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Is This Unluckiest Skydiver From Russia?
Sep 09, 2016 Accidents

Take a look at this dashcam video which shows us the moment when one skydiver needed to make an emergency landing. But when he came closer to electric wires, something bad happened.


UK Biker Almost Got Bikejacked
Sep 09, 2016 Other

Bikejacking is on the rise and we all should be more vigilant. This happened 2 days before Royal Jordanian went on the Africa Tour, it's ironic that a lot of people were sending him messages warning how ...


Pet Groomer Gets Secretly Filmed On The Job And Video Is Going Viral
Sep 08, 2016 Cool

Luis Antonio Caballero, 58, works at PetShop Perrito Feliz, a dog grooming salon in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was secretly filmed by his coworker while he was dancing to the B-52s "Love Shack" ...


Gray Horse Is Eating Hay Through The Stall, But Watch When The Camera Pans Around
Sep 08, 2016 Animals

This video captures the adorable - and very deliberate - act in which the bay horse holds a mouthful of hay up to the grate between his stall and his neighbor's. The gray horse in the next stall over seems ...


Cliff Jump Gone Awry Is Proof You Should Always Look Before You Leap
Sep 08, 2016 Stupid

Here comes a POV video from "El Morro" cliff in Crystal Cove, Southern California. Luckly the jumper walked away from this jump with a minor scrape on his back. How? Even he says he doesn't know. ...


The Truth About Hillary Clinton's Bizarre Behavior
Sep 08, 2016 Other

Hillary's bizarre behavior and strange seizures: Is she having a breakdown or does she actually have brain damage? Paul Joseph Watson asked mental health experts about her strange outbursts that have been ...


Magician Baffles Audience With Awesome Rubik's Cube Trick On America's Got Talent 2016
Sep 08, 2016 Cool

The Rubik's Cube magician Steven Brundage leaves Nick Cannon and the America's Got Talent judges both baffled and amazed by his semifinal performance. How is this even possible?


When Tire Explodes At 207 Mph While Driving On German Autobahn
Sep 08, 2016 Other

Take a look at this horrific video from Germany in which driver was speeding at 207 mph in his Porsche 997 GT2 on German Autobahn, when suddenly car's rear tire exploded. Luckly driver saved his car from crash.


Every Day This Old Dog Walks 4 Miles To Town Just To Say Hi To Everyone
Sep 08, 2016 Animals

The lumbering figure comes into view shortly after sunrise. His pace is steady, his resolve determined on his four mile walk up Highway 84.

Bruno, a wandering, wooly, wolf of a dog, is on ...


Tough Singers Get Sensitive with Lukas Graham's "7 Years" On America's Got Talent 2016
Sep 08, 2016 Music

The tough-looking singing group Linkin Bridge shows a sensitive side with a cover of Lukas Graham's "7 Years" in semifinals of America's Got Talent 2016 show. Many say this might be one of the ...


Aussie TV Presenter Attacked By A Crab
Sep 08, 2016 Funny

Aussie TV presenter gets bitten by a crab while on live provoking some high quality swearing. Luckly for him two guys helped him out. It's funny as presenter said he really doesn't want to get bitten by a crab!


Mentalists Gather Around The Table To Blow Judges' Minds
Sep 08, 2016 Cool

The Clairvoyants gather the judges around a table to make more amazing predictions in semifinals of America's Got Talent show. Check this out and see how they both returned to the past for some awesome facts.


Here Is What's New About New iPhone 7
Sep 08, 2016 Technology

With new camera systems, stereo speakers, and the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus make the things you do most even better. Two new finishes highlight the seamless design.


Motorcyclist Smashes Car's Rear Window With His Helmet, Then Driver Tries To Hit Him With A Mallet
Sep 08, 2016 Cool

Emotions get heated quickly leading to a smashed windshield and swinging hammer! Cammer was heading south on Downey Blvd waiting to make left onto Bandini when he saw this angry dude holding a motorcycle ...


14-Year-Old Jayna Brown Belts Out Katy Perry's 'Rise' on America's Got Talent
Sep 07, 2016 Music

Check out 14-year old Jayna Brown's semifinal performance from America's Got Talent, in which she sang "Rise" song originally performed by Katy Perry. Many say she sang it even better than Katy ...


Black Mamba Deadly 'Marijuana' Is Spreading Across The Globe - This Is What It Does To People
Sep 07, 2016 Shocking

Synthetic cannabinoids are designer drugs that are chemically different from the chemicals in cannabis but which are sold with claims that they give the effects of cannabis. Black mamba drug is spreading ...


Vladimir Putin's Official Car Involved In Fatal Head-On Crash In Moscow, Driver Killed
Sep 07, 2016 Accidents

The Russian president's favourite chauffeur was killed in the horror collision, which was captured in shocking CCTV footage in Moscow. However the Russian President was not in the car at the time when ...


Sofie Dossi's Glittering Performance At America's Got Talent Will Make Your Jaw Drop
Sep 07, 2016 Cool

The 14-year-old contortionist Sofie Dossi dazzles and captivates the audience on America's Got Talent 2016 show with a high-flying performance. Take a look at her awesome semifinals performance which ...


Hillary Clinton Coughs Up Mysterious Green Substance Into Water During Cleveland Rally
Sep 07, 2016 News

Hillary Clinton coughs and hacks up mysterious green substance into her cup of water during Cleveland rally. This happened during the Cleveland, Ohio rally on Monday, September 5, 2016. What is wrong with ...


Sia Drops "The Greatest" Video Featuring 49 Dancers To Pay Tribute To Orlando Shooting Victims
Sep 07, 2016 Music

49 young dancers representing the 49 people lost at Orlando terrorist attack. This is definitely one of the most powerful music videos from Sia. May all the victims of Orlando attacks rest in peace!