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Car Was Braking Infront Of This Driver - When He Saw A Reason, It Was Already Too Late
May 30, 2016 Accidents

When driver of this car saw a car ahead breaking, he didn't know what will come next. Oncoming car was a Mazda CX-5, whose driver suffered a concussion, broken jaw, broken nose, and fractured leg. Cammer ...


German MP Suffers Cake Attack Over Refugee Stance
May 30, 2016 News

A German MP was hit in the face with a chocolate cake on Saturday, apparently in protest at her stance on refugees.

Sahra Wagenknecht was targeted at a congress of her far-left Die Linke ...


This Man Forges A Knife Out Of A Used Cable
May 30, 2016 Cool

Thanks to Luis Montez for his expert sledge work. Do not use galvanized or coated cable for forging. These are the most commonly available cables (i.e. Home Depot, Lowes and even online wire rope retailers) ...


Ex-Yugoslavian Navy Command Ship Gets Sinked On Purpose
May 30, 2016 Cool

After long struggle to get all necessary permissions, ex-Yugoslavian Navy command ship VIS of 662 tons displacement was finally scuttled for recreational diving purposes off Polje cove near Cape Kamenjak, ...


A Great Example Of Physical Comedy In A CGI Short
May 30, 2016 Cool

Here's Leo Brunel's third year movie at Mopa and it talks about two mechanics and about psychic laws. The theme of this year was the garage so Leo totally nailed his product.


New Video Shows Gorilla Harambe Holding Hands And Protecting Little Boy
May 30, 2016 Animals

After falling into the gorilla enclosure, a four-year-old boy was dragged through the water by a silverback gorilla. Though the gorilla appeared to be attempting to shelter the boy, eventually authorities ...


This Happens With A Pack Of Playing Cards If You Crush Them With Hydraulic Press
May 30, 2016 Other

Man with hydraulic press made a pack of playing cards explode this time. See what happens with cards after press compresses them and see what happens with a Rubik's cube.


Awesome Fails Compilation With Things Exploding
May 30, 2016 Other

Fail Army presents us a new fails compilation and this time it's about destruction and explosions. They gathered their best explosions, destructions and mayhem clips to creat this masterpiece!


This Six-Year-Old Is Aware About Pollution More Than Many Adults - Listen To His Words
May 30, 2016 Other

Mother Allie Hall has picked her son Henry up from school the other day and she had no idea he was this passionate about our planet. Don't litter or he might call you the "S" word!


The Best Thing You Will See Today - People Risking It All Just To Save Animals In Trouble
May 29, 2016 Animals

Dogs get themselfs in troubles all the time, so people have to save them sometimes. Take a look at this amazing compilation in which we can see how selfless rescue of trapped dogs happened!


Girl Cuts In Front Of Guy In Line, Guy Picks Her Purse In Retaliation
May 29, 2016 Other

Security camera captured this moment when girl cuts in front of guy in line, but then this guy picks her purse in retaliation. If you're not following the rules, then you deserve something like this!


You Will Fall In Love With This Little Girl While She's Talking About Her Rare Disease
May 29, 2016 Cool

Videos of 7-year old Audrey at her local zumba class have gone viral and are one of the ways her parents are spreading the word about Diamond Blackfan Anemia. But take a look at Audrey now and what she ...


Military Magic Man Richard Jones Is A Winner Of Britain's Got Talent 2016
May 29, 2016 Cool

After leaving the Judges spellbound in the Semi-Finals, military magic man Richard Jones tells the story of Fergus Anckorn through magic in finals. It looks like this was a right choice as Richard won ...


Dad's Trying To Teach Him To Howl - But What Comes Out Instead Has Mom Completely Cracking Up
May 29, 2016 Animals

Sergey Pashkovskiy is a wolf breeder in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Here he sits in his home with a black Canadian wolf, playing around with the little cub. His cat roams in the background, listening in as Sergey ...


This Is Best Way How To Clean An Excavator
May 29, 2016 Cool

If you own an excavator and you don't have enough time to clean it then you could do something like this guy did. With this owner of excavator you see in the video became a star over the night.


Russian Family Members Save Themselfs From A Burning Appartment By Jumping Out Of It
May 29, 2016 Other

The incident occurred in the city Strunino Vladimir region on 22 May. On Sunday night, five-storey building on the street in the Quarter was on fire. At that time, there were all at home - father, mother ...


He Captured A Moment When This Machine Collapsed In Tamil Nadu Theme Park Ride
May 29, 2016 Accidents

The 20 workers at an amusement park near Chennai called Kishkinta were on a break, trying out a ride called the Disco Dancer. And then the coaches of the giant wheel - like a mega tea cup that tilts from ...


Speeding Motorcycle Explodes Just When It Smashed Into A Car
May 29, 2016 Shocking

Here comes a dashcam video from Russia with last seconds of this biker's life. He was speeding at night when car turned just infront of him. Rider crashed hard into car, setting the bike on fire.


When He Came Home, His Place Was In A Mess - See What Happens When He Asks His Beagles Who Did This
May 28, 2016 Animals

Charlie the dog is one of beagles captured on video after they did a huge mess in their owner's home. Take a look what happens once owner asks both of them who did the mess. This is pretty hilarious! :D


She Packs 2 Weeks Of Clothes In 1 Small Bag - With A Sneaky Method That Is Absolute Genius
May 28, 2016 Cool

Women are known to over-pack and men are known to under-pack, but now everyone can bring exactly what they need (and more) without taking up a crazy amount of luggage space. With this helpful travel technique, ...