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Magician Denis Lock Performs Outstanding Bubble Blowing Skills
Jun 03, 2016 Cool

Magician Denis Lock performed his bubble blowing act that blow everyone away at LIVE London Palladium 2016. Take a look how he impressed everyone in the hall with his unusual performance! This is what ...


Is This Really Worst Performance In The History Of America's Got Talent?
Jun 03, 2016 Funny

A retired construction worker tries to wow the audience with a silly stunt - but the judges have more fun than he does. This is probably the worst performance in the histroy of America's Got Talent shows ever!


Bavarian Police Traffic Stop Leads To Something Hilarious
Jun 03, 2016 Funny

Next time you will be in Germany, please don't run away from police. This is the lesson this guy on motorbike learned once he saw he can't get away. See for yourself how Bavarian police traffic stop looks ...


This Car Barks Like A Dog But Just Wait Until It Gets Found Out
Jun 03, 2016 Animals

There is a suspicion that cats and dogs are only putting an act on for the humans, proof of this has been a long time coming. However this remarkable video catches a cat barking like a dog, until he realizes ...


A Vineyard Employs 900 Ducks - They Just Can't Wait To Get To Work
Jun 03, 2016 Animals

The Vergenoegd Wine Estate in South Africa has a flock of 900 ducks. They're adorable, but they also have a job. Every morning the winery sets them loose so they can spend all day eating slugs and snails ...


This Dog Demands Neck Scatches From His Caretaker In Cutest Way Possible
Jun 03, 2016 Animals

This dog Chewie is an approximately 1-year-old rescue and when his caretaker Andrea Stemp comes near him, he always does this. Take a look how cute he can be when he demands neck scatches! :D


If You Mess With A Frilled-Neck Lizard, It Will Come Running After You
Jun 03, 2016 Animals

In this video from Australia we can see a frilled-neck lizard who will make your day better after video's author messed with him. Lizard's running towards camera is something for a better day for sure!


Crushing A Can Of Silly String With A Hydraulic Press
Jun 03, 2016 Other

A guy from PressTube channel crushed a can of Silly string with his hydraulic press and it's really awesome. See for yourself what happens with foam once it can't go anywhere else.


Stupid Driver Hits A Pedestrian And Runs Over His Dog, Then He Flees The Area
Jun 03, 2016 Stupid

A dashcam inside parked car captured this terrifying moment when man and his dog crossed the road. Just in that moment a stupid Honda Pilot driver struck pedestrian and run over the dog, then fled the area.


A Deadly New Hallucinogen Is Being Peddled On The Street As LSD
Jun 03, 2016 Shocking

Thump editor, Michelle Lhooq, speaks with VICE's in-house chemist, Hamilton Morris and Dr. David Nichols, the first person to produce Nbome in the United States, about what the new hallucinogen is and ...


Samy Kamkar Tells Us How He Took Down Myspace
Jun 03, 2016 Other

In this pilot episode of Greatest Moments in Hacking History, hacker Samy Kamkar talks about the time he created a worm in 2005 and accidentally took down Myspace.


This Is Touching Video Of One-Legged Boy That Will Bring Tears To Your Face
Jun 02, 2016 Cool

Everyday will pose different obstacles but with a positive mental attitude you can overcome the greatest of tasks. Nico Calabria is an example of how adversity can be overcome. Take a look at his journey ...


Is This Gypsy The Most Inovative Musician On The Whole Planet?
Jun 02, 2016 Funny

We can guarantee you you've never seen more inovative musician that this Gypsy in the video is. Take a look how he sings and plays one of his songs. This is so hilarious to listen! :D


Couple Shocks All By Playing A Mind Games At America's Got Talent 2016
Jun 02, 2016 Cool

The Clairvoyants, a couple with a special connection attempts to connect with Heidi Klum and audience. Check out the mentalists' cool mind games. How is something like this even possible?


Steve Harvely Bursted Out Laughing After Competitior Did This
Jun 02, 2016 Funny

In this clip from Family Feud show, Steve Harvely couldn't resist laughing after one of the competitiors smashed the table instead of buzzer button. This is so hilarious it will make your day instantly ...


Cameraman Was On Totally Wrong Place While Taking Pictures Of Drifting
Jun 02, 2016 Cool

Cameraman in this video though he was on the right place to take pictures while drifting race was in progress but he was very wrong. Take a look at what happened when second car drove past him. Luckly, ...


Mountain Biker Does Wheelie Near Cliff Ledge And Almost Dies
Jun 02, 2016 Stupid

Rider almost fell off of gooseberry Mesa in Saint George, Utah, trying to wheelie up onto a rock along side the Mesa ledge. This is definitely a luckiest man on the whole planet. So close! :O


Driver From Japan Gets A Fair Punishment For Overtaking This Queue
Jun 02, 2016 Cool

This Japanesse driver will definitely not overtake a big queue ever again in his life. Take a look at what happened once he overtook all the vehicles waiting in the row. What goes around, comes around!


230 Feet Long Tunnel Placed Under Highway In Just One Weekend
Jun 02, 2016 Cool

In this timelapse video from Netherlands we can see how quickly they bulid 230 feet long tunnel under the highway - it took them only one weekend. How long would it take in our country? :)


GoPro On A Critically Endangered Black Rhino
Jun 02, 2016 Animals

Care for Wild Africa is a non-profit organisation (NPO) and the largest rhino orphanage in the world! It is determined to rescue, care, and rehabilitate wildlife that has been injured and/or orphaned. ...