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Woman From Florida Captures This Video Of Encounter With Cougar
Mar 31, 2016 Animals

On on early morning nature walk Tina Dorschel from Florida saw a gator, a snake, frogs, pretty birds, but she also had this unexpected encounter. My heart would probably fell into my pants!


Guy From Vancouver Driving In Parking Lane Thinks It's Not His Fault He Got Pulled Over
Mar 31, 2016 Stupid

Driving downtown in the afternoon, traffic gets stopped because of construction and all the drivers have been sitting here for a couple of minutes. Driver of this car noticed a car speeding down the parking ...


This Drifter Could Be A True Inspiration For Us All - Just Watch How He Drives His Car
Mar 30, 2016 Automoto

Polish pro drifter and all around nice guy Bartosz Ostalowski drives only using his feet, as he does not have any of his two arms. Not only he drives, but he does it really well, in this Nissan Skyline ...


Tiny Foal Walks Up To The Camera - Try Not To Smile At This Incredible Display
Mar 30, 2016 Animals

Charlie is a miniature horse foal who was recently born on a farm in South East Queensland. With loads of personality, there's never a dull moment when Charlie gets going!


Bernie Sanders Gave The Most Beautiful Answer When Asked About His Religion
Mar 30, 2016 Cool

When asked about his religion, Bernie Sanders gave the most beautiful answer. Listen to his wise words which will definitely prove that he is one great man. Does he deserve to be the next American president?


The Awkward Mermaid Gets Splashed With Water
Mar 30, 2016 Funny

On a beach day, Rosangela de Silva decided to take a photograph on a rock that she found gorgeous. She was not aware her husband was making a video. While she was posing, he started to scream about the ...


Watch The Ground Just Disappear During This Nuclear Test
Mar 30, 2016 Other

Cool shot of an underground subsidence crater. The hole created by an underground nuclear explosion forms a hole deep below the surface collapses, resulting in a crater.


When A Gorilla Tries To Attack You Through Glass
Mar 30, 2016 Animals

Kijito the silverback gorilla charges and jumps onto the glass when the visitor has his back turned to the enclosure at Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska last week.


I Don't Want To Be A Victim In This Anaconda Wake Up Prank
Mar 30, 2016 Funny

The Dudesons team messed up with their friend HP this time when they put some Anacondas next to him while he was sleeping. How would you react if you would wake up next to this giant snakes?


Funny Spring Loaded And Trampoline Fails Compilation
Mar 30, 2016 Funny

Spring has sprung. So get sprung with some spring loaded fails. Trampolines? Check. Other types of spings? Check. Rubber bands and stuff? Check. Take a look at this new epic fails compilation!


Girl Sets Crotch On Fire During Dance Competition
Mar 30, 2016 Shocking

During a dance competition this girl in video wanted to perform with some fire effects when she set her crotch on fire. We really hope she didn't suffer any serious injuries.


Ronaldo Fails Shoting A Penalty, Hits A Spectator Recording This Video
Mar 30, 2016 Sport

This author was lucky enough to visit a match between Real Madrid vs Sevilla. He was not sure that Cristiano Rinaldo meant to welcome him with a black eye but this Canadian football fan will take the penalty ...


Harley Rider Crashes Right Into Light Pole At Ride Of The Century
Mar 30, 2016 Accidents

Harley rider crashes into stop light, completely ripping it out of the ground causing another rider to crash into the harley. Police show up at scene as motard rider tries to ride off, having to kick start ...


Judges On Swiss Talent Show Have The Most Regretted Decision Of Pressing The No Button
Mar 29, 2016 Cool

Here comes a video from Swiss talent show in which girl named Corinne was drawing something on the board but all the judges though this is not good enough for progression. They all smacked the X button ...


Hilarious Volleyball Game Will Make You Laugh So Hard You Will Cry
Mar 29, 2016 Funny

Best Volleyball Blocks Ever with Scott Sterling. He is back defending his team in the Volleyball Championship. And as per usual, Sterling isn't going down without a BIG fight! This video is totally hilarious! ...


Shocking Interview On The Streets Of Turkey Reveals Their Mentality
Mar 29, 2016 Shocking

From Turkey here comes a shocking video which shows Turkish mentality. It looks like they and ISIS are the same. They would simply kill all the humans who are not Muslims, they call us "animals" ...


Parents Wait To Be Reunited With Adopted Sons - Now, Keep Your Eye On The Boy In Yellow
Mar 29, 2016 Cool

When James and Jennifer Grover traveled to Congo over three years ago they had no idea that they were going to fall in love with two little boys. After a lengthy legal process, the family was finally granted ...


Puppy Watches Dad Fill His Food Bowl - What He Does Before Eating Completely Melts My Heart
Mar 29, 2016 Animals

Kahlua, an 11-week-old purebred yellow Lab, knows that he needs to give thanks before enjoying his delicious meal. Watch his awesome reaction once his owner kneels down. This is one awesome owner and even ...


A Sick, Neglected Pit Bull Gets Abandoned On A Bridge And Left To Die
Mar 29, 2016 Animals

Dennis was abandoned on a bridge and was left to die. When a young man, Gabriel Sepulveda passed by on his skateboard, he saw Dennis and remembered watching the Hope For Paws video of Jordan, so he knew ...


Kid Stuck In The Fence Tries To Get Out, Then This Happened
Mar 29, 2016 Funny

This kid Joey got his head stuck in the fence so he called his parents for help. They couldn't found a solution so Joey had to think. Finally this is what he figured out! :D