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Balet Dancer Nails His Performance In High Heels On Slovenia's Got Talent
Nov 14, 2016 Cool

Professional Italian balet dancer Filippo Jorio competed in Slovenia's Got Talent show but two judges said no to him. But there was one Golden Buzzer left to give by announcers and they choose him. Watch ...


This Magician Will Totally Impress You With His Awesome Performance With Balls
Nov 14, 2016 Cool

Yann Frisch is a French magician. His signature magic trick is a cup and ball trick called "Baltass." See how he performs this trick in best way possible and how he leaves the audience cheering ...


Guy In Video Shows Us How To Open A Bottle Using Alive Mouse
Nov 14, 2016 Other

Take a look at this video of a man showing us the coolest bottle opener in the world using alive mouse. He just puts a mouse on the top of the bottle and then the magic happens. This content may be disturbing ...


The Crazy Norwegian Really Loves The Snow
Nov 14, 2016 Stupid

Man behind 'apetor' channel is famous for his epic videos where he dives in the snow and does some other crazy things shirtless. This time he made another video in Kodal, Norway and it just shows a typical ...


Biker In Philadelphia Runs Away From Police Helicopter Chasing Him
Nov 14, 2016 Other

Philly cruisers have a no chase policy for bikes. Instead there is an air support where chopper follows you until you give up or crash, then cruisers respond. Well, unless you lose the chopper.


Super Cute Girl Will Shock You With Her Special Ability
Nov 14, 2016 Other

This blonde girl is super cute but once you will see what her ability is, you probably won't be interested in her as you were at the beginning. What she can do is actually an impressive thing but many ...


Extremely Weird David Blaine Magic Trick Has Unexpected Ending
Nov 14, 2016 Cool

David Blaine performs several simple card tricks with Jimmy and members of The Roots before freaking everyone out with an illusion no one expects. How is this even possible? David Blaine is really one ...


Jackie Chan Receives An Honorary Award At The 2016 Governors Awards
Nov 14, 2016 Cool

Jackie Chan receives an Honorary Award at the 2016 Governors Awards in the Ray Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland in Hollywood, CA, Saturday, November 12. Listen to his speech!


New Zealand Earthquake Predicted In October By This Amateur Weatherman
Nov 14, 2016 Other

Frankie MacDonald is an amateur weatherman who posted a video on his Youtube channel in October saying there could be a massive Earthquake on its way for New Zealand anytime soon and it will be 7.0 or ...


Max Verstappen Drifts Around A Corner With Formula 1 Literally Sideways
Nov 14, 2016 Sport

Max Verstappen is a 19-year-old Formula 1 racer. Here he is taking a turn a little hard and recovering from an insane drift and somehow not getting grounded for it.


Luckiest Man Escapes Death By Inches
Nov 14, 2016 Accidents

Korean guy escapes death with his presence of mind after a truck without brakes drove into the intersection where it firstly collided with another car. It was just inches between life or death for this guy...


California Drunk Driver Hits Passengers In A Wagon Tour On Purpose
Nov 14, 2016 Stupid

Apparently the driver of the truck was drunk and he accidentally accelerated as he was leaning out the window. He was later arrested by police for DUI. What was he even thinking before the accident?


This Guy Is Freakishly Good At Spinning Pillows
Nov 14, 2016 Cool

Here is a video of a guy spinning his pillow infront of friends to show them his speacial skills. Is there anyone who knows how to spin pillows like this? You definitely need some talent to do this...


His Version Of 'Hallelujah' Made Simon Say It Was One Of The Most Brilliant Auditions Ever
Nov 13, 2016 Music

Sometimes the path to our passions is a twisted and confusing trail. This rings especially true for musician Jeff Gutt. He started playing guitar when he was only six years old, but didn't start singing ...


Bride And Groom Stand At The Altar, Then He Suddenly Runs From Church And Leaves Her There
Nov 13, 2016 Cool

Stuart and his brother, Robert, are always playing pranks with one another, and Stuart's playful and lighthearted personality is exactly what made Vicky fall in love with him.

When Stuart ...


Owner Takes His Bentley The Bulldog On A Best Adventure With Helicopter
Nov 13, 2016 Animals

Bradley Friesen never thought he would call a dog his best friend, but over the past 2 years, that's what Bentley has become. His little 40lb adventure buddy. Checkout his big helicopter adventure in the ...


Immigrants Try To Steal A Car On A Freeway, But Instead Of Car They Get Instant Karma
Nov 13, 2016 Shocking

What to do if you accidentally hit an animal when driving? Car accidents with animals are the biggest fear of any pet owner, and a terrifying thought for drivers too. Animals are unpredictable and when ...


Horse Kicks Abusive Trainer In The Face
Nov 13, 2016 Other

Female horse rider got angry on horse because she fell off it. But when she tried to punish the horse with a punch, she got an instant moment of justice. Horse kicked her right in the head knocking her out.


This Is How Japan Covers 'Africa' Song By Toto
Nov 13, 2016 Music

Song 'Africa' by Toto is known over whole world and it's nothing unusual that it's still one of the most popular songs. See this video from Japan in which musicians perform 'Africa' song in their style.


This Creepy Following Window Ghost Is The Best Decoration For Halloween
Nov 13, 2016 Shocking

Author of this video made a ghost decoration for Halloween. The face is an inverted plastic mask (the inside of the mask is facing you). This creates an optical illusion that looks like the face is following ...