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Bodycam Shows Cop Save Man Trapped In Burning Car
Aug 20, 2016 Shocking

Senior Police Officer Dan Whitney responded to a 3 a.m. highway accident in Georgia, USA to find an SUV engulfed in flames against a large tree. A man was yelling for help from a small rear driver-side ...


If You Have A Fear Of Heights, You Might Want To Skip This One
Aug 20, 2016 Cool

Take a look at this compilation of awesome dives which will make an adrenaline burst into your vains. If you're scared of heights, then you probably shouldn't watch this video.


Raw Video Shows A Suspect Inside Jonesboro Police Department Cruiser Involved In Crash
Aug 20, 2016 Accidents

Region 8 News has obtained exclusive video of the moments leading up to a crash involving a Jonesboro police officer.

The suspect in the back seat of the cruiser is identified as 19-year-old Logan Younger.


Container Ship Snaps In Half
Aug 20, 2016 Accidents

A Spanish cargo ship collides with a sea wall off the Southern French coast during a storm. Massive waves pound into the ship relentlessly until the hull gives way and splits. Thankfully, all 12 crew members ...


A Cool Footage Of Sawing A Tree In The Neighborhood
Aug 20, 2016 Cool

Have you ever asked yourself how a sawing of a tall tree looks like in the middle of neighborhood? Take a look at this POV video from one guy from Sweden in which you can see a tree fall just next to a house.


Fails Compilation Of August - Part 3
Aug 20, 2016 Funny

We're already in third weekend of August month and this is the time for new fails compilation. Watch this masterpiece and have a great time watching it! Which fail is the best to you? :)


This Is Why You Should Never Kick A Dildo
Aug 20, 2016 Funny

Man in this video had an argument with his girlfriend but then girlfriend kicked a dildo off a ground and it hit something they didin't expect it will. This is the reason why you shouldn't do that! :D


Can This Man Chug A Beer Before Usain Bolt Ends A 100m Run
Aug 20, 2016 Other

Usain Bolt get his third gold medal on Olympics in Rio. But when he competed in 100m run, a man in the video tried to chug a beer before Usain ends his run. Some say that the guy spilled a beer so it doesn't ...


Wrong Way Driver On Dual-Carriageway In Ireland Captured On Dashcam
Aug 20, 2016 Stupid

Dashcam captures a moment on New Bridge in Dublin, Ireland when traffic stops infront of cammer for unknown reason. But after a while we can see what was the problem for a jam. It was a wrong way driver ...


5-Year-Old Omran Is Being Saved From The Rubble After A Devastating Airstrike In Aleppo, Syria
Aug 19, 2016 Other

This is a footage from Aleppo in Syria showing how good people and rescuers saved a 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh from the rubble after a devastating airstrike. What a heartbreaking moment! :(


Hilarious Compilation Showing Too Early Celebrations
Aug 19, 2016 Sport

If you want to have a good laugh, then this video is a must see! It's a sports compilation in which you will see why noone should never celebrate too early. If you do it, you might end like those guys ...


Usain Bolt Was Frustrated With Lack Of Respect, Turns Abruptly To Honor US National Anthem
Aug 19, 2016 Sport

During an interview with a reporter after a race, Usain Bolt stopped the dialogue the instant he heard the faint strains of the US national anthem playing in the stadium.

It took a moment ...


Dashcam Shows Chicago Police Shootout With Carjacking Suspect
Aug 19, 2016 Shocking

One day after a carjacking suspect opened fire on officers, the Chicago Police Department swiftly released dramatic dashcam videos from the incident. Police say the videos show Charles Lawson, 24, firing ...


Tailgater Gets Brake Checked And Then Crashes
Aug 19, 2016 Accidents

You've probably had a moment on the highway when you were overtaking someone when another driver came just feets away from your rear end. See what is one of the recipes for tailgaters!


Cyclist Shows Us How To Ride Up Stairs On A Bike
Aug 19, 2016 Cool

Cyclist in this video shows us his unique way how to ride up stairs with a bike. While others competitors took their bike uphill on foot, he didn't even have to get off a bike.


Pilot Ditches Airplane With Engine Problem
Aug 19, 2016 Accidents

Light aircraft crashes into the sea during an emergency ditching at the Herne Bay Airshow 14th August 2016 following suspected engine trouble. The pilot walked away with minor injuries!


Car Bomb Goes Off During Wedding In Turkey
Aug 19, 2016 Shocking

At least 11 people have been killed and more than 200 injured in a string of bombings blamed on separatist militants in Turkey.

One blast struck near a police station in the city of Elazig ...


Watch A Crazy Mountain Biker Nail A Massive Railroad Tracks Jump
Aug 19, 2016 Cool

This insane jump by Canadian biker Yusuke Yamamoto is absolutely bonkers and a blast to watch. Watch how he made a big jump over railroad tracks feets above the ground.


This New Overwatch Animated Short Is Really Worth Watching
Aug 19, 2016 Cool

"The Last Bastion" follows the forgotten battle automaton, Bastion, as it unexpectedly reactivates after laying dormant in the wilderness for over a decade. Fascinated by its unfamiliar surroundings, ...


Colin Furze Upgrades His Giant 360 Swing With A Paramotor
Aug 19, 2016 Cool

Colin Furze made a giant 360 swing days ago but now it was a time for an upgrade. See how he placed a big paramotor on the one end of the swing while he was standing on the another end.