in which one crazy grandma danced like she is a teenager. This video is going viral now and it's nothing unusual as this cool grandma really ...


Is This Video A Proof Chemtrails Are A Real Thing?
Oct 01, 2016 News

When we talk about Chemtrails, World devides on two halfs. One believes in Aerosol Spraying, others think this is just another conspiracy theory. If you know people who are skeptical about Aerosol Spraying ...


This Kid Drives Better Than Most People Out There
Oct 01, 2016 Cool

Kid in the video really knows how to drive a rally car in a simulation game. It's true that he need a little help from his father but his driving skills are already awesome. Is this kid better than you?


Angry Dude Destroys Apple Store With Steel Ball After Being Denied A Refund
Oct 01, 2016 Stupid

Angry guy destroys everything in a French Apple Store with a steel ball after he finds out he can't make a refund. He was very calmly till security comes to stop him. If he will have to pay all the damage, ...


Singer Ivy Grace Paredes Sings Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing' And Blows Everyone Away
Oct 01, 2016 Music

The Judges have huge expectations when Ivy Grace Paredes walks on to the stage... but can she live up to them? Singing Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing, she gets the audience on their feet - buy does she ...


Road Crash And Figt From Russia Captured On Camera
Oct 01, 2016 Funny

In this dashcam video from Russia we can see another example of street fight after two guys collided with each other. It looks like their agression is in the blood no matter how old they are. Russians ...


Lost Little Girl Can't Find Mommy, So Tennis Player Rafael Nadal Stops The Entire Match
Oct 01, 2016 Cool

You don't see this kind of thing often. A little girl was lost in the crowd, in tears, as she searched for her mother. On the other side of the stadium, there was her terrified mother, frantically searching ...


When You Get Inked By A Giant Slug
Oct 01, 2016 Cool

On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote gets inked by a giant Brown Sea Slug!

In addition to the inking from the Brown Sea Hare, this episode also has a fun little twist behind it because ...


Driver Using A Mobile Phone Injures Police Officer And Another Pedestrian
Oct 01, 2016 Accidents

The dramatic moment when a mobile phone-using driver hit a police officer then crashed into a pedestrian and another vehicle was caught on surveillance video in east China's Anhui Province on Monday. ...


Fails Compilation Of Month September 2016
Oct 01, 2016 Funny

Here ya go, at FailArmy they've got the best fails of September just for you! Which one made you laugh the hardest? This is one awesome compilation which is great for the start of new month!