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Her Husband Forgot To Take Lunch, Then She Did This
Sep 25, 2016 Cool

Here comes a video from China which was made by a woman after her husband forgot to take a lunch with him at work. But as he is out of time and their appartment is up high in the skyscraper, wife had to ...


Indoor Skydivers Will Blow You Away With This Awesome Performance
Sep 25, 2016 Cool

Check out the Czech Dynamic 4 Way team "Mad Ravens" performing their free routine at the 1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championship 2015 in Prague. With this performance the team won the silver ...


How Sparrowhawks Catch Garden Birds
Sep 25, 2016 Animals

This bird's incredible acceleration and agility enable it to to sneak up on its prey. Sparrowhawk is one of the quietest predators among birds and this is the video from BBC showing amazing skills of this ...


This Is Keith Lamont Scott's Shooting Video Released By His Family
Sep 25, 2016 Shocking

Keith Scott's family has released a video of officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department fatally shooting, recorded by Scott's wife. Video courtesy of the Curry Law Firm.


Emergency Landing On Highway Captured By Inboard Camera In Plane
Sep 25, 2016 Other

In board of a Cessna 172 on april 25, pilot had an engine failure over the highway 10 in Quebec, Canada.
He had to make an emergency landing on the highway with cars on it.


This Live Stream Shows How The Streets In Tokyo Look Like Sep 25, 2016 Cool

Here comes a video of live stream at famous Shibuya scramble crossing in Tokyo, Japan showing every second of day. See how crowded this place is no matter if it's day or night.


Jukka And HP From The Dudesons Strike Again With Hilarious Butcher Prank
Sep 25, 2016 Funny

Jukka and HP from The Dudesons went into the local store dressed as two butchers. They both said only the words other Dudesons told them to say. This is another hilarious moment!


Fat Lady Gets Stucked In Ball Pit
Sep 25, 2016 Funny

Wolrd is laughing at this video in which one fat lady got stucked in a ball pit filled with plastic balls. One of her friends captured everything on the video and this is really something hard to watch.


This Is Why You Shouldn't Overtake Cars In Bad Weather Conditions
Sep 25, 2016 Accidents

If you thought about overtaking cars in bad weather while the snow is all over the road, we give you advice not to do that. There is black ice all over and you never know when you will crash your vehicle.


Is This The Most Polite Cat On The Whole World?
Sep 24, 2016 Animals

Owners didn't know how is it possible that their cat is always infront their doors when strangers knocked. But later they found out there is no stranger at all - the knocking was done by their smart cat!


Fussy Bulldog Puppy Will Melt Your Heart
Sep 24, 2016 Animals

Bentley may only be 8-weeks-old, but he sure does have an attitude like a teenager! Watch how sassy he gets with his owner. This little puppy will melt your heart with his cuteness!


3-Year-Old Daughter Encouraging Dad That He Is Doing A Good Job
Sep 24, 2016 Cool

Derrick Culpepper's family encourages him to be be the best Dad that he can be and he never get to catch these memories on video.. He has been a barber pretty much all his life and still find it difficult ...


This Happens If You Place A Powerful Fireworks Under The Wheelbarrow
Sep 24, 2016 Stupid

Road workers wanted to have some fun so they lighted up a powerful firework and then placed it under the wheelbarrow. The impact was so powerful it crushed the wheelbarrow.


This Is The Way How To Get A Shopping Cart Without Coin Deposit
Sep 24, 2016 Cool

It's always a struggle when you have to search for coins to get a shopping cart. Don't have coins for the shopping cart deposit? Here is the way how to get one without coins!


Love At First Kiss? World Is Laughing At This Guy's Reaction
Sep 24, 2016 Funny

Will true love be sealed with a kiss, or will it be a total miss? TLC's 'Love At First Kiss' breaks singles' boundaries by having them go beyond their comfort zones and kiss a total stranger, without introduction, ...


Danilo Petrucci Was On Wrong Place At The Wrong Time On Aragon GP
Sep 24, 2016 Sport

Danilo Petrucci is the most unlucky rider of the day On Aragon GP, collected while leaving pit lane by a Pol Espargaro's sliding Yamaha! Forunately, both riders up and walking!


Uzbekistan Goalkeeper Jasurbek Umrzakov Scores From His Own Half
Sep 24, 2016 Sport

Uzbekistan goalkeeper Jasurbek Umrzakov scored from his own penalty box in the AFC U-16 Championship Group D match against DPR Korea. This is the goal Jasurbek will remember for the rest of his life!


This Kid Owns Most Badass Power Wheels Car
Sep 24, 2016 Cool

Thomas Kirkpatrick made a little car for his son Tayler and it's all crated by him. He painted it, put a speakers inside and placed some lights. This power wheels tunned car also has remote functions on ...


Fails Compilation Of September 2016 - Part 4
Sep 24, 2016 Funny

This month is flying by. Here are the best fails of the last week in September 2016 month. Which of the fail is your favorite one? Let us know down in the comments section.


FBI Alaska SWAT Team Fails To Break Into The House
Sep 24, 2016 Funny

This is the FBI Alaska field office SWAT team responding to a domestic disturbance call where the suspect was armed. We know everyone can be a critic after the fact but this is definitely something comedic.