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Bruce Springsteen Invited This 4-Year-Old Girl To Join Him On Stage - This Is Totally Priceless
Jul 07, 2016 Cool

American singer Bruce Springsteen was in Oslo, when he invited a 4-year-old girl to join him on stage during "Waitin' On A sunny Day" song. And the way this little girls surprises everyone is ...


That Moment When Your Grandpa Shows Up And Puts Muscle Beach Regulars To Shame
Jul 07, 2016 Funny

Kenneth Leverich is a professional athlete who is specified into deadlifting. This time he went to the Santa Monica to joke around with bodybuilders at Muscle Beach. And he was dressed as an old man! :D


Beatbox Duo Stuns The America's Got Talent Audience With Their Skills
Jul 07, 2016 Music

Ilan and Josh don't look like your typical beatboxers. See them surprise the audience at America's Got Talent and judges with their outstanding beatboxing skills. This is really worth watching!


This Breathtaking Scene With Italian Jets Is Totally Crazy
Jul 07, 2016 Cool

Italian jets created this breathtaking scene at one of the shows in Italy. This video recently went viral and it's totally clear why. Take a look at this scene which will leave you without any words!


World Champion's Hang Glider Collapses In Mid-Air
Jul 07, 2016 Accidents

On June 28th, World Champion Jon Gjerde was performing at a Ekstremsportveko show in Norway when his glider broke in the middle of a turn. Luckily, he was able to launch his parachute fast enough and come ...


Juggling Duo Brings Howie Mandel Into Their Wacky Act At America's Got Talent
Jul 07, 2016 Other

Two comedic jugglers bring Howie Mandel into their wacky act on the auditions of America's Got Talent 2016 show! See how Howie deals with the danger while one of the jugglers is juggling with dangerous ...


When Strings Break On Your Violin Unexpectedly
Jul 07, 2016 Funny

This little girl in video just got a present from her dad - a brand new violin. When she tried to play it, the strings suddenly broke and her reaction was totally priceless. If you want to laugh, then ...


Dramatic Video Of Fire Trucks Overrun By Flames In Australia
Jul 07, 2016 Shocking

This is the video from the Pinery fire in South Australia last year, when number of trucks were overrun by the fire front. This footage shows what they endured as well. This is how the hell looks like. ...


Motorcycle Filters Forward To Get Away From Distracted Driver, But Motorist He Passes Is Not Happy
Jul 07, 2016 Stupid

This is the footage from few days back when this man attacked a biker while he was filtering forward through traffic. He was in traffic and there was a lady behind him texting and driving. He didn't feel ...


Kayaking The Sand Dunes Of Namibia Is As Cool As It Sounds
Jul 07, 2016 Sport

Eric Walter is a highly experienced kayaker used to dropping some of the biggest waterfalls in the world, always on the hunt for big rivers full of rapids... water, water, always water. So when Red Bull ...


Cooking An Egg With A Lamborghini
Jul 07, 2016 Cool

Is it possible to cook an egg with a dangerous Lamborghini car? Guy from ComedyShortsGamer shot a video in which he proved how easy it is to prepare yourself a meal if you own a Lamborghini.


Naughty 90-Year-Old Grandma Earns A Golden Buzzer With This Hilarious Act
Jul 06, 2016 Funny

90-year-old Dorothy Williams proves that you are never too old to follow your dreams with her burlesque act. See how she inspires Nick Cannon at America's Got Talent to hit the Golden Buzzer for her.


World Is Crying Out Of Laughter Watching This Weirdest Goals Ever Compilation
Jul 06, 2016 Sport

Here it is, an epic compilation of weirdest goals ever scored in the history of soccer. This is a video which made everyone cry out of laughter. It's definitely a great way how to have a good laugh! :D


Magician Steven Brundage Stuns Simon Cowell With Rubik's Cube Impossible Tricks
Jul 06, 2016 Cool

A 25-year-old magician utilizes his special Rubik's Cube skills to stun Simon Cowell and the audience at America's Got Talent 2016. Check out Steven Brundage's amazing close-up work, which will left you ...


Girl Behind The Wheel Flips Off Driver, Then Gets Instant Karma
Jul 06, 2016 Stupid

Due to car accident everything was slowed down in this intersection. But one girl in this white car didn't want another driver to drive through her line, so she flipped him off. It was just seconds before ...


Hero Dog Risks Its Life As It Scares Off Robber With Gun Who Targets Shop
Jul 06, 2016 Animals

This is the moment a brave and loyal dog jumps in to protect its owner and his business by tackling an alleged armed robber in his master's shop.

In the footage, the suspected would-be robber ...


Talented Guy From Pakistan Sings With A Ridiculously Good American Accent
Jul 06, 2016 Music

Bilal Khan is a Pakistani pop singer and songwriter. Americans are totally impressed by his clean American accent while he sang one of the songs. Will you be impressed too?


Lion's Favorite Toy Is In Ruins, But Watch His Face When He Sees The Replacement
Jul 06, 2016 Animals

Cameron the lion loves his bright yellow donut toy, but he's not exactly the most gentle when playing. After gouging a hole in his favorite toy, Cameron was in the market for a replacement - and his keepers ...


Is This Best Duet With French Horn And Chair?
Jul 06, 2016 Music

Musician in this video placed a French Horn at his mouth then he started to play some rythm. But at his whole performance, there was also his frind who helped him by using a chair to make sounds. This ...


These Vertical Farms Could Be The Future Of Farming
Jul 06, 2016 Other

Vertical farming might just be the solution to our agriculture problems - this indoor farm grows greens using a special process called "aeroponics," relying only on air and mist.