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Breathtaking View From Ship In Bad Weather Northwest Of England
Feb 21, 2017 Other

The North Sea offers a lot of adrenaline to all the sailors as the big waves are constantly present. But when there is really bad weather, you might not want to sail there. Take a look at this video taken ...


Controversial Russian Music Video Is Breaking All The Records
Feb 21, 2017 Other

Controversial Russian music group "Leningrad" presented their new music video for a song "Kolshik". It shows the story told in reverse about a circus event that is as violent and shocking ...


Lion And Wiener Dog Have Grown Up Together And Their Friendship Will Warm Your Heart
Feb 20, 2017 Animals

Most of the big cats at the G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Winwood, OK probably view a tiny dachshund as a potential meal, but surprisingly, one lion has taken the mantle of the dog's resident guardian-in-chief. ...


He Was Hovering Over Farmer's Garden With A Drone, Then He Got A Lesson
Feb 20, 2017 Other

A drone is apparently blown out of the sky with one spectacular shot by an angry farmer in this dramatic footage.

Video taken from the drone itself shows a beautiful country home and lush ...


Insane Bait Truck Prank In The Hood Is A Great Example Of Karma
Feb 20, 2017 Funny

Guys behind TwinzTV channel made another epic prank in which they've set a bait truck in the hood to catch some thiefs. Watch what happened one after bad guys stepped inside the truck. This is what we ...


In Russia You Don't Want To Mess With Mad Dogs
Feb 20, 2017 Animals

In this hilarious video from Russia we can see one really angry dog getting mad at his owner. It's nothing special until the owner starts to shate dog's head while he is growling. Many say this dog sounds ...


AGT's Winner Grace VanderWaal Covers Katy Perry's Song And She Nails It
Feb 20, 2017 Music

Recently Grace VanderWaal shared a cover of pop icon Katy Perry's smash hit "I Kissed a Girl." Transforming the normally upbeat dance tune into a ukelele-heavy ballad, Grace totally blew us away ...


This Female Softball Pitcher Is Extremely Good At Dodgeball
Feb 20, 2017 Sport

Softball is a variant of baseball played with a larger ball on a smaller field. It was invented in 1887 in Chicago as an indoor game. Watch this video in which a female softball pitcher plays a dodgeball ...


This Is What They Found Inside The Gigantic Egg
Feb 20, 2017 Other

This gigantic egg had a yolk and another egg inside. Author if this video couldn't believe it didn't kill his hen. No one wanted to eat it, so his wife made a hair conditioner with it. How is this possible?


When This Little Boy Plays The Ukulele, Nobody Can't Help But Smile From Happiness
Feb 19, 2017 Music

Need a something to brighten up your day? Or just want to see something that will make you feel good?

We got the answer for you. In the video below, watch this little Korean boy play the ...


Prepare Your Tissues: This Video About An Old Man And His Dog Will Break Your Heart!
Feb 19, 2017 Other

The agency behind the John Lewis Christmas advert has created a piece on organ donation that has left people reaching for their dogs in floods of tears. It was for one of the country's top donor organisations ...


This Clumsy Goat Made Everyone Laugh With This Unexpected Move
Feb 19, 2017 Animals

Ricky is a special goat which belongs into a group of goats that faint everytime they get scared. See why this video of clumsy Ricky instantly went viral. This is really something hilarious everyone needs ...


Japanese Pool Player Gives Most Hilarious Interview You Will Ever Hear
Feb 19, 2017 Funny

Watch probably one of the most hilarious interviews ever captured on camera. Japanese pool player Naoyuki Oi made everyone laugh with his words during the interview. This man is so funny you need to see ...


Showboating MMA Fighter Gets Slept By His Opponent
Feb 19, 2017 Sport

Take a look at this MMA fight in which one fighter was making fun of his opponent by dancing infront of him but then he got what he deserved! See why everyone is laughing at this video today!


Listen American Greatest Hits By Year From 1840 To 2013
Feb 19, 2017 Music

It's strange to think that people once jammed out to O! Susanna and The Cat Came Back in the same way that we enjoy The Beatles or Justin Timberlake. But they did. Listen to American greatest hits by year!


Black Guy Wearing "F*ck The Police" Shirt Gets What He Was Asking For
Feb 19, 2017 Stupid

A man approaches police in Baltimore, Maryland on Saturday, requesting to be arrested. He is promptly sprayed with pepper spray and handcuffed. This is what you get if you don't respect police officers!


This Ancient Indian Weapon Was A Nightmare For Everyone
Feb 19, 2017 Other

This weapon is not real, it is a replica. I was told that it's called a Tiger/Scissor Knife but it's actual name is Katar. It's a type of push dagger from Indian subcontinent. The weapon is characterised ...


This Is What Really Happens When You Shift Into Reverse At 40mph
Feb 19, 2017 Automoto

We recently saw a video where a guy tried putting his car in reverse while driving. We wanted to show you what would happen if you actually put it in reverse while driving, with no safety features. Everybody ...


Brutal Crash Captured In Czech Republic Next To A Gas Pump
Feb 19, 2017 Accidents

Here comes a brutal video captured on security camera on D2 motorway near Breclav in South Moravian Region in Czech Republic. Driver of Skoda Octavia was seriously injured after he flipped his car multiple ...


Everyone Is Laughing At This Blonde Girl Trying To Start A Motorcycle
Feb 18, 2017 Funny

Take a look at this hilarious video in which blond girl triet to start a scooter motorcycle but she was not very successful at this. Instead of starting the bike with manual starter, she used something ...