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Football Hooligan Punches A Police Horse In The Face, Then Gets What He Deserves
Jul 05, 2016 Other

This is the shocking moment a Newcastle United fan appeared to punch a police horse. Toon thugs clashed with cops after their side were thrashed by local rivals Sunderland 3-0 at home. But as soon as this ...


Giant Human Slingshot Must Have Given These Base Jumpers Major Whiplash
Jul 05, 2016 Cool

Chris Douggs McDougall and Jimmy Pouchert bring you the human catapult. Along with help from Go Fast Energy and Skydive Dubai, these two world-renowned BASE jumpers got to make the jump off a lifetime: ...


Good People Rescue A Rocky Raccoon Drowning In Swan Creek
Jul 05, 2016 Animals

During the early morning hours of July 4, 2016, one of the crew aboard cameraman's boat heard a yelping sound and at first it sounded like birds overhead. Several hours later they finally found the source ...


Belgian Driver Crashed Into Oncoming Traffic On The Highway After He Was Driving In The Wrong Way
Jul 05, 2016 Accidents

Three people died Sunday night on Highway E42, up to St. George in Belgium. A 75 year old driver caused a head-on collision that left no chance to the occupants of both vehicles.

The horrible ...


Train Horn Prank Goes Wrong At Taco Bell
Jul 05, 2016 Other

This is a first prank video for "Dynamic Duo TV" channel and it has already gone wrong. Take a look what happened as the driver used his train horn to scare employee of Taco Bell.


A Brutal Car Rollover Accident Captured By Bikers In Mexico
Jul 05, 2016 Accidents

Biker from Mexico captured this moment on their cameras on helmet when they were racing on the highway when suddenly another car driver wanted to join the party. Unluckly he lost control over his car, ...


This Magic Cup Is Unspillable And You Can Own One For Yourself
Jul 05, 2016 Cool

The Mighty mug uses some interesting tech to sit still even when knocked from the side. See this unboxing video by guy from "Unbox Therapy" channel who couldn't believed that this cup actually works!


Breathtaking View From A Plane In Las Vegas On Independance Day 2016
Jul 05, 2016 Cool

Fred Giovannitti was one of the passengers on the flight to Las Vegas yesterday, when all the Americans celebrated the Independance Day 2016. This is the view he had out of his plane window.


John Cena Gets Deep As He Explains What It Means To Be An American
Jul 05, 2016 Cool

To love America is to love all Americans. John Cena takes a break between dropping body slams to drop some truth - that patriotism is more than pride of country, it's love beyond labels.


China's New Record-Breaking Telescope Is Absolutely Massive
Jul 05, 2016 Cool

China's new Aperture Spherical Telescope will be the largest functioning telescope in the world when it begins to work in September. The BBC takes an up close look at the giant.


Half Of Iceland Population Chanting Together After The Defeat Against France On Euro 2016
Jul 04, 2016 Cool

Small but combative Iceland lost their game against France in the Quarterfinals with the result of 5:2. Fans at home were not dissapointed at all - this is the video showing their chanting after their ...


Young Sofia Bogdanova From Russia Will Take Your Breath Away With Her Performance
Jul 04, 2016 Cool

Here is a video of outstanding freestyle skating performance by young Sofia Bogdanova from Russia, which will take your breath away. This is such a beautiful performance and Sofia is so talented!


Baby Sister Was Fussy - But Watch How Big Brother Calms Her Down
Jul 04, 2016 Cool

Here is a video of big brother Lachlan singing "You Are So Beautiful" song by Joe Cocker to his baby sister Charlotte, who was a little fussy. This video is so adorable it will melt your heart!


A Day In The Life Of Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Jul 04, 2016 Funny

Almighty Zlatan Ibrahimovic recently signed the contract to play for Manchester United in the next season. All the fans are totally excited and here is the first parody video of how Zlatan's day looks like!


Woman Absolutely Destroys Indoor Rock Climbing Speed Course
Jul 04, 2016 Sport

Take a look at this amazing performance by the Iranian female rock climber Farnaz Ismaelzade in Spain, when she climbed the wall in 9.4 seconds. For reference, here's the world record climb set on an identical ...


You Won't Believe What Landed Right Into Man's Grocery Basket
Jul 04, 2016 Cool

Here is another video which will make you ask some questions. While buyer was in this store, he got a unexpected surprise which landed right into his grocery basket. You have to see this one to believe it! :D


When You're Tripping Hard At Party Due To Drugs
Jul 04, 2016 Funny

Here comes one video from unknown party in which one female visitor is hypnosed by a guy with lights at the tip of his fingers. Girl was probably under the influence of drugs and there is no doubt she ...


It Looks Like A Picture Of Two Giraffes - But Wait For The Camera To Move To The Right
Jul 04, 2016 Cool

Mindblowing arts on optical illusion in Paris which is called metamorphose. The artist of this fabulous creation is Mattheu Robert Ortis. This elephant giraffe art by him is totally amazing and all of ...


Burnout Showoff End Badly For This Guy
Jul 04, 2016 Accidents

The driver behind the wheel of this car wanted to show the power infront of bystanders, but he failed hard as he hit a street lamp. Girls sitting on the benche were definitely not impressed by what they ...


This Is How You Make A Grass Hut In The Nature
Jul 04, 2016 Cool

Guy from Primitive Technology channel built this grass hut up on a ridge. It's roughly parallel with the tiled hut and wattle and daub hut that are a couple of hundred meters away down in a valley. He ...