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She Sang Beautifully, But All The Attention Was Stolen By Her Brother In The Background
May 09, 2016 Cool

This girl in video didn't know there is also her little brother in the bathroom. As soon as she started to sing on of the songs she loves, her brother stole all the attention with his hilarious dance in ...


Talented Georgians Making Ambient Music Without Any Instrument
May 09, 2016 Music

A group of guys from Georgia present us their talent which is making an ambient music without using any musical instrument. Listen to this pure sounds which will make you relax for sure!


Once You See This Dramatic WorldRX Race, You Will Forget About Other Rally Sports
May 09, 2016 Automoto

Highlights of the madness that was semi-final 2 at #HockenheimRX, featuring Johan Kristoffersson, Janis Baumanis, Petter Solberg, Ken Block, Liam Doran and Kevin Eriksson!


10,000 Professional Musicians Singing Beethoven's Ode To Joy
May 09, 2016 Music

Listen this awesome performance by a group of 10,000 professional musicians singing the same song. They all sang Beethoven's Ode To Joy and this is really satisfying to listen!


VR Graffiti Simulator Looks Really Outstanding
May 09, 2016 Cool

Here's a quick run through how some of the features work. The game Kingspray Graffiti Simulator will be available via SteamVR next week. Would you play this game using VR glasses?


Awesome Ground Hugging Tornado Jet In The Welsh Mountains
May 09, 2016 Cool

Its a great sound as the jet approaches, then the shadow of the Tornado races across the ground as the jet blasts through the narrow valley. Only the most highly trained pilots are allowed to fly this low.


Guy Sings Coldplay's Technicolor In A Montage For Five Years
May 09, 2016 Cool

Sam Reid is a guy in this video, who spent five lon years for a montage of his singing. He sang 'Technicolor' song by Coldplay. When you will see this video, you will understand why he needed so much time!


Helicopter Flyover Shows Scale Of Destruction In Fort McMurray
May 09, 2016 Shocking

The fire, which devastated much of the city Fort McMurray and forced 80,000 residents to evacuate, continues to spread across northern Alberta. This is a helicopter flyover which clearly shows the damage ...


Honda Accord Loses Control On The Highway In Michigan And Hits An Oncoming SUV Head On
May 09, 2016 Accidents

This is the dashcam coming from the inside of truck while driving on the highway in Michigan. Driver witnessed a moment when Honda Accord's driver lost control over his car, then crashing right into the ...


Shocking Crash Of Jeremy Van Horebeek In MXGP In Germany
May 09, 2016 Sport

Here comes a video from a second MXGP race in Germany when motocross rider Jeremy Van Horebeek was blown out of the track by wind while he was in the air. Luckly cameraman saved himself and Jeremy was ...


Marquez And Dovizioso Identical Crash In The Same Corner On MotoGP Le Mans
May 08, 2016 Sport

Marc Marquez and Andrea Dovizioso crashed in the same corner completely identical on MotoGP race in Le Mans, France. This is something you don't see everyday!


This Piano Prodigy Was Born With No Fingers And He Can Play Piano Way Better Than Most Of Us
May 08, 2016 Music

Here is another video which will restore your life motivation. A guy in video was born with no fingers but his love for music was greater than that. Listen to his wonderful playing on piano!


Simon Cowell Gives His Golden Buzzer To Boogie Storm On Britain's Got Talent
May 08, 2016 Cool

It's the moment Simon has been waiting for as Boogie Storm bring their dancing Stormtrooper act to the Britain's Got Talent stage! Simon can't help but press the Golden Buzzer. Well deserved? ;)


Asian Drummer Nails His Street Performance While Juggling Drumstick Against Drums
May 08, 2016 Cool

Take a look at this awesome video of one Asian street drummer who totally nails his performance while juggling drumsticks against drums. You need a lot of skill for something like this!


Extreme Up-Close Video Of Tornado Near Wray, CO
May 08, 2016 Nature

Here comes an extreme up-close footage of tornado just north of Wray, Colorado earlier yesterday! This got to be one of the best tornado footages ever captured on camera!


When An Overjoyed Little Girl Runs Up To President Obama, He Does What Any Other Dad Would Do
May 08, 2016 Cool

Obama proved the latter yet again during a visit to Flint, Mich., to address the ongoing water crisis. Eight-year-old Mari Copeny, who's also known as "Little Miss Flint," had written to the ...


When He Came Home He Saw This Squirrel With No Hind Legs Doing Handstand To Get Around
May 08, 2016 Animals

Author of this video stumbled upon this weird little squirrel while walking his dog. It apparently was born with no hind legs or tail and now gets around by dong a handstand and walking on its front legs.


Girl Eating A Corn With A Help Of Drill Fails Hard May 08, 2016 Stupid

You definitely already saw some video in which mostly teenagers place a corn on a drill so they can eat it really fast. This video shows one Asian girl trying to eat a corn in that way but not everything ...


A Faultless Audition Of 37-Year Old Mum On Britain's Got Talent Show
May 08, 2016 Music

37-year old mum Rachael Wooding is more than familiar with the stage after appearing in various musicals, but can she wow the Judges with her version of With You from Ghost?


Opera Singer Scares All The Penguins While Singing In Antarctica
May 08, 2016 Funny

Opera singer Nick Allen gives an impromptu performance in Antarctica to an unusual audience - a big group of penguins. But as we can all see it looks like penguins don't like Opera singing at all! :D