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News Reporter Narrowly Escapes Car Crash
Mar 09, 2016 Other

​On Tuesday morning KTVU reporter Alex Savidge and camera man Vaughan Chip were covering a train derailment live on air when two cars collided right behind them. Somehow, the two newsman made it out ...


Ultimate Winter Fails Compilation By FailArmy
Mar 09, 2016 Funny

Take a look at this epic fails compilation by FailArmy in which we can see a big collection of Winter fails. Which fail is teh best for you? We wish you have fun watching this!


Skiier Crashes Hard Right Into Ski Equipment
Mar 09, 2016 Other

Here comes a video from one of guy's helmet while he was placing his skis on the special carrier when suddenly one skier crashed hard right into ski equipment. That got to hurt!


Woman Driver Gets Real Lucky After Breaking For Police Patrol
Mar 09, 2016 Stupid

Dashcam reveals a moment before woman driver lost control over her car due police car stopped ahead. We think this woman driver is a really good driver, or just real lucky. You make the call.


Street Dog Suffering From Huge Abscess Finally Gets Saved
Mar 08, 2016 Animals

A street dog in India had a life-threatening abscess on his face so treatment was a must need. Watch his fast recovery after good people in India rescue him. What a happy pup he is now! :)


Two Irish Singers Mash All Of Our Favorite Adele Songs Into One Mesmerizing Cover
Mar 08, 2016 Music

Ronan Scolard and Glenn Murphy threw together some of Adele's most well known songs to mark her visit to Ireland as part of her world tour. At the concert Adele invited those two guys on the stage to perform ...


Crazy Kid Dive Bombs Bride's White Wedding Dress
Mar 08, 2016 Funny

What could go possibly wrong at the wedding? There is sure many things but you will be really shocked at what this crazy kid did when he saw bride's white wedding dress. WHat would you do if this would ...


She Saved A Deer Comatose And Near Death, But Watch How The Deer Repays Her Kindness
Mar 08, 2016 Funny

In summer 2004, veterinarian Melanie Butera received an unexpected patient: a blind, dying fawn named Dillie. Butera and her husband nursed Dillie to health. Now, Dillie - who snacks on lollipops and has ...


This Extreme Whipcracker Will Take Your Breath Away With His Skills
Mar 08, 2016 Cool

World record holding whipcracker Adam Winrich talks about his whiptastic experiences and does some good ol' whip cracking for the camera. Shots include a massive fire whip, a Florida cow whip routine, ...


This Little Boy Really Wants To Go To The Broccoli Farm
Mar 08, 2016 Funny

Parents told their 4 year old that they had a surprise for him and said they were taking a trip to a broccoli farm so they could hide that they were going to the circus. This was the opposite of the reaction ...


Little Girl Calls For Duck - Even Her Parents Were Shocked At His Amazing Response
Mar 08, 2016 Animals

A 5-year-old in Maine has an inseparable bond with her duck. Not a toy duck - a real, live duck. She believes she is the duck's mom, and vice versa. Steve Hartman went "On the Road" to meet this ...


This Is Why You Should Always Check Your Shoes
Mar 08, 2016 Other

If you happen to leave your shoes outside overnight, always check them. Especially if you live in Australia. Take a look what this man found inside his son's shoes. You will always check your shoes after ...


A Steel Wool Firework In Super Slow Mo Is A Hypnotically Beautiful Light Show
Mar 08, 2016 Cool

Dav and Gav from Slow Mo Guys choose a steel wool experiment this time. Take a look what happens if you spin smoldering steel wool while capturing everyting in super slow motion.


If You Mix Molten Salt And Water, Then You Should Stand Back For Your Safety
Mar 08, 2016 Other

Have you ever asked yourself what happens if you mix molten table salt into water? See this reaction of 1400F hot liquid with water captured at 5000 frames per second in slow motion.


Game Of Thrones Snow Art Is Mesmerizing
Mar 08, 2016 Cool

You want beautiful stories told on a grand scale? Watch amazing snow artist Simon Beck create something truly magical as seen in Game Of Thrones series. This is one talented guy!


Children Ski Jump Ends In Most Hilarious Way
Mar 07, 2016 Funny

Children in Ljubno, Slovenia compete against each other on small ski slope when one of the competitiors made a hilarious landing. This is something that will make you laugh for sure! :D


Tiny Rescue Dog Wants To Play A Song - When He Moves His Paw, My Jaw Dropped!
Mar 07, 2016 Animals

After people rescued this abandoned tiny dog, they didn't know he is so talented. As soon as they let him play on the piano, they became speechless. Listen to this dog's performance that will blow you away! :)


Listen To This Filipino Kid With Crazy Range Singing Fantasia's "I Believe"
Mar 07, 2016 Music

Watch Darren Espanto's amazing live WISHclusive performance of Fantasia's "I Believe" on Wish 107.5 Bus. This kid has a voice that we could listen to all day long!


New Audi R8 Commercial With Ex Astrounaut Will Give You Shivers All Over Your Body
Mar 07, 2016 Automoto

Surrounded by memories of the Space Age's golden years, a retired astronaut has lost his zeal for life. But when his son shows up and hands over the keys to the new 205-mph Audi R8 V10 plus, a rocket ride ...


Saving Five Orphaned Puppies With Amazing Transformation At The End
Mar 07, 2016 Animals

It's so sad when puppies are born in places like this. There are so many things that can go wrong, and in this case, something did. The stray mother of the puppies left them one day in search of food, ...