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Brilliant Performance Of 14-Year-Old Sofie Dossi Earns Her The Golden Buzzer
Jul 14, 2016 Cool

Sofie took a big risk during her Judge Cuts performance--which payed off! See why guest judge Reba McEntire used her golden buzzer to send her straight to the live shows!


10 Year-Old Magician Totally Nails His AGT Performance
Jul 14, 2016 Cool

10 year-old Kadan Bart Rockett uses his magic kit to make the ladies appear. See his performance that leaves the judges with a tough decision. How is something like this even possible?


He Told Her To Show Her Best Booty Move, Then This Happened
Jul 14, 2016 Funny

She was eliminated from the Big Brother house in a shock move on Wednesday night.
But Lateysha Grace's back luck didn't stop there since the Welsh beauty's dress then split open on live TV during ...


Japanese Magician Shocks All The America's Got Talent Judges With This Act
Jul 14, 2016 Cool

This Japanese Magician plans to take his magic all over the world, starting with America. See how he scares the judges at America's Got Talent 2016. This is one awesome act!


How To Build A Fire By Rubbing Sticks Together
Jul 14, 2016 Cool

Learn the most important survival skill with man named Kap. He will teach you how to start a fire using only two wooden sticks. All you have to do is rubbing them together in the way you see in video.


This Trucker Owns A Most Badass Truck
Jul 14, 2016 Automoto

Take a look at this trucker who owns the most badass truck on the whole world. He placed a bunch of speakers inside of his vehicle and you can't miss him on the road for sure!


Most Disturbing And Terrifying Sinus Infection Of Little Girl
Jul 14, 2016 Shocking

When this little girl could not breathe, her father had to take drastic measures to get whatever was in her nose out.
She is under immense pressure from the build up in her nasal canals so her father ...


Parkour Is Cool Again Thanks To This Guy's Moves
Jul 14, 2016 Sport

The days when parkour ruled the world of internet videos are long past, but every once in a while a video comes along that reaffirms parkour's dopeness. This is one of them featuring Erik Mukhametshin.


We Can Guarantee You've Never Seen A Laser Show Like This
Jul 13, 2016 Cool

Take a look at this awesome video in which one woman introduces us to a laser show you've never seen before. This is definitely a performance which will impress you together with a hot girl dancing!


The Untold Inspiring Story Of Cristiano Ronaldo
Jul 13, 2016 Other

Many 'know' Cristiano Ronaldo as a top athlete, arrogant and shallow. It's about time to get to know his incredibly inspiring story.

He uses his hardships as fuel, that helped him win 4 ...


Football-Playing Magician Earns Golden Buzzer From Ne-Yo On America's Got Talent 2016
Jul 13, 2016 Cool

The Philadelphia Eagles long hiker Jon Dorenbos uses magic to escape from the stress and hard times in his life. But his magic encourages guest judge Ne-Yo to hit his golden buzzer!


Incredible Storms And Tornadoes Captured In Time-lapse By Photographer Mike Olbinski
Jul 13, 2016 Nature

Blood. Sweat. Tears. Joy. That's what this spring was for photographer Mike Olbinski. The miles, the grind, the failing, the epic days missed, the lack of sleep, the jubilation, the friendships strengthened, ...


Female Bully Literally Gets Instant Karma
Jul 13, 2016 Cool

We all love to see videos in which bad people get instant karma. This is one of them as one female bully attacked another girl, but she got instant karma. See for yourself what happened!


Blues Street Performance Like You've Never Saw Before
Jul 13, 2016 Music

A group of young men were singing and playing blues on the street and their performance is something you've probably never seen before. The video is from year 2014 but it just recently went viral!


One Bird Band Sings The Addams Family Theme Song
Jul 13, 2016 Animals

We doubt there is anyone who doesn't know the Addams Family theme song! A parrot in video is a big fan of Addams Family as we can see what it does. This is one bird band who knows well how to entertain you! :)


Thug Guys Came On Stage, Then They Left Everyone Speechless With This
Jul 13, 2016 Cool

This beat-boxing singing group hopes America's Got Talent will help them move beyond their hometown. See the group us their pain and passion to put on an impressive performance.


Baby Elephant Loves First Pool Experience
Jul 13, 2016 Animals

Dallas Zoo's nearly 2-month-old elephant calf takes his first "dip" in a kiddie pool. Born to mom Mlilo on May 14, this beloved boy is definitely a water baby. As he grows, so will his inflatable ...


Security Guard Arrested In Ybor Parking Garage, Tampa After He Fired His Weapon At Victims
Jul 13, 2016 Shocking

The security guard confronted the victims about urinating in the parking garage. The guard then boxed in the victim's car with his golf cart-style vehicle. During the confrontation, the security guard ...


Funny Cat Fails Compilation
Jul 13, 2016 Funny

Here are some of the best cat fails we've gathered over the past weeks. They can be assholes, but sometimes they really do need those nine lives! This is a compilation which will make your day better! :D


Horrifying Video Shows Young Girl Being Thrown From A Car Window During Brutal Car Crash
Jul 13, 2016 Accidents

This is the horrifying moment a little girl is violently thrown from a car window after it crashes at high speed.
The incident was captured on a dashcam by a motorist in Miass, Russia. It's a miracle ...