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Amazing Transformation Of Sick Dog Who Had Given Up Hope
Jun 18, 2016 Animals

A street dog was curled up in a ball on the side of the road. He was suffering from severe mange and had completely given up hope. Just watch his transformation after Animal Aid Unlimited rescued him and ...


Cowardly American Gets Slapped By A Russian Man For Being Disrespectful
Jun 18, 2016 Other

An American guy is argueing with a woman and hits her on the butt as she walks by. Then one random man steps in and teaches him some Russian commie courtesy. Some may say that slapping isn't alpha, but ...


Man Shows Off His Absurd Hamboning Abilities
Jun 18, 2016 Cool

This amazing Hambone performance by Samuel Hicks starts out at a normal pace and then increases in tempo to a blazing finish. This was shot in North Carolina back in early 1990's.


They Both Waited For Their First Kiss, But They Never Kissed - This Is The Horrific Reason
Jun 18, 2016 Shocking

This ad was created to spread awareness on the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt. Statistic says this road safety advert caused a 160% increase in seat belt usage in South Africa. Definitely a video it ...


Disabled Young Guy Does All He Can Do To Help A Bus Driver
Jun 18, 2016 Cool

This disabled young guy was sitting on the bus in the morning when one bad guy came on the bus. The disabled guy did all he could to help a bus driver who was attacked at knifepoint. This boy deserves ...


With His Daughter In Arms, A Dad Catches A Foul Ball With Ease At The Philadelphia Phillies Game
Jun 18, 2016 Cool

A fan makes a fantastic one-handed catch on Kevin Pillar's foul ball while holding his daughter in his other arm. This happened at the Philadelphia Phillies game two days ago!


It's So Hard Not To Cry Watching New Official Tribute To Christina Grimmie
Jun 18, 2016 Other

Christina Grimmie was taken from all of us far too soon, but the impact she had on this world in the short 22 years of her life will carry on forever. Take a look at official tribute to her.


Croatian Fans Throw Fireworks On Field During Soccer Match Against Czech Republic
Jun 18, 2016 Stupid

The rowdy crowd threw at least 10 flares onto the pitch, scaring the shorts off players and personnel during Euro 2016 match against Czech Republic. One firefighter was injured.


Amazing Safety Car Drift In The Rain At 24h Le Mans
Jun 18, 2016 Cool

24h Le Mans was canceled due to heavy rain but it was not stopped for a safety car driver. He saw an opportunity in one turn to drive his car like a boss. Take a look at this awesome drift!


Those Guys Are The Most Ballsy Rally Drivers On The Planet
Jun 18, 2016 Automoto

Take a look at some of the best scenes and drivers of rallying featuring Colin McRae, Jean Ragnotti, Carlos Sainz and many more. There is a lot of jumps, crashes, drifts and crazy actions.


Fails Compilation Of June 2016 - Part 3
Jun 18, 2016 Funny

The best time of the week is here! These are the best fails of the third week of June. Summer is is looking funnier than ever! What was your favorite one from this awesome compilation of third week of ...


Justin Bieber Fell Right Through A Trap Door Onstage
Jun 18, 2016 Cool

During concert in Canada on June 16, the "Sorry" singer Justin Bieber suddenly made a very dramatic exit - by taking a hard fall through a trap door! Luckly Justin was not hurt during his fall.


Bus In Kazakhstan Set On Fire, But A Water Hauler Is There To Take Fire Dept Duty
Jun 18, 2016 Accidents

Here comes a video from Kazakhstan in which a bus began to burn on the highway. Take a look how driver and passengers reacted and how water hauler driver saved the day!


This Motivational Video Will Show You Nothing Is Impossible
Jun 17, 2016 Cool

Take a look at this amazing motivational video in which you will see nothing is impossible when you believe!

Don't forget to share, to motivate and inspire another people!


Chained And Neglected Dog Finally Finds Love In A Forever Home
Jun 17, 2016 Animals

Before PETA recued her, Sarah's life was one of solitary confinement. Kept on a short chain in a small box outside, she spent her early years being almost completely ignored.

But in PETA's ...


X Factor Contestant Goes Crazy When She's Rejected
Jun 17, 2016 Stupid

Crash, bang, wallop! Zoe sings like Pink, looks like Pink but doesn't want to be seen as Pink. You got that? Watch as the punky performer throws a temper tantrum after failing to be put through by the Judges.


Drunk Guy Pees Between Two Cars, Loses His Balance And Falls Face First Into Urine
Jun 17, 2016 Funny

We all know how fans behave in France due to Euro 2016. This is a video of one of them, probably an English fan, who decided he would take a pee between two cars. Unfortunately he had few beers too much ...


This Hilarious Japanese Parody Of A Donald Trump Commercial Is More Than Amazing
Jun 17, 2016 Funny

YouTuber, musician and meme creator Mike Diva uploaded a Japanese-influenced "commercial" for Donald Trump on Wednesday, and it is as weird and over the top as you would expect. And it's also ...


Supergirl Jessie Graff Becomes The First Woman To Conquer The Warped Wall On American Ninja Warrior
Jun 17, 2016 Cool

Supergirl stuntwoman Jessie Graff is the first woman who ever completed last polygon on America Ninja Warrior while dressed as Wonder Woman, no less. This is the run you all have to see! :)


This Happens If You Crash Into A Wrong Car In Russia
Jun 17, 2016 Stupid

Young VW driver ignored the stop sign and crashed into a Renault. After the crash there was a fight starting between one and another driver. Guys in Renault needed help from a medical team so Rescue Service ...